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Being Guided… One Step at a Time

one step at a time What Is Your Next Step?

From the higher realms of existence, your angels are working to assist you in navigating through your unique path here on earth. Angels have so much to offer. From energetic support, aligning chance meetings, and nudging you in the direction of love, joy, growth, fulfillment, and your highest and greatest good your angels are always happy to help.

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I have often had people mention to me that their angels must be really tired of them, because of how much they ask the angels for help, all the while making the wrong choices, stubbornly holding on to the past, or consistently changing their mind about what they want and are asking for.

The truth is your angels never tire of helping you… So, continue to ask for help.

Angels do however love to see you progress on your path and constantly try to give you signs to show you your next steps. You may be making your life more difficult by not noticing the signals or taking the steps laid out before you.

These steps will help carry you forward on your ascension path, in the direction of your goals and towards accomplishing your highest and greatest good.

But, even if you’re not listening, or not noticing the path illuminated before you, your angels never give up. Even if you are way off course and heading in the direct opposite direction of your souls purpose and your highest and best possible path, your angels will keep nudging you to take just one step in the right direction.

If you are way off course, it may take you a while to get back on track and there will be many steps required and obstacles to overcome. But, each step of the way your angels will be with you, and when you do take a step in the right direction, they will quickly shift to support you in finding your next best step on the path. They will also send you signs and signals to help you see and know the next best step.

One step at a time the angels will illuminate you soul’s path before you.
When you take one step, then your next step will appear.

But I do want to clarify a couple of things…

The first thing is that you have free will and choice. Your angels are not trying control you.

This is why your guides and angels will allow you the freedom to walk in the wrong direction or make choices that lead to more challenges in your life. They will never force you to take the step towards the increased ease, joy, and love even though that is what they ultimately want for you.

So even if you’re choosing to go in the opposite direction of your purpose, your angels will do their best to get your attention. With signs, signals, guidance, and though your intuition they will illuminate your next best step in the direction of the path ahead which will most serve.

The second thing I want to clarify is this:

The guidance your angels offer you may not be exactly what you are wanting or hoping for.

When I say they show you your next step, it may be something seemingly small and insignificant, unexpected or seemingly unrelated. Even if you want to know what the next big step is to help you make sense of your life in terms of the big picture, they will offer you what serves you most. Which may seem unrelated.

This actually just happened to me…

I’ve not really mentioned this here on the site before, but I am actually traveling perpetually right now.

I do not have a home base, and I have been a lightworker on the move, bouncing from place to place for about two years now. In this sort of nomadic lifestyle I’m engaged in, it offers me a huge opportunity to master trust and continue to allow my path to appear, one step at a time.

As I do energy clearing and healing work and anchor light in different places around the world, there are some amazing benefits. But this path is far from easy and there is also a huge amount of unknown…

Right now I am in Australia, and I know that next, I will be going to Hawaii en route to the mainland United States. From there, I have nothing but a big question mark on my path, and honestly, it would be nice to know…

I would love to have the comfort and a sense of security knowing where my home will be 2 months from now, but I trust that will appear in due time.

Just today, I was asking the angels what my next step was, hoping to learn my next home-base, and you know what they told me?

Write this blog post!

And you know what? Things are actually making a bit more sense to me now!

Not in terms where I will be in a few months, but in the sense that I don’t really need to know that right now.
Following my path as it appears before me, one-step at a time, is a beautiful opportunity to practice trusting the universe, going with the flow, and being in the present moment.

I may not know where I will be in a few months, which is a bit un-nerving, but I have a few ideas, and I do trust and know that when the timing is right, my next step in that direction will appear.

For now… Writing this has post has brought me some clarity and reassurance that I am on the right path, and that I simply need to keep taking the next best step before me as it appears.

I am guided and so are you. Honestly, from this place right here in the present moment, all we can do is take one-step at a time.

Sure, you can quickly take multiple steps forward, quickly; or take a giant leap forward… But even then, progress, growth, and even a huge change in direction is still happening one step at a time.

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So if you’re asking your angels for help now, and wanting to see the big picture of where you’re headed, or the big changes you need to make to improve your situation, don’t be surprised or disappointed if you get something simple.

If you do… Take the small step and ask again for your next step while focusing on being fully present in the now moment.
With this presence and mindfulness, you will be able to notice and you will be ready to act when the opportunity for a big step appears.

And as you keep taking small step after small step, one day, you will look back and see how far you traveled on your path as if you took a giant, quantum leap forward… But really, it all happened one small step at a time.

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