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Sedona’s Sacred Vortex Energy: Discover the Hidden Power

Sedona, Arizona, is an idyllic location adorned with awe-inspiring landscapes and red rock formations. But the allure of Sedona transcends its visual beauty. Embedded within the land is a unique, healing energy, regarded as sacred and powerful, that has been regarded as being powerful and sacred by people for ages.

For time immemorial, Sedona has been celebrated as a sacred site. From across the globe, seekers are drawn to this place to immerse themselves in the energies reputed to emanate from the red rocks, and specifically, to discover and experience the distinctive energy epicenters known as vortexes.

So, what is a Vortex?

What Is A Vortex? -And How Can You Find One?

The concept of a vortex in Sedona, Arizona, and similar spiritual or metaphysical vortexes around the world, isn't directly related to the scientific concept of a vortex in fluid dynamics. In fluid dynamics, a vortex refers to a region in a fluid where the flow revolves around an axis line. This motion can be seen in phenomena like whirlpools, tornadoes, and cyclones.

However, the vortexes that are believed to exist in places like Sedona are based more on spiritual or metaphysical energetic observations rather than on principles of physical science. The idea is that these vortexes are locations where subtle energy spirals out from the earth, and they are said to be conducive to healing, meditation, and self-exploration.

The term “vortex” is used in this spiritual context more for its connotations of spiraling energy than for its technical definition in fluid dynamics. People who visit these sites often report feeling a sense of heightened spiritual awareness, peace, or well-being, although these experiences are subjective and vary greatly from person to person.

Vortexes are powerful energetic spots on the Earth energy where the life force energy of the Earth is at its purest; they are strong manifestations of life force.

Vortexes are concentrations of extremely high energy that originate from spiritual, magnetic, and often unknown sources.  Many spiritual seekers are convinced that being in proximity to a vortex accelerates their spiritual transformation, and some even speculate that these energy portals could be gateways to other dimensions.

Vortexes are the Earth's sacred places, brimming with divine light and earthly energy.

In Sedona, the locations of the vortexes are not only visually awe inspiring but are also spiritually supercharged. When standing at the heart of a Sedona Vortex, with your heart open and fully present, you can sense the spiraling energy converging towards the center, swirling light and Earth energy around the entire region – akin to a gentle cosmic spiral.

I personally love hiking to all the of the Vortexes, known and veiled in Sedona … I can feel the vortex energy swirling around me, bathing me in a stream of love and light that surges through my body. It's as though the Earth's energy actively encourages me to align with my highest vibrational truth when there.

The most renowned vortex sites in Sedona, and indeed across the world, seem closely linked with ley lines and tend to exist where strong gravitational anomalies occur. These unique environmental conditions can cause phenomena like light bending, gravity defiance, unusual plant growth patterns (often spirals), and a myriad of sensations in people – from feeling strange, elated, light, and tingly, to a profound sense of connection.

It's not uncommon to find people engaged in spiritual practices – yoga, meditation, music, Reiki, Native American ceremonies, and more – close to the core of a vortex. They're drawn to these spots for the unique energies and experiences they offer.

Top 7 Sedona Vortex Locations

Sedona Vortex Locations All of Sedona radiates with delightful energy. There are, however, certain key vortex locations where the energy appears particularly potent.

While the number of vortexes can vary depending on who you ask, there are generally seven main recognized vortexes in Sedona:

  1. Bell Rock
  2. Airport Mesa
  3. Cathedral Rock
  4. Boynton Canyon
  5. Chapel of the Holy Cross
  6. Schnebly Hill
  7. Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Ranch

Each site is unique and offers its own beauty and energy, contributing to Sedona's status as a spiritually significant location. The sites themselves are undeniably beautiful and worth a visit, and many people report unique personal experiences when visiting them. Of course, others report nothing at all, so there is a level awareness and presence required to tune in.

In the main Sedona Vortex locations the energy flows in both from the Earth and Divine, and creates an lovely energy of healing, spirituality… And love!

The energy at these sites interact with each person who visits as an individual. There are many guided mediation hikes and vortex tours, and its certainly a varying experience based on the other vortex visitors who are there when you are.

The amazing thing about vortex energy is that the strength of the energy comes from a oneness with life force… With prana, and with the Divine… So it has the effect of strengthening the light, authenticity, and life force within the individuals who visit, even if they have no idea of what is happening and think it’s all just new age fairy tales.

However, if you are an energetically sensitive person, you’re highly likely to be able to feel, sense, and perceive the heightened vortex energies in some way.

Top 4 Sedona Vortex Hikes

Sedona is a fantastic destination for hiking. Among the numerous trails, some of the best are believed to be located near the vortexes, where you can enjoy not only the physical benefits of hiking, and being immersed in nature, but also the potential spiritual blessings these unique sacred Earth locations have to offer you. Here are four of the most popular vortex hikes in Sedona:

1. Boynton Canyon Vortex

Boynton Canyon Vortex Boynton Canyon has a special place in my heart. This is the first Sedona Vortex I ever visited.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the enchanting sounds of a man playing a Native American flute. His melodious tunes reverberated throughout the entire canyon, weaving an atmosphere of serene harmony. He kindly gifted me a heart-shaped red rock, sharing with me a profound message – that the Earth held love for me and delighted in our connection.

Boynton Canyon Vortex Hike

After parking, embark on your journey along the Boynton Canyon Trail, and then turn off onto the Boynton Canyon Vista Trail, which takes you up up to a vista that is the vortex site.

The unique vortex energies of Boynton are said to harmonize the masculine and feminine energies, and just being here can help to balance the masculine and feminine within you.

How do you know if your masculine and feminine energies are balanced?

As a general rule masculine energy is more meticulous, slow, structured and logical… Whereas feminine energy is creative, expansive, and fluid.

Your emotions can be a good signal of where your masculine/feminine balance resides… If you find that you are quicker to be angry than afraid, or incredibly logical and structured you’re probably leaning more towards the masculine. However if you find you’re more emotional, sensitive, and intuitive… Well, that’s feminine energy.

Why would you want your masculine feminine energies to be balanced?

This balance leads to healthy relationships, a positive state of being, and strengthening the very things that make relationships work like commitment, integrity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and communication.

When you’re at Boynton Canyon the actual vortex energy can be strongly felt anywhere between the tall red rock to the East (called Kachina Woman) and the smaller unnamed rock to the west… I’ll go ahead and name this one Flute Rock… Since it doesn’t have an official name and I’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying the flute music from multiple musicians who have crawled up upon it.

There’s also an incredible hike you do within Boynton Canyon past the Enchantment Resort and deep into the Boynton Canyon. The energy is also amazing here, and there are less people giving you a chance to really go within and connect with the magic of nature that’s present here.

Really, the Boynton Canyon Vortex has something for everyone, and if you’re in Sedona I highly recommend you check it out!

2. The Sedona Airport Vortex

The Sedona Airport Vortex The Sedona Airport Vortex is the closest vortex to the center of Sedona, and so it’s also the most visited. There is also free parking there, so that may be a perk for you if you like free!

There is a bit of a hike up from the parking lot to the actual vortex at the top of the Airport Mesa… But it’s a short hike (less than 200 meters) it’s somewhat steep but it’s well worth the effort.

Once you’re on the top of the Airport Vortex, not only do you have an incredible view of the entire town of Sedona, you can also see Bell Rock due South, and of course, enjoy the incredible vortex energy that is there.

Of course, the fact that this is the most accessible, free, and easy to climb to vortex means you’re rarely going to be alone here… And you may even encounter a person or two proclaiming their beliefs, doubts, and ideas that vortexes don’t actually exist (this happened once when I was at Sedona Airport Vortex).

My most recent trip to the airport vortex however was really cool. There was even a guy who was amidst a Native American Ritual when I stumbled to the top…

This is also a great place to see the twisted Juniper trees that are a common marker for the Sedona Vortex energy.

If you want to make the most of your time at the Airport Vortex… I would recommend getting there early!

There are many ways to get to the top of the mesa where the peak of the vortex energy can be felt. Just keep following signs towards the “vista” and you’ll find it!

The Sedona Airport Vortex is well known to strengthen masculine energy. This equates to self-confidence, inner strength, a willingness to take risks, be decisive and stand up to any forces of intimidation, or manipulation.

3. Cathedral Rock Vortex

Cathedral Vortex Sedona Arizona The vortex at Cathedral Rock is incredible. The actual rock formation that makes up Cathedral Rock is so beautiful… The pinnacles that make up Cathedral Rock are so large, beautiful and impressive it’s truly spectacular to behold.

There’s a beautiful hike all the way up to the Saddle of Cathedral Rock, and if you have the time and energy, I recommend you hike up to it… This hike however does go up about 650 feet, and so even though it’s under a mile… It can get you huffing and puffing!

The good news is… There’s another major vortex energy location near Cathedral Rock!

Most people don’t realize that there’s an incredible vortex energy spiraling in, at a much lower, and easier to access location.

People often build rock cairns here, which can be a good indicator you’ve found it. There’s also a ton of juniper trees that are spiraling upward around the area, further indicating the spiraling vortex energy.

Buddha Beach is a great place to sit back, relax, meditate and soak in the vibes of the Cathedral Rock energies.

Cathedral Rock is predominantly oriented to the feminine.

Feminine energy has a creative, intuitive, energy that strengthens qualities like compassion, kindness, patience, and consideration, and the ability to nurture uplift and support others.

4. Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock Vortex Sedona Arizona Bell Rock gets its name because when you see it in the distance, it totally looks like a giant bell!

But when you get close to the Bell Rock Vortex the entire area has an incredible energy.

The cool thing about this vortex is that from the moment you park your car and step outside, you can start tuning into and feeling the vortex energy!

When you visit Bell Rock Vortex there is some incredible hiking to be had. You can actually climb all the way up Bell Rock if you like climbing on top of rocks, and if you want to make the climb happen, expect a great energy, and a spectacular view!

But honestly, you don’t have to climb up to get the full benefit from this place! The Bell Rock Vortex Energy is just as powerful, vibrant and concentrated when you’re just a little ways up Bell Rock as it is when you’re closer to the top!

Energetically speaking Bell Rock is completely balanced between masculine and feminine energies and can help you tune into the balance between these two forces within yourself too!

The Bell Rock Vortex is easy to spot and you can reach off of Hwy 179 just north of Oak Creek. I recommend parking at the North Bell Rock Parking Lot (you’ll need to buy a Red Rock Pass) because it’s much closer to the peak vortex energies when compared to the lot closer to Oak Creek.

Ready To Tune Into The Sedona Vortex Energy In Person?

For more information about the 4 major Sedona Vortex sites, visit:

Learn more about the 4 Major Sedona Vortex Sites Here! 

As I mentioned above there are far more than 4 Vortex sites in Sedona… Really all of Sedona has an incredible energy, but if you want to check out some other locations with amazing energy…

Check out: Long Canyon, Schnebly Hill (aka Cowpies), Chimney Rock, Submarine Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Spaceship Rock to start…

Types of Vortexes

Really, all vortex energies are different. Some have a stronger masculine energy, while others are more resonant with the energies of the feminine.

Also, scientists classify a vortex based on the direction of its flow of energy. An up-flow vortex exists when the energy is moving upward out of the earth, while an in-flow vortex occurs when energy moves inward, toward earth.

Up-flow vortexes are the ones typically connected to spiritual growth. And many believe that vortex energy expands human consciousness. When you’re at a vortex, the energy can help you to feel exhilarated, vibrant, light, and full of potential and power. In-flow vortexes are often more introspective, and lead to a more reflective and inward feeling in humans. The energy is typically felt as being heavier and for those who are not properly spiritually prepared, with a strong introspective foundation; the first feelings that arise near an in-flow vortex are those of fear, because that is exactly what is coming up to be resolved and released.

The differences in experiences between an up-flow and an in-flow vortex have led some to label them as positive and negative.  I think this is accurate if you are labeling energy movement (upward/positive and inward/negative).  But it’s not accurate to think that some vortexes will have a negative or bad affect on you.  If you are seeking elation, an in-flow vortex might not meet your expectations– but it isn’t inherently bad… Just a shift in perspective…

What Does a Vortex and Chakra Have In Common?

In case you need a refresher, chakras are the energy centers that regulate the energies organs and more within your physical body. Within the physical body, the chakras actually act like small vortexes. Chakras aren’t traditionally thought of in this light, but really, the connection between the movement of energy within the chakras and the movement of energy in the larger vortexes found in nature, it’s worth noting.

Remember that chakras are energy centers in your body, which align with your spine and which govern various organs and emotional regions. In Sanskrit, chakra actually means wheel and these energetic signatures are almost always described as spinning wheels or spiraling vortexes.

When considering practices you can do to tap into the awesome power of vortexes, don’t forget the opportunity you have here to cleanse your chakras!

All vortexes are concentrations of vital life force energy and regular cleansing and connection of your life force energy is essential are vital for growth.

Want to learn more about cleansing your chakras?

Click Here for the Chakra Balancing Meditation!

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How to Actually Tune Into Vortex Energies

When you’re at a Sedona Vortex location (or an area you think might be a vortex near you) look for a spot where you can have some privacy or at least some distance between you and others.

It’s a good idea to take a few steps off of the main trail, and find a place where you won’t be disturbed by other hikers and vortex energy explorers.

When you’re in the close range of the peak vortex energy, but also in a place that will mostly be undisturbed by others…

Lie or sit on the ground and take some deep calming breaths.

As you simply relax and breathe, let yourself sink into the natural beauty of your surroundings and focus your awareness within as you also become aware of your energy as one with your surroundings.

Feel your energy ground to the earth, and then take some time to simply breathe, observe, and become aware.

Check out my video on how to tune into Vortex Energy (also filmed in Sedona) if you need some further help with tuning into the energy of the vortexes once you’re there:

Check this out!

Ready for more?

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Tuning Into Intuitive Guidance at a Vortex

Once you’ve tuned into the vortex energy, and you’re sitting there amidst the vortex energies, feeling grounded and centered…

It’s a great opportunity to clear your mind and ask a question.

Even better, amidst this peak energy, take a moment to invoke the presence of your angels by thinking or saying: “Angels, thank you for your presence here and now. Please surround me with love, light and protection and help me tune into the full light, love and frequency of the Earth and Divine available to me now.”

Next just breathe, be, and tune into the INCREDIBLE vibration!

Once you’re in this heightened space, connected to the vortex energies and connected to your angels, you can also tune into Divine and angelic guidance.

Focus within yourself and then ask a question…

Really, you can ask a question about anything you would like to know about your life, challenges, relationships, and more!

Don’t censor the question, or search through your mental files for a question your mind deems as “worthy to ask” just allow yourself to freely see what questions come up for you.

Continue focusing on your breath while you stay tuned in to how your body feels.

What physical sensations do you notice once you ask a question?

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings you tune into  after you ask your question.

At this point, some people will receive a direct answer through intuition, channeling, or internal guidance, some may receive images or impressions, and some people who have a tendency toward clairgognizance many simple “know” the answer all of a sudden.

Listen to the thoughts and feelings that seem to relate to your question and allow yourself to stay open to what you are being shown through the lens of the vortex, the guidance of your angels and your direct connection to the Divine.

If you feel that you aren’t being guided at this time, go back to focusing on your physical sensations and see if you are able to intuit how the sensations might relate.

It’s also a perfectly acceptable use of vortex energy to simply be, breathe, and tune into the energy without receiving inspiration or guidance.

Your experience at a vortex depends completely on where you are now, what your intentions are and where you are headed.

How Will You Be Affected By Vortex Energies?

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The Sedona Vortex Energy, and really all vortex energies have a way of increasing, amplifying and highlighting your present state of being. In other words, if you’re happy, joyful and relaxed when you visit a vortex, this energy will be highlighted and increased.

On the other hand, if you’re frustrated, agitated, or depressed, these energies will also be amplified.

This is one of the main reasons people don’t think they’re feeling vortex energies… Because the energy is just amplifying their natural state!

That being said, it’s wise to be mindful when you visit the Vortexes, because if you don’t you may receive lessons (in not the most enjoyable ways) about just how powerful your manifestation abilities can be…. Aka when you’re focusing on what you don’t want the vortex can draw more of this to you.

Alternately, if you’re in a state of joy and love… This is a beautiful state to be in and the energies of the vortex can amplify this energy of joy and love allowing it to ripple outward positively throughout your entire life!

Locating a Vortex Near You…

Once you know what to look for, locating a vortex is relatively straightforward.

There are tons of documented vortexes around the world which is a great place to start.

In other words if you want to experience Vortex Energy…

You may want to start with some of the well known vortex locations such as: Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, Sedona Arizona, Giza Egypt, Mount Kailas in the Himalayas, Mount Shasta, Glastonbury, Avenbury, Maui Hawaii, Mount Fiji Japan, Lake Titicaca Peru, Cairo Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle, Moab Utah, Crater Lake Utah, Mt Hood, Oregon, Bimini in the Caribbean, Fiji, Jerusalem, Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand, Lake Nicaragua, the Grand Canyon in the US, Superstition Mountains, Fajadad Butte in New Mexico…

And really so many more! I’ve even found a vortex just east of Albuquerque New Mexico (where I’m originally from) in the Sandia Mountains… Unnamed, unknown, but an incredibly powerful, healing, uplifting and sacred energy.

Although there are areas on the planet that have a stronger, or well-known vortex energy than others, vortexes can be found just about everywhere.

Take a walk in the woods near your home or in a park in the city you live in, and with acute awareness you’ll likely begin to notice the bark on certain trees is a bit different than the rest.  If you see bark on a tree that is spiraling up the tree trunk, it’s likely that you’re inside a vortex.

Trees are incredibly sensitive to vortex energy. You may also find that you feel incredibly uplifted in a certain place(this is another common indication that you’re inside of a vortex).

When you see, feel or sense signs that you’re in a vortex… Pay extra attention and start to look around for other clues like a near perfect circle on the ground, or plants that all seem to grow in a certain direction that is either to the left or to the right. Some people’s front lawns even have spots that grow incredibly lush and green grass, while the surrounding area is either average or lacking. These spots that are incredibly vibrant and lush are likely filled with vortex energy.

So Why are Vortex Locations Not More Well Know?

Most people don’t notice the presence of vortex energy because the energies tend to blend into the normal state of consciousness for an individual, or in other words the mind makes an automatic rationalization for what it sees.

However, once you start to look for vortexes, and once you learn to spot them, you’ll begin to notice them in your surroundings…

And then when you are near a vortex… You can benefit from the energy be becoming aware, quieting your mind and tuning in!

Get out there… Explore… Open Your Heart… And Enjoy!

Join me in some friends in exploring 4 of the Main Sedona Vortex Locations Here:


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