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Are Angels Real? My Undeniable Encounter with Real Angels!

Real Angels…? Yes!

I was recently prompted to Google “Real Angels” and I was surprised with what I found. Most of the results that displayed had a tabloid type feel, with headlines like: “Woman encounters real Angel falling from the sky” complete with a picture of a humanoid being with wings.

Which doesn’t exactly paint a clear picture of real angels, which are essentially spiritual beings of light.

So what is the truth about angels?

The Truth About Real Angels


Real Angels are Beings of Light 

Real Angels are Beings of Light and Spirit! Angels are light beings who truly exist in the higher dimension of light and spirit. The purpose of angels is to be of service, to be a resource, and to be allies for humanity as we journey through our life here in the physical.

Angels are becoming more and more known as they are also helping us through the present ascension process, where we're given this tremendous opportunity to remember more of who we authentically are, and bring our true divine nature as light beings into physical form.

Angels serve according to divine well to assist you in your life. They honor your freewill and ability to learn your own lessons and make your own life decisions. And for this reason, they don't often intervene without your permission.

So, if you want to truly experience angels for yourself, and to call in the help and support of real light beings into your reality, it takes asking and essentially granting permission.

How to Ask Angels for Help

You can invite the help of your angels into your life by simply asking!

Focus inward, and with a clear and true intent ask:

“Angel help!”


“Angels please connect with me in my life and help me to know that you're real. Help me to know your presence. And please step forward to guide me, assist me and help me to step into my highest light and authenticity and into my true soul purpose and fulfillment in this life.”

You can of course, ask for anything you want. But really, just know that when you ask from a sincere place, and when you ask for something that is truly in alignment with the highest interest of all… That is where your angels are able to most effectively and powerfully help you.

Know that when you ask for help, your angels step forward, every single time.

It really is quite amazing. They're literally always around, and always available to help, guide, and support you.

It just takes your asking, and then tuning inward with your focus to receive angelic guidance.

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Because most often, the way your angels will step forward is through frequency, through love, light, and through a clear, bright, pure, amazing energy that if you're sensitive to, you can feel and perceive.

However, know that if you’re solely used to focusing on the physical world around you, you might miss the angelic energy leading you to think it's not actually there.

And so, a key to tuning into the real presence of angels, is to attune your psychic senses to the subtle realms. The best way that I know how to do this, and what I always recommend is meditation.

Meditation is really what helped me, and what directly led to my first angelic encounter that was undeniable.

Connect with Angels

Breathe, focus your awareness inward on your heart center, quiet your mind, and imagine light all around you. Feel and sense the clear, bright, crystallized energy of divine love and blessing all around you, and imagine you're breathing light into every cell, and into every area of your body from every direction.

Breathe, relax, open your heart, and know that this simple process then that brings you into a resonant state where you can feel and perceive angelic guidance.

When your angels step forward to connect with you, they will typically do so through one of your main psychic subtle senses, whichever one is the strongest for you.

If you're naturally very visual, you may see a glowing orb of light. If feeling comes more naturally to you may feel a wave of angelic light and energy and presence, you may just know that your angels step forward or you may slightly sense it.

My Angelic Encounter

One day I was hiking in the Sandia mountains of New Mexico. I stopped in the shade to rest, and so there I was sitting under a pinon pine tree. I was just sitting there in the shade, relaxing and doing the best I could to quiet my mind and tune in to love.

All of the sudden it was like the doors to the angelic realm suddenly opened up before me, and Archangel Michael and my own team of angels stepped forward.

It was like I was bathed in the most incredible light and truly angelic energy. The entire physical world around me, seemed to just melt away… Suddenly everything was pure light, pure frequency, and pure love.

I felt so loved and lifted, like I could literally float up off the ground. It was amazing, surprising, and yet deep down I knew what I was experiencing was angelic energy.

I felt so comforted, blessed and at peace… And then I received a message from the angles, which you might have heard me talk about before, just letting me know that I was going to be okay, and that in fact, I was going to be working with angels in my life, which at that point I could hardly believe but because this experience was so vivid, so real and so strong, I believed… And then tuned into gratitude. I honestly can’t tell you how long I just sat there and basked in the incredible energy, because to me it felt like time was standing still, or I was outside of the realm of time in some way… But at some point, I was transported back in awareness… And there I was, sitting under the pine tree.

I looked around and it looked and felt to me like everything around me was lighter.

I really did connect with the angels that day, and in doing so, my energy was cleansed.

I'm telling you my story because I'm not special in my ability to experience the angelic realm, so know that you can connect with angels too.

And when you do make a deliberate attempt to connect with your angels, that very process is one of the best ways to cleanse your energy and raise your vibration in a way that's completely safe and loving and beautiful and incredible.

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Are Angels Religious?

A question that I often get from people who are just learning about angels is this:

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“Is it okay for me to connect with angels because of my religion? Or are you associated with XYZ religion?”

So here's the thing … We talked about how angels are spiritual beings of light who reside outside of the physical realm.

And religion? Religion is a human creation seeking to understand the spiritual realms. And so while just about every religion points to angels, references spirit and talks about angels…

There are of course many angel stories and verses in the sacred texts that talk about angels…

But Angels actually aren't religious themselves. And actually, everyone has angels, regardless of whether you are religious or not, you have Angel.

I think a key thing to keep in mind is that your angels will work and connect with you in the way that's right for you. So if you have very specific belief systems, the angels will work with you within those belief systems. But they can also help you to peel back limiting belief systems that are keeping your perspective limited, when there's a whole expanded world of experience awaiting.

So essentially, your angels can work with you where you are, but with your permission (if you ask and if it is your intention), they can also help you to expand your perspective.

This is so powerful, especially now we're in this big cycle of ascension, expansion and of transformation.

Ask your angels for help, call them in and know that it is through your heart center that you connect.

So if you have a lot of past pain or wounds you’re carrying in your heart, these may arise and be revealed as you begin to connect with angels. This is the clearing energy of the angels at work!

Actually, the first time I channel the angels (next vibrational level of experience), wow it was so incredible and so beautifully overwhelming how loving the angels are.

I cried my eyes out because that pure light and pure love that is angelic energy touched my heart and cleansed it through the power of spiritual tears. So if you're trying to connect with angels and you find there's a motion welling up, let yourself cry, let yourself release, let yourself let go. Because the lighter and brighter you can become and the more vibrationally attuned to the angelic realm you will become.

Angels are always with you… Angels are always broadcasting their love and guidance and healing energy. But just like a radio station that's always playing, unless you dial your frequency to the right station, you won't know there is music being transmitted by the radio station… You won’t even know it's there. So that's why many people don't realize that angels are real… Its not because they don’t have angels, but rather, they're just not tuned into that specific angelic vibrational bandwidth and frequency.

But wherever you are on the spectrum of being able to see and perceive angels, know that you can cultivate a connection with your angels and doing so is so empowering, and beautiful.

It’s truly so life changing when you ask your angels to be with you, and then you have that undeniable, vivid and real experience of nonphysical beings. And so I would invite you to ask for your angels to connect with you. Then focus inward, listen and tune into the angelic light and energy.

Also know that all of the messages I channel, all the meditations I publish here on the site are all designed to help you establish your direct link with the angelic realm.

So you too can have real, vivid, powerful experiences for yourself because I feel like gone are the days where it's enough to just hear about someone else's incredible spiritual experience.

Now is your time to experience a direct connection with the realms of spirit, with the divine, with the angels and with your highest divine self … Bringing all that you are, your beauty, your authenticity, your light, and your power into the physical to create with it as a divine being, a light being yourself in physical form.

Yes angels are real and yes they're waiting for you to tune in.

Will you ask angels to connect with you?

Ask. Open. Lift. Listen, Tune In. Receive.

With love, light, and gratitude,

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