Inner Peace Meditation with Archangel Michael -
Inner Peace Meditation

Inner Peace Meditation with Archangel Michael

12-Minute Inner Peace Meditation

Archangel Michael connects with an incredible frequency transmission of stillness, silence, tranquility, and peace in this short 12-minute Inner Peace Meditation.

Relax and listen to access reconnect with the infinite peace within and all around you just waiting for you to consciously tune in!

Channeled by Melanie Beckler 

Listen to the Audio of this Guided Meditation with Archangel Uriel or Download the .MP3 here:

12:17 Set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus

Inner Peace Channeling with Archangel Michael

Inner Peace MeditationGreetings from Archangel Michael. Indeed, in this moment now, I greet you with a frequency of stillness. silence and calm.

Beneath the words of this message, between these words, is the energy of peace and tranquility. You are invited now to tap into.

To enter into.

Surrendering the voice of mind, letting go of whatever is happening in your life in the external. And just for now, enter in to your inner state of being.

Enter into this frequency broadcast now, of tranquility, peace and calm.

For indeed this stillness you now cultivate within has a profound effect in manifesting around.

Manifesting the opportunities that are Divine, that are inspired.

Know that indeed, cultivating this inner peace and stillness and calm, creates an opening within you, within which you are able to access the higher light of your divine truth.

The higher light of Spirit, the deep wisdom, knowing and frequency of your soul and inner divine being that is always within and around. But so often is beyond your grasp and reach because you are grasping at the level of mind for experience, for guidance, for certainty, for truth… But the truth, you truly seek, that surpasses all understanding, that can be felt known experienced, seen perceived with your subtle psychic senses, is accessed within.

And so let go of the external, just for now, and shift your attention and awareness within.

Focusing on your heart center, and behind your heart where a sacred space opens for you to enter into.

Opening your heart to receive the blessings of light bestowed upon you now, the blessings of love flowing in and all around.

Tuning in to the inner light of joy, tuning into your inner core, a vibrant well being and divine bliss. Let this inner joy rise up from within the stillness. Rise up from within the inner space of tranquility and calm to fill your body, your every cell with gold and glowing light, to soothe your mind to uplift your emotions to restore your divine. balance and attune you to divine harmony.

Coming into crystalline coherence and sync with the Divine Light flowing throughout all creation.

Sync with the Divine Mind, and the Divine Nature of Time.

Bringing you into harmony, into alignment, bringing you into a state of coherent love, where you can feel the blessings of love shining within and around your being.

A brilliant orb of light glowing around your body, mind and spirit. Your aura, your energy, your frequency, infused and shining with the light of divine love.

Cleansing, protecting, realigning you with the truth of your inner divine nature…

And letting this truth, peace, calm serenity shine out from within you. Your tranquility overflowing beyond you

Your love rippling out far beyond.

Through this, your presence becomes a powerful beacon magnetizing to you the divine blessings and opportunities most in alignment with your highest timeline, your core mission, your divine destiny, your authentic truth.

This is always there always within. Your ascension is not something that happens externally. It is remembering, expanding, into opening up to your innate truth, higher dimensional awareness, divine love, and letting this blossom within you. Blossom within the peace, love, and tranquility.

To greet the light of a new day. Shining within you more of your innate wellbeing, divine wisdom, authentic truth intact which you access again, not from the level of mind, but from the stillness that underlies every moment.

From within which you are able to sense and experience your connection with the frequency that is divine.

That is love, that embraces you, blesses you, restores your energy, lifts your vibration, cleanses your being.

Open to receive these blessings of love.

Remembering and knowing that in any moment when you return to stillness, peace, and calm…

These doors of love open to you, the gates open, the divine frequency able to pour in…

To bless you, to love you.

And you to fully access this truth of the love vibration you are.

Rekindling love first within, so that incredible love may then manifest all around.

In your life, in the external, in the physical, in every moment as you embody more of the truth, the light, the divine perspective, the wisdom, the frequency, the beauty of the higher divine light being you are.

Tune into the light rising up within you, shining within and illuminating your core.

Let the central core of light elevate, expand, and accelerate, to more brightly shine, and from your core shining around…

Let the light illuminate the highest and best possibilities for you right here and now.

Which you can see, can choose, can honor, can find in every moment, by returning to the perspective of silence, stillness and calm, for within this the infinite is realized.

Within this, the infinite is found.

Return to the perspective of infinite love, peace and truth, that you are basking in. That you are shining with. And that is always available to you in the ever-present now.

Quiet mind, open heart, willing spirit.

Tune in, to the silence, love. stillness and blessings you've always carried within, but that are now ready to rise to the surface.

Its time for you to step into your truth.

One moment, one little step at a time, to return to love and peace.

To shine your light, your love, your peace, your inner stillness that is divine.

Our love, and blessings and frequency is bestowed upon you now, and indeed through your clear mind, open heart and willingness you are able to receive.

To embody.

And to then shine forth far beyond.

These blessings of love.

Anchoring peace.

Anchoring Divinity.

Embodying truth. Embodying the truth of the Divine Light being you are.

Know that you can return to and retain this perspective.

In an instant, shift … enter into the peace and stillness and calm within. Cultivate it and let it blossom and shine forth beyond you to bless your life, to harmonize your surroundings, to heal, uplift and inspire all.

To claim your power and potential in the moment. Every moment shining with the light of love.

We love and bless you. And so it is.

Archangel Michael channeled by Melanie Beckler

3 thoughts on “Inner Peace Meditation with Archangel Michael”

  1. A timely gift. I asked the universe this morning to show me how to relax and calmly be with having a tooth repaired. Ask and receive. Thanks Melanie 🙂

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