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Mother Mary Queen of Angels

Virgin MaryThe Ascended Virgin Mary

Mother Mary is the most well known woman in Catholicism, Christianity, and in the Islamic religion. Despite the debate as to whether she was really ‘The Virgin Mary' when giving birth to Jesus, she is greatly revered, and loved around the world, and for a good reason.

As a beautiful spiritual being and an ascended master of unconditional love and light, Mother Mary makes herself available to people of all religions, paths, and walks of life.

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I first encountered Mother Mary as ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe' who I saw represented in artwork while growing up in New Mexico. She later appeared to me energetically, while I was doing angel energy healing sessions, and it was here where I realized her incredible light, and healing presence.

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Mother Mary is the spiritual being representing the Divine Mother. Just as she parented Jesus during her earthly life, she nurtures and guides our souls now to develop our inner Christ Light so that we may ascend, and brightly shine.

An ascended being in the realms of spirit, Mother Mary serves alongside Archangel Raphael on the fifth ray, overseeing healing, wholeness, clarity, music, truth and innovation.

Mother Mary is the epitome of nurturing energy, acceptance, unconditional love, and compassion. Her energy is incredibly uplifting and soothing, and she helps all who call upon her to feel loved, safe, and at peace.

mother maryMother Mary is also well know to be the Star of the Sea, or the protector of sailors, fisherman, and those living near the coast. I have recently had the pleasure of visiting several fishing villages in Costa Rica and Mexico, in which I have noticed a great deal of artwork honoring and invoking the love and protection of Mary the Queen of Angels.

Yes, Mary is know to be the Queen of Angels, which if you think about it in terms of Christ as being the King of Heaven, and his mother as the Queen, as was practiced for Thousands of years and referenced in countless ancient texts, (including the Bible and the Qur’an) it makes perfect sense.

But I don't want to get too caught up in religion here, because for me, my experience with Mother Mary has come completely independently of religion (although I respect all those who encounter her within).

Through one on one angel energy healing sessions, and now through the global lightwork, healing and clearing work I am doing, I am realizing just how available, powerful, and unlimited the energy healing broadcast from Mother Mary really is.

This beautiful ascended being who was the Virgin Mary, offers her reassurance to those who are troubled, she cares for each and every being alive on the planet, and even works to soothe and heal the Earth.

The unconditional love and light of Mother Mary is truly unlimited, and like the angels, she is able to assist and help all who call upon her simultaneously.

Mary is not a substitute for linking with the Divine, or for connecting directly with Source, God, and All That Is… But rather she serves those who feel unworthy to make this direct connection. She heals those who are disheartened and wounded, and offers love, guidance and healing, empowering us each to connect with our inner light and with the Divine.
Mother Mary is also a powerful archetype of the Divine Feminine, of carrying the inner Goddess power and being able to master love for self, as well as mastering nurturing, giving, and mentoring others.

mother maryYes, you are able to ground, lift, and directly connect with God and All That Is.

But there is also benefit in connecting with the immense love, guidance, and support of Mother Mary. Not to worship her, which she would never allow. But to tap into her uplifting energy, and her power, healing, mentoring, teaching, compassion, protection, and unconditional love.

Mother Mary is a highly evolved spiritual being, who has mastered each of her physical lives on Earth by choosing love. There is much we can learn from her as we advance forward on our individual ascension paths.

From her perspective, directly connected to the Divine and to All That Is, she can see what has been, what is and what will be, and can offer an illuminated perspective. Mother Mary is ever present and willing to help guide you in the direction of increased love, well being, and joy.

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Since you're reading this article, don't be surprised if you experience a connection with Mother Mary through your dreams, while praying, meditating, or while connecting with the healing and love of the angels.

To learn more about directly experiencing Mother Mary, click here to listen to a direct channeled messages with Mary, Queen of Angels.

With many blessings of love and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. My grandmothers name was Mary and my mothers name was virginia de guadalupe and my name is christina marie….

  2. Hello, I had a very powerful vision whilst meditating last night, it was a group meditation.
    I saw a very bright lady with a halo appear in front of me slightly to the right, she lowered herself to me, didn’t speak but I just felt an overwhelming feeling of love and peace!
    Whilst this happened I felt as if my body was rising out of my body and started spinning ?!?
    I know this sounds very odd but once she went I started to cough and I had to stop the meditation early .. the lady that did the meditation offered me tissues as I was quite emotional and when I’d explained to everyone what had happened she said earlier in the day she had invoked 3 ascended beings before doing a reiki session and one of them was Mother Mary who she believed was who had visited me during my meditation… this is a shortened version btw!
    I am just wondering what this means if anything please? I am not a religious person and not had I seen or spoken about Mother Mary previously that day or at all for I don’t know how long if ever! The strange thing was I did feel that it may have been Mary at the time when it was happening and then the lady doing the meditation said that..?
    I even feel this a strange thing to write as I am not religious at all!
    Any ideas please x x

    1. Mother Mary … Or just Mary, is an incredibly wise, loving and compassionate ascended being. She’s honestly not really associated with religion… Sounds like she connected with you with love and healing energy ✨🦋🌈🙏🌈🦋✨⠀

  3. I was sleeping on sunday…when I had this dream about mother mary coming out from the clouds…then this strong vibration I was feel om top of my bed,then I saw numbers 85 72 boldly writing in the clouds..i was still vibrating now I woke up but still vibrating on my bed I could not move…then I saw mother mary image,little image close to my door going up to the ceiling…I had so many encounters with angels,even jesus christ

  4. I was really sick dad here call my nam and the my frien who passed awa call my nam was it my guys are was it a was it my guys are was it an angel or was it mother Mary

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