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Moldavite Caution: How to Calmly Immerse In Powerful Properties

The Spiritual Effects of Moldavite

Moldavite Photo taken by Moldavite Association team 2017 Moldavite is a wonderful ally for anyone wanting to accelerate their personal spiritual evolution.

Are you familiar with it?

There really are no other crystals quite like moldavite. It's vibration is unique in that it almost magically fuses the crystalline energy of the earth with higher extraterrestrial energies of the cosmos.

So why do I love it?

Well, other than the fact that I've rarely met a crystal I didn't love… Moldavite just has a special vibe about it, and by special vibe I mean an incredibly strong frequency with a unique and otherworldly feel to it.

What is Moldavite?

Tektite Photo By Rob Lavinsky, Moldavite is a rare stone of cosmic origin. Moldavites crystal composition broadcasts an incredible energy with the profound ability to accelerate spiritual evolution and hold the space for incredible transformation. Needless to say, this makes it popular stone in the metaphysical community.

It’s so cosmic that when you hold it in your hand, it can be a surreal experience simply because you’re holding something that is made from the stars. It’s makeup is partly earth and partly stardust. How cool is that to have something that is from star, that is fused from a meteorite that landed on earth?

Sensitivity to Moldavite

Tekite Photo by Onohej zlatove Everyone reacts to Moldavite a bit differently though, and its energy can hit you differently depending on your individual sensitivity and even present circumstances. For some people, this means having quite dramatic experiences connecting with Moldavites energy, while others aren't as affected.

Many people that hold a Moldavite can instantly feel heat running through their body, and energy jolts circulating through them.

Moldavite is powerful! But follow your intuition and tune into how you’re feeling is important when connecting to any crystal, and especially Moldavite.

Moldavite Photo by Jindradraxler How to Activate Moldavite

The Moldavite Flush. Holding a piece of Moldavite in your left hand (receiving hand) can bring about a sensation of warmth and a strong woosh like energy sensation that starts in your hand, and then flows into your body and heart center.

People sometimes call this “the moldavite flush”.

And for people who are sensitive or who strongly resonate with moldavite’s power, this sensation can be intense. For some the feeling is amazing, and for others, it makes them want to drop the stone and run the other way.

Moldavite photo by Onohej zlatove

The Experience of Holding Moldavite

The simple truth here is that the vibe of Moldavite is so strong that even people who routinely report they feel no effects from stones, will often comment that they can feel something when holding Moldavite.

Honestly, you don’t even need to hold a piece to feel its energy and just being in the same room can have a powerful effect!

Heart Chakra Activation with Moldavite

Heart Chakra Activation

Holding a piece of Moldavite (or wearing it as jewelry) may trigger a heart chakra activation. This activation is typically characterized by a strong up-welling of emotion, unique sensation in the heart center, or just feeling warm or flushed with heat.

When Moldavite goes to work in helping to open someone's heart:

  1.  It may bring about a strong emotional release through tears, laughter, feeling intense emotion
  2. Just getting the sense that blockages are being lifted out of the body.
  3. Depending on where you are (emotionally and spiritually) and your present circumstances this could feel liberating, magical, or exhilarating … Or you might just feel really emotional. It really depends.

Spiritual Properties of Moldavite What does Moldavite Do?

  • It supports the heart center and the healing needed for your growth.
  • It helps you awaken your heart chakra.
  • It also has the incredible ability to activate and open any or all of the chakras.
  • Usually Moldavite will begin working in the areas where you have the deepest blockages and the most stored density.
  • Moldavite seeks transformation, and goes to work on clearing and releasing the most painful past traumas, and shines a bright light towards where you are most in need of healing.
  • Starseeds and Earth Angels can benefit from Moldavite in helping them feel more at home and rooted with their experience on Earth. 
  • It is a great stone to use for the collective, ancestral, and individual healing

Moldavites Dangers?

Some people are immediately turned off by Moldavite… Because it has a way of diving right into your deepest wounds and enthusiastically say’s; “hey lets start here!” which isn’t always the most enjoyable experience, but of course well worth the effort if you are willing to address and heal the issues, shadow aspects, and wounds that arise.

The Side Effects of Moldavite

Potential Side Effects from working with this Powerful Crystal A common complaint or observation from people new to working with moldavite is that it makes them feel ungrounded, or a bit spacey… To which I smile and nod.

These are the side effects of working with Moldavite:

  1. This is a byproduct of Moldavites frequency working to uplift, balance, and attune your energy to the higher realms.
  2. It absolutely can make you feel a bit spacey or even tired until you become accustomed to its energy.
  3. Because of its strong frequency and consistent energy seeking to raise your vibration and accelerate your evolution
  4. Wearing or even holding Moldavite can take some getting used to.

My Experiences From Wearing

My expeiences from wearing this powerful crystal I’ve definitely had this experience of holding moldavite in my hand and almost immediately feeling a strong sensation of tingling, light and heat quickly expanding through my body and right into my heart.

When I first got a moldavite pendant years ago, I could only wear it for a couple of hours at first before I felt like I needed to take it off because of the intensity of its energy.

If you aren’t used to such strong energy, your own energy will try to keep up with Moldavite’s high frequency, which can leave you feeling tired. If this is your moldavite experience, take a break, set your stone down and come back to it later.


Moldavite has truly transformational properties, and here’s why:

  • Moldavite is an excellent stone for meditation, energy healing or dreamwork.
  • If you feel drawn to Moldavite but find it to be a bit too intense vibrationally, start small holding the stone for a few minutes at a time and know that you will become more accustomed and attuned to its beautiful supportive and healing energy.
  • As an Angelic Crystal, Moldavite is serving on a planetary scale in anchoring the higher dimensions of light into the physical for both humanity and Earth’s evolution and healing.

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Where Does Moldavite Come From?

Moldavite photo by Onohej zlatove

Moldavite is what’s known as a tektite stone. A somewhat mysterious group of objects, almost glassy in appearance, which are said to be the products of a meteor collision 15 million years ago. The crater created by the impact is known as the Reis crater in the Moldau River Valley in the Czech Republic.

Because there was only one meteor and one impact, Moldavite stones are found only in Czech Republic and are considered exceptionally rare. They are usually aerodynamic in shape, leading some scientists to speculate that Moldavite fell from space after the collision – making them truly gemstones with a cosmic or extraterrestrial origin.

Royalty Gifts

Royalty Gifts Thanks to their rarity, these emerald like stones have been passed among royalty as gifts and have been associated with the legend of the Holy Grail. It’s easy to feel their power and their healing powers have long been connected to spiritual evolution.

According to Czech folklore, moldavite brings harmony to marriages… Which honestly makes sense as it supports the healing and growth of both individuals.

How to Spot a Fake Moldavite!?

Example of a Fake Moldavite Genuine Moldavite is an incredible stone… But because it is a very rare stone, and becoming increasingly expensive, an unfortunate byproduct is that the market has become flooded with fakes.

Example of a fake Moldavite ring from eBay on the Right.

If you’re energetically sensitive, tuning into stones before buying them can allow you to discern whether a stone is real or not. Do you feel the rush of energy Moldavite brings?

How to Spot Fake Moldavite

One of the signs or markers of man-made or fake Moldavite is more glassy appearance, and smoother texture of the bubbles formed in the glass.

Here are a few examples of obvious fakes I found on eBay. You can tell they are fake due to their slick and almost shiny surface as well as smoothed out and rounded texture.

Visually Spotting Fake Moldavite today is not however this easy and can be tricky as many of the counterfeiters are becoming increasingly skilled at creating realistic looking, but completely fake Moldavite.Beware of inexpensive large pieces, green glass looking “Moldavite Beads” that are often just green glass, or unknown and largely anonymous sellers online or at gem shows.

Fake Gemstone Example I would also be very careful with any cut, polished or gem faceted Moldavite. There are obvious cues you can use to identify fakes such as the color being too bright green like the fake gem shown here.

Because Moldavite is such a valuable stone if you are going to purchase some, it's important to educate yourself as to what you're looking for, or purchase from reputable dealers selling genuine Moldavite from the Czech Republic.

Moldavite Necklace

Where to Buy

The natural question emerges… “Where can I buy real Moldavite?”

The good news is there are tons of great sources both online and in person. Read reviews, educate yourself, and keep in mind that if you find an amazing deal on a large piece of Moldavite that seems “Too good to be true”…  It probably is just that.

Beautiful Pendant Jewelry

For Moldavite Jewelry, I do have a reputable source I can recommend!

I personally love shopping online at Ana Silver Co

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They have a great selection of Czech Moldavite Jewelry set in beautiful sterling silver. I also appreciate how for example, they'll leave the back of a Moldavite Ring open so that the energy of the Moldavite is not blocked off from your skin by silver.

Beautiful Pendant Ring from Ana Silver Co Pendant from Ana Silver

Crystals That Work With Moldavite

The energy might be overwhelming for your body system, rather than complementary. It’s not a crystal, it’s a tektite that was part of a meteorite.  If you’re not feeling grounded, balanced, or energized when using it, then it’s best to either leave it alone of another time or find a stone that complements and has a gentle energy.

Snowflake Obsidian Snowflake Obsidian is a gentle form of Obsidian that works to clear negative energies. It’s not a crystal, it’s volcanic glass that happens to crystalize from flowing lava. It works well with Moldavite because Moldavite raises your consciousness, and Obsidian helps you shift the negative energies that stir up from the low ego self in a gentle, subtle way.

Moonstone is a perfect stone to use amidst the Full Moon Moonstone is a great ally for Moldavite because it has such a feminine, open, and receptive energy of the divine feminine. Therefore, it can work as a conduit for stabilizing and balancing any intense energies that may arise from Moldavite.

Aquamarine Heart Healing Aquamarine also balances the energies of Moldavite. Moldavite’s energy can be felt by anyone because it invokes the fire element. Aquamarine has a soothing, calm energy with the element of water that can help you to integrate fiery heart healing.

If Moldavite is too hot too handle, then Aquamarine can cool the temperature down a notch! Moldavite activates the throat chakra, and Aquamarine can help support you in communicating your Divine Truth and help Moldavite focus the energies to opening and restoring the throat chakra so that more divine truth, communication, and integrity can be channeled and aligned with your Higher Self.

Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Rhodonite, Kunzite, and Turquoise are a few crystals that may work to stabilize and balance the energies of Moldavite. Try it out and see what difference it has on you, but be sure to also listen to your intuition. Rhodonite Turquoise Kunzite - Crystals for Travel Herkimer Diamond

Moldavite’s Spiritual Properties

Emerald Gem of the Galactic Heart Moldavite is sometimes known as the Emerald Gem of the Galactic Heart, it truly has transformative qualities that will resonate throughout your being assist in your personal and spiritual evolution and increasing your vibration.

Benefits of Working with Moldavite

  • Aids in the expansion of consciousness
  • Activates chakras
  • Can help to acclimate to the Earth realm if you aren’t feeling part of this world (particularly helpful to Star Children)
  • Activates and stimulates the dreaming state
  • Assists in spiritual communication
  • Deepens compassion for beings and situations in the physical realm
  • Assists you in letting go of what doesn’t serve your highest path
  • Fosters visionary experiences
  • Boosts self-discovery
  • Serves as a bridge between yourself and higher dimensional energies
  • Excellent for psychic protection as negative energies have trouble connecting to your aura in the proximity of Moldavite
  • Promotes increased synchronicity
  • Brings about spiritual evolution
  • Assists the ascension of the heart center.

If Moldavite is calling to you, you’ll find it to be a wonderful partner on your spiritual path. It is so important for anyone that is experiencing the spiritual awakening process, and here’s why:

  • Moldavite has the spiritual consciousness embedded in its properties to move away from illusion and duality.
  • Moldavite can show you the illusions from the lower ego mind, the barriers that you place on yourself, giving you opportunities to break free and awaken.
  • What’s fascinating is that Moldavite isn’t a crystal, but does have the energetic and spiritual properties that can help you balance your chakras and support the unify your emotional, mental, and physical body.
  • If you are drawn to Moldavite it is because you are in a time and place for personal and rapid transformation.

When you spiritually awaken, you undergo a paradigm shift. The way you once saw and perceived the world and your circumstances change. It can be a rude awakening process, and it can also accelerate your life so that it may align with your soul light and purpose in the highest, and most divine timeline that you are ready to receive.

Moldavite is a great ally for ascension, spiritual awakening, moving through the dark night of the soul, and understanding the oneness of humanity and your connection to source, life, and all things.

Moldavite is a game-changer when it comes to leveling up and aligning with your soul purpose. People that have experienced working with Moldavite have radically changed their life around overnight, because they woke up and felt a deeper calling pulling them forward.

Be aware, that Moldavite’s energies can work quickly and intuitively nudge you to make life changes that support your mind, body, and spirit. You may wake up feeling an intuitive need to do either of these: change your diet, quit your job,  leave a relationship, move to a new city, or seek out a spiritual teacher.

This is how powerful Moldavite can be, it speeds up the process for your ascension healing so that you may awaken and align with greater clarity and in line with your soul light. While you may never feel pulled to make any major changes, shifts do happen in the presence of working with Moldavite!

One thing that is true about Moldavite, is that it raises your vibration, heals your shadow, and helps you open your heart and fall more in love with yourself and with your life. That is because its purpose is about transformation and awakening your soul in ways that will help you on your spiritual path.

Raise Your Vibration With Moldavite

Crystals to Raise Your Vibration There are so many ways to raise your vibration, and Moldavite is the crystal ally for it! By carrying it, wearing it, or meditating with it, you can find that it is working through you and attuning you to your own authentic vibration.

Depending on where you are in your spiritual path, it could protect you from negativity, or amplify the negative thought patterns and lower density emotions that are inside you so that you can become aware.

If you are experiencing a negative, adverse reaction from Moldavite, simply stop working with it and allow your energy to naturally rebalance itself.

How To Use Moldavite

  • Train and develop your psychic and intuitive abilities such as channeling or energy healing.
  • Meditate with Moldavite and connect with the spirit realms, ancestors, light beings, Angels and Ascended Masters.
  • Make a meditation or chakra oil with a small piece of Moldavite! Use a carrier oil coconut, almond, or grapeseed oil and add a few drops with your favorite essential oil. Place it on your chakras whenever you begin a spiritual practice.
  • Journal and ask for clarity about your next steps for your life and spiritual path.
  • Program a mantra, affirmation, or intention with Moldavite.
  • Use it during a guided meditation, shamanic journey, or past life regression.
  • When you need an extra luck, Moldavite can act like a lucky charm, opening up more synchronicities and infinite possibilities in your life!
  • Use it as a tool to connect with your subconscious mind and elevate your consciousness. You do this by setting some time to clear your mind, and connect with your heart. Allowing whatever thoughts, emotions, and visuals to pass through you.
  • Moldavite can help you become fully present, aware, and help you witness the different thoughts that come up that are of your ego mind. It can amplify these thoughts and emotions so that they are ready to be cleared, cleansed, honored and transformed.
  • Place it outside whenever there is a meteor shower! Like crystals that are being cleansed under the full moon, Moldavite can be re-charged, cleansed, and restored to its optimal properties when there is a meteor shower since Earth isn’t its home planet!
  • Use Moldavite to connect with the galactic angel Orion! Orion is a powerful guide here to assist with your ascension process and elevate the vibration of the collective consciousness. Because Moldavite isn’t from Earth, Moldavite has a surreal vibrational essence that is glowing, and can activate telepathic communication with star beings and spirit guides from the galaxy.


Moldavite is truly magical, and if you are ready to elevate your soul journey in this life, allow Moldavite to guide you and transform you into living the most optimal path that is for you in the highest and best timeline available for you.

As Robert Simmons writes in Stones of the New Consciousness:

“If one were forced to be isolated on a desert island with only one stone as an ally, Moldavite would be an excellent choice.”

I can’t help but agree… But I am certainly glad I don’t have to narrow my crystal allies down to only one choice!

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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