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Magical ManifestationDo you Feel that Life is full of hiccups and blocks?

No matter how positive you try and be, does it feel like you are struggling to make any headway or progress towards the positive life you deserve?

Are you beginning to lose faith, even with all the promises of Abundance and Help that is available?

The Angels want you to know help is at hand. They want you to know that limiting beliefs make up about 40% of our ability to manifest change in wonderful ways, the other 60% is a mixture of old patterns we have carried over at a deep energetic level from other lifetimes and also obstacles we have designed whilst still in spirit to help us overcome. Yet, we were in complete Euphoria then…

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So you arrived on Planet Earth full of excitement for what the journey would hold. Excited about the opportunities you would encounter to refine and design better and more exciting life experiences for yourself.

You've wound up reading this which probably means you are a little jaded and tired of all the promises of how you can make this progress a reality, and you really are giving this one last shot.

The angels showed me personally, lifetimes I have had where I was in servitude, or even living in wealth but submissive. These past experiences were impacting my ability to be seen and heard now. The angels also showed me how these past lives had a direct impact upon my ability to receive wonderful new opportunities through my work. They cleared these for me.

Is Your Love To Grow Now it is your turn. Some of these patterns are known to you deep down, it could be patterns in love or in the way you expect your part in those relationships to feel, and that could have come from a hundred different directions. Some of these patterns are not at all obvious and they form a vague feeling that things ‘turn out this way in the main' – and yet they are impacting your ability to make those changes that you are very ready and open on a waking level to make.

So how does a Magical Love or Abundance Clearing work?

Well it's magic but it's your magic. You will go on a guided journey with me Sheelagh Maria, and you will be guided back to lifetimes to ease out these patterns right when they were founded. You will be energetically cleared and cleansed and ‘reset' so that you are truly ready to walk forward.

After this, the Angels and your spiritual team will explain to you how your current life situation can move into something more open. In very gentle ways you will be given new thoughts to ponder upon and new perspectives to take away with you to start attracting in more supportive and nurturing energy. This will change your ‘tone'.

You will be given tools to use, and more than this, you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you wish.

How long do the changes take to make? We say about 90 days, however this depends on you. The Magical Clearings will allow you to recognize old patterns and the effect they have been having on your life this time round, and although they will be cleared it will be up to you to truly take hold of the ship and steer it into new waters.

With a Magical Manifestation Reading purchase, you will also receive a complimentary three month forecast so that you can maximize on the fresh new energy coming in.

If you are truly ready to step up to the plate and design a whole new experience, a Magical Business or Abundance or Love clearing is all for you.

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Wishing you many blessings of abundance,

Sheelagh Maria and the Angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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