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4 Symbolic Hummingbird Meanings – What A Hummingbird Symbolizes

Do Hummingbirds Carry the Messages of Spirit?

There are many legends around the magic and spiritual meaning of the hummingbird.

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It is often said that hummingbirds have a way of joyfully floating through the air outside of time.

In Native American cultures, hummingbirds have long been portrayed as healers, light bringers, and helpers from Spirit who carry luck, joy, and love to those they encounter.

One thing is certain… Hummingbirds definitely have a way of opening our hearts and eyes to the wonders of the world.

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Hummingbird Symbolism

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning Hummingbirds are among smallest of all birds. They’re incredible aerobatic and can fly up, down, backward, they can change direction in an instant and effortlessly shift from full speed to practically standing still in the blink of an eye. This is in part because of how light-weight they are, with some hummingbirds weighing no more than a penny!

This reminds us of the power of adaptability… Being willing to step back, observe, look at things from a new perspective, and then quickly shift into action as needed.

Their physical lightness is also a beautiful reminder for us too to lighten up! If we let ourselves release the weight of doubt, fear, and worry… Like the hummingbird, our spirits can begin to hover and soar as we follow our path of joy.

Hummingbirds are the only bird that has the ability to hover for long periods of time.

The way that hummingbird hovers is very symbolic in and of itself — because they move their wings in a figure eight pattern — a symbol for infinity!

In this, the hummingbird has a special way of teaching us to move beyond time, to heal what has happened in the past, and to fully center our presence and awareness in the moment that is now.

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Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Another incredibly symbolic characteristic of the hummingbird is that they drink the nectar of flowers.

As a result, they’re always searching for the sweetness of life and teaching us to do the same through their example.

With their long narrow beaks and even longer tongues, hummingbirds can get past the tough bitter exteriors of plants to fully dive into the sweetness within.

The nectar of life is, of course, one of the ultimate symbols for joy… Hummingbirds represent just that —living a life filled with joy, light, and sweetness — as they hover from flower to flower they’re fully present in the moment, completely following the path of joy.

If you’ve ever heard the soft hum of a hummingbird’s wings, you’ll notice that it too is quite distinct. This hum is said to carry healing light and magical energy, which hummingbirds have a way of bringing to us on a number of levels.

Hummingbirds Carrying Messages from the Angels

Hummingbird Messengers In addition to the beautiful guidance we can receive directly from hummingbirds by looking at their symbolic meaning, or tuning into their healing light and presence of love…

Quite often our Angels and loved ones in Spirit choose hummingbirds to relay their messages.

They may guide hummingbirds to hum by to validate their spiritual presence and to send us signs and reminders to follow our joy, stand in the light, and stay present in the moment.

Your loved ones in Heaven may choose a hummingbird to enter your space as a validation and assurance that they are well and their soul lives on.

So if you keep seeing hummingbirds humming by…

Pay attention!

What does seeing the hummingbird mean to you?

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Take a moment to quiet your mind, open your heart and look within to tune into the sweet wisdom, and incredible gifts of light and presence hummingbirds bring.

They have much to teach us… And have a way of coming into the lives of those who are in need of, or just simply ready for their joy and light.

If you feel hummingbird represents something else not mentioned… You’re right!  Let your own heart and intuition reveal exactly what it is the sweet little hummingbird has to offer you in this very moment.

Has hummingbird reached out with a message for you?

I'd love to hear your hummingbird stories! Leave me a comment below!

With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. I have had interactions with hummingbirds on several occasions. The 1st time about 2 yrs ago, my daughter & I were walking our dogs when suddenly a HB flew up next to my right ear. I could hear the slight hum and my daughter whispered, don’t move (lol). She tried to take a picture. 2nd time a yr ago I was doing outreach for my job and stopped at a church. Got out my car, and on my way back to my car, suddenly numerous HB’s flew out this magnolia tree, surrounding me. Then last night, 10/ 10/21, well 10/11, because it was pass midnight. As I started to fall asleep, suddenly I see a hummingbird in a bush, it flies out and just stood there staring at me. It felt real, it startled me and I jumped up out my sleep.

  2. My sister related to hummingbirds – when she was palliative they would sit on the beak of a metal humming bird she had on the balcony amongst her plants and feeder. One could be aggressive towards some people (other than her) when sitting on the balcony. The day/time that she passed away in the hospital one hovered at the window of her room – it felt quite meaningful to all of us.
    i have had hummingbirds fly and swirl above my head in a wonderful dance, leaving me amazed, and peaceful.

  3. We have 2 feeders & a mountian of flowers to support many Hummingbirds – but in recent days I have seen things I never seen before – I was reding my Decree from St Germain & the Violet Flame and didn't realize that I was that close to the feeder – but the Hummingbird came in and feed but while flying & didn't pearch on the rest – I know they do that at flowers but thee odd part was I could see the bird look me in the eye – Next thing is tht we have one Hummingbird with shinny green wide stripe of feathers down his back – has been pearching out side our window for the past 2 days on a lim on a bird seed feeder I built..

  4. You came up when I searched for hummingbirds in cemeteries.
    I am blown away!
    Just wanted to say it was so comforting in reading your posts here. I have found the needed answers for so much around me now.
    I lost my son due to suicide, a PTSD victim after serving in Iraq two years. Oct. will be two years.
    Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I was on a motorcycle ride and found ourselves pulling into the cemetery where he was laid to rest. Last weekend, we finally set his military foot stone and I wanted to stop by to make sure it was ok after all the rain we’ve had lately.
    As we dismounted the bike and stood at his grave, a rather large hummingbird flew between us at head level, hovered over his headstone, rotated around to look at us and then flew straight up!
    Both of us knew that this was a huge sign from him. We were so humbled by this visit and we had to get ourselves collected before starting back on our journey.
    When there are no expectations, signs will appear, a sense of comfort will take over, that much I am sure of.
    Thank you for this!

  5. Oh my gosh thank you for this insight. I was trying to add the photo from my Great Hummingbird Rescue this morning but couldn’t. Nonetheless, the sweet lil messenger was trapped inside my screened patio. He was flying frantically and I actually felt his fear. I heard his little squeak and I re evaluated my rescue attempt. Finally he submitted and landed for a moment at the end of the broom and i lifted him out. It was a sweet victory to see him back on his way and know that the sweetness of nectar was a branch away! It was powerful and your article was reassuring for my spirit message. Thank you!!! I’m so grateful.

  6. Last night I had a dream with a beautiful hummingbird that had gotten stuck inside my garage, as I went to free it, it got loose but was hurt. I reached out to grab it and as I was walking into my house I got a hold of it in my hands, and I started to cry uncontrollably as I felt it.

  7. Had a hummingbird fly into face today, but he was careful enough not to touch my face physically. Ironically, this hummingbird was right in my eye view! The hummingbird fluttered his wings for 15 seconds, as though “both of us, were in this momentary trance,” then he flew way up above my head, only to disappear………….It’s very rare for hummingbirds to appear in my area. Perhaps this was a message from sent from heaven? My mother passed away on March 19, 2021 from Covid-19.

  8. We have LOTS of hummers through out the summer. But now Dec 27 cold and snowing out would love to see my buddies, but alas have a friend 34 with BAd COVID, and just hanging on with a vent. Praying everyday for him, wish I had a Hummers around now😪!

  9. I had an amazing experience 15 days after my Beautiful Mother passed away, it was one day after my birthday, a gorgeous little red hummingbird entered my house through a small space I left open from my glass door. It was a mix of emotions inside of me. I am sure that she came to visit me when I was alone and sad. This beautiful hummingbird stayed in hover for seconds in front of me and left through space opened. Red hummingbird is not too common, and it was a brilliant red!! My mother always lived with me, at my home, until her last days. She was the sweetest person I had in my life.

    After two years, another hummingbird (green and purple) tried to enter, unfortunately, my door was totally closed. In this case, it looks desperately to come in.

    Other experiences with people I met, had something in common with experience with hummingbirds. Causality.

  10. All growing up my mother loved hummingbirds. I remember the trumpet vines she’d grow along our fence and we’d lay in the lounge chair and wait. Then the hummingbirds would hover right above us feeding on the nectar of the flowers.

    I’ve lived in this house for 15+ years and have NEVER seen a hummingbird. My husband grew up in this house and has NEVER seen a hummingbird.

    My mother passed away July 2016. I spent that night with my dad. When I came home I was sitting in my recliner grieving and as I was looking out the sliding glass door and could not believe my eyes. There was a beautiful hummingbird hover eye level, looking right at me. It did not fly away. It did not hesitate when I moved. It just hovered for about 3 long minutes. I will NEVER forget that moment. I KNOW it was my mother telling me she was free of all the pain and suffering. Telling me it will be ok and she will always be with me. Since that day, we haven’t seen any hummingbirds. I do wish to see another hummingbird again to know she’s still around.

  11. My daughter was kilked in a motorcycle accident about a month ago. She always wore red lipstick! I have a Hummingbird feeder outside my window and all summer I’ve had birds that were all the same coloring. After she passed a Ruby Throated Hummingbird started coming to the feeder and sitting in the bushe near it where I could see it. One day I walked out to the garden and realized she was following me. I know it was her!!

  12. I am confused with this , I have never! Saw a humming bird in person ever and two weaks ago wensday one came up right in front of me it was so tiny and beautiful and as I saw the body it disappeared the fast , they are fast . Where I live we rarely ever see them my sister dies that weak so I still can’t get out my head why it came in front of me ., was it a message for me and what type maybe mire study on this because I’m still amazed

    1. My very best friend of more than twenty years passed away on sept 5th, on the morning of Sept 6th I happened to look it my side kitchen window and there was suddenly a humming bird! We have lived in this house for more than 20 years and have never seen a hummingbird! There are no feeders around so I was very surprised when I saw that,for the next week and a half it would come everyday as I sat on my front porch
      One day it came so close I could have reached out and touched it as it just fluttered it’s wings I. Front of me for several seconds!
      My best friend lived and passed away an hour from my home, but I do believe it was her coming to tell me she was safe.


  14. In this time of uncertainty, and changes in our family. I want to know that all is ok. Sometimes I find dimes. Other times it’s a feeling that all is ok.
    But this past week I have had hummingbirds come to my balcony. Just hover above railing.
    I take this as a good sign.

  15. Saturday morning I was on the balcony taking to my sister discussing some family business. We were talking about our parents and grandmother all who have passed on, this beautiful little hummingbird just hovered inches from my face and quickly flew away. As it flew away, dozens of birds flew from a nearby tree and I knew it was a sign from our relatives because I suddenly had a peace about ouright family situation,


  16. A month ago my beautiful son passed away suddenly I been asking for a sign that he is on the other side and he is ok, yesterday while sitting on my porch with 2 of my children I was thinking about my son that passed! All the sudden out of no where a humming bird appeared right in front of us. I went on the web to see what that meant and came across this page it gives me great feelings to see what that humming bird meant and I have peace inside me knowing my son made it to the other side and is ok!

  17. My son passed away a month ago and I been asking for a sign that he has made it to the other side and that he is ok…yesterday while sitting on my porch with my other 2 children and thinking about my son who passed a humming bird appeared and we looked at it and it flew away! So i looked up the meaning of a humming bird and came across this page and I want to thank you for this information I feel better now knowing my son is ok!

  18. I call it the year of the hummingbirds. We had lots of hummingbirds in our yard. In late summer a friend and coworker passed away from cancer. I went to her funeral. I was sitting in the chapel waiting for the service to start. Clear as day I heard a humming bird next to my right ear. The sound made me turn to look and there was nothing there. I am sure it was her spirit. I felt a calm come over me. I told her thank you for me know she was looking over everyone.

  19. My granddaughter was 7 months old and we were sitting outside on a blanket in the shade. A humming bird appeared and hovered in front of my granddaughters face for about a full minute. She was mesmerized. Then the humming bird looked at me and my husband and few away. My granddaughter has a small amount of Native American blood.

  20. As I was speaking with my girlfriend, and was feeling agitated with her, a hummingbird landed on my left shoulder, and did not fly away. It was there for a few seconds until she waved it away. I had no idea what was there, but felt very special that it did !

  21. A hummingbird has come by my window 3 times this week.actually I talked to it today & it was as it was listening to me.Ive been going through a thing at this time in life.just wondering what you think.thanks

  22. A brown hummingbird came to visit me after my Dad passed from lung cancer. We live in the Bronx and I had never seen a hummingbird before. It looked like my dad. I’ve always known it was a spiritual message from him letting me know he was ok. Thank you for letting me share my spiritual connection.

  23. For the last month the same humming bird sits on a small branch and stares at me weather I’m outside or in the house I see it. I was walking one morning and a humming bird jumped out of a plant and almost hit me in the face. I live in El Paso we don’t even have flowers here. I’m still waiting to understand why.

  24. I was trying to photograph this red rose on a street corner. I kept getting bad results the color was a hideous magenta not rose red . I couldn’t get veins or the dramatic green edges of the flower either.
    I was fustrated and angry then I thought about all the other times things didn’t work out. (Mostly bad past relationships, bad school and college.)
    Then an emerald colored hummingbird suddenly appeared and hovered right in front of me for minutes starring me down right in the face. Wow!

  25. Hi Melanie, I work in long term care. I see many people I care for, die quite often.
    On the bedside of a wonderful woman who was in her final days, her daughter and I sat and chatted. Her daughter asked her “Mom, when you pass how will you show us you’re still with us?” ..Her reply was to look for hummingbirds…

    She passed shortly after, and I didnt think much of it…until 2 night after her death, I dreamt very vividly a hummingbird greeting me on my front deck.

    It has been over a year almost and I think of that dream almost everyday. The validation… it was enough for me.

    Hummingbirds have become very special to me since..

  26. For the last three days the hummingbirds has coming to drinking in the same time I sit in the porch.
    They actually posed to me for pictures. The first one I was in the house when my boyfriend pointed the hummingbird,
    Then for two days actually I took their picture.
    A year ago I was sitting in porch when I heard a humming sounds, since I wearers a cochlear I though it was coming from it which is on my right side, I turned around the hummingbird was actually looking at me and the hummingbird just stood there in the air facing me.
    Then I realized the hummingbird was telling get up I am hungry, the feeder has empty.
    This year I noticed two different birds, they also goes to the feeder’s of the hummingbird.
    They are not hummingbirds, one is yellow and the other orange.
    I had the pictures of them also, for a while I fascinated whit the birds, I sometimes heard them saying “ thank you”. The BlueJay is obviously “ FEED!” 😂 So, I moved my arms and saying eat and welcome them to eating. The weirdest things is as soon I tell them eat they do, they also keeping staring at me even more when I talked to them, the Sparrows are so funny and the Cardinals are getting used to me .
    I know my Animal Spirit Guide is the Eagle 🦅 first I started to see the eagle in my meditations, then during my Reiki healing for my back and now I found a nest of a Eagle’s family I watching from the day after she laying eggs 🥚, I actually saw they moving around this was the day the eggs hatched. I have all the pictures until the baby pops his head and grows a little thereafter the trees grows leaves so I can’t see them anymore.
    During the time I watching them I kept trying to connected to them, one day I decided to walking way one of the Eagles 🦅 followed me for a few minutes. It’s been a blessing moments , magical I wished it would continue…

  27. Yesterday 8/8 I Seen some ducks on my bike ride down the canal. Stopped to ssay high. Then thought, I’m going to go home and get them some bread. When I got back to the canal, I got off my bike, and pulled out the bread, said “are you guys hungry?” A hummingbird dropped in for 6 to 9 seconds…. As soon as I grabbed my phone to try to capture him/her zing! ✨🌈 He/ she was gone. Just around 7 am here in Salt Lake I went to capture some pics of the sun and one came down to the raspberry bush. I pointed my phone and…. GONE! They are my favorite! I Love them always have. They do remind my of something Heavenly. Thanks for the detailed info 😊 OneLove 💛

  28. About a month ago a mama humming bird built her nest in the lower half of a tree right outside my window. I would peek out of my window everyday to watch the process. From her hatching them, to feeding them, to teaching them how to fly. When I went outside she would fly by my face and say hi like she trusted me. It was the most magical thing to watch. My husband and I are trying to conceive, and going through IVF. I have a dear friend who is a medium and she said it was no coincidence that this mother humming bird made her nest for me to see and watch. That it was a sign I will be a mother too.

    1. Hi Kim! When I was undergoing the process of IVF I asked for a sign and a hummingbird came to me as well. Every time I had doubts, one found a way to come to me.The IVF and pregnancy were successful and we now have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter. Wanted to share that story as I understand what you are going through. Keep your faith. xo

  29. I just moved to Colorado two months ago from Massachusetts. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had many spiritual awakenings. A couple of weeks ago, I started watching an early morning spiritual live broadcast on Facebook and it captured me. Since listening every morning since, I’ve decided to surrender and bring my light out and let it shine. Since I’ve done that, I have had images of numbers popping up so frequently that I took notice. The number 11:11 has been popping up continuously so it grabbed my attention. This past Saturday morning, I was sitting outside on my porch when all of a sudden a little hummingbird flew about 5 feet in front of me and just stayed there for 10 to 20 seconds, looked at me and flew away. I have not seen any hummingbirds in Colorado before. So it took me by surprise. Later on that day, my husband and I were with friends visiting from Mass at a roof top restaurant in Estes Park having a drink when all of a sudden, I looked up and there was a little hummingbird right in front of me flapping its wings looking at me for 10 to 20 seconds and then flew away. My friend turned to me and said, “That was strange.” I turned to him and said, “What’s even stranger is that the same thing happened to me this morning at the house.” It prompted me to read about it on this site which is beautiful and I definitely know that is divine intervention telling me to “yes shine your light” so that’s exactly what I’m going to do thank you spirit. Donna

  30. I wrote a pros poem about the Humming bird the title
    Gloomy Saturday morning
    It was 7:30 a.m
    I prepared to brew the coffee
    I decided to go out and pick the figs
    There are lots of ripe figs
    busy reaching the fruits a twig moved
    i looked at where the movement was
    saw the humming bird sitting and grooming
    Oh! It’s been a long time ! I haven’t seen you around!
    I said, yes, I see humming birds around flying
    But not like you Hello! You drop by how have you been?
    I always believe he is the spirit of my husband
    He kept grooming i said i missed you honey
    I am glad you knew where to find me
    At where your plants are
    when I was about to reach him coz he was flying
    close to about to cry he flew then came back
    then left every now and then he visits.
    as a writer i have wrote a lots of the Humming birds
    visit to me. every certain time he come.
    i believe that my husbands visits me.

  31. I been struggling to believe that there is life after death. I recently lost my pet who I loved beyond explanation. When she died I felt like i lost a child. She was so innocent and sweet and full of nothing but love. Its been hard for me the last week and and just last night my family just received her remains so that was painful step in the healing process. As night went on I was feeling a little more relaxed as I sat at my window looking out as the sun was setting. I happen to notice a hummingbird by which to me was normal because I do see them often, we also have a feeder in the front. No sooner do I focus in more on this little bird it flies over to one of the chairs right out side my window and perches its tiny body on the arm of the chair facing me. For a good 5-10 seconds it just stared right at me. I was in such shock that I could barely stutter the word ” Hi”. As soon as I said hi it quickly flew up closer to my window and hovered in front of me for a few more seconds until it quickly away. It was an amazing and surreal experience that I will never forget and there is no doubt in my mind that it was a message from heaven.

  32. Currently seperated since march. In the past 3 months 2 scorpions 1 bat 1 dove and a hummingbird entered my house. Unfortunately the hummingbird tried to escape and flew against the window and died. Hope it doesnt mean bad luck

  33. I’m a videographer and shot video of a memorial service. As I was reviewing the footage of the brother of the decedent… As he approached and looked down to into the spot where his brother would be played to rest… He paused, obviously deep in thought… And a hummingbird flew up just behind his left should for just a few seconds, then flew away. I’ve never seen a hummingbird get so close to someone like that before. I go tomorrow to deliver the completed video to the family. I plan to point it out to them. Maybe it was just a nice moment in nature, who knows. But it does look pleasantly out of place 🙂

  34. I was sitting in my backyard just enjoying the morning sun, looking on the ground and all of the sudden I hear this sound like a bees wings flying in front of me. So I look up and this whole time a little hummingbird was hovering in front of my face for about 20 seconds. I then said hi little birdy. It turned its head away then looked back at me and flew away. What does that mean? I feel well and I’m happy but not as happy as I could be.

  35. My momma passes 1/2019 I’m single independent in April was given a proposal from a soon to be retired man I knew, just hadn’t dated in many years. He spoke of promises truth dreams future and yes I believed him and in him. Soon after the faults started I stayed committed though they continued and got worse. I came home. After a year of this I gave my love to a foolish heart and I miss my momma worse now than ever, but for the first time ever me living here 6 years and not a big windows either, a hummingbird just sat starring in at me I couldn’t be happier right now to know in fact it’s my momma telling me it’s all gonna be ok. She knows I tried my hardest to love again and shes here to lift me up with joy like she always did and to not fear what’s ahead. Be strong as she taught me. Thank you for your guidance and information on hummingbirds. I’m so grateful to you☮️💜

  36. I have enjoyed hummingbirds since my late grandmother shared her simple “nectar” recipe with me. She taught me to be still and watch and listen to the powerful birds. I can now detect when a hummingbird is in the area. Lately, I have been graced with these beautiful birds hovering in front of me or flying by my head. I always acknowledge my late loved ones when this happens as my grandmother also taught me that they are messengers of good will and hope. I am so thankful to have these opportunities to recognize this. May you all be blessed with the hope the hummingbirds bring to us.

  37. My dad passed in November 2019 and that morning he said to mom “your hummingbirds haven’t visited your feeder yet? He said “they will it is too cold out just now”. He passed while she was loading him into the car to go to dialysis on the concrete patio outside of the house. We went to make the arrangements at the funeral home and as we walked from the car to the house afterwards a hummingbird came over to my mom and fluttered in here ear once and then came back around and did it again. We are hopeful that this was a message from dad to mom that he is happy and no longer in pain. My mom and I believe in angels but she is very lonely without dad … her husband of 60 years. She is 80 and continues to grieve but every once in a while she will smile and say “I think he must be ok the hummingbirds were a sign”.

    1. When my father passed away with me by his side on January 20th 2019, he left me a big kiss in my ear that I could hear so clearly that morning when I lied to sleep.

      Today I was cooking in my grill shack and a humming bird flew near my left ear where I sounded my father’s kiss when he passed. I believe it might of been him saying look, “I’m here and always with you!”

      I was filled with joy when I heard that humming bird today!

  38. A beautiful day to you : )
    I had a beautiful dream of this humming bird flying right unto my forehead and staying there for awhile. was the most beautiful humming bird I have seen. My cousin was beside me and I keep asking her to take a picture of the bird, but she keep ignoring my requests to take the picture. Anyway in the dream I saw another cousin sitting in chair putting lotion on her skin and ask her. ..but she was jut about finishing her lotion regime and ready to take the pic…but by then the bird flew away. Iam a Christian and it was such a profound dream to me and so beautiful.
    You be bless and keep up your work.

  39. I am going through a difficult time right now. I received a very horrible blood test result and need to get retested. The wait is filling me with worry and anxiety. I have been having horrible thoughts about the outcome of the test.

    The day after the initial test, I walked outside and saw a massive humming bird made out of clouds (I would love to post the picture if the program allowed). Upon finding this post regarding the meaning of the hummingbird, I am blown away. To read that a humming bird brings luck, healing,and encourages the release of fear & anxiety, really gives me hope x

    1. Hi Keri, I hope you are well and hanging in there. Whatever the outcome of your tests. We are here if you need any other fellow hummingbird lovers to lean on🤗🥰

  40. Everyday I am greeted by a hummingbird. It gets within inches of my face. Today it actually touched the top of my head & zoomed around me… I just moved too & it happened at my old apartment everyday. Today it brought me to tears, not of fear but happiness. My little sister died six years ago this coming December… I miss her and as we approach the holidays it gets difficult. I can’t help but wonder if it’s her letting me know she’s okay. ♥️

  41. While on the golf course in Hawaii, i had a hummingbird hover within three to four feet in front of my face. I thought maybe he saw his reflection in my sunglasses? He just hovered there and when he was finished his mission, he just flew off. I remember the calming effect it had on me. We have since moved to Ohio and have two or three that visit us regularly in summer. Neighbors claim they haven’t seen any.
    My mother (deceased loved them, and collected figurines, pictures, and articles about himmingbirds.

  42. This year has been really challenging and hard for me. I have been feeling really sick with no sleep. I’ve been seeing crows for the past couple of weeks. Today I felt really bad and just broke down crying and praying to god to heal me. I went outside on my porch and I look up and see a humming bird. For some reason it made me and my whole body feel better. What is this a sign of?

  43. What does it mean to have a hummingbird land on you?4 years ago I was sitting on my porch when a hummingbird landed on my arm. It stayed there for like a whole minute. It seemed like an eternity though.
    Please respond,

  44. My little brother died in my home Feburary 12th 2019 He was 28 years old, he struggled with many things in his short life but was always a light in my life. The early morning he died, I came home in disbelief, shock, after telling our children we all went to sleep. When I woke up I went out to my front porch staring up at the sky, it started to sink in, It was a gloomy chilly morning here in az. Nothing was bloomed, as I looked up a hummingbird was in mid air staining at me, it wasnt paying any attention to the landscape. It must have been a at least a minute then flew away. At this point I dont think anything about it until the next couple of days. My mom and sister were traveling here from California our home town. When my mom got here, the same looking hummingbird again flew and stayed in one spot looking at us. I thought well that’s odd, and explained to my mom what had happened the day before. The hummingbird flew back and forth a couple times and left. May i mention this day its sprinkling and cold, again no flowers are bloomed. So now I’m curious and for the next couple days I go outside to greet this bird, I’d find he didn’t visit for two days after until my sister got here but this time there were five humming birds flying around in front of us. I then broke down knowing what was going on. Im sure my mom and sister thought I was crazy, I’m the only spiritual believer in our family. As days and weeks go by, eveything starts to go forward yet I find myself stuck, hurt and wondering with regret, one day I was out back drinking a cup of coffee with my brother heavey on my mind, thinking about past conversations when a loud noise, it was constant and getting closer and closer. It was early morning so nobody was out, I got up looked to my left and behind my bbq pit was a beautiful humming bird, when i made eye contact it flew off and disappeared, i smiled and yelled out to please come back but it didn’t. I started to cry sad but happy tears because I knew it was him. I know in my heart he was there to show comfort and to remind me that hes always here. Thankyou for your reading, it confirms my belief.

  45. I have three feeders in my backyard so I have lots of hummingbird friends. One landed on top of my head yesterday, it scared me because I was afraid it was a Bumble bee but I didn’t try to get it off because I didn’t want to hurt whatever it was. It eventually flew off & looked like a hummingbird. My brother died unexpectedly recently & I gave been having a hard time with it. Maybe it was his spirit? I hope so.

  46. I saw one hummingbird a few times and decided to buy a feeder. Since putting it up 2 weeks ago, i now have over 2 dozen daily filling my yard. I’ve had many people comment on my videos that they e never encountered or seen so many! I found your page looking for what my “charm” (what they call a flock of them apparently) is trying to tell me! Can you help me understand? I have so much happening in my life right now including the need to help my 20 year old niece who is fighting cancer that it’s mind boggling!

  47. I was out on my front porch this morning and I heard the buzz buzz sound I looked up in time to see the hummingbird fly away so I went to see what the meaning was and then boom. Again staring right at me and flew away, I’m going through some pretty rough stuff now and Monday they’ll be a big change in my life so I looked it up and it looks like I’m supposed to keep moving forward and doing what I’m doing thank you my angels from heaven for letting me know you’re watching me and I made the right decision

  48. My daughter just called me from Tacoma she is from hawaii she tells me this morning 9/27/2019 that a blue green hummingbird came up to her face singing a song and circled around her well n back to her face still singing a sweet song till it flew away . What does it mean?

  49. This morning I was having coffee on my patio missing my baby brother who passed away a few days ago. I was so down and depressed praying to God to take me as I am lost and so upset. Shortly thereafter a hummingbird came flying towards me flapping his wings, it scared me as I thought it was going to attack me; then it hovered over me flapping its wings and going around my head then flew off. Momentarily it came back to me flying around me as if to make sure I saw him. I was in awe as I didn’t know what was happening. I looked to see if it was a symbol of something and found this site about hummingbirds being angelic messengers from Heaven. I’m still stunned but the heaviness is gone and I feel it was my brother letting me know that he was fine and to lighten up♥️

  50. Several years ago at a place I worked, a hummingbird got caught in some cobwebs in the ceiling of the building, and landed on the floor. I have always had a fascination with hummingbirds. I saw them often in my paternal Grandparents yard, due to the many flowers and mimosa trees they had. Anyway, as I held it in my hand a co-worker pulled the cobwebs from it, and it sat in my hand for a good 30 seconds before it finally flew away. I still am in awe from that incident. I mean, what are the odds of that ever happening again. I’d say none. That moment in time will forever be with me. For 30 seconds or so, it was just the hummingbird and I.

  51. Today is my birthday. I was sitting on my front porch and a hummingbird came close to my face. I never had this experience in my life.

  52. Twice now, I’ve had a hummingbird come around. Once it went to some fake flowers I have hanging up. (I have real ones as well) But just a few minutes ago, I had a hummingbird fly right in front of me and just hover there going back and forth just looking at me. It was beautiful.

  53. Hi. Two weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable pancreatic cancer. For roughly a month before this she was undergoing tests and seeing doctors (she did not tell any of us kids). So at the same time she got sick, I began to have a single hummingbird come to my bedroom window every morning. I don’t have a feeder out, and there are no flowers anywhere near my window. It continues to visit me ever day. It just hovers and looks in my window as if to say “Everything will be ok”. I would really like to believe that it is my grandmother watching over me. I look forward to the visit each day and pray that it doesn’t stop anytime soon.

  54. I was outside sitting listening to music and 2 hummingbirds hovered in front of me for a good 5 minutes I felt at peace

  55. Yes my mother passed almost 3 years ago, Alex been a kind of stressful and I been feeling lonely. Three days ago this beautiful hummingbird started coming up and flying over me on the porch. I live in condos in Las Vegas and there’s no tree around. I think it’s my mom. Even when I started throwing this out she came back and I said hi mom. It makes me happy and make me feel joy, I think she’s trying to tell me she still here and everything‘s gonna be OK. I received this with a lot of gratitude. And I know it’s a special experience . It’ brings me a feeling that it’s gonna be ok. ❤️❤️

  56. My uncle passed overnight. He was in the hospital for quite sometime. I am a former hospice nurse still with hospice agency but just work in the office. I woke Sunday abruptly to what felt like a call to action that I needed to do something. I discussed with my cousin hospice and on Monday they did go that route so I helped with getting referral and he was sent the hospice house yesterday around 6:30 pm. I was praying that I was correct and did right by him and that I helped meet his wishes. I thanked the angels and divine for the messages and grateful with much love that I could do this and pray my interpretations were correct and hope o can do more to help others. I was crying while I said this prayer of gratitude and then saw a glimpse of hummingbird out in our bushes. Feeling thankful to see it was a message. Thank you Melanie. I’ve followed you for some time and find great comfort in your messages and hope that I can connect more as well.
    Sincerely Heather

  57. A beautiful hummingbird has come right up to my face and hovered for 20 seconds ,I said hi to him/her. He or she also looks in my house windows as if to try to find me,and it will come to me aswell if feeders are empty.but this time feeders are full.and I really feel as if it was bringing me a message of some kind,maybe from my angel guides or God. 🙏❤

  58. Yesterday it was my bday & i walked all around my city w my boyfriend. My bf told me to turn around & when i did there was a humming bird flying still right behinde me looking at me & then it flew away then we walked to a different location & he says it again “wow look at that” . i turned & its another humming bird flying still looking at us. It then flys away after. Thats twice in two different locations that a Humming bird flies still and looked at us

  59. When my husband passed away I’m May, a beautiful hummingbird hovered over his grave while we laid him to rest. What can I take from this sign? Is there a special meaning?

  60. Well me and my wife are having marriage problems right now and a hummingbird came under my patio what does that mean? Please answer Thanks 🙏

  61. I have a mind blowing encounter with a hummingbird or shall i say in the form of a humming bird it was dark outside me and my husband walked to burger king and i was standing outside of burgerking and i see a bright light about a block away im looking at it and it turned sideways and i seen the long beak of a hummingbird i said look honey a hummingbird as i pointed at it it flew straight to me hovered in front of me it was a solid white bright light in the shape of a hummingbird it hovered in front of till the burgerking guy came out and said my order was ready as i walked inside my husband said it flew right behind me till i went inside and it flew up and over burger king and disappeared i seriously didnt think anything about it till the next day my husband asked if i told anyone i said no why and he said that wasnt normal theres no such thing as a glowing white hummingbird at nightime they dont light up at night so i looked it up and relized it was something spiritual i had recently lost my grandma and she always loved hummingbirds and collected hummingbird nic nacs so after her passing i created a memorial case for her where i kept her ashes and i had a small stained glass box with hummingbirds on it and inside i had whole punched some angels out of white paper so theres little white angels inside and thats what i think it was a angel in the form of a hummingbird cause it was glowing white like the images of angels glow in illustrations im amazed by it but bummed i didnt think anything of it at the time but i seen something no one else has ever seen but me and my husband i thought about asking burgerking to look at there cameras but i never did

  62. I had a dream that this humming bird a dark looking colored one was hovering over me as i laid in bed and i could hear its wings just humming it tried coming close to me but i was afraid and i woke up. I’ve never had a dream like that I’m curious as to what it means

  63. I had a light blue hummingbird fly right up to me (on Tues., June 25th) and land on my right leg. I’ve never had it happen before and it shocked me. Also, same day, had two light blue butterflies fly right by me.

  64. I was looking out my front door the other day when a beautiful hummingbird came and sat there for the longest time looking at me . I am not really sure what it wanted or what it even meant.

  65. I just sat down outside and said maybe i will receive a sign from heaven from my mom, right then and there a hummingbird flew right in front of me and looked at me for a few seconds and then flew off. Amazing timing, grace and healing from God:)

  66. Never has a hummingbird come so close to me as today. Out of nowhere, as I was on a call with my boss letting me know that I was being relieved from my duties, here comes this beautiful creature. A millisecond of eye contact was enough to absorb its message. Ironically, I just finished writing an essay on hummingbirds and flies and how I relate each to gossip in the workplace and its repercussions. Explanation.? Don’t need one. I felt at peace. No anxiety, no anger. Glad that share my essay on a non-public post.

  67. I just had a humming bird fly into my tiny home and I had to gently scoop it up with my hands and let it out. This just made me smile so big, I have been struggling with being happy the past couple of days, while really happiness and joy are something I really work on every day, I really needed that rare moment and my spirit guides knew how to remind me that life is beautiful!

  68. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me understand what happened regarding a hummingbird. I live In San Francisco in a somewhat residential area. When I walked to my front door the other afternoon, I noticed a Hummingbird just sitting there at my front door. I was worried and knelt down offering words of encouragement and speaking softly. The humming bird looked at me. Looked around and spread his wings. I said, “You’ve got it. You can do this. You see? You can fly.” Within less than a minute, this sweet little humming bird took off and flew away. I’ve never seen a hummingbird still, let alone at my doorstep! Can someone shed some light on the meaning of this encounter? Thank you!

  69. I had a humming bird and the different flowers tattoo on ldifferent places but not the reason I’m expressing now.Ive been getting alot of vision for along time now.Besides several numbers keep popping up everywhere.BUT ITS FUNNY NOW THE HUMMINGBIRD IS ALSO POPPING UP.REMEMBER I HAVE THE TATOO FROM LONG AGO.WHY DO I REMEMBER MY PAST.NOT THIS LIFE BUT MANY LIFES BEFORE.IM VERY HAPPY AND HAVE NO COMPLAINTS.I BELIEVE ALL THINGS WERE FOR A BIGGER Purpose to learn..I try to learn something new ever day..justcause.jc

  70. WOW~MOST AMAZING THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME~was sitting out side on steps in sun / 41 degrees / drinking hot lemon water. I closed my eyes and was saying the Universe, Source, God are watching over me. Just been told last week have breast cancer. As I sat there with eyes closed I repeated my treadmill mantra: with every step I take, I STOMP our a cancer cell in my body. stayed that way for a few moments then opened my eyes and within a few moments a beautiful humming bird came humming within 2 feet of my face. What is the message of the humming bird ? does anyone know. I’m sure it came from Source.

    1. It means Our Lord Jesus will heal you if u believe in Him and give your heart to Him .He healed me of metastatic breast cancer 25 yrs.ago at the end of this month.I had a year to live now I’m healed.

  71. I have always loved hummingbirds, and frequently think of the song “Hummingbird don’t fly away, fly away , hmmm, hmmm hmmm,…. by Seals & Crofts.

    When my husband died, within the first year a hummingbird hovered in my front window looking right at me for nearly a full minute. I took that to mean he was telling me he is alright…which is exactly what you said. 🙂

  72. Ive been struggling to be a mother because i had a baby that passed in 2013 from sids. I now have a 2nd son who is 3 and i lost my job in nobember my home also in novemeber this last year. Luckily, my teacher from my old pharmacy school opened het arms and home to us. Ive been so angry with my by for causing me to lose my home and job we have done nothing but fight. Today my bf didnt come home because of a arguement i went outsife to check if his truck was here anf its not. I sat down smoked my cigerette and looked up a hummingbird came down from know where and was picking something off the ground as i watched it my heart felt warmth instead of anger. I looked up the meaning and found your page. The fact you say the wings move in an infinitive symbol brought tears of joy to my heart because that sign resembles my first baby to me. I love this sign and for me it stands for internally being with him one day and that i will be his mommy forever! It did bring a joy to my heaft and smile to my face because sometimes we forget what beauty we have in ourlives and foocus on the negative. Im here at my dear friend and teachers home because this is whete im meant to be today. I need to be thankful and accept what happened there is no going back only forwards so thank you for your interpretation of the meaning of the hummingbird its beautiful..

  73. Thank you for your explanation, it validation on everything thing that I’ve been going through,
    I knew it meant something I’ve been here 18 years , at this home 30 yrs in Fl never ever saw a hummingbird , now I see them at my home and other places . they make me happy and I have PEACE

  74. Today at laney college I was in the library on my phone when a hummingbird I didn’t even know was there it didn’t come to my face but it came pretty close from behind me I herd the hummingbirds buzzing and I don’t know why it did that and it came up close to my ear two times I thought it was just coincidence but because it came up to me the second time I asked myself why did it do that I still wonder. And this is my past life I used to have not what most kids had which was a horrible childhood with a cousin who often visited and kept on breaking the family apart and none of them got along and they didn’t even take the time to talk things out like normal people would but they end up just hating on each other saying mean stuff about each other behind each other’s Bach especially me nobody was happy with the choices I made amd I was struggling with doing well in high school that things got worse that time I thought I was a huge failure that I embarrassed the family because of this even as a kid I turned out to not have a happy childhood I wish to erase that-at but can never do it it effects me to this day and even thought my family relationship has gotten better but inside I know that I still feel that pain it’s still there I try to move on but the scar that it left it left me to not trust people in my family and that is because even today my sisters relationship with my father is worse and I still feel like nothing has changed I try to stay positive but because of how I grew up I get angry sometimes for no reason and i get defensive because so,e topics remind me of how I used to be which I was a not nice person but know I’ve changed to being nice but sometimes I keep thinking about it it just pops into my head and I get depressed ever thing about it it scares me and it made me hate how I used to be and how my family was how can I move forward in my life without having. This painful memory creeping up on me?

  75. My mother passed away on January 4, 2018. I was her caregiver and as much as I knew she was not going to get better I could not come to grips with losing her. I handled her funeral, sale of her home and all her financial matters and moving her personal property to storage. I was so sad and depressed. One day I opened the door to her home and a hummingbird flew in and flew to room to room. I couldn’t help but think is this a sign from my mom? Finally I opened the door after 5 minutes at it flew out. I hoped that she was telling me she was still here with me and that she was at peace. I can only wonder!

  76. The past few mornings I have gone out to meet with a young hummingbird who came to visit me every morning for the past 5 days. I have a feeder and just moved to a new house and just now have seen this little guy come around. I think he lives in mine or my neighbors fruit tree. We have 2 that hang around between our houses and everytime we go out to talk in the morning the same young hummingbird likes to fly between us while we talk and ” show off”. This morning I didnt know if I would see him, it’s cold and raining. What I didnt expect to happen this morning was as I sat down on the chair under the feeder he came right out and UP TO MY FACE!!!! I told him ” goodmorning” and he stayed for a couple more seconds then buzzed away. I’m sure I will be seeing him again my times today💙💚 I love hummingbirds

  77. This morning i was feeling a little depressed because of some problems with loved ones. I was sitting out on my front porch and had been there for about 20 minutes. All of sudden i heard a deep buzzing noise fly over my head. I looked up and to the side of me there was a hummingbird floating in mid air. It flew over and landed on a telephone line in front of me. It set there about a minute looking at me and then it flew off in the exact same direction it came in. Funny thing is i have lived here for 4 years and I never see hummingbirds. Im just wondering if that had a meaning?

  78. My dad passed away 4 years ago and it’s been quite a grieving process for me. I have been trying to reach a higher consciousness and frequency so I can communicate with him. Over the summer, I went to a park to hammock and meditate. During my meditation, I had an out of body experience where I was floating above my physical body and was met by my dad (this is the first time something like this ever happened). We didn’t say anything to each other, just “sat” next to each other looking into the sun. I felt as if it was his hands on both my “out of body” shoulders and I began to deeply cry. During this state, I could hear a humming/flapping sound around the head of my physical body. Shortly after this deep feeling of grief and sobbing, I felt an instant wave of relief wash over me and a glowing white light. I started to descend back into my body and opened my eyes. As I laid there for a minute or two reflecting on what had just happened, I noticed a small bird land on a tree branch 10 feet in front of me. As I started to wonder what it was, it flew straight at me. It had been a hummingbird, and it flew right along my whole hammock. I noticed the sound of it’s wings was the same sound I heard during my OBE meditation. I knew then that it validated everything I had just experienced, but had yet to look up the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds until now. Although I already knew it was my dad coming to me through a hummingbird, it’s nice to have further validation of what I experienced. The universe is amazing.

  79. I was sitting on my front porch this morning waiting for someone to pick me up. The oddest thing happened. I have never seen a hummingbird around my trailer and it has been here since 2006. But, there was a hummingbird came around the corner and stopped right in front of me!! It hovered there for a few seconds and left the same way it came. It was amazing!! What do you think about this event?

  80. Met a special person recently and been praying for my plus 1/helpmate to come into my life ; was on my deck discussing this person & situation to a family member & feeling unsure when suddenly a hummingbird came so close it almost flew in my face, as I jerked back due to surprise I realized it was a hummingbird I research the spiritual meaning- I think this is the symbol of certainty for me! As well as loved ones watching over me

  81. My tía just recently passed away & i found her i noticed things id see..i go out to eat with a friend we where sitting next to windows in a booth & just random a little hummingbird hits the window on my side i saw its color & how it flew backwards the next way i go to the laundry Mat i decide to go outside & theres chair outside i go to sit down & i found a dead hummingbird next to me same color as the one i saw with my friend & whats crazy is that the color of the Bird was her birthstone color emerald May 2

  82. I’m working from home today and decided to sit in the garage. My wonderful husband, created a sitting area for me in the garage, with a tv, table/chairs and refrigerator. I often go to the garage to relax and enjoy the outside. This morning, I have been feeling a little down and uncertain about my employment situation. I was recently let go from my job at the end of 2017 and now I’m facing the end of a contract in November. A hummingbird appeared twice in the garage. The first time it appeared, I was scared, so I decided to research the meaning of hummingbirds and I learned their significance. I immediately felt bad for being fearful and it appeared again. I was able to really take it in and receive the beauty. I know the appearance of the hummingbird is telling me to accept change as a good thing, to let go of fear and worry and embrace what’s to come. Change is coming and I’m ready for whatever it is.

  83. Our beautiful Golden Retriever, Marley, of 14.5 great years passed away yesterday at home with my wife and I beside him. This absolutely tore me up to lose my friend that has always been there for me. I just let my other Golden and Marley’s companion, Jasmine, outside and hovering right in front of me was a hummingbird. I think this was Marley’s way of checking on us and letting us know that he is alright. My tears are still running.

  84. Last night I had an amazing experience. Yesterday I had very busy day which included going to my grief share group at the church. At the end of the day I was relaxing at a friends house and reflecting on my day. A beautiful little hummingbird started flying around and I said to myself, Matt if that’s you showing me that you are here with me I want to see Tessa too, I want to see 2 hummingbirds. And within a few seconds a second hummingbird comes flying by and the 2 of them are flying around chasing each other and sitting on the wire overhead. But it gets better, last week I ordered this necklace with 2 hummingbirds and had not received it yet… last night when I got home a box was sitting on my table and my necklace had just arrived. It must have been dropped of at the same time I saw the 2 visiting me earlier that evening.

  85. I was sitting outside and a small greenish hummingbird zapped me on the side of my head I thought it was a bee but not, I jumped and it flew to the tree one comes around sort of frequently in morning and evening in back yard

  86. I was just standing on my back deck contemplating life as it is now. I have become ill with lupus and psoriatic arthritis and can no longer work my RN job. I’ve been trying to get a work from home nursing job so that I don’t have to try to raise my son on disability, have had to move back to the home we once shared with my ex because I cannot live on nothing, all of these things going through my mind as I was standing on the deck and, suddenly, two hummingbirds came face to face with me! There is no hummingbird feeder here, but they are!
    I immediately smiled when my heart was heavy, so even that one positive gesture made a difference.

  87. Today I was at work and went outside to get an item needed for work and saw an almost dead hummingbird on the ground. It must have flown into the glass door. I got a small towel and picked it up.its eyes we’re fluttering and rolling into the back of its head. I prayed for God to heal this little bird and reminded Him about the scripture how he even cares for the birds ( sparrows). I put it in the shade. The first time I went back to check on it it was standing, the second time i brought it some sugar water. The third time I checked I saw it fly away. It was so awesome! I got to hold,pet and pray for one of Gods beautiful creations. Thank you for letting me share. Blessed be.

  88. The day after my fur baby Luna passed away I was so upset and as I sat on the edge of my bed crying, I said out loud “if only I could know she was okay” literally 2 minutes after that a hummingbird flew up to my bedroom window and hovered right in front of it for a few minutes. Since that day, I have seen a hummingbird every day for the past few weeks.

  89. We have a hummingbird who comes around quite often. Today though he flew right up to my face. He scared me bc I wasn’t expecting it but then again that evening he did it again but to my husband. He’s never gotten that close to us before. I’m curious as to why he’s doing it now. Not that we mind, we love watching him.

  90. Today is my father’s wake , i was sitting on my front porch in prayer thinking about my father , when all of a sudden a tiny hummingbird flew to my hanging basket which. Is very close to where i was sitting . I was overwhelmed with joy , peace , light and love !!! What a gift !

  91. My mother passed away 6 days ago. My husband and I were sitting on our deck this morning and a little hummingbird came and hovered right in front of me and even came into our porch a little then flew off. It came back a few minutes later and hovered again. We have lived here 20 something years and have never seen one before. My dad passed away 5 months before my mother also and I know it was her letting me know they were together once again and at peace. They were married 64 years. I’m at peace knowing they are ok now too

    1. My mother passed away 3 months ago and my stepdad just died last week of a broken heart Iam certain. We havent encountered too many hummingbirds up until now. This morning my daughter and I were sitting out on the front porch drinking our coffee and two hummingbirds flew right up to us while sitting. The one flew away and the other came back hovering in front of our faces so close that we instinctively felt the need to push ourselves back in the seat! My daughter had direct eye contact with it and I must say it was a very close encounter to what I believe a spirit of my mom or stepdad. Yesterday I walked out the door and one was hovering right in front of me as I walked to my car I almost opened the door on it! The other day one was hovering right above my daughters head outside while having a conversation with her dad. Also when my husband came home from work the other day one was flying over his car the whole way up the driveway and stayed with him as he got out of his car to talk with me. We both commented about how strange it was acting to be actually following him . What a joy and sweet feeling of delight and thoughts that perhaps our loved ones were letting us know they are back together and at peace.

  92. I recently lost a very close lifelong friend who was always there when I needed them. Today while sitting in a park a hummingbird flew in front of me and began to hover. Jokingly, I told a friend who was with me that I think that is the friend I lost and they were visiting in the form of a hummingbird. So I began to talk to the bird and tell it to fly more to the right, which it did. We laughed. Then I carried on and gave it more directions to fly more to the right and down a bit more. It was oddest thing, because it did moved in all the directions I had just given. We laughed some more how than must’ve indeed been my old friend.

  93. Today my Mom and I noticed a Hummingbird that was trapped in the barn and was covered in cobwebs and hay. We felt sorry for it but didn’t know how we could help it. An hour later I was standing in the middle of the barn when I felt a flutter against my arm and heard little chirping. I assumed it was the hummingbird and looked to the hayloft to see where it was. I still heard the chirping as of it were trying to get my attaintion and I tried to follow the sounds with my eyes. When I looked down and it was right at my feet looking up at me chirping; probably asking for help. I took the biggest piece of hay off the little bird and it flew a little ways but dropped back down. So, realizing how weak it was I picked it up and it stood still in my hand. I then went to find my mom and we spent the next few mintutes cleaning it up. It stayed really still and let us touch him and pick the cobwebs and hay off. We then went up to the owner of the property and asked if she has a hummingbird feeder. She didn’t but agreed to give the bird some sugar water and keep it over night. I really hope the little bird does ok.

  94. I discovered my younger brother dead in his apt June 2 from apparent heart attack… have been missing him terribly and been praying for a sign… even though I know he’s happy in heaven, I just wanted a confirmation. I got it a couple of days ago when a humming bird flew onto my finger as I sat in my rocking chair on the front porch area…thank you Jesus and thank you Richard….a wonderful feeling of peace now…

  95. This week a hummingbird flew into my house couldn’t get out so I went close by to try help move him in the right direction out the window. I put my fingers out and to my shock it stopped flying and perched on my fingers. While I tried to move with it, it flew further into my house and went very high up in the ceilings. I tried again to tip toe and put my fingers out and it literally flew straight down onto my hand again. I never knew hummingbirds to do this, it was the most amazing feeling. I am still wondering what this symbolizes?

  96. I recently was visited by a hummingbird. I was in my house next to my screened in bedroomroom window, the hummingbird flew straight towards me and hovered right outside the windows screen. It was right in front of my face, when I stood up it went up with me and looked at me through the glass of the window. When I sat back down it came back down and looked at me through the screen again. I wonder… if I’ve been visited by a spirit . My pet (son)Riley brother to my sweet girl, Skye, a Cairn Terrier. He was tragically killed two years ago. I built a small rock Cairn, as a Memorial for him. This Cairn consists of just three rocks, representing his body and another rock as his pedestal. The pedestal rock resembles a bicycle seat. Our favorite pastime was, the dogs running while I mtn bike. The three rocks representing Riley, were rocks I literally tripped over on my walks immediately following his death. I saw a lot spirit animals at that time, I could write a book about. Anyway. I just recently moved and relocated his Memorial Cairn to a new place in my yard. Could this beatiful hummingbird represent Riley’s spirit thanking me?

  97. I was on a Alaska cruise, standing on my balcony, when a Rufous hummingbird appeared. Mind you there was no land nearby…we just stared at each other for a few seconds and it turned and flew away! This is a sign I will treasure forever. 💝

  98. My story of encounter …
    I was sitting in a lounge chair with a good book and my yorkie at my feet one summer day on my patio. As I was reading, I heard a buzzing sound with a touch of flutter. I slowly turned my head to my right towards the sound . I was practically nose to nose with a cute little hummingbird! It was the most precious visit ! It lingered long enough to get a good look at my face and then flew away. This experience was so very memorable!

  99. I am 26 years old. and i lost my mother almost 3 years ago to cancer.

    Every time i am outside playing with my son (who my mother never got a chance to meet), there is always multiple humming birds that fly near my son and I. Almost landing on us, they come so close.

    What could this mean? and if it is a message from my mother. How can I know what she is trying to tell me?

    1. There’s no doubt in my mind that my mother speaks to me through a hummingbird. She passed away February this year and I’ve been lost without her. My mom was my best friend. I was having a real hard time getting through it trying to stay strong for my father. It started at the mortuary when we were making plans for her funeral services. My dad had decided that mom was to be cremated. It wasn’t that I disagreed I just got very emotional just thinking about it . I tried not to let anybody see me crying so I got up and looked out the window that had a beautiful view of water fountain, on a little man-made pond with swans a few ducks. I saw a rainbow that was cast over the water fountain. t made me smile and I wondered if she would have liked this place? It wasn’t but seconds later that a small tiny hummingbird flew up to the window and looked right at me.
      It was almost hypnotic because I just stared at it and it stared at me it seemed like hours I’m sure it was only for a minute but in that minute I was lost for I know my mom there. Others will tell you it’s coincidence. I will not, I believe it’s my mom sending me the message that she’s there and watching over me because it’s happened to me several times. I have never seen a Hummingbird at the house that I left in. Recently I hung a Keepsake of Mom’s up in a garden window of my home. It was on the right side of the window. After hanging it in the window I saw a hummingbird it was fluttering there in mid air staring … not on the left side ..not in the middle … but right where I hung the Keepsake for Momwith her picture.

      She is and always will be wit me and she’s sending her live thru the hummingbirds.

      Next time you and your son see one, tell her you love her and miss her, she is watching over you.

  100. I love this post, I have been seeing so many pictures and sculptures of hummingbirds lately. I have even found a little embossed round picture of a Hummingbird which seems to move around my home. I don’t even know where it came from. 🙂 Thankyou ❤️❤️❤️

  101. I have feeders in my front yard and out on my back deck. On occasion they will come to the window and hover looking at me. Wonder if that is how they thank me for providing fresh sugar water every other day.

  102. We lost a family member and it is a really tough day for all of us.
    While sitting on my patio today, talking to my sister about him I got a visit from 2 hummingbirds who flew around me..then one of them flew right up to my face and hovered about 6 inches from my face looking into my eyes for about 30 sec. I said hello and felt at peace and thanked him for coming …it then flew around my head and flew back to the flowers. After I told others in the family about the hummingbird experience I had they also started telling me that they were visited by hummingbirds in similar ways at about the same time I was visited.

  103. Hello,

    I am commenting today because I just had the strangest experience of my entire life in an encounter with an animal. I was driving with the windows down at about 35 miles per hour when all of a sudden I look down and there is a hummingbird sitting in my lap on it’s back facing me looking at me right in the eyes. I immediately stop the car in the middle of traffic and take him to the nearest area of grass and bushes and place him on the grass and turn him over on his feet. He seemed to be perfectly fine so with the 10 honking cars at me because I just stopped traffic I ran back to my car not even fully realizing what just happened. Once in a life experience.

  104. So this year has been one of the most difficult and successful time for me. I have been so unsuccessful finding joy and hope or just haveing the same spiritual faith that I typically rely on. One negative big thing after another not included all the small uncontrollable factors of life that always contribute. A new baby and passing of a best friend all alone I have been drained with no lite no support about to start over and as I time out to evaluate my next move a hummingbird comes and hovers right in front of me for seems to be a while . The himmimg bird leaves I have been nothing but overwhelmed and full of anxiety the last couple months since last lifr changing nevent, so I think nothing of it. I am crying and here the same bird comes again and was only about an hour later. It gave me a smile. Well I have been on this trip for 5 days and every day this same humming bird has visited me and he hangs out right in fround of my face just almost talking to me he starts to have and I talk to him back he stops almost as I need to follow or is pointing for me to follow the guide. Today is the first day I have not had my day taken over by panic and hopelessness . So many visits amd more than once every day and longer each time. I have been saying lately I shall win the lottery soon or something great because if it can go wrong it goes worse for so long that I have lost myself and happiness in the process I have been so stuck and I seem to finally have a glimpse of some lite or the idea of light . How far so I follow the beautiful serene hummingbird.

  105. I was sitting outside yesterday and heard a loud low hum in my ear. I thought it was a bumble bee at first so I moved my head a bit. When I moved my head the hummingbird flew right between my eyes and stayed there for awhile looking at me, even moved it’s head like it was trying to communicate something, then flew away. This morning, I was pulling out of my garage on my way to drop my daughter and her friend off at the airport for their trip to Israel and TWO hummingbirds came from the sky and hovered in front of the windshield, facing us. One on my side and one on the passenger side where my daughter was sitting. I’m still trying to figure out what these visits mean! It was definitely magical. That’s for sure!

  106. Hi just visited my son. He passed away 5 months ago and today I seen a hummingbird land on his mailbox I have put out for him and then flew away. We don’t really get these birds where I am so this I believe is truly my son visiting me ❤️😊

  107. I had a dream that i was at my gma’s house. I was downstairs and was holding a hummingbird in my hand. It fanned its tail out. Skip forward the 4th of July evening. I went to a friend’s house who has a deck with a pop up to shade. My partner found a hummingbird fluttering in it. I caught it with my hand. It chirped a bit then i let their daughter pet its head then i put it on a buddha head outside of it and it fanned its tail and flew away.

  108. On Thursday I received the news that my cousin had passed away. Since that night it hasn’t been easy. He was the eldest out of all of us cousins. The last time I saw him was this past November and all I do is think about everything we said to each other. And the giant hug he gave me when he first saw me. Every time I see his picture I can’t help but cry. A couple nights ago, I was asking him to give me some type of sign, just so I knew everything was going to be okay. Half an hour ago I was driving back home from work and I was thinking about him when suddenly two hummingbirds came up towards the car and the feeling that came over me was indescribable. I had to look up what it meant and I came across this page. As soon as I read the part where it says that my loved ones in heaven might be sending a message to tell me they are well, gave me chills. In that moment I knew it was my grandparents telling me he is now with them.

  109. I was getting my son on the bus last week and we were about 5-7feet apart and right in between us a hummingbird hovered and stayed there for a few seconds. It was beautiful. It didn’t just happen. It happened for a reason from our loved ones spirit. I’m newly awakened as of 10/31/17 and still learning and loving my new life. It has its ups and downs for sure. Like last week how I wanted to give up and kept asking my dad uncle and aunt “why? Why did you chose me? WHY!!?” But this week things have been looking up and I’m plugging forward. It’s hard when you become awakened especially when you don’t have anyone but the internet.

    1. Keep looking up and keep going! As you continue to raise your vibration and align with your highest authentic path you will attract those to share it with. Thanks for sharing your experience~ Blessing ✨💖😇

  110. After a 9 year relationship it is coming to an end .His mother of course puts all the blame on me solely funny he was the one hiding a secret life not me . His family is staying with us for a week .So i walked out side to get away from the negative impact from her. I ask God for a sign shortly after a hummingbird come right up to me .I felt complete joy to see the hummingbird and felt compelled to look up the meaning of such a BEAUTIFUL bird and found this site .Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. My mom has been battling cancer for 4 yrs now . And she had just gone under surgery for a biopsy of tumors in her bladder . News wasn’t good . Treatment didn’t work and was told that she only had a 6 moths to a year to live . Two days ago I received that phone call . As I sat outside my front porch digesting this news a hummingbird appeared . It hovered for at least ten minutes right in front of me . I could hear the humming sound of it’s wings . I wiped my tears I said thank you . I think it was my grandmother telling me to stay strong and fight . ….the same humming bird has come to visit me these past few days now . As I sit on my front porch to cry . It’s almost as if it comes to check on me . Telling me it’s ok .

  111. A hummingbird literally was just in my face. I didn’t know what it was so I ducked because it came so close. And as if to say, “it’s ok” she backed up and stayed for a few seconds so I could see that she was a hummingbird. I immediately knew that it was God sending a confirmation of how I was feeling today and last night. I’ve asked about love. I know it’s coming. But now it is confirmed that I need to enjoy the moments and savor the sweetness of life as is.

  112. This morning in Phoenix on my way to work driving through our neighborhood a hummingbird came and hovered above the street we were driving through & it seemed to wait there until we drove by. My 21 year old daughter Angelita & I were delighted to see him & I were surprised they’re still around given the recent heat warnings.

    Every time I see a hummingbird, I recognize them as light healers and say a wish or prayer- thank you God for sending them to remind us of your presence.

  113. So literally like 2min ago I was sitting outside, and had just finished watching a YouTube video of the rapture is here, June 3 2018. I have been experimenting and learning about higher self and energy a lot lately and then as I’m sitting here this humming bird comes up to me it kinda freaked me out for a second. Then I realized what it was, he flew by and then went in circles came really close to me like he wanted to come inside. Then flew away, so it’s 730 am and daylight right, all the outdoor lights have been off for a while as far as the ones that only come on at night. Instantly after the bird flies away (and not going to lie, I’m looking for him to come back ) the light right across from me that wasn’t even on just flickered, or blew or something. …. what does that mean lol?

  114. My story is my mom had been st our house on the holiday monday in Canada we purchased these neautiful flowers that attract humingbirds on the Tuesday we had one show up than disappeared and my mom passed on that Thursday unexpectedly do my story is I feel my dad was coming to take mom to be in heaven with him we burried her this pass Tuesday and still have not seen the hummingbird since 😢

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss, but glad you got such a beautiful sign from the hummingbirds. I’m sure they’ll be back to check in on you and bring you blessings of love and joy.

  115. I have been going through a tough family situation and my husband and I got into it on the phone, he yelled and hung up in my face. I was not going to answer any of his calls. After 15 missed calls, I came outside to cool off and think. A hummingbird flew 3 feet away from my face for about 20 seconds before flying away. I took it as a sign and answered the phone. My husband apologized and re assured me that he loved me. I thank my spirit guide for all the signs he gives me on a regular basis. Love conquers all!

    1. Love really is so powerful! Know that you can ask the angels to clear the lines of communication between you and your husband. See and visualize golden violet light cutting through any negativity or miscommunication.

  116. I was thinking about my grandma Lola and Great aunt Leona(sisters in heaven now) today and I was sad, missing them … when I went to my back patio with my dogs , I noticed my hibiscus had bloomed since the earlier part of the morning… last year when my grandma passed , it bloomed the day she passed .. I always picked her hibiscus and left them all over her house when I was a little girl… this was her speaking to me… as I was on my patio I was feeling so sad and started to cry and thought how nice it would be to see them both again…and out of the blue 2 humming birds did a fly by and buzzed in front of me for a moment and before I could gather my thoughts , they were gone! I’ve never seen 2 at a time , it’s always one… I cried again and thought how beautiful it was for them to visit me , together . I’m very sensitive towards spirits and this was the best gift ever… I set up my surveillance camera to try and catch them again… 😉

  117. I was sitting on the porch ealy afternoon and have been feeling depressed and lonely lately. All of a sudden i hear a light almost buzzing sound i thought maybe a vee was by me. I turn my head and looked up at my porch and there was a humming bird trying to drink from a feeder the lady that lived here before me left. I ve never seen a hummingbird up close ever like that it was beautiful.

  118. My grandfather recently passed away in March. When I was younger, we used to garden together and he would always point out the food he made so that hummingbirds would come visit him; he said they were his favorite. The three month anniversary of his death just passed a couple days ago and when I pulled up to my house today, there was a hummingbird buzzing around my front lawn. I just know it was him visiting me!

  119. I was going through a divorce a bad breakup terrible breakup and when I get back home I found out that my sister have been hurt very bad well my sister died from the Burns or torture that she went through we never found out why or who did it then we buried her on a Wednesday and my grandson was killed on that following Monday so I have a lot of hurt and me at the time of seeing the hummingbird the bird used to come every day but I really never paid attention to it I sent it but I never really thought of anyting one particular day I saw the same hummingbird and it will come at a certain time of the day and then at that time again the next day I would see it again and then I realize I have been seeing this girl for a while but not acknowledging it so that being said this particular day the hummingbird will come and he would never into the nectar and he will fly away but he would always let me see him and he would look up at me so again one day the bird appeared and I was so excited to see it I was like oh there goes the hummingbird and I will wave at it and it would not move it came direct it directly in front of me and it’s Hubbard right there I move my hands thinking it would lie but it didn’t it just hurt there and look me dead in the face for a while and then it went back to the nectar and then it went away that prop me to start reading up on it to find out what it meant because right then and there I knew that meant something spiritually I never could figure it out so I looked it up and I called people and I asked people about it and one day my kids Auntie told me to look it up on the Google and I did that and we read through and it told me stages of my life and it was three stages I only got through the first two nine looking again to find out about the Thursdays I hope I’m able to find it maybe God will bless me to send this Angel to me again I don’t know but it did bring me joy laughter and happiness just as it describes so I thank God for it now I’m speaking eagle cuz I have been seeing Two Eagles soar then it became 3 I’m trying to find out what that means now it’s so much to search for spiritually because I know it has a lot to do with our father and his son Jesus Christ I’m looking so forward to find out what it means so I can / take it in my heart and living in my life

  120. I was burying a dead bird that my cat brought to me. I had just finished so I stood up and slightly that moment a hummingbird came noise to break with me and hovered for at least 30 seconds. It was amazing. He was checking me out..looking at me with his eyes..I was so close to him. It was amazing!!! Just was wondering what the meaning could be
    I am a very spiritual person….my daughter has Bees in her life always. I know what they symnolize..I was curious what the hummingbird symbolized.
    I love these birds…I grew up on Himmingbird Drive!! Hahaha never a coincidence.
    Thanks for listening

  121. I started dating someone and its been the best month. They are so kind, caring, accepting and treat me so well. We have so much in common and I could easily see spending the rest of my life with them. However they shared something with me the other day that was a bit shocking and has made me cautious. When they shared this with me I felt I needed room to breathe so I stepped out on the patio. I hummingbird flew up to me (never saw a hummingbird here before) looked at me for a few seconds and then flew off. I am having a hard time figuring out the message they were delivering. Are they know to delivery warnings? I ask because it seems like everything points to positive notes. Anyway I appreciate any feedback

  122. I found a baby hummingbird a couple of days ago on the grassy area of my community. He was so tiny. I was afraid to pick him up, but I thought of all the feral cats we have skulking around. I went to find one neighbor, and a long the way I encounter another. She took off one her shirts and picked the baby hummer up. I hadn’t seen her in months. I don’t know what is going on, but she has lost a lot of weight. I think we were meant to find it together. I got the little guy to a rescue place forty minutes away. He was feisty didn’t want to let go of her shirt. He was meant to teach us something.

  123. My sweet daughter hung herself on 9/15/17. My sister bought thickets to a medium that was coming to Vegas . The morning of the show, i was on my back porch having my coffee, and a bright green hummingbird flew under my patio table. He was literally 6″ from the ground. He hovered for a while, then flew under the chairs. I really thought he was trapped, when suddenly he flew away. That night at the show with the psychic, i got a small book on how our loved ones contact us. Two hummingbirds on the cover. Open the book…..paragraph on hummingbirds. Said if u see a hummingbird acting strange, you can be sure it is your loved one.

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss Robin… But what a beautiful sign from your daughter now in spirit. Extra synchronicity around signs like how you’ve just described (the timing of it all) really solidify this was a sign from her. ✨💖 😇

  124. Hi there, I love this explanation of significant meanings. Right now as I type my mom 61, me 29, & my daughter 5 live in a home and in our backyard have a female hummingbird who has layed an egg or two at the most. I read up on hummingbirds, in a small little nest made all on her own in our tree we have!!! My mother noticed it about a week ago and since then me and my daughter checked on her daily.We let her be and do not want to scare her because, we do not want her to abandoned her nest. She leaves for short while and remains protective on her baby!! It did not seem to phase me much until day 3 or so and more I started to think how amazing this was to experience. !! Then after reading the info on nesting, how long they live, how HB do not nest in the same area again usually. This is a big deal and I’m so glad she ( the mamma hunnmingbird or baby Leah) as my daughter says 💕🤗😁 choose us, our tree!!!!

  125. Our 13 year old French bulldog, Guinness died in January after a battle with lymphoma. Before we put him to sleep, I told him to visit my husband and me anytime he wants. That weekend, I was watering a hibiscus. An anna’s Hummingbird flew up to me, and also flew in between my legs. I knew it was Guinness visiting me. He comes by everyday. I also have two others who have been coming by. I really believe are my beloved cats, Fluffy and Cinnamon. They hover and dance in the air. It makes me smile and it is a real joy to have these creatures in my yard!

  126. Hi,
    I’m not exactly sure of what it could mean as this is why I explored your site and others for some relevance but I had awoken from a dream this morning of for some reason discovering a hummingbird nesting on a living room sofa in the house of my grandparents and then seeing three other hummingbirds fly away with the initial one flying after them. All I know is of troubles that I’m currently undergoing with my family but could sense its meaning for my future being brighter than my life may be showing now. At this moment, I am tearing through thinking over such matters and hoping this could mean something good and that could allow me to feel better and get better not only spiritually (as I find your interpretation to indicate) but also physically. :.(

    1. May your hours and days be numerous. May your eyes always witness God’s great love for you. Or however you put that.

      – your angels

  127. Hi, My only child died last Aug. It was so hard to tet him go. The morning after his death I was sitting on my picnic table wondering why he had to leave us. When a hummingbird came beside my head and just stayed there.I had no red on, I guess I was just waiting for it to go by.But it didn’t, finally I turned and said hello and good morning. Then it left. I was so thankful, it made me believe my son was now a hummingbird.Now when my Granddaughters see a hummingbird they say Hi Dad !!!!!!! Thank you

    1. Hi Debbie, the same thing happened to me the day my mother died. She died early morning and after spending most of the day making all the arrangements, I got home and sat on the deck with my landlord for it was a beautiful warm sunny day for late May. Here in New England, May 20th is too early for hummingbirds. As I was sitting there, all of a sudden there she was! A beautiful little hummingbird suspended right in my face for several seconds. No flowers even in bloom, no flowers anywhere, no red anywhere. I knew it was my mom letting me know that she was fine, happy, and that I would be ok for she would never leave me. Thank you for your story.

  128. Great post! Hummingbirds often visit us at our cabin. One year we were sitting on the porch and a hummingbird came so one of my sons stood up, put his hand out….the tiny bird landed on his finger and sat still for close to 20 seconds. We were able to get a picture. Amazing!

  129. For over nine years now hummingbirds have been coming to my home, they arrive in spring and are here until late fall. If I do not have their sugar water out in early spring. they come to my back door screen and let me know they are here. I love hummingbirds and look forward to seeing them every year.

  130. When I see hummingbird it symbolizes joy for me.A person who is so optimistic that can turn every situation into something interesting.

    1. Mumsie passed October 2nd….. I have a daily Hummingbird visitor morning and evening, feasting on the Pineapple Sage……It’s moments with mom….Blessings..

  131. A few years back, my mother in law was living out her final days, on hospice, after battling Alzheimer’s for some time. My daughter, age 12 at the time, was very close to her grandmother and was extremely saddened that her time to pass was approaching.
    My husband was with his mother during her final moments. I was home, waiting on the news of her passing.
    My daughter was outside playing when my husband sent me a text to tell me she crossed over. Within seconds, my daughter came running inside our house, excitedly telling me that a humming bird just came and paused by her. It was litterally, the exact moments of my mother in laws passing. I knew immediately that mom ‘s spirit cane to my daughter through that hummingbird and I knew she was ok.

  132. My late brother and best friend was a pilot. As he faced his death after a courageous six year battle with cancer he said this to me:
    “Whenever you see or hear a hummingbird know that it it me dropping down to say I love you!”

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