How to Remove Blocks To Your Flow Of Abundance

Remove Blocks To Your Flow Of Abundance

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Spiritual blockages are rooted in illusion…
So you've heard all about the power of the Law Of Attraction?  You try and be really positive but every time you do something comes along and bites you on the ankles almost as if you were being reprimanded for daring to believe that things could really change.  Perhaps no matter what books you read or course you do the same old patterns keep repeating and you keep being unlucky.


Its all very well everyone telling you to feel the way you want to live but they aren't saddled with your particular set of circumstances, and they just don't know how hard you've tried!


Okay so the Angels are stepping in here to share with you the possible cause of this seemingly unending cycle of lack and lessons.  Metatron in particular is the Angel mostly associated with Magic, Miracles and Manifestation.  He wants you to know you aren't being punished and things Can turn around and feel a whole lot better in a shorter time than you think…
Fear of the unknown is often more frightening than fear of what we do know, and so when we are in a circumstance that although doesn't feel good, we Know how that circumstance feels and it is probably an awful lot better than the alternative – right?  Metatron would say to you that Fear is different to Danger.  Danger is very real, yet fear is simply a trick played on you a perspective given to you by your ego to stop you from actually releasing control of ‘what might be' and also ‘what is' and keeps you going  round in the same circle.  If you were able to remove the fear of what you may encounter if you didn't have to control and oversee all aspects of your life, he tells you that resolution, solutions and unexpected outcomes are able to flow in gently as there is no opposition.

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Blocks build walls and keep us safe.  Blocks also keep us going round in circles.  The effort expended in trying to move forward when there are unrecognized blocks present is a little like getting on an elevator and trying to run to the stop, the faster you go the quicker you come back the way you started and the less energy you have to continue the effort.


Imagine going on a journey.


You know it is likely to take you some time and you equip yourself for this.
What you would be unlikely to do, is to begin your journey, hit the traffic get so fed up at how long it was taking that you would double back – knowing that to go all the way back would mean that you had wasted your time, the length of time and travel towards you destination is in fact far less than the effort and expense of going backwards and so giving up is not an option, you would probably make a call if you were likely to be delayed and let the relevant parties know that it was out of your control you'd be there when you can and then you'd let go and as noted above the time would likely pass far quicker than you expected it too.


So too with life, when life seems to be taking you in a roundabout route towards what you want, consider that perhaps doubling back is pointless in terms of energy and effort, going with the flow allows an alternative route to be planned, and whose to say that this route is not the route you were always ‘meant' to take.  Metatron would say to you that letting go and accepting how things are allows things to flow to evolve and to be.  Sure if there are some blocks accepting this and recognizing this and dealing with this will inevitably make your journey far easier smoother and flowing and you will certainly hit far less obstacles in your progress forward.


Blocks & Baggage


Blocks can come in the form of things that you dont think you have any chance of changing, ie having older parents or small children when you are wanting some freedom financially or emotionally.  Or perhaps you are wanting that cash injection but every time you get a little way forward an unexpected expense turns up and you are further back than you were to begin with.  Or perhaps Mr or Mrs Right keeps turning out to be Mr or Mrs Wrong.
Blocks can be lessons that need to be identified accepted and then they wont be repeated.  Blocks can be Karmic or handed down through your ancestral blood line.  Blocks can be perceptions such as ‘I never have enough money' (even when this is removed you may still not really believe what you are saying to yourself ie ‘well im saying in my head ‘thank you for all I have but i dont See or perceive how this is actually increasing my money flow, 5 weeks have gone by and Nothing has changed whats the point?')


Sometimes even with energy removal and tips given you Still have a hard time convincing your self that any of this is going to make any difference, in fact it can seem that any so called ‘investment' that you made to help you get a little more equipped has only made the down side more of  let down


Making It Count


So what do you do different?  What is the answer?  Remember when you were a kid and you opened your stocking and you got a Satsuma some nuts and maybe some comic books.  Your parents bought you that bike you had been longingly staring at in the store window and for a while until you heard the whispers and something clicked you were Sure Santa was real?  Belief in something that is deep within you and yet outside of you is what is needed, in many ways when you know that something good is going to occur, it doesnt matter what is happening now because you have a golden moment to move towards.


Once we have removed these blocks Metatron and his team of manifestation angels will work with you to outline not just limiting beliefs but your ‘tone'  Your tone is the difference between what you Say you want, and what the Universe hears.  A little like hearing a lady say she wants to have a new haircut but the finished do is met with looks of unsureness.  Your tone is what the Universe and the molecules and the very air that you breathe use to form into etheric and then manifest solid reality and form.


Get the tone right, and the Universe wont just deliver what you are asking for – but in very small ways the syncronicities will start to build up, small things such as people smiling at you more, being open to ideas and requests that you suddenly feel the urge to share, your world starts opening up like a beautiful flower.  You will awake in the morning with a feeling of exitement and wonder and begin yourself before any evidence has had a chance to present itself be looking outwards in a Open and Enchanted manner.  This is then what will draw towards you magnetically the bigger manifestations

when you are able to see the miracles that you have become so used too then the Universe needs you to vibrate at a different level to your reality so that you are drawing towards you experiences of a higher vibrational manner.

How the Angels Work With You


Energetically in your Angel Healing reading we will remove the blocks.  We will also explain the limiting beliefs that have created some of the circumstances that you find yourself in.  Tools will be given to help you to move your point of attraction to a higher resonating level so that you will begin to Feel the very difference in your Aura and energetic field.  On top of all this you will also be given clear instruction by the angels on how to work with them and utilise their help in ensuring you continue to vibrate at a different level.  They will tell you how to invoke them and ask them for help in seeing clearly what you need to focus on.  They may ask you to have clear ideas about what you want to manifest and to ask them for clear signs that you are on the right path.  They may instruct you to ask them to help you identify your life purpose.  They may step forward and give you instruction on how to deal with a difficult rrelationship that is hampering your ability to be as positive as you would like to be.  Perhaps you need to sort out one or two big things before any of this can even count, So they will talk to you about the very next step and the next step after that.


Sometimes the steps that we think we need to take but feel that we cannot are not the point.  Some times the very next step we need to take is seeing our life situation in a different way, this then allows fresh energy to come in and change situations that you thought simple energy work could not make Any difference with.  Remember every situation in your life and in anyone's life is Just energy.  Once you understand how to mould this energy Everything from health issues to attracting in a job or house sale or move or the funds to do so are ALL within your power.


Remember Your Magic

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You came here to be a creator.  You are a magical being.  You have the same power that created our world and many other world.  You have the same power that created You because YOU created YOU.  When you connect to your non physical self or when you know HOW to utilise the help of your spiritual support team its like waving a magic wand and far more powerful than any ‘abracadabra' could ever be.  You are a magical powerful light being who came here for just this purpose.  If no contrast existed then no desires would also exist.


Metatron wants me to leave you with two truths  The power has always been in your hands alone.  No other controls your destiny or fate.  You will never have everything that you want, and you will always have the magic to create and attract anything and everything that you want.  The question is what do you want?


So if you are ready to take the next step, and the next and the next then an Angel Healing reading is going to open up so many opportunities and doorways that your light will shine brighter than ever before and lead you to wherever you wish to go.


Sheelagh Maria

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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