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Message from Spirit Meant to Find You Now

A Message from Spirit Meant to Find You Now! ✨🔮

Hey beautiful souls. 

Sending you all the blessings of love, peace and angelic energy from Sedona Arizona.

I used to live here … But am just passing through at the moment, soaking up some sunshine, taking lots of pictures for a project I'm working on, and hiking in the red rocks …

Anyway, out on a hike I was inspired to bring through a message from Spirit for you.

It's fun, because aspects of this message have been in my awareness for a few days now … But I wasn't quite sure if the message was just for me, or something that I would share.

And then synchronistically, while I was hiking out in a beautiful area, I was inspired to record a video and, well…

Here is it!

I'll let you listen/ watch and discover the message for yourself here:

Prefer to Read? This Message from Spirit is available for you here as well:

I feel blessed to bring you the message Spirit most wishes for you to receive right now. 

We are going to use the Ascension Angel Cards for this collective reading, meaning this reading is for everyone. And then as I bring through the message, pay attention to your own inner voice of guidance as to the specific details, the insights between the insights that are highly specific and unique to you.

To begin, join me in shifting your awareness within, breathing into the space of your heart center. Inhale and exhale. 

Allow your energy to ground down to the earth in this moment, becoming present fully here—open heart, clear mind, grounded energy—open to receive the knowledge, wisdom, and truth, the messages of Spirit most meant for you.

And now we'll ask: what do we most need to know? 

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Here is your Message from Spirit: 

There is an expanded reality available to you beyond what you're currently experiencing. 

There's an expansion available in how you show up and in how you enjoy and thrive and experience your life. When we talk about infinite possibility, it's often approached from a very materialistic perspective of that idea that you can have anything, you can manifest anything.

A lot of modern law of attraction teachings are centered around this perspective of manifesting from a point of your personal will—to manifest that car, that shiny object, that new home. 

That's not necessarily bad, but there is a divine and perfect template for your life experience. 

There is something unique that is going to be the most fulfilling, rewarding, enjoyable and empowering for you from the vast fields of infinite possibility.

This will be in alignment with your perfect self-expression, as you show up fully in the physical as the embodiment of the divine soul being that you are, and express authentically in alignment with the divine blueprint for your life, which was laid out and scripted prior to your birth.

This isn't to say you don't have choice, and as you develop yourself personally, new doorways and new thresholds open to move you into a higher vibration, to move you into a more embodied sense of expression. 

But the core of the message for right now is that, from the vast field of infinite possibility, what will most inspire, enliven, fulfill, and reward you is that which is in alignment with your divine light. 

Work with your divine soul mission, with your showing up and serving the greater collective in the way that is meant for you, in the way that is unique to you—with the perfect expression, the right expression, your soul expression that's in alignment with your divine template.

Your divine soul mission will be perfectly in alignment with your makeup, with how you're made, with the gifts stored in your akashic record that you've accumulated over lifetimes that have brought you to this moment. 

Now, all that learning and growth have brought you here, now, where you have this opportunity to thrive, to serve, to activate your heart center.

So, activate this pillar of light at your very core, connecting you to the higher dimensions to bring that higher light and pure potentiality into the present moment now.

An intention, a prayer, a point of focus I'm inspired to share from Spirit now is this:

Infinite Spirit or divine Source, beloved source guides, angels, ascended, masters …

Open the way for my right expression. Open the way for my perfect expression to unfold with divine grace and ease so I may be of service in the world in a way that I love. 

This intention will open the way for you to claim the blessings of infinite possibility available to you now. In this moment and in every moment, you are guided in the small steps that you can take as you begin to listen to your inner intuition and inspiration.

To act in alignment with this inspiration gives you the insight to begin to ground this higher light through your actions. And this puts you on the path not only of self-discovery, but of service, especially now in this year of 2023.

This path of service is supported when you serve in alignment with your unique divine expression. Doors open where there were only walls. Gateways appear out of nowhere. 

Opportunities unfold, and as you continue to grow—doing the work, guided by your intuition—there may be study or learning required for you to fully come into that perfect self-expression. 

Spirit will give you all the leads, all the synchronicities, all the nudges. It's just up to you to stay aware, to stay present and listen so that you know how you're being guided and what that very next step is you can take.

This is both in terms of stepping in to doing your divine light work, to access what is yours by divine right according to your embodied soul truth in this lifetime …

But then also to continue to level up to claim more of your higher light, to embody more divine love and compassion and power within your physical vessel within this life in order to grow. 

In this way, you may be of service at a higher level and claim what is rightfully yours in this lifetime for you to serve, to love, to make a difference, and to thrive.

Remember that love is so powerful that any doubt or fear that comes up for you on this path of stepping into your embodied expression is simply inverted. You can counteract that doubt or fear by leaning into love, by trusting that there is a divine plan for your life.

Trust that you are supported and guided. 

Know that in every moment, there is an influx of love pouring onto the planet from the Divine, from the higher realms, from Spirit, just awaiting you to tune in, to open your heart and allow your heart to receive this light, to allow your heart to blossom like a beautiful lotus flower.

The symbol of the lotus growing out of the mud is so powerful because the same is true for your heart. In this realm of duality, you've likely experienced all kinds of heartbreak, ache, and trauma that has a way of being stored around the heart center.

When left on its own, it just gets suppressed until it is forced to be released, which usually happens at the most inopportune time. 

But you have the opportunity, as an awakening human being, to consciously allow the light to come into your heart center, to pour into those places of trauma where wounds and layers around the heart center reside.

You have the opportunity to welcome all that has been, to love with compassion, forgiveness, and understanding; to empower those wounds to be healed.

You have the chance now to empower a greater level of love to circulate through your heart center, to awaken your heart center so your heart can bloom and you can be transformed. 

In this way, not only do you embody more, which blesses and benefits every area of your life, but you then begin to overflow love around you, to overflow love out beyond you, to bless and benefit all beings. 

When in doubt, remember that doubt is just inverted faith. Doubt is just a pattern, a thought form, an entity. 

So, when you notice there's doubt about your capacity to step into your divine light work, to claim what's yours from the vast field of infinite possibility, the areas you're drawn toward, those deep dreams from the level of your heart, remember that you have the power to transform that doubt into faith.

You have the ability to pursue those soul urges and impulses that point you in the direction of your divine soul mission.

And then through service, through helping those around you, if you help enough people get what they want, you undoubtedly will also receive what you desire. 

So, step into that divine service, growing, leveling up. 

And through this all, let love be your guide, leaning into love one moment, one step at a time. 

When you're challenged, pour some love on it. Invite love in to elevate your vibration, and to empower you to. 

The blessings of this lifetime are available to you now, and that is your message from Spirit for right now.




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I hope that this has been helpful for you. I love honor and appreciate you.

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