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Money and Spirituality – A Conversation about ‘Spiritual Money’ and Abundance

Money and Spirituality – Do These Things Really Go Together?

There’s a very limited belief that’s still circling around in some spiritual communities that money and spirituality don't go together. We, however, know this is far from the truth. Abundance is a huge part of spirituality. Join us in talking about money and spirituality right here and now:

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Money is Energy

Money and Spirituality We live in a vibrational universe. Take a table for instance. If you zoom in enough, it’s a wavelength; it’s just energy moving. That’s all that money is. We have the ability to open ourselves up and be conduits to flow that energy. Just as we can learn how to flow the Reiki energies or the healing Angel energies, we can learn how to flow the money energy.

Money is nothing. It’s printed on linen, it’s not backed by anything, and it’s printed at will. It really truly is an inanimate thing and we’ve bought into the idea that it’s a stored energy. We work a full day and in that full day, we make a certain number of dollars. That is stored energy and those dollars sit in our bank account as digital energy which we use to pay for things.

It’s a form of stored energy and it in no way, shape, or form is good or bad. It doesn’t really mean anything.

Giving and Receiving

This is at the root of where the disconnect between money and spirituality comes in. In Native American tribes, the shaman was the spiritual leader of the tribe and the tribe took care of the shaman. The tribe members didn’t have to pay the shaman for spiritual teachings because the tribe provided food and shelter. They could completely focus on their spirituality.

This isn’t how our world is set up anymore. In order for spiritual teachers to be taken care of, there needs to be a balance of giving and receiving. Today, this comes in the form of offering services for money rather than offering services for free (and, by default, being taken care of by the tribe). Sometimes people say to us that we shouldn't charge for spiritual services. It should be free. I understand where that belief comes from, but really its key to balance giving and receiving.

Being in the Flow of Money Is Being In Balance with Giving and Receiving

We look at money as water flowing. When water is flowing, it’s clear and clean. When water stagnates and just sits, it starts to slowly dry up and get smaller and smaller. It can turn absolutely nasty.

It’s not just time that we have created through our business. There is the hardware, software, cameras, microphones, servers, and more. There’s a lot that goes into these videos. As we have been growing on our abundance path, we’ve been reinvesting that to reach more people.

When we started our first free conference call eight or nine years ago, we weren’t reaching anyone. We were able to reach a few, but it was a poor experience for them. It wasn’t smooth. It was through reinvesting that we were able to continue.

We Are Conduits For Money and Energy

The goal is not to have a bucket that fills with money and then to carry our heavy bucket around forever. It’s about letting it flow out into other areas. With whatever money you do have, be mindful about where you’re spending it.

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Are you flowing it directly towards big corporations that don’t have the highest interest of humanity in mind? Can you divert that to buy healthy organic things that are creating more positivity in the world? For instance, look on Etsy for a handcrafted handbag versus Amazon for the mass-produced in China and shipped across the ocean.

Who do you want to flow your energy through? Big corporation? Or an artisan crafts person nearby? Every dollar we spend is a vote for or against something.

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Being In The Flow of Abundance and Spirituality

Abundance and Spirituality Aligning with abundance has not always been easy for us. When we haven’t been in alignment with our natural state of being, we’ve gone through incredible challenges around money. Living paycheck to paycheck, borrowing, and moving in with Miles’ parents.

We became students of not only spirituality and personal development, but abundance. One of the big shifts was recognizing that spending money was an opportunity to express gratitude. If you have a pile of bills in front of you, don’t vibrationally let that weigh you down. “Oh my gosh! I have to pay the electric bill, I have to pay the internet.”

Vibrationally shift your energy around and as you’re paying the electric bill think, “Wow! I’m grateful that I have electricity. I’m so grateful I have internet. Because I have internet, I’m able to watch YouTube, I’m able to download meditations and other positive things.”

When you're buying a coffee rather than think, “Four dollars for a coffee. Wow! That’s so expensive,” you can shift to, “I’m grateful for this opportunity to not only buy a cup of coffee, but for the person who’s going to make it for me.” This little vibrational shift makes a huge difference for bringing you into the flow of abundance and aligning your energy positively with money.

How Can I Help More People?

Another thing that’s made a big difference is shifting from solely focusing on ourselves and “How do we create more money in our life?” to “How can we help more people? How can we be of service and give value to the world and to the community?” If you can make this shift, even in small subtle ways, it will be powerful for aligning you with the flow of money.

The amount of money you receive is in direct correlation to the amount of value you give to the world. If you're not sure how to give value, start small.

Who knows what can happen?

When Miles was growing up in a poor middle class household that had a lot of love, there was never enough month at the end of the money. He felt like his family had a belief that rich people were crooks. All rich people were doing shady things or were taking from others. Now, through studying true wealth and money, we know that it’s about giving more, bringing the value out, and then leveraging that. How can you help more and more people?

In this day in age, we’re so blessed to have the internet, social media, and YouTube. The potential reach of message, value, and help is pretty magnificent.

Start Bringing More Value Where You Are!

Try an experiment. Start with where you are, where you work now, and shift into being the most valuable employee you possibly can and watch what happens. To be the most productive and ambitious individual at your work, whatever you’re doing, do it with excellence and bring as much value to it as you can. That’s where the magic happens.

It’s not necessarily about making more. That doesn’t really matter. It’s about honoring the energy and realizing that it's simply a measure of value. You can have a positive relationship with it and see it as a tool for bringing good into your life.

Money is Not Evil

Money and spirituality can go together. Money is not evil. Neither is it good. As we’ve said, money is simply a flow of energy and in opening ourselves up to a greater flow of abundance, we can then choose what we’re flowing it towards.

Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

There are sayings

  • Money doesn't grow on trees.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • We can’t afford that.
  • Money is hard to come by.

Take some time to tune into yourself and write down any negative associations with money that you might have. It’s important to become aware of those in order to heal and release them. In addition, clearing around your flow of abundance (and emotional clearing in general) is going to be powerful.

Where are you trapped in negativity? Where are you holding onto a lower vibration? In your full light, power, authentic truth, and purpose, you are naturally in the flow of abundance. You’re giving value, receiving, helping people, and you’re being justly rewarded and compensated.

This allows you to come into alignment with the highest version of yourself. This happens through meditating, expanding, and growing, but also through clearing and taking a good honest look at where you are holding onto limiting beliefs, frustration, density, or judgment towards others.

Learn to Manage What You Have

One other thing that we took on was the idea that until you prove to the universe that you can manage what you have, you’re not going to be blessed with more. When we were first married, Miles had almost $50,000 in student loan debt. We were both broke. But together we were able to realize, “Until we can manage this, we won’t be blessed with more.”

At first, everything was fear based. We didn’t know how much we’d have at the end of the month. Sometimes, Miles would hand off a check to the landlord and wouldn’t know if that check was going to bounce or not. That feeling was terrible. That vibration, that feeling of lack, that feeling of “Oh gosh, it’s going to happen again. We’re going to get a $20 bounced check fee”, was drawing more of that to him.

The process of regularly sitting down, starting a spreadsheet, considering how much came in and how much needs to go out, is a very easy first step. It is a subtle shift from going from, “Oh, I hope there’s enough on this check to pay for rent.” to “Okay, we’ve got this.” We might have only had $60 in the bank at the end of the month, but we knew we were okay.

After a while, in your lowest core, you’ll start to feel secure. From that point, you can build on that energy and shift from being reactionary to becoming proactive to getting excited about how you can change the world.

If this resonates with you, know that you have support available in spirit to shift your vibration. When you catch yourself in feeling fear, anxiety, and worry, stop and say “Angels, help! Angels, help me to feel secure.”

Connect with the Angels of Prosperity And Abundance

Affirmations to Manifest Money

The other thing we have both used extensively is affirmations.

“I am a magnet to money.”

When you're writing those bills out think,

“Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied. I am worthy of abundance. I am in the flow of money. Money loves me.”

Bruce Lipton, who conducted medical studies at Stanford, founded the eugenics. This is the study of how we can transform our DNA through our thoughts. Lipton says that our subconscious minds were programmed by the time we were six years old. If your family regularly used those limited belief sets above, that is programmed into your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are how you rewire your brain. There’s no fast way to do it. It’s a slow process. Meditation, or increasing your vibration before saying the affirmations, will help. Do what you need to do to get your vibration up before you sign those bills and you say thank you to everyone. On the memo, when you’re writing your check, if you write checks to your self-owned company, put a big thank you and a smiley face, put some love into that.

Our our minds, hearts, and energy are so powerful. We have changed our relationship with money. We have gone from being incredibly broke to living abundantly. We can tell you that it is possible to make the shift.

Enjoy What You Have

Miles often recommends, The Millionaire Next Door, by Thomas J. Stanley. He talks about the media portrayal of millionaire lifestyles and how far from reality those are. The neighborhood in your area with the big mansions, two BMWs, a large boat, and more. According to Stanley, those people, 99% of the time, are flat broke.

They’re living paycheck to paycheck. They’re in debt. The treadmill is going faster and faster. They’re living $20,000 to $30,000 a month lifestyles and they’re making $19,000 or $29,000. At the end of the year, they’re piling up more debt. Stanley shows that the average millionaire in America drives a ten-year-old pickup truck. They shop at JCPenney.

They don’t live big lavish lives. The Millionaire Next Door helps you enjoy what you have. You don’t need a bunch of things. We live a very minimalist lifestyle. Everything about the way we live our life now is very conscious and we think about the long-term repercussions of our decisions.

Another great book for manifesting money is Think and Grow Rich!

Look For And Enjoy The Abundance You Have Now

You can control your state. Even if you don’t feel very abundant right now, what can you do to feel more abundant? Out in nature, I feel like the richest person in the world. “I have all these trees!” When walking outside at night under the stars: “I am rich in starlight and it is amazing.”

True happiness does not come from things. It doesn’t come from driving a Mercedes Benz. It doesn’t come from wearing fancy watches and lots of bling. But that’s the programming that advertising gets us to believe because that’s how the machine works. It’s a slippery slope in a tricky game.

What You Bring With You When You Leave

Having money in and of itself is not problematic. However, money is projected in a way that promotes materialism. Just keep in mind, there is a huge difference between being abundant and being materialistic. There is a difference between chasing after things in the material versus manifesting enough for yourself and then giving back and being in that positive flow of abundance.

Ultimately, we don't bring possessions with us when we leave this earth, not at all.

Claim Your Energy Back

What you do bring with you is the accumulation of life experiences, the soul growth, and the love. Those things carry on with you into your next life or whatever you’re doing after this life. There are lots of options, but it is the soul growth that continues on with you.

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One of my ‘aha’ books is Busting Loose from the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld. It’s about claiming your energy back from negative experiences. If you feel triggered by that electricity bill, he teaches the process of realizing that some of your energy is tied up in that. You can burst that egg and reclaim your energy to become more in sync with your true authenticity and your abundant self.

Being free from the money game, which is ultimately being in abundance with the true state of the universe, is our nature. We are abundant beings. We’re not limited. Lack is a construct of the third and fourth dimensions. Lack is a construct of the illusion.

As we ascend and tune into our light and the flow of money and abundance, we’re able to operate from a place of abundance, literally hovering above the experience of lack and density and doubt.

The Ascension Path

We have to get good at this 3D game we’re playing; this human experience we’re having. We all know that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. Everyone who has found your channel likes the spiritual feeling. If we’re ignoring the money game completely and ignoring aspects of our 3D life, meaning the “real world,” we’re never going to be able to achieve true fulfillment.

Whatever your feelings are about wealth and money and abundance, that’s okay. It’s a worthy challenge. It’s a worthy study. So let’s get good at it, let’s master it. The ascension path we’re walking is the middle path. On one side, we have pure materialism, totally disconnected from spirit and your higher self.

On the other side, there’s ungrounded spirituality. Meditating for 27 hours a day in a cave, not eating food, and not even able to interact with other humans because you are so out there. Neither of those are the Christic ascension path of mastery.

The ascension path that we keep talking about, that we keep returning to, is the middle path. It’s balance between living in this world but not being of the world. Retain your connection to the material world, but also lift into the spiritual world. And on that middle path, there is incredible abundance, incredible life experience, authentic connection with other people, growth, synchronicity, love, and just so much to be thankful for.

With love and gratitude,

Melanie and Miles

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  1. Great article, I would just like your opinion on money, when i comes to people doing work for us at home like on the garden or like a maid service. I see people tend to favor paying people the minimal as possible. Gving that some of those survive on a lower income. How will that affect those people who are will pay people less in terms of their abundance aspects and what is there limiting beliefs? Or do you think it is right to pay someone how much you think we will to pay.

  2. Hi Melanie and Miles!
    Thank you so much for this video! And for a lot of wonderful Angel “Videos” as well 💛🧡💜
    What immediately came up for me, when you mentioned Etsy, was: I sell a spiritual photograph on Etsy that is ” home made” and it is called ” Feminity” or “Birth”.
    I once made ceramics and later I placed them in a nice and sunny surrounding for to take a photo and to bring them in a bigger context.
    The photograph ” Feminity” became so spiritual thst I really was estonished and very grateful. After having sold it here I decided to offer this artistic photograph to a lot of people via Etsy. I wanted to show the “theme” feminity in another, universal way.
    If you like, take a look!
    My shop is CJArtDE at Etsy.
    Thank you so much again for your splendid work!
    Christiane Johanna

  3. One of the most profound arrticale on this topic. I felt like enlightened when reading all this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and life perspective with us.

    Best regards!

  4. Excellent article and video discussion! I like your analogy about the shaman providing spiritual services for free because the tribe provided food and shelter. Money is an expression of value for something. Many people are willing to pay “top dollar” for houses, cars, jewelry and also spiritual counseling, while other people are only willing to pay the least they can afford. The value system of the “top dollar” person is at a different range energetically than the person who pays less. They could each value the same material item or service equally but their reservoir of resources is different. Or the person who chooses to pay less doesn’t value the item or service as much as the person willing to pay more. It depends on the mindset and heart intention of each person.

    I also like what you said about expressing gratitude for the items or services we pay for on a regular basis, like a mortgage/rent and access to the Internet. The payment is an expression and energy exchange of value for a home to live in and connection with people to and from all around the world. It is easy to slip into a negative mindset if/when we might feel burdened by our monetary obligations, in the form of necessities. I know from personal experience it can feel very scary to be uncertain about whether there is enough money to pay for all the necessities. I rely on positive affirmations to help me through fears of not having enough money. I flip the negative into a positive. I affirm often that “I do now have plenty of money! I have a surplus of money, which is more than enough to take care of my necessities and plenty extra for me to share with others” and usually within a few days or weeks I will see evidence that I do actually have more money left over after taking care of my necessities.

    I work with Angel Numbers every day. My angel guides are constantly sending me positive messages through money numbers. Repeating sequences of Angel numbers show up in my monthly bills, my bank accounts, grocery store receipts, etc. They became such a common occurrence that I now look forward to seeing what amounts are due so I can see what messages the angels have for me! They have helped me to have fun with money numbers. In return, I sometimes pay extra amounts which match energy vibrations I want to reinforce, such as 122.44, 7.77 or 8.88, etc. I am basically putting my “vote” out there into the universe that yes I support the energy aligned with these number codes!

    Another thing I have learned is to avoid vocalizing any acknowledgement of the concept of debt. “There is no debt in Divine Mind” is something I read in a Florence Scovel Shinn book. Similar to the concept that the Universe only knows abundance, therefore lack or debt is not real but is an illusory state of mind. The slang term “broke” is a very negative association which is not in actuality true. The literal meaning of broke is of course that something is broken. The word “broke” is often used when a person owes money, such as a loan for college tuition. It is much more empowering to affirm that the loan is an investment in your education and at a future time you have complete confidence you will be able to pay the loan back. It is an amazing thing for so many people around the world to have access to loans and credit cards, which when used responsibly is simply just another form of money exchange. Too many people are made to feel shame for being “in debt.” I can bet that probably 80 to 90 percent of people all over the world have had at least once taken on a loan, which gave them the resources they needed to launch a business or buy a home. We can either see loans as a burden or a blessing. I choose to see them as a blessing and a temporary bridge to help me to achieve my life goals. Likewise we humans are a bridge between the material and spiritual. The angels want us to infuse positive energy and spiritual energy into money. The more people who see money as a force for good in their lives, the more positive, spiritual energy will be circulated along with the physical or digital money that is circulated!

  5. Hi,

    I understand this message, but I have an interrogation :
    This feels like it’s relevant to our current society, the way everything works so far, for eons.
    Now, how about we make some quantum steps, at least from an imaginary point of view :
    what if tomorrow, let’s say technologies allow us to be fully autonomous, able to create whatever we desire ?
    Would that notion of money-reward-balance still be relevant ?
    In an utopic world of abundance where basics needs would be automatically fullfilled, which will allow us to create freely without worrying to starve or sleep in a trashcan, wouldn’t we live in a new paradigm where everyone would become the spiritual teacher for himself, without having to balance service 2 self and service 2 others with that energy-reward called money ?
    Basically, money is virtual, and yes, money grows on trees.
    So, once we get past out that age of lack & live in a world of a total freedom, it feels to me that those issues around money will be resolved in our collective sub-counscious mind.

    1. Interesting point regarding technology automating and materializing for us whatever we may desire, like food on Star Trek. I think there will still be people who will seek out the wisdom and experience of other people, as well as companionship. Creativity knows no bounds, so even if a person utilizes technologies that creates whatever they desire, people are still going to be intrigued by how another person may decide to be “old school” and create something from their hands or their mind instead of using a technological device. In regards to money not being needed due to the advances in technology, I think that depends on whether people still want to utilize money for exchange. It might not be needed at all, and perhaps we barter instead or perhaps money will still be needed for some things but other things might be more freely available, such as solar energy to power our homes. As long as people value money and get use out of it, they most likely will continue to use it. However it could eventually end up becoming a relic of the past, and perhaps only kept in prized money collections, similar to people who buy special issued coins, silver and gold bars, for sentimental value more than monetary value.

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