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Praying For Peace

Join me in Invoking Divine Peace and Presence…

To seed the forces of Love and Peace within our own hearts, to ripple out into the collective consciousness calling forth Peace in the World.

Together we can cultivate and create greater peace and harmony in the world and in our own lives as individuals…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

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Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Peace

Light a candle for peace or just begin to direct your attention within.

Relax, breathe, and invoke:

Beloved Source of All That Is, The One. Beloved Solar Logos… Christ Light, Beloved Divine presence, Beloved Spirit, guardian angels, guides and ascended masters of the middle path and the highest Christed light.

Thank you for so many blessings in our lives and thank you for stepping forward now to connect with us directly as individuals and as one.

Shine the light and warmth of peace and Divine Presence upon us so we may as individuals and as one humanity cultivate peace, warmth and compassion in our hearts and minds and actions .

Guide us now to experience stillness, peace and calm within.

So the light of peace and truth may grow and shine forth within us into all we do and who we are.

Help us to embody peace and Divine Presence so we may overflow peace and love out beyond us here and now, to bless all hearts and minds across the planet, and around the earth with divine light presence so that peace and light may prevail.

Guide us as individuals, guide us as one humanity, to rekindle our compassion and recognize our underlying unity with all beings to transform separate interests and conflict into loving acceptance of all.

May, Divine Presence and the light of compassion, transmute hatred and darkness, bringing into sync and harmony the paths of all .

Help us to embody peace as individuals, to shine the light of love and warmth within our open hearts.

To cultivate presence, light and warmth in our hearts and minds and actions.

And through our prayer and deep intention for peace in the world and peace in our lives… Peace for humanity and peace for all beings…

Bring peace, kindness, compassion, vibrant well-being and love to the surface in the lives of All.

The light of peace blanketing the earth, the love of the divine, the warmth and Truth spreading across the planet, bringing all beings into integrity, peace and love.

We humbly ask this according to Divine Will in the highest interest of All, with the pure intention for peace and harmony Now.

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We thank you for your presence.

Thank you. And so it is. Amen.

Thank you for joining in this prayer for peace!

Together with clear intention, we really can make a difference and call forth to the surface of consciousness a greater peace and harmony for the world, as individuals, in each of our own lives, and for the benefit of all.

Prayer for Peace!

Thank you for joining in this prayer for peace!

There is so much power when we as individuals, and as a small group, focus our intention and prayers in a way that benefits us as individuals, cultivating peace and stillness and divine presence within…

But then also calling forth that peace and presence to bring about greater peace and harmony for humanity as a whole, and for the entire collective across the Earth in the highest interest of all.

How to Use This Prayer
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The first time you go through this peace prayer, I would invite you to just focus your awareness within as you read the words.

You can also listen to it with the video above, and with this, close your eyes and just be aware of the quality of peace and divine presence that is called forth.

Once you've gone through the prayer once, I recommend returning to it.

Read aloud, or speak the prayer in your own words.

Returning to this prayer supports you in more deeply cultivating that light of peace, Divine Presence and awareness of peace and stillness within within you.

As you cultivate peace within, you bring greater peace into your life and into your energy fields, this naturally has a tremendous impact on the greater field of all.

And when we together cultivate and call forth peace, we really can make a significant difference and impact in calling forth the qualities of divine peace, harmony, compassion and love for humanity, for the Earth, for all.

Finally, before we dive into the prayer, if you do resonate with the energy that's called forth in this, I would just encourage you to share because a small group of individuals can absolutely change the world with our intention, but as the group grows, so does the power of this intention for peace.

So please share.

With bright blessings of love and peace,

Melanie Beckler



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