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Meditation In The City – Tuning Into Peace and Light Within From Where You Are!

Meditation Is Not About Where You Are… Meditate In The City, In Nature, or Anywhere In Between!

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If you’ve been reading for a while now… You probably already know that I am a nature lover.

I love hiking in nature, meditating in nature, and experiencing all the many wonders of the natural Earth in her many forms and faces.

And so because of my love of nature…

And because spending time in nature really balances my energy, and helps me to feel great…

Most all my YouTube videos about meditation, and connecting with the Angels, have been recorded outside in beautiful locations in nature.

But you don’t have to be in nature to connect with your Angels or to quiet your mind and tune into the light and love of the spiritual realms.

As I cover in this Meditation In The City Video Here:



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Tuning Into Peace and Light In The City… Or Wherever You Are!

I recently attended a conference in Bangkok Thailand…

Meditation In The City If you’re not familiar with Bangkok it’s a huge city of over 8 Million People, and honestly, for me, it has a super busy and chaotic vibe…

But being there in the busyness of big city life ended up leading to a huge aha for me.

Because while in Bangkok, I kept my daily meditation practice going…

And I ended up having one of the most blissful, peaceful, high vibrational meditations that I’ve had in quite a while.

Leading to the huge aha that I wanted to share with you…

That tuning into the power of meditation has so little to do with where you are.

The real power of meditation is not about your surroundings, and it’s not about being somewhere that has an incredibly meditative vibe.

The real power of meditation is about going within and finding the inner peace, calm and still amidst whatever chaos or turbulence is happening in the world around you.

So whether you live in a busy city, or in a totally rural area, you can tune into the same levels of light. You can tune into the realms of angels, and raise your vibration.

Because the real power of meditation is accessed by going within!

Now, I get that sometimes it can be hard to tune out the loud energies of big city life…

And if this is the case for you I’d recommend putting on some soft background music, and even investing in some sound limiting headphones so you can tune out your surroundings and tune into the love and light within you.

Tuning Into Peace and Light Where You Are

Let’s take a few minutes right here and now to anchor the light.

To do this I’m going to teach you one of my favorite ways of calling in the light so you can quickly center yourself and tune into the full power of meditation in the present moment.

Here’s how it works:

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Close your eyes and focus all of your awareness within, asking to be surrounded with light and 100 Thousand Angels, and then imagining the brightest light, pure divine light and presence appearing above your head.

Imagine the light pouring down upon you and flowing in and all around you.

Let your crown chakra at the top of your head open wide, to let the light in as you draw divine light into your body, mind and spirit.

Visualize light filling your spinal column, filling all of your chakras, and uniting all seven chakras of your physical body as one, so that you are positively glowing with the light.

Light continues to shine down upon you from above, flowing through you, filling you up and continuing to pour down, grounding you to the earth, grounding you to the present moment, and flowing out beyond you in a ripple of light and peace and positivity.

Through this process you’re tuning into the light and peace in the present moment, but you’re also rippling it out far beyond you, to bring peace and presence and love and light to your surroundings…

Flowing light through you and outwards to the entire city you’re in, or wherever you are…

Allow the light into your body and energy, so that you’re vibrantly shining, glowing with light, and then the light flow out beyond you creating a ripple of light, peace and positivity that ripples out far beyond.

This process of filling yourself up with light and flowing it out beyond you is so simple, but it’s also incredibly powerful.

Invoke the light, fill yourself up, and shine it out far and wide.

Give this a try!

Then, if you’re ready to take this to the next level…

Check out the Guided Waterfall of Light Angel Meditation here!

With blessings of love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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