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Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Review

An Honest Review of the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Review. Is this the Oracle Deck for you? #oraclecards The Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards have been on my radar since they were first published in 2016…

But I hadn’t had a chance to experience them myself until now.

Oracle Cards have a special place in my heart. I find them to be such a fun and beautiful way to interact with Spirit and tap into the very real and very profound magic of the Higher Realms…

Plus they’re such a great way for both complete beginners and far advanced seekers to access angelic guidance and higher Divine wisdom.

There are so many Oracle Card decks out there, and I know that it can be hard to tell what the different decks are really like when shopping online, so I’m going to start sharing more Oracle Card reviews to help you determine which cards are right for you!

The Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Review

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses The Keepers of the Light Oracle is a 45-card deck by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses published by Hay House.

The deck features different Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses on each of the cards… The collective group of beings featured in the deck are referred to as “The Keepers of Light”.

If you use this deck with the clear intention to connect with your guides, angel and ascended masters… And with the collective of beings the deck featured… The potential available through truly connecting and learning from each of the masters referenced in the deck really is infinite.

But I have to say, now that I’ve been working with the deck for a couple days, I think it is a beautiful deck to work with… But not necessarily for detailed Intuitive Oracle Card Readings…

Let’s look deeper.

The 45 Cards Really Are Beautiful!

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards- Archangel Michael Card

The thing that stands out to me the most about this deck is the gorgeous artwork by Lily Moses. Each of the 45 cards display a portrait of one of the Keepers of the Light staring back at you.

The artwork is vivid, detailed, and I actually really like it. The artwork really makes each of these beautiful spiritual beings come alive, and you can see their light shining your way through their detailed eyes.

Eyes are said to be windows to the soul, and though our eyes we transmit codes of awakening… So, I love that the eyes really seem to stand out and offer that feeling of connection.

In addition to the portraits of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, there are a couple of visual elements on each card that correspond with the represented archetype.

These little visual additions are really key for triggering deeper intuitive guidance. I wish there was a bit more to go off of visually as I don't find the portraits really trigger deeper intuition… But alas, the portraits are so beautiful.

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The cards also have the name of the corresponding being printed on them, along with a simple card title and a short two-sentence message for guidance.

The individual card titles cover a variety of themes, which is important for receiving clear guidance from an Oracle Card deck.

Some of the cards themes include:

“Divine Alchemy, Infinite Abundance, Care and Compassion, Devotion, Phases and Cycles, Facing Fear, Soul Expansion, Inner Strength, Increased Awareness, Call to Action, Forgiveness, Voice of Truth, Cloak of Wisdom, Psychic Insight, Divine Healing, Dharma Unfolding, Divine Order, Earth Connection, Focused Intention, Expect Miracles, Soul Flame, Trusting Heaven, Teacher Awakens, Magic Manifesting, Ascension, Humanity and Benevolence, Transcendence… etc…”

The short 2 sentences printed on the cards offer an additional intuitive trigger regarding the card meaning, They're short, sweet and general… Meant to trigger more within you… And they do.

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Keepers of the Light Oracle Card Images:

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

Keepers of the Light Oracle Card Images

What’s Included? (And What’s Not)

Pretty standard for decks from HayHouse, the 45 Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards (3.5 inch x 5 inch in size)  come in a small box that's about the same size (a perfect fit) and they are accompanied by a small guidebook.

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As I understand it when the cards were released in 2016 they came with gold guilded edges, but it sounds like there were some challenges with the cards peeling, and the version I bought in 2018 does not have the gold guided edges.

The guidebook artwork matches the cover of the box, and features the image from the “Holy Amethyst – Divine Alchemy Card”.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Meanings

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Images The Keepers of the Light Guidebook follows suit with most Hay House oracle guidebooks, in that it includes a short and light intro description of the purpose of the cards and how to complete readings using them.

Kyle Gray does include an interesting Life Path Spread in the guidebook that he says was created especially to use with this deck… I enjoyed going through that.

But what I found interesting with this particular deck, is that I found myself wanting more from the guidebook, which honestly surprised me.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts about Oracle Cards, you’ll know that I normally don't even like using the guidebook to read Oracle Cards, and prefer to simply use cards as a visual trigger to receive direct intuitive insight as I teach in my Angel Intuition Course.

But with this particular deck, beyond really connecting with the eyes and energy of the different beings, and reading the card title and gentle guidance…

There's not too much to go off of, and I found myself wanting to read in the guidebook to learn more about the Keepers of the Light. I was hoping for more depth and detail about stories, their archetypal symbolism, their challenges, and their key features and qualities to help better understand the wisdom and messages they carry, and connect with the deck in a deeper way.

Keepers of the Light Images

The guidebook doesn't really have much of this information at all. Rather, its a sweet and cute little message of guidance… Which may be what some people are looking for, but I found myself wishing the provided guidebook went deeper.

I found the expanded meanings and insight into the different archetypes to be lacking a richness and depth I wished it had.

These cards are beautiful, but I feel that if you wanted to use them as your primary Oracle Cards to complete deeply profound and accurate readings, there would be some additional research (either externally or within) to really get to know each of the beings highlighted in this deck to really understand their archetype and their deeper philosophies and teachings.

This is totally doable if you really resonate with this deck and the imagery. You could read deeper into each of the Keepers of the Light to really get to know them, their gifts, symbols, and deeper meaning.

As with any deck, getting to know your deck is key!

So is knowing yourself…

If what you're looking for is cards that offer an introduction to a variety of spiritual beings from different religions and cultures… This could be the a great deck for you.

Follow your intuition!

All in all, the cards are definitely beautiful and I'll certainly be happy to have them in my collection, but if I had to choose only one deck to read from, this wouldn't be my choice. But that doesn't mean they can't be for you if you feel drawn to them…

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With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S.  Was this helpful for you? This review is my own opinion and you are certainly entitled to your own. Have you tried this deck? Please comment and let me know what you love about it!

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