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Remove Blocks To Your Flow Of Abundance

Flow of Abundance

Tap Into The Flow of Abundance!

Abundance quite literally means having a plentiful and more than sufficient quantity of something. The term Abundance can be used in relation to time, certainty, love, friendships, and of course, most commonly, abundance refers to money and prosperity.

When you tap into the flow of abundance, you’re aligning with the natural state of your spiritual being.

And yet… In physical reality there are signs and messages of scarcity all around!  So how can you break free from the programming of scarcity consciousness to naturally align with the true abundance available to you?

It really is about getting in the flow of abundance.

As Wayne Dyer so famously said: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

… But what about when you feel like you’re doing everything you can think of to manifest prosperity in abundance in your life, and you’re still just not aligning with that flow of abundance?

One of the most common blockages to your flow of abundance are deeply held, but often very subtle limiting beliefs. Not one belief… But an accumulation of subtle deep seeded beliefs that it’s bad to be abundant!

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Limiting Beliefs Around Money!

Any of these sound familiar? You might have heard these from your parents, friends, or in the media… Have you consciously or unconsciously taken any of these on?

Money is the root of all evil
Money is hard to come by
We can’t afford that
I don’t have enough
Rich people are _________ (fill in the blank) unethical, greedy, dishonest, selfish, etc.
We may be poor but we have love
I can’t save money
I don’t come from a wealthy family
Money is not that important
The rich get rich and the poor get poorer
A dollar in a dollar out
It’s selfish to accumulate wealth.

Which of these sound familiar to you? Do any of these limiting beliefs come up in your own mind as you go about your day?

Identify these or other limiting beliefs you have around money… And then shift them!

Learn how to release limiting beliefs here!

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