Hummingbird Meaning – Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds
Hummingbird Meaning

Hummingbird Meaning – Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Hummingbirds

Do Hummingbirds Carry the Messages of Spirit?

There are many legends around the magic and spiritual meaning of the hummingbird.

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It is often said that hummingbirds have a way of joyfully floating through the air outside of time.

In Native American cultures, hummingbirds have long been portrayed as healers, light bringers, and helpers from Spirit who carry luck, joy, and love to those they encounter.

One thing is certain… Hummingbirds definitely have a way of opening our hearts and eyes to the wonders of the world.

Hummingbird Symbolism

Hummingbird Spiritual MeaningHummingbirds are among smallest of all birds. They’re incredible aerobatic and can fly up, down, backward, they can change direction in an instant and effortlessly shift from full speed to practically standing still in the blink of an eye. This is in part because of how light-weight they are, with some hummingbirds weighing no more than a penny!

This reminds us of the power of adaptability… Being willing to step back, observe, look at things from a new perspective, and then quickly shift into action as needed.

Their physical lightness is also a beautiful reminder for us too to lighten up! If we let ourselves release the weight of doubt, fear, and worry… Like the hummingbird, our spirits can begin to hover and soar as we follow our path of joy.

Hummingbirds are the only bird that has the ability to hover for long periods of time.

The way that hummingbird hovers is very symbolic in and of itself — because they move their wings in a figure eight pattern — a symbol for infinity!

In this, the hummingbird has a special way of teaching us to move beyond time, to heal what has happened in the past, and to fully center our presence and awareness in the moment that is now.

Hummingbirds light up our hearts and help us to transcend perceived barriers and limitations to claim our power as infinite spiritual beings of light.Click To Tweet

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Another incredibly symbolic characteristic of the hummingbird is that they drink the nectar of flowers.

As a result, they’re always searching for the sweetness of life and teaching us to do the same through their example.

With their long narrow beaks and even longer tongues, hummingbirds can get past the tough bitter exteriors of plants to fully dive into the sweetness within.

The nectar of life is, of course, one of the ultimate symbols for joy… Hummingbirds represent just that —living a life filled with joy, light, and sweetness — as they hover from flower to flower they’re fully present in the moment, completely following the path of joy.

If you’ve ever heard the soft hum of a hummingbird’s wings, you’ll notice that it too is quite distinct. This hum is said to carry healing light and magical energy, which hummingbirds have a way of bringing to us on a number of levels.

Hummingbirds Carrying Messages from the Angels

Hummingbird MessengersIn addition to the beautiful guidance we can receive directly from hummingbirds by looking at their symbolic meaning, or tuning into their healing light and presence of love…

Quite often our Angels and loved ones in Spirit choose hummingbirds to relay their messages.

They may guide hummingbirds to hum by to validate their spiritual presence and to send us signs and reminders to follow our joy, stand in the light, and stay present in the moment.

Your loved ones in Heaven may choose a hummingbird to enter your space as a validation and assurance that they are well and their soul lives on.

So if you keep seeing hummingbirds humming by…

Pay attention!

What does seeing the hummingbird mean to you?

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Take a moment to quiet your mind, open your heart and look within to tune into the sweet wisdom, and incredible gifts of light and presence hummingbirds bring.

They have much to teach us… And have a way of coming into the lives of those who are in need of, or just simply ready for their joy and light.

If you feel hummingbird represents something else not mentioned… You’re right!  Let your own heart and intuition reveal exactly what it is the sweet little hummingbird has to offer you in this very moment.

Has hummingbird reached out with a message for you?

I'd love to hear your hummingbird stories! Leave me a comment below!

With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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Alma says June 22, 2018

This morning in Phoenix on my way to work driving through our neighborhood a hummingbird came and hovered above the street we were driving through & it seemed to wait there until we drove by. My 21 year old daughter Angelita & I were delighted to see him & I were surprised they’re still around given the recent heat warnings.

Every time I see a hummingbird, I recognize them as light healers and say a wish or prayer- thank you God for sending them to remind us of your presence.

    Melanie Beckler says June 22, 2018

    I love your perspective on hummingbirds! ✨💖😇 Thanks for sharing ✨💖😇

Cierrah Longo says June 7, 2018

So literally like 2min ago I was sitting outside, and had just finished watching a YouTube video of the rapture is here, June 3 2018. I have been experimenting and learning about higher self and energy a lot lately and then as I’m sitting here this humming bird comes up to me it kinda freaked me out for a second. Then I realized what it was, he flew by and then went in circles came really close to me like he wanted to come inside. Then flew away, so it’s 730 am and daylight right, all the outdoor lights have been off for a while as far as the ones that only come on at night. Instantly after the bird flies away (and not going to lie, I’m looking for him to come back ) the light right across from me that wasn’t even on just flickered, or blew or something. …. what does that mean lol?

Crystal Curtis doucet says May 31, 2018

My story is my mom had been st our house on the holiday monday in Canada we purchased these neautiful flowers that attract humingbirds on the Tuesday we had one show up than disappeared and my mom passed on that Thursday unexpectedly do my story is I feel my dad was coming to take mom to be in heaven with him we burried her this pass Tuesday and still have not seen the hummingbird since 😢

    Melanie Beckler says May 31, 2018

    So sorry to hear about your loss, but glad you got such a beautiful sign from the hummingbirds. I’m sure they’ll be back to check in on you and bring you blessings of love and joy.

Kari Collier says May 29, 2018

I have been going through a tough family situation and my husband and I got into it on the phone, he yelled and hung up in my face. I was not going to answer any of his calls. After 15 missed calls, I came outside to cool off and think. A hummingbird flew 3 feet away from my face for about 20 seconds before flying away. I took it as a sign and answered the phone. My husband apologized and re assured me that he loved me. I thank my spirit guide for all the signs he gives me on a regular basis. Love conquers all!

    Melanie Beckler says May 31, 2018

    Love really is so powerful! Know that you can ask the angels to clear the lines of communication between you and your husband. See and visualize golden violet light cutting through any negativity or miscommunication.

Kimberley says May 23, 2018

I was thinking about my grandma Lola and Great aunt Leona(sisters in heaven now) today and I was sad, missing them … when I went to my back patio with my dogs , I noticed my hibiscus had bloomed since the earlier part of the morning… last year when my grandma passed , it bloomed the day she passed .. I always picked her hibiscus and left them all over her house when I was a little girl… this was her speaking to me… as I was on my patio I was feeling so sad and started to cry and thought how nice it would be to see them both again…and out of the blue 2 humming birds did a fly by and buzzed in front of me for a moment and before I could gather my thoughts , they were gone! I’ve never seen 2 at a time , it’s always one… I cried again and thought how beautiful it was for them to visit me , together . I’m very sensitive towards spirits and this was the best gift ever… I set up my surveillance camera to try and catch them again… 😉

Bobbie says May 23, 2018

I was sitting on the porch ealy afternoon and have been feeling depressed and lonely lately. All of a sudden i hear a light almost buzzing sound i thought maybe a vee was by me. I turn my head and looked up at my porch and there was a humming bird trying to drink from a feeder the lady that lived here before me left. I ve never seen a hummingbird up close ever like that it was beautiful.

Caitlyn says May 23, 2018

My grandfather recently passed away in March. When I was younger, we used to garden together and he would always point out the food he made so that hummingbirds would come visit him; he said they were his favorite. The three month anniversary of his death just passed a couple days ago and when I pulled up to my house today, there was a hummingbird buzzing around my front lawn. I just know it was him visiting me!

Debra says May 20, 2018

I was going through a divorce a bad breakup terrible breakup and when I get back home I found out that my sister have been hurt very bad well my sister died from the Burns or torture that she went through we never found out why or who did it then we buried her on a Wednesday and my grandson was killed on that following Monday so I have a lot of hurt and me at the time of seeing the hummingbird the bird used to come every day but I really never paid attention to it I sent it but I never really thought of anyting one particular day I saw the same hummingbird and it will come at a certain time of the day and then at that time again the next day I would see it again and then I realize I have been seeing this girl for a while but not acknowledging it so that being said this particular day the hummingbird will come and he would never into the nectar and he will fly away but he would always let me see him and he would look up at me so again one day the bird appeared and I was so excited to see it I was like oh there goes the hummingbird and I will wave at it and it would not move it came direct it directly in front of me and it’s Hubbard right there I move my hands thinking it would lie but it didn’t it just hurt there and look me dead in the face for a while and then it went back to the nectar and then it went away that prop me to start reading up on it to find out what it meant because right then and there I knew that meant something spiritually I never could figure it out so I looked it up and I called people and I asked people about it and one day my kids Auntie told me to look it up on the Google and I did that and we read through and it told me stages of my life and it was three stages I only got through the first two nine looking again to find out about the Thursdays I hope I’m able to find it maybe God will bless me to send this Angel to me again I don’t know but it did bring me joy laughter and happiness just as it describes so I thank God for it now I’m speaking eagle cuz I have been seeing Two Eagles soar then it became 3 I’m trying to find out what that means now it’s so much to search for spiritually because I know it has a lot to do with our father and his son Jesus Christ I’m looking so forward to find out what it means so I can / take it in my heart and living in my life

Nancye says May 15, 2018

I was burying a dead bird that my cat brought to me. I had just finished so I stood up and slightly that moment a hummingbird came noise to break with me and hovered for at least 30 seconds. It was amazing. He was checking me out..looking at me with his eyes..I was so close to him. It was amazing!!! Just was wondering what the meaning could be
I am a very spiritual person….my daughter has Bees in her life always. I know what they symnolize..I was curious what the hummingbird symbolized.
I love these birds…I grew up on Himmingbird Drive!! Hahaha never a coincidence.
Thanks for listening

Melissa says April 30, 2018

I started dating someone and its been the best month. They are so kind, caring, accepting and treat me so well. We have so much in common and I could easily see spending the rest of my life with them. However they shared something with me the other day that was a bit shocking and has made me cautious. When they shared this with me I felt I needed room to breathe so I stepped out on the patio. I hummingbird flew up to me (never saw a hummingbird here before) looked at me for a few seconds and then flew off. I am having a hard time figuring out the message they were delivering. Are they know to delivery warnings? I ask because it seems like everything points to positive notes. Anyway I appreciate any feedback

Christel says April 25, 2018

I found a baby hummingbird a couple of days ago on the grassy area of my community. He was so tiny. I was afraid to pick him up, but I thought of all the feral cats we have skulking around. I went to find one neighbor, and a long the way I encounter another. She took off one her shirts and picked the baby hummer up. I hadn’t seen her in months. I don’t know what is going on, but she has lost a lot of weight. I think we were meant to find it together. I got the little guy to a rescue place forty minutes away. He was feisty didn’t want to let go of her shirt. He was meant to teach us something.

Robin Thompson says March 31, 2018

My sweet daughter hung herself on 9/15/17. My sister bought thickets to a medium that was coming to Vegas . The morning of the show, i was on my back porch having my coffee, and a bright green hummingbird flew under my patio table. He was literally 6″ from the ground. He hovered for a while, then flew under the chairs. I really thought he was trapped, when suddenly he flew away. That night at the show with the psychic, i got a small book on how our loved ones contact us. Two hummingbirds on the cover. Open the book…..paragraph on hummingbirds. Said if u see a hummingbird acting strange, you can be sure it is your loved one.

    Melanie Beckler says April 4, 2018

    So sorry to hear about your loss Robin… But what a beautiful sign from your daughter now in spirit. Extra synchronicity around signs like how you’ve just described (the timing of it all) really solidify this was a sign from her. ✨💖 😇

Audra, Ava, and Donna says March 19, 2018

Hi there, I love this explanation of significant meanings. Right now as I type my mom 61, me 29, & my daughter 5 live in a home and in our backyard have a female hummingbird who has layed an egg or two at the most. I read up on hummingbirds, in a small little nest made all on her own in our tree we have!!! My mother noticed it about a week ago and since then me and my daughter checked on her daily.We let her be and do not want to scare her because, we do not want her to abandoned her nest. She leaves for short while and remains protective on her baby!! It did not seem to phase me much until day 3 or so and more I started to think how amazing this was to experience. !! Then after reading the info on nesting, how long they live, how HB do not nest in the same area again usually. This is a big deal and I’m so glad she ( the mamma hunnmingbird or baby Leah) as my daughter says 💕🤗😁 choose us, our tree!!!!

Kim says February 22, 2018

Our 13 year old French bulldog, Guinness died in January after a battle with lymphoma. Before we put him to sleep, I told him to visit my husband and me anytime he wants. That weekend, I was watering a hibiscus. An anna’s Hummingbird flew up to me, and also flew in between my legs. I knew it was Guinness visiting me. He comes by everyday. I also have two others who have been coming by. I really believe are my beloved cats, Fluffy and Cinnamon. They hover and dance in the air. It makes me smile and it is a real joy to have these creatures in my yard!

Uriah Lopez says January 14, 2018

I’m not exactly sure of what it could mean as this is why I explored your site and others for some relevance but I had awoken from a dream this morning of for some reason discovering a hummingbird nesting on a living room sofa in the house of my grandparents and then seeing three other hummingbirds fly away with the initial one flying after them. All I know is of troubles that I’m currently undergoing with my family but could sense its meaning for my future being brighter than my life may be showing now. At this moment, I am tearing through thinking over such matters and hoping this could mean something good and that could allow me to feel better and get better not only spiritually (as I find your interpretation to indicate) but also physically. :.(

    NV says May 13, 2018

    May your hours and days be numerous. May your eyes always witness God’s great love for you. Or however you put that.

    – your angels

Debbie Ritter says September 19, 2017

Hi, My only child died last Aug. It was so hard to tet him go. The morning after his death I was sitting on my picnic table wondering why he had to leave us. When a hummingbird came beside my head and just stayed there.I had no red on, I guess I was just waiting for it to go by.But it didn’t, finally I turned and said hello and good morning. Then it left. I was so thankful, it made me believe my son was now a hummingbird.Now when my Granddaughters see a hummingbird they say Hi Dad !!!!!!! Thank you

    Paula says November 18, 2017

    Hi Debbie, the same thing happened to me the day my mother died. She died early morning and after spending most of the day making all the arrangements, I got home and sat on the deck with my landlord for it was a beautiful warm sunny day for late May. Here in New England, May 20th is too early for hummingbirds. As I was sitting there, all of a sudden there she was! A beautiful little hummingbird suspended right in my face for several seconds. No flowers even in bloom, no flowers anywhere, no red anywhere. I knew it was my mom letting me know that she was fine, happy, and that I would be ok for she would never leave me. Thank you for your story.

    NV says May 13, 2018

    I hugged my phone for you.

Kristin says September 18, 2017

Great post! Hummingbirds often visit us at our cabin. One year we were sitting on the porch and a hummingbird came so one of my sons stood up, put his hand out….the tiny bird landed on his finger and sat still for close to 20 seconds. We were able to get a picture. Amazing!

    Melanie Beckler says September 18, 2017

    Sounds magical Kristin! I’m tempted to get these little handheld hummingbird feeders to encourage this! 😆✨💖

    NV says May 13, 2018

    Amazing. Amen.

Lois Thacher Fernandes says September 17, 2017

For over nine years now hummingbirds have been coming to my home, they arrive in spring and are here until late fall. If I do not have their sugar water out in early spring. they come to my back door screen and let me know they are here. I love hummingbirds and look forward to seeing them every year.

    Melanie Beckler says September 18, 2017

    That’s awesome Lois! They really are so lovely… Thanks for sharing! ✨💖✨💖✨

Ivana says September 17, 2017

When I see hummingbird it symbolizes joy for me.A person who is so optimistic that can turn every situation into something interesting.

Kim Weiss says September 17, 2017

A few years back, my mother in law was living out her final days, on hospice, after battling Alzheimer’s for some time. My daughter, age 12 at the time, was very close to her grandmother and was extremely saddened that her time to pass was approaching.
My husband was with his mother during her final moments. I was home, waiting on the news of her passing.
My daughter was outside playing when my husband sent me a text to tell me she crossed over. Within seconds, my daughter came running inside our house, excitedly telling me that a humming bird just came and paused by her. It was litterally, the exact moments of my mother in laws passing. I knew immediately that mom ‘s spirit cane to my daughter through that hummingbird and I knew she was ok.

    Melanie Beckler says September 18, 2017

    How beautiful Kim… This is such a great example our loved ones in Spirit leveraging hummingbirds to let us know their souls live on!

Chris says September 17, 2017

My late brother and best friend was a pilot. As he faced his death after a courageous six year battle with cancer he said this to me:
“Whenever you see or hear a hummingbird know that it it me dropping down to say I love you!”

    Melanie Beckler says September 18, 2017

    I love that! Hummingbirds are the perfect messengers of that joy and love, ✨💖

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