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Psychic Kids… 23 Signs Your Child is Psychic.

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23 Signs Displayed by Psychic Children…

psychic kids

Psychic children have the ability to perceive reality through their subtle psychic senses in addition to their physical senses.

The truth of the matter is that yes, it’s highly likely that your child has some, or even a great deal of psychic ability.

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The reason for this is that most children today are retaining more of the fullness of their soul light when they are born into the physical. Because of this, they’ve not taken on many of the filters which block many adults and older children from experiencing life beyond the physical using the psychic senses we all have access to.

That’s right, each and every human being has access to psychic abilities and spiritual gifts… These are also things that can be developed.

With children today though, things are a bit different and the new kids are coming into the physical with  new operating systems compared to previous generations.

It’s not that the new kids are any better or worse than anyone else, they just have a new kind of intelligence, and they have new ways to understanding and processing their lives. For many, this new way of processing is perceived by others as psychic ability.

Ultimately, how each child receives psychic information is unique… Each will have certain strengths, and ways in which their abilities work…

The most common psychic senses are clairvoyance, or psychic seeing, claircognizance or psychic knowing, clairsentience or psychic feeling, and clairaudience, which is the ability to psychically hear beyond the physical.

Learn more about psychic abilities here. 

These ways in which psychic ability is translated and perceived tend to cluster together differently for every child. One child may be more visual and auditory, while another just feels and knows.

However the psychic ability is manifesting, for new parents, and especially those who are closed off to their own psychic abilities, this can all be a bit confusing, overwhelming, and for some even frightening. But I can assure you, it’s nothing to worry about, and actually, when developed and understood your child’s psychic ability can become incredibly useful for them in navigating their way through life.

So how do you know if your children are psychic? Pay attention! Children with psychic ability are often easy to identify, especially when you know what to look for.

This is by no means an all encompassing list, because as I mentioned, every child perceives and experiences their psychic abilities in a unique way.

That being said, here are some of the top signs displayed by psychic kids.

23 Signs Your Child is Psychic

  1. Highly sensitive both emotionally, and physically as well as sensitive to other people, places or things.
  2. An incredibly creative and vivid sense of imagination.
  3. Very intelligent, but can be easily distracted.
  4. Unexplained mood swings.
  5. They seem to take on the pain or challenges of others.
  6. Vivid dreams or nightmares
  7. Trouble falling asleep, as well as not wanting to go to bed.
  8. Fear of the dark or of being alone.
  9. They see, talk about or are curious about deceased loved ones (often people they’ve never met).
  10. They see, talk about or are curious about angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, or others who they’ve never been introduced to.
  11. They have “imaginary friends”.
  12. They’re fascinated by another culture, time period, or ancient civilization and intuitively know a great deal about it.
  13. They get overwhelmed by energy, and may be prone to headaches, anxiety or fatigue.
  14. They feel isolated by many of their peers, and are even ridiculed or made fun of for being weird.
  15. They remember or talk about their past lives, or remember going to places they’ve never been to in this lifetime.
  16. Certain other people make them nervous, or they have separation anxiety.
  17. They’re able to quickly get the vibe of people and places and to tune into the energy, and even thoughts or intentions of others.
  18. They experience flashes of light, hear things, or have other unexplained occurrences.
  19. Being deeply attracted to animals, crystals, and plants.
  20. They love spending time in nature.
  21. They feel drawn to help heal others, and may even want to place their hands on you or someone else to promote healing.
  22. They are able to see auras, colors, or spirits around people.
  23. They’re incredibly wise for their age and want to share their perspectives and insightful teachings.

Again, this list is not all encompassing… Psychic ability manifests in all children differently, and therefore so do the signs… The above however are strong indications that your child perceives beyond the normal physical senses and with psychic receptors.

Signs Your Child is Psyhic Children Have Their Psychic Gifts For A Reason!

Psychic children have their gifts for a reason. They’re here on earth with unique purposes and missions to create changes, manifest blessings and help restore the energy of love and peace on the planet. Many have a profound ability to bring healing to others as well, both spiritually, mentally and physically. They may share messages from the other side, or simply complete this work through their vibration of love, light, and their joyful presence in the moment.

Many psychic children do end up blocking their abilities by the time they’re adults due to fear, preconceived notions from others, as well as not wanting to feel isolated or different from their peers. When this happens, as adults they tend to reach a breaking point of feeling purposeless, disconnected and unfulfilled. A tragedy, loss, dark night of the soul or other event may initiate a re-awakening where their gifts come back into focus, and they realign with their psychic ability, and a deep understanding of their purpose, life’s work and gifts.

Spiritual Practice and Psychic Development

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Spiritual practices as well as psychic development and psychic protection are encouraged to support all psychic children.

Really, psychic development and spirituality go hand in hand. If you head down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you will develop psychically. If you practice psychic development, you're going to become spiritually aware. Both paths lead to one another, and are accessed through Source, God, Light, Love and the energy of Onessness that flows throughout all. If you walk one path, you will find the other.

As adults, parents, aunts, uncles and teachers, we have an opportunity to love and support psychic children on their unique paths. Their gifts and abilities are needed for the future of humanity, and earth, and their differences rather than judged should be supported and celebrated.

Learn more about How to Help Psychic Kids Here! 

With love,

Melanie Beckler

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