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Psychic Kids… 23 Signs Your Child is Psychic.

23 Signs Displayed by Psychic Children…

psychic kids

Psychic children have the ability to perceive reality through their subtle psychic senses in addition to their physical senses.

The truth of the matter is that yes, it’s highly likely that your child has some, or even a great deal of psychic ability.

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The reason for this is that most children today are retaining more of the fullness of their soul light when they are born into the physical. Because of this, they’ve not taken on many of the filters which block many adults and older children from experiencing life beyond the physical using the psychic senses we all have access to.

That’s right, each and every human being has access to psychic abilities and spiritual gifts… These are also things that can be developed.

With children today though, things are a bit different and the new kids are coming into the physical with  new operating systems compared to previous generations.

It’s not that the new kids are any better or worse than anyone else, they just have a new kind of intelligence, and they have new ways to understanding and processing their lives. For many, this new way of processing is perceived by others as psychic ability.

Ultimately, how each child receives psychic information is unique… Each will have certain strengths, and ways in which their abilities work…

The most common psychic senses are clairvoyance, or psychic seeing, claircognizance or psychic knowing, clairsentience or psychic feeling, and clairaudience, which is the ability to psychically hear beyond the physical.

Learn more about psychic abilities here. 

These ways in which psychic ability is translated and perceived tend to cluster together differently for every child. One child may be more visual and auditory, while another just feels and knows.

However the psychic ability is manifesting, for new parents, and especially those who are closed off to their own psychic abilities, this can all be a bit confusing, overwhelming, and for some even frightening. But I can assure you, it’s nothing to worry about, and actually, when developed and understood your child’s psychic ability can become incredibly useful for them in navigating their way through life.

So how do you know if your children are psychic? Pay attention! Children with psychic ability are often easy to identify, especially when you know what to look for.

This is by no means an all encompassing list, because as I mentioned, every child perceives and experiences their psychic abilities in a unique way.

That being said, here are some of the top signs displayed by psychic kids.

23 Signs Your Child is Psychic

  1. Highly sensitive both emotionally, and physically as well as sensitive to other people, places or things.
  2. An incredibly creative and vivid sense of imagination.
  3. Very intelligent, but can be easily distracted.
  4. Unexplained mood swings.
  5. They seem to take on the pain or challenges of others.
  6. Vivid dreams or nightmares
  7. Trouble falling asleep, as well as not wanting to go to bed.
  8. Fear of the dark or of being alone.
  9. They see, talk about or are curious about deceased loved ones (often people they’ve never met).
  10. They see, talk about or are curious about angels, spirit guides, or ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, or others who they’ve never been introduced to.
  11. They have “imaginary friends”.
  12. They’re fascinated by another culture, time period, or ancient civilization and intuitively know a great deal about it.
  13. They get overwhelmed by energy, and may be prone to headaches, anxiety or fatigue.
  14. They feel isolated by many of their peers, and are even ridiculed or made fun of for being weird.
  15. They remember or talk about their past lives, or remember going to places they’ve never been to in this lifetime.
  16. Certain other people make them nervous, or they have separation anxiety.
  17. They’re able to quickly get the vibe of people and places and to tune into the energy, and even thoughts or intentions of others.
  18. They experience flashes of light, hear things, or have other unexplained occurrences.
  19. Being deeply attracted to animals, crystals, and plants.
  20. They love spending time in nature.
  21. They feel drawn to help heal others, and may even want to place their hands on you or someone else to promote healing.
  22. They are able to see auras, colors, or spirits around people.
  23. They’re incredibly wise for their age and want to share their perspectives and insightful teachings.

Again, this list is not all encompassing… Psychic ability manifests in all children differently, and therefore so do the signs… The above however are strong indications that your child perceives beyond the normal physical senses and with psychic receptors.

Signs Your Child is Psyhic Children Have Their Psychic Gifts For A Reason!

Psychic children have their gifts for a reason. They’re here on earth with unique purposes and missions to create changes, manifest blessings and help restore the energy of love and peace on the planet. Many have a profound ability to bring healing to others as well, both spiritually, mentally and physically. They may share messages from the other side, or simply complete this work through their vibration of love, light, and their joyful presence in the moment.

Many psychic children do end up blocking their abilities by the time they’re adults due to fear, preconceived notions from others, as well as not wanting to feel isolated or different from their peers. When this happens, as adults they tend to reach a breaking point of feeling purposeless, disconnected and unfulfilled. A tragedy, loss, dark night of the soul or other event may initiate a re-awakening where their gifts come back into focus, and they realign with their psychic ability, and a deep understanding of their purpose, life’s work and gifts.

Spiritual Practice and Psychic Development

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Spiritual practices as well as psychic development and psychic protection are encouraged to support all psychic children.

Really, psychic development and spirituality go hand in hand. If you head down the path of spiritual practice long enough, you will develop psychically. If you practice psychic development, you're going to become spiritually aware. Both paths lead to one another, and are accessed through Source, God, Light, Love and the energy of Onessness that flows throughout all. If you walk one path, you will find the other.

As adults, parents, aunts, uncles and teachers, we have an opportunity to love and support psychic children on their unique paths. Their gifts and abilities are needed for the future of humanity, and earth, and their differences rather than judged should be supported and celebrated.

Learn more about How to Help Psychic Kids Here! 

With love,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

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  1. I used to think I have severe mood swing problems since childhood. Hated crowded places, and avoided some places on purpose after going there once. My parent’s don’t understand and only use logic. Turned out I was an Empath. And can absorb energies (specially negative ones easily).

  2. Uh. Not sure here how to say this. Maybe I am overthinking, or imagining. I do not know but I have 2 children, my son 9 he has autism & adhd and my daughter is 3. Neither have all 23. But they do each have some. My daughter has always had a severe, severe case of seperation anxiety, wpuld look off to a corner of the room when she was very, very young like 1.5 maybe, is scared of certain environments, people. Shes angry alot, has random bad mood swings, has night terrors so bad I googled it and I think its like a demonic night terror, because she’s uncontrollably screaming, hollering, swinging at me, rubbing her feet against each other, its like a whole different child. When shes exhausted shes just like that too. I love my daughter so much but when shes around a certain mood arises, we(myself, boyfriend/her bio dad, and my son) our stress levels rise. She will absolutely NOT sleep in her room she shares with him, no matter what I try like she’s terrified to be in there in the dark with a night light even if hes in there. Thats a huge concerning issue in that statement. But its my son who I’m really concerned about especially since living here. He was about 4, when we moved here. But today his sister was being bad kind of like her regular bossy self and disciplined him for having a bad attitude and shut the light off and shut the door. It was almost pitch black in there. As I was walking back there to their room I heard a weird sound like a squealing cry it was my son terrified crying badly. I asked whats the matter he said she turned off the light and it was dark in there. Hes always been scared of the dark especially in their room. He freaks out about so many things, so many things I can go on about, he always asks to leave to door open a little bit because hes scared when its shut completely so I oblige because I believe in this stuff. I can go on and on. Recently within the last 2 years we lost my mother, my daughter was about 10.5 mths old. Before she passed I absolutely believe she visited each and every young grandchild in their dreams before she passed to say goodbye because the Dec 18, 2018 that morning she passed away and went home to God. But whats weird is in that moment all those baby grandkids woke up crying and in 2 seperate houses we were all awaken around the same time by crying children/babies. Coincidence? Who knows? Please reply with some kind of help or advice or insight I don’t know what to do. And theres so much more..

  3. My niece is 2 years old now and as always had spirits around her since birth I have photographed evidence,but recently over the months she mentions a little girl and a older man another man and maybe a pet all these have names as well we have picked up voice recordings of these spirits on my voice recorder,some are unpleasant and tell us all to get out of his house e.t.c.but recently she said a man has burn,t in a fire and she rubs her little hands almost soothing them describing them as sore,because the man had burn,t his hands in the fire she is a really talker you can understand everything she says she repeats every word you say …when you talk too her it’s as almost you are talking too an adult then she also mentions about a man called papa is dead,she also goes to back door and wants it opened she will then say mummy&daddy dead help ,also on one of her baby pictures wen she was 13 months old there is a leg in back ground of my niece but the leg is part animal and almost human but the is twisted a little and very muscular and hairy and all red and blotchy there are no males in the house only 2 females and a child .

    1. My other niece as a doppelgänger I caught it on a photograph with my niece one New Year’s Eve party ,the doppelgänger is wearing an outfit I bought her the birthday before ,but she never got chance too wear it as she found out she was pregnant but my niece was hoping through streets and anxiety she as learning disabilities and dyspraxia and is nearly blind .she was terrified going through this pregnancy and giving birth,I think this is why her doppelgänger showed up following her through her stressful time …my niece as seen a Whitchurch type lady for many years and big scares ugly creepy feet at the side of her bed over the years she has dreams of monks Chinese spirits it’s endless what she as been through over the years she is now 23 years old she sees her living room curtains fly up towards the ceiling her mother and daughter as witnessed this on many occasions her cooker turns on during the night even though the main cooker switch is off all lights flicker at once,there fans have lit up very bright and set on fire they just replace them ,a light bulb in the bathroom ceiling unscrewed on its own just as I left to go back down stairs ,my sister then went in bathroom and the bulb was placed on the landing ,things go missing and then sometimes turn up days later my niece got slapped twice one time in bed while playing on a Xbox she saw a Whitch who slapped her my niece jumped straight off the bed and ran downstairs histerical she didn’t even touch a step she just hit the bottom step my sister and niece has moved over 35 times in 12 years they have been in this property for 3 years and it is still happening,they are even talking to my nieces 2 year old daughter she as nightmares sometimes about cobwebs all over her the cobweb dream is regularly my 2 year old niece talks about her dreams to everybody what they are about she acts them out she is 2 years old most of our family are pshyich on my dads side they were tinkers and quakers …

  4. I’m worried for my son he is hearing and seeing things that aren’t near him he gets aggitated by this thing and starts yelling at it to leave him alone physics run in my mom’s side of the family and I’m so lost I don’t know what to do I need help and I don’t want to take him to a physcitrist please help me help him

    1. My son is psychic and so am i, your son doesn’t need a psychiatrist, he needs to understand what he is and what he can do so he learns to control it and no fear it.

      i work with an energy that can help guide him if you’d like some advice.

  5. Help me, I seem to act weird because I use to feel spirits and sometimes can imagine what do they look like, or what is their color. Sometimes I can tell where is my mom or what she is doing without texting or calling her. Sometimes things were going to my mind, and some of them became true, one of the friend of my Aunt told me that I can be a clairvoyant, am I a clairvoyant??? Or I have other pyschic abilities. I can feel things or imagining something each time I can hear people talking about awesome conversations. I am a Christian faith, but I want to know if I really have psychic abilities, I am only 11 years old so it’s hard to find out

  6. Good morning. I’m searching for help for my 11 year old daughter. From about age 2, she has seen of what shelse describes as shadows of people… Some she reports are family members who were deceased before she was born, sometimes her grandfather who passed when she was 7 & she was very close to, sometimes her beloved deceased cat and sometimes she doesn’t know them. She reports smells associated with some of them. Mostly they do not scare her at all & she talks matter of factly about these experiences. We are of the Christian faith & I’ve looked for answers in the Bible. I do believe in angels. She & I talk about her experiences, but most others dismiss her feelings…even saying she’s got psychiatric problems. I do not encourage nor discourage her because I don’t know what to do. She fits a lot of 23 signs on this sight… please help me help my daughter.

    1. Hi, I’m francisco. I’m one of these psychic children. I’m 18 years old and I somewhat understand how to use my abilities. You could help your daughter persue these gifts in many ways. Look up meditation techniques. Have her interact with the beings she talks about. She could ask them what their needs are and this would benefit both your daughter and the beings.

  7. Hi! I love your post! My son is 4 in April and he frequently knows things are going to happen a few minutes before they happen. Like, he will smile and hide his face and tell me “Don’t talk to grampapa on the phone!” 2 minutes or less later, my dad calls. Or he will tell me someone is knocking on the door, and someone will show up and knock just after. Have you heard of that happening in young kids before? Should I work with him in any certain ways to help him develop these things? Your response is much appreciated, thank you!

  8. I’m worried about my daughter, she is 15. She seeing things, hearing things, she can’t sleep and says sometimes she wakes up to a shadow man watching her, this actually happens a lot, there were even two of them the other night. Also I think she is astral travelling. People are telling me she should go see a doctor but I’m not convinced. I’m not sure what to do next to help her. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Wizzel,

      First off… Ask for angelic assistance! Archangel Metatron is incredibly helpful for this sort of thing and there is much angels can do to help.

      Astral travel is something that it totally normal and we all do, most people simply don’t remember their astral experiences…

      As for seeing, hearing, and waking up to shadow people…

      I would recommend helping her to learn psychic protection:

      Also, make sure she knows that she can ask these spirits to leave her alone, or work with the angels to release them into the light:

      Calling on her protector angels and guides before going to bed can help to alleviate the issue as well…

  9. This absolutely made me smile inside and out!!! I’m so awake now in my life I definitely embrace my gifts and blessings! I started crying the happiest tears reading this about children. My 19 yr old he had always been very aware, yet withdrawn, I understood him! It helped him to grow into a very awesome intuitive crazy wild very giving and loving young man! He trusts his feelings thoughts and vibes very much. And I do as well. He is very I don’t wanna say powerful yet I guess that’s what it is. He can guide any and all to the good he sees that he knows, and they trust him very much. As I do also.. Now the crying came so much more because my 3 yr old granddaughter that I am raising is 100% without a doubt gifted, phsycic, awesome, she always talks to angels. Especially my dad who died before she was born. But she knows him she loves him and speaks of him as if he is physically right here with us. And o my goodness when she talks about my daddy I smile and tears fall I know my dad is with us . She sure let’s me know!! My lil Camilla Jr. Is an angel herself. She is a big huge reason as to how and why I’ve awaken and started to love ME! Myself. And like I said I’ve been so blessed with just my eyes being opened!!! I am headstrong on loving and giving to our kids in out community. They are our future! They need love guidance and acceptance .. Love conquers all. Thank you so very much for this article. Thank you. Bless.

  10. Hello,
    I’ve known all of my life that I was different. As a toddler, I remember talking to (my friend)an Angel. I’ve always had vivid dreams, sometimes premonitions. Academics were very easy for me.I feel other peoples feelings as if they’re my own, sometimes not able to differentiate. I have always been able to see and notice Elementals presence.
    My Maternal Grandmother was half Cherokee Indian, a and half German,she also had “visions”my Mother had them as well.They attested most of my “gifts/oddities” to being of Native American, but inside me I knew it was more. I’m now in my 40’s and have instead of running from or covering up my abities, I’m now on a quest to learn,develop, and master them.
    Thank you for giving me Hope, and much needed guidance.

  11. My daughter is very gifted. I’m clairvoyant and was always discouraged to talk about my gifts. I suppressed for a long time. My daughter is only 7 and she is a medical intuitive, she talks about a past life in Paris during WWII. She talks about Hitler when he marched into Paris. She can describe in detail works of art that are displayed in the Louvre. She is learning to read auras and learning Reiki with me. She is also obsessed with crystals. I am working with her so that none of these gifts are lost.

    1. If only we could form a group or community for these children. They are so very different from their piers.
      I find by providing a safe space for my daughter to express herself is imperative and keeping all media at a minimum is essential to her growth.

      1. My 2 year old talks to her Nana she passed a long time ago my daughter never met her neither have I but she interacts with her Nana I also have a gift I speak to them as well I don’t talk about it to nobody in my family but I am so thankful for my gift

      2. This is a great point Elyse, so much of what is broadcast through our media is incredibly negative and just flat out not helpful for supporting psychic and sensitive kids (or anyone really) in developing and honing in their gifts…

  12. I have a great niece that has every single on of these attributes. I have been trying to point it out to her parents so that they can teach her to utilize this amazing gift she has. They seem to be reluctant, any advise for them by anyone would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    1. This is a tough one because people can become very closed off and reluctant due to so many layers of beliefs based on assumptions… Really, doing your best to help them provide a loving, safe, and healthy environment is key…

  13. I know one of my twins is psychic but she is afraid and refuses to talk about it.. she feels so alianated as i did but how can i help ger if she wont talk. She is racked with anxiety and panic attacks and also suffers depression…im at my wits end as i constantly am worried about her especially the lack of sleep for us both 🙁
    Please please help x

    1. You can support her by providing her with a super clean diet, whole foods and cutting out toxins and chemicals! And also, mention to her she can surround herself with light, call in angels for protection etc.

      Learning about energy clearing and psychic development yourself can be helpful too so you can keep your home clear, and keep opening the lines of communication with her.

  14. I believe my grandaughter has my same abilities. She has always talked to imaginary friends since she could talk. We thought something evil had attached itself to her.I’m very aware of my awareness to my angel guides and my spiritual closeness. How can i get my daughter to teach her daughter to be more aware of it? Because it’s not so bad to have your angels there by your side all the time

    1. This is a tough one Victoria… Keep asking the light and angels to surround them both… You can’t force people to change or open up, but you can encourage it with lots of love, light and positive intentions.

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