Mother's Day & The Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine

Mother’s Day & The Divine Feminine

Mother's Day Redefined 

Happy Mothers Day!

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Mothers Day is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the amazing mothers of the Universe.

And don't worry, with “Mothers Day redefined” I'm not trying to take the “mother” out of Mother's Day here…

Mother's Day is of course, first and foremost a beautiful opportunity to honor and thank each of our own mothers, as well as celebrate the influence of all mothers in society.

So… Thank you!

Thank you Mothers everywhere for the amazing job you've done aligning with the sacred energy of the Divine feminine to birth us all in the physical.

Thank you for loving, nurturing, and caring for us all whole heartedly.

Mother's Day & The Divine FeminineAnd thank you for selflessly helping to set into motion each of our own unique spiritual journey's through life on earth…

Of course not everyone has the most positive or healthy relationship with their birth mothers…

For many, Mother's day may bring up feelings of loss, loneliness, and layers upon layers of past pain and hurts long buried and left unresolved.

So here's where the redefinition comes in.

Mothers Day In A New Spiritual Light

Spiritually speaking, Mother's Day is not only a celebration of our earthly mothers, but an opportunity to celebrate and consciously reconnect with the energies of the Divine Feminine…

To look beyond the physical, where we can then see our unique connection and oneness with the creative energy of life that goes far beyond what we can even comprehend.

Where we can connect with, honor, and celebrate the same Divine Feminine light that brightly shines within all mothers.

That although perhaps less noticed, shines brightly within us all.

The Divine Feminine energy that is quite simply, Unconditional Love.

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The Divine Feminine that is nurturing, compassion, and grace….

That is the magnetic container in which all creation is held.

The Divine Feminine energy that is understanding insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom…

And so this Mother's Day.

There's a new opportunity, that really has been here all along.

It's the opportunity to reconnect with the presence of the Divine Feminine within…

Where the true power of unconditional love lives.

Just waiting to reconnect, embrace, love, and nurture us all.

Here is a free channeled message from Mother Mary that will help you do just that!

Heart Healing Meditation with Mother Mary! 

And so, this Mother's Day…

Celebrate Mothers of course,

But also, celebrate the light of the Divine Feminine, shining, and reemerging within you and within us all by clicking the link above and enjoying this free message and some ‘you time' today.

And in this, begin to notice, and become aware of just how loved, blessed, and supported you really are.

Happy Mothers Day!

With love,

Melanie Beckler

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