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Are You An Old Soul? 9 Old Soul Characteristics…

What It Means to Be An Old Soul.

Have you ever looked into a child's eyes and been taken aback at the wisdom you see there?

As an adult, do you sense that you don't fit into society – but you don't care, because you're not interested in conforming?

Being and feeling older than your years and separate from your peers is a strong hint that you may be an old soul.

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Wait… Soul’s Age?

As souls we’re all equal… No one soul is more special, or more important than another is.

At the core, we’re all spiritual beings in complete oneness with the Divine, each experiencing temporary physical journeys.

And yet, through the souls reincarnation from lifetime to lifetime, learning lessons, gathering experiences, fulfilling agreements, serving, giving, and receiving, a sort of evolution of the soul unfolds.

It’s well known that when our present life in the physical ends, we can’t bring with us other people, possessions, collections, or things…

But what we do bring with us is our soul’s experience.

The soul’s experience and development across lifetimes is what determines soul age.

Whether you're a young, mature, or old soul is not only about how many lifetimes you have lived and experienced as a soul, it’s about how you as a soul have grown and progressed through your life experiences.

The Five Earthly Soul Ages

The five earthly soul ages include baby, child, young, mature, and old soul, and each of these has seven levels. By the time a spirit reaches the fifth soul age, they have developed a broad understanding of life, and they understand that they are one with the universal tapestry.

All spirits move through the levels during each new incarnation. The number of lifetimes you have can be far more than the number of levels in any soul age. The pace at which a spirit moves through the levels is something decided long before incarnations begin. Some spirits move through the ages quickly and others like to take their time in order to experience as much as possible. After the spirit has made its way through all of the levels in every soul age, a new cycle begins on the astral plane. The spirit’s learning continues, but not through physical incarnations.

As the spirit works through life lessons, fulfills promises, soul contracts, and evolves, the true nature of the universe and life become clearer and ever present.  An old soul has accrued a wealth of knowledge and understanding, so much so that the individual’s gaze is both powerful and somewhat uncomfortable.

So Who Are Old Souls?

Old Souls are those who have amassed a great deal of experience and development throughout the course of their soul journey. They have learned lessons, progressed on their soul journey, and successfully advanced through a wide variety of life lessons, tests, and experiences.

Through this, they are able to see the bigger picture, they have a deep understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds around, and they carry profound inner wisdom.

Wise beyond their years, and deeply spiritual, the old souls of the world seem to not quite fit into society. Their values, outlook, and motivations are influenced by the acquired wisdom of lifetimes.

Old soul’s are powerful teachers because their wisdom has been gained through experience. They are the wise men and wise women of the world who can help teach and guide younger and less experienced souls back into alignment with Divine love and soul growth.

Characteristics of an Old Soul

Are you an old soul? If you are, you probably identify with most if not all of the following characteristics.

1 You Know Where You Came From – and Where You're Going

You instinctively know that we are all part of the Source and you understand that all things and all souls are connected on some level.

You are kind, because you get that kindness has ripples across the universe – but when someone is not kind to you, you also get that this is just part of their journey, and rather than taking it personally, or getting upset you’re able to shrug it off.

Are You An Old Soul? 2 You're Happy Being An Introvert

Old souls don't need interaction with others as much as other souls do. You are self-sufficient, happy with your own company and entirely at ease with yourself. You are polite and friendly enough to colleagues and friends, but you have no great desire to socialize or to take those most of these relationships beyond arm's length. You don't live in your family's pocket either, and you're not bothered by going a long time without seeing relatives.

If you are in a relationship, it's likely to be with someone who is part of your soul group, or someone with whom you made an arrangement before this incarnation.

3 You Don't Conform

Old souls have a rebellious streak, and you do what you want to do, when you want to do it – whether or not it's the “done thing” in society. Because you have an innate understanding of the bigger picture, you don't see the point in petty rules and regulations and you are never afraid to stand out from the crowd or push the boundaries.

As a child, you didn't fit in and were likely to be much quieter, more introverted and more studious than your peers.

Additionally, you don’t let material possessions, wealth or “success” as determined by society define you, rather you skip to the beat of your own inner rhythm.

4 You Are the Calm in a Storm

You've been here many times before; you've been there, done that and you know how life has a way of working things out. When faced with a problem or a crisis, you just know that it will all work out the way it's meant to work out – so you don't panic or get overly fearful about the future. Your placid, laid back demeanor is sometimes mistaken for laziness or ambivalence – in truth, you simply understand that life will go on, with or without the accompanying drama.

5 You’re Able to Detach From Drama

Although you are empathetic and you feel deeply for those going through a difficult incarnation, you are not a campaigner and you don't take an interest in politics, causes or campaigns. Again, this is connected to your understanding of the greater purpose. You are content to allow life to unfold, and you wish that others around you could understand this, so that they could stop fretting too.

6 You Seek Spiritual Knowledge

As an old soul you're passionate about reading, and learning because you're able to see that knowledge is power. You don't however buy into the mainstream education systems and rather, spend time and energy educating yourself, reading, learning and absorbing knowledge and experience.

You are likely drawn to spiritual subjects, and metaphysical teachings.  O the somewhat limited friendships you do form, many are probably with people you met through spiritual classes, courses or groups.

7 People Seek Your Wisdom

From your relatives to total strangers, everyone has a story to tell and they all want to tell it to you. You find people asking for your advice out of the blue – but although you are happy to offer advice when asked, you are not a teacher.

You do not try to impose your wisdom upon others, and you do not try to change anyone's mind. You do not judge others; you've made all the mistakes they're making now, and then some.

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8 You See Through the Lenses of Love

You are nearing the end of your incarnation cycle, and you unconsciously want to make the most of every last physical plane experience you can have. As such, you adore the tiny details of life which others overlook – the raindrops on leaves, the silence before the dawn chorus, the colors of the sky.

You’re able to see the beauty that others tend to overlook, and the underlying miracles in every moment.

9 You Have a Deep Inner Knowing

Your intuition has been highly developed through your many lifetimes, and past soul experience. You've learned to trust your inner guidance and intuition, more so than most other souls, and you often find that you just know something, without any understanding of how you know.

You just know.

Navigating Life as An Old Soul

It's not always easy being an old soul.

Our struggling society tends to dismiss old souls in the same way it dismisses our elderly people. When you don't fit into the materialistic, power driven narrative of our times, you find yourself at the fringes of society, perhaps being rejected, ridiculed or side-lined by others.

Sometimes, the urge to speak out and to show people where they are going wrong is overwhelming, and while you are here to teach and pave the way through example, each of the younger souls around you will have to figure it out for themselves, in time. Don’t get weighed when you witness others heading down the wrong path, or stepping into the traps of materialism, or other worldly pursuits.

Watching others suffer unnecessarily can be heart-breaking, however, and old souls should be sure to take good care of themselves emotionally. Do plenty of what makes you happy.

When you are struggling with the challenges of being an old soul, try to go inwards and reflect on your role here. Know that just by being you and by defying convention and doing your own thing, you are inspiring others. You are teaching, without forcing; you are leading by example. Trust in your knowledge that things are proceeding just as they should.

If you resonate with being an old soul, you on here on Earth now because you have an important mission and purpose.

You’ve amassed spiritual wisdom over lifetimes, that is needed in the world now. Regular meditation and clearing your chakras will help you to access and draw upon the powerful wisdom you carry within.

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