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Have you wondered how you can improve the accuracy of your angel card readings?

Check out the video at the bottom of this page below… Or just keep reading to learn how to increase your accuracy when doing angel card readings for yourself or for others.

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A common misconception is that when you do an angel card reading, the answers that you’re getting – actually come from the cards or come from the guidebook which accompanies your deck.

But the truth is – for truly accurate and powerful angel card readings, the answers you receive will come from the angels, and are accessible within you.

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So to do accurate readings, you’re not just pulling cards and looking up answers in the book. You’re connecting with the angels, and tuning into the power of your intuition to receive direct angelic guidance.

Angels are of course, spiritual beings. And so to connect with them, you need to first, raise your vibration.

A great way to start doing this is to clear your space. Clean up a bit, clear a clutter, light some Incense, burn some white sage, or diffuse an essential oil like lavender, sandalwood, or frankincense.

You’ll then want to find a safe, comfortable and quiet place to an angel card reading. You can do this with an angel card reading app as well. It doesn’t really matter, which ever you prefer.

The point is – Get comfortable, relax, and take a minute to simply be. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and begin to imagine that Divine light is all around you – filling your space, releasing negativity, and uplifting your vibration instantaneously.

Then with your Angel Oracle Cards in your hand, or with your phone or iPad (if you’re on an app), close your eyes, and say an invocation.

I like to say something like – “I now ask to be surrounded with 100 thousand angels, with divine white light, and with the team of guides, angels and ascended masters who can most serve.

Please come in, connect, and help me to quiet my mind, and open my heart – to tune into the knowledge, guidance and insight which will most serve now.

Connect with me through these angel cards – for the highest and greatest good, for knowledge, wisdom and truth. And so, it is…”

Take a minute to just feel, breathe, and connect with your angels. When you ask, your angels will enter into your present space.

From there, it’s simply a matter of you tuning in with your subtle intuitive senses to feel, see, notice and experience their presence and angelic guidance.

At this point, start to shuffle your cards. It doesn’t matter how you do this – however is natural for you… I like to just mix them up a bit, transferring cards between each of my hands, but you could also spread them out on the table before you and mix, or even shuffle them like playing cards… Whatever feels right to you.
When you’re ready… Draw a card.

Just pick a card. Or if one jumps out of the deck, go with that one. You can also spread the cards out before you in a fan shape, and run your hand along the cards until one seems to call out for you to stop. You may also notice a slight sensation of tingling or warmth in your hand as an indicator of the right card to choose. The angels will guide you to the right card. So don’t worry too much about it. Draw the card you’re inspired to.

First things first – you want to look at the angel card you’re selected. Notice the imagery present in the artwork. Read the the card title, and any additional information printed on the card. As you do this, pay attention and notice your intuitive response and reaction to the angel card you’ve drawn.

What emotion does the image convey in you? What mental image comes up for you when you see the card you’ve drawn? What situation in your life does the angel card seem like it’s tied to?

Quiet your mind, open your heart, and be aware. Notice the guidance from the angels which will appear for you.

Angelic guidance seems quiet at first, even somewhat fleeting, but as you practice doing angel card readings and connecting with your angels in this way, the guidance will increase.

This is how you get accurate, insightful, and detailed messages from angel card readings. The answers you’re after don't come from the guidebook, or from the angel cards themselves. Accurate angelic guidance though card readings comes from within you.

So quiet your mind, open your heart, and trust that the angels will answer your questions.

After tune into the immediate guidance available to you, you can look up the expanded message in the accompanying guidebook. And if you’re using a new deck, or are new to angel cards in general, I recommend you do read the message.

But again, remember that your intuitive guidance is most important. Read the card description, but notice what you tune into in between the words. Notice the direct guidance your angels have for you now.

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The guide book has insight into what the card means. But your intuitive impression is more important for truly accurate, powerful, and insightful angel card readings.

Have fun, and remember that angel cards aren’t somehow magic, and the guidebook doesn’t have your answers.

Angel cards are just like a bridge or maybe an antenna – allowing you to directly connect with the realms of angels, and to tune into accurate, insightful, incredibly helpful angelic guidance yourself in a fun, easy, and empowering way.


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  1. How could I expand and develop my intuition so I can get more accurate angel card readings? I haven’t used the guidebook for any of my new decks or recent readings. That and I haven’t been consistent doing my card readings daily as I’d like to be. I’d like to improve that. What can I do to help my overall spiritual journey? I just need some guidance. I’m currently taking Doreen Virtue’s Certified Angel Card Reading Course so I’d like some insight to getting more accurate angel card readings. Any info or advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much.
    Angel Blessings, Anton

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