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angel healing with Sheelagh Maria

Do you know you have drained your energy, and perhaps feel that things just arent getting any better? Maybe you have asked your angels to help you, to step in and protect you, but it doesn't seem as if anything is happening?

The Angels have worked with me today to bring you some of my own personal methods for helping you to cleanse clear and better connect with the loving beings that are urging you on at a close range all of the time.

Accept that you need to do something.

It sounds obvious, but sometimes we get so involved in how we are feeling or what our reality has become that we are feeling trapped in a cycle and don't even consider that there are ways and means of lifting ourselves out of it…

Like most lightworkers if you are reading this article you are probably very sensitive to energy and even going to the grocery store can leave you depleted or lethargic and can also make it harder to reach in and up for the guidance and healing that is waiting for you from the angels.

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If you can only ask and do nothing else.. Ask! It is always granted. Sometimes the situation you are in is there to teach a lesson to you, however a lot of the time the situation you find youself in is the result of repetitive thought patterns and it's taken a while for it to become as stuck or as negative as it has and so it will move and will clear but it will take time. Accepting there is an issue you need help with, even if you are out of energy or out of strength, is the most important thing.

The Archangels are the energy to call on, they are professional message deliverers and have a stronger more palatable energy that you can sense, feel, perceive, hear or see, than even your Guardian Angel. So if you need some SOS, then Michael, Raphael, or Gabriel are the ones to cry out for.

Get clear.

Be sure what it is you need. What you think you need may not be actually what you need. You may need some instant energy boosting, or some instant chakra clearing and aura cleansing so that you can identify what steps you needto ask for help with next.

Wonderful ways of doing this are working with colour. Red, yellow, and orange are perfect, so eating foods of this colour, burning candles of this colour, having fresh flowers around you of this colour or simply breathing this colour in as you go around your day are wonderful ways of instantly upping your energy levels.

Breath is the way we get the energy in to us. The Angels don't actually live ‘up there', they live on a realm all around us – and its in the space inbetween matter or atoms. So the way that they hear us is with our thoughts, sound, feeling, colour and intention – these make up the strands of ‘delivery' that gets our prayer to the right place and gets the right help at the right time.

Breathing Purple for Michael, even if you are tired or upset and simply saying out loud  ‘Michael be with me now and help me find the strength/courage/energy to do what I need to do.'

Breathing Gold for Gabriel and asking for her to be with you now to help you find clarity or connect with her ask her to help you with communication issues with another person and she will.

spiritual healingBreathing Green for Raphael, on the in breath see this green helping you to release all of your fears and all of your frustration for this now moment, and trusting that he will ease a passage through these troubled times. Saying ‘Raphael I give you my problems please clear and cleanse any blockages or cords in my auric field and bring new healing energy and comfort my way' is a great all rounder.

What ever you ask for, what ever words you use, placing your hand over your heart and making a request rather than a demand is the way to reach them the strongest.

One of the best techniques if you are having problems connecting with the angels is to ask Gabriel to clear your Spiritual Chakras (the throat the heart the mind and the ears and third eye) and see gold light coming through each of these places in gentle meditation.

Matters Of The Heart

If like many people, you haven't yet found your perfect mate, or you are having trouble with the one you Do have Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel to call. His energy is soft pink and loving and accepting and simply holding a rose quartz and breathing pink into your heart and asking ‘Chamuel please help me to feel your love for me, please help me to feel love for myself and please open others hearts towards me to understand my perspective in peace' is a wonderful way to give him permission to work with the higher selves of your partner or spouse to allow them to be more receptive to your point of view.

Chamuel is also wonderful for healing the past love patterns.  If you are having problems attracting the right kind of mate it may be that past thought patterns or past energy is holding you apart from your next soul mate, so asking Chamuel and Michael to go back through your time line and cleanse and clear any relationship debris and fill your heart and mind with self belief and an expectation of the best for you will allow the Universe to hear your new found optimism and will very shortly bring around changes in your life.

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The Archangels can help you with everything.  They can help you ask for more clairvoyance, stronger work prospects, you can call money towards you there is putting it simply not any area that they cannot smooth out and assist you with

If you are experiencing trauma chaos or turbulence please connect with me now for a bespoke 1 Hour Angel Healing Reading and find out how you can transform your readily with the love that surrounds you.

With Angel Blessings
Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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