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How to Break A Curse! ~ Breaking A Curse With Help From The Angels!

How to Break A Curse
Have you ever wondered: “Am I cursed”?

In this post I'm sharing with you exactly how to break a spell or curse someone put on you. This also covers how to break a curse on your family, love life, or a curse of bad luck.

Curses Are Real

So yes… Curses exist, and I get that “being cursed” sounds like this very scary, and very negative thing, and while it is a detrimental energy, when you understand what a curse really is, and when know how to break curses, it’s much less of a deal when you encounter one.

I’ve got your back here.

In this post I will be teaching you my favorite methods for exactly how to break a curse on yourself, your family or anyone else right here and now!

This is something that you can and will in an instant shift!

What Is A Curse Anyway?

Learn how to break a curse with help from your angels. Being cursed sounds scary, but it doesn't have to be if you know how to call in help, and how to break it! Curses are real, but they may be a bit different than you think. A curse is not necessarily associated with witch craft, and it's not necessarily a deliberate hex curse that's sent your way.

It can be this, but its important to understand that a curse is essentially just a distorted energetic pattern created when someone holds a negative intention towards another.

So, if someone is wishing for you to fail, or hoping something bad or negative or lower vibrational happens in your life, this is a curse and a form of psychic attack!

If you're wondering how to curse someone else… You honestly may have inadvertently done so already if you've held any sort of ill wish or negative intention for another.

Cursing Is A Zero Sum Game!

I do want to warn you… Cursing another is NOT a beneficial course of action for you or anyone else and the distorted energy sent through cursing someone ALWAYS touches the life of the sender as well.

In understanding what a curse really is, it may become clear to you that curses are actually happening in the world more than you’d realized.

Curses aren’t just created when someone consciously curses another and deliberately tried to cause harm to another person…

These are these types of curses yes, where someone deliberately sends a curse, or evokes black magic against another person… And sadly there are all sorts of black magic methods and processes for sending distorted energy towards another person in order to cause harm. (Avoid these)

How A Curse Is Created

But really, a curse can be created anytime a negative intention is held towards another person.

And here’s the thing… Even if someone does consciously curse you with some sort of black magic ritual, it doesn’t necessarily have to negatively impact you if you know how to protect your energy.

When you learn how to remove a curse, at the first signs of feeling off or out of sorts you can cleanse yourself and your energy.

Protecting Yourself Against Curses

Looking for how to protect your energy against curses? Or maybe how to break a curse? The secret is keeping your energy filled with love, light and joy. Learn how to do this now here I mentioned above that curses are essentially just distorted and negative energy patterns.

Another way of looking at this, is that curses are like energetic viruses that have the potential to negatively affect your energy so that challenges, and hardships are triggered in your life.

But, if your energetic field is strong … You can encounter a curse without any negative repercussions.

Just how if your immune system is strong, you can come into direct contact with people who have the flu virus and yet you never catch it.

So how do you keep your energetic field strong so you’re unaffected by curses?

Here's the thing: If you're in a state of gratitude, joy and appreciation…

You are literally vibrating above the level at which a curse can negatively impact you.

When you're in gratitude, in a state of joy, fully present, centered and aware in the present moment with your heart open, shining your light, embodying your authenticity and standing in your Truth…

You're not going to be adversely affected, even if someone directly holds a negative intention towards you.

Your joy and presence acts like a shield so that lower vibrational energy just bounces off you.

Even if someone consciously curses you, casts a hex, or uses some other sort of black magic ritual to curse you, when you're vibrating above that lower vibrational energy… Then joy, love and gratitude act as the most powerful shields so you can literally be unaffected.

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But, and this is a big but…

If you let your vibration drop even for a brief moment, meaning if you’re triggered in some way such as:

  • A negative or draining encounter
  • You slip and start focusing on your past painful experiences
  • You stub your toe and get angry
  • You start repeating past painful memories in your mind…

You shift out of the energy of gratitude and joy that is your energetic shield.

And that is when you become susceptible to curses, and to any sort of lower vibrational energy or frequency that you come in contact with.

Joy and presence protects you, but if you drop out of joy in the present moment, your energy shield drops and you can become entangled in the lower distorted frequencies that is a curse.

Curses May Linger Just Outside Your Energy

If someone has deliberately thrown a curse at you… That mass of distorted energy can linger on the outer edges of your aura just waiting for an opening through which it can reach you.

The good news is, to clear a curse you can literally just ask your angels to help, and with this its like you have access to the most powerful antiviral on the planet in an instant.

Awareness Is Key

This is where awareness becomes key.

If you're not able to read your own energy to see distortion, or remnants of black magic around your energy...

Its important to pay attention to how you are feeling!

If you feel weighed down, sad, angry, depressed, frustrated, irritated or even clumsy, these can be clear signs that its time to cleanse your energy.

Angel Prayer for Breaking A Curse

Take a deep relaxing breath and begin to focus your attention inward.

Focus your attention on your heart center, and as you breathe, imagine the most incredible light all around you.

Learn an angel prayer to break spells and curses by calling in Archangel Michael to clear your energy and shift your vibration fast. Say aloud with deliberate intent:

  1. I ask to be surrounded with Divine light and angels to cleanse my energy on every level.
  2. I call Archangel Michael and my team of guides and guardian angels who can most serve.
  3. Assist me in cleansing my energy and releasing any negative energetic patterns, curses or distorted energies in my field.
  4. Release any curses and any distorted energy present in my energy into the light.
  5. Now imagine an incredible orb of angelic energy all around you and continue…

Angels please release from my energy all that no longer serves me into the light and replace it with gratitude, compassion and joy.

Help me to stay present and centered in the moment so I am unaffected by negativity of others, even when consciously directed my way.

Help me to shine in alignment with my highest Divine Truth.

Now from below your feet imagine the most vibrant net of golden light is moving up through your body and energy, pulling out and releasing into the light all that no longer serves you.

Feel this net of light moving up through your ankles, legs, knees, hips, waist, abdomen, chest, elbows, arms, shoulders, neck, head…

Let the light cleanse, and release any distorted energies completely…

Release fear, uncertainty, doubt and negativity into the light of the Divine.

With help from Archangel Michael and my guardian angels…

Thank you. And so it is

This Really Works!

Did you feel a the power and shift as you went through the above process? It works instantly.

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Moving forward, remember that staying centered in the present, in a state of gratitude, and joy empowers you to vibrate above the energy of any curses thrown your way.

If you do find your vibration drops, and you feel affected by some lower vibrational energy or negative intention someone else may be directing your way, release it!

In addition to the above prayer, the Violet Flame of Transmutation can be a powerful ally to burn through any distortion and negativity in your energy.

Interestingly, for low level distortions in your energy… Water can be a powerful way to spiritually cleanse a lot as well!

Learn how to Cleanse your energy with water in the shower now!

It's important to know that no matter how helpless your situation seems… Help is available to you!

Call In Your Angels!

Your angels can help you to shift in an instant... To cut the cords of distortion and clear your energy of all curses so you can to return to being in the present moment cleansed and purified, standing in your joy and truth, and vibrating above lower energies and negativity, so you can manifest blessings in your life and flow forth your positive energy signature in service of all.

Want further assistance?

 Check out my Complete Spiritual Cleansing Sessions here >>

If this has been helpful for you… Please share!

With blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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  1. Thank you for this being available online. I can feel this all around and within me. I had the chills running thru my body as I began to move from feet up. Had to shake some of them off me at several points of my body. This is awesome!

  2. My boyfriend somebody put a evil spell on him where he would not be in love with me or have feelings for me I need it removed

  3. What if the black magic curses has animal sacrifices and graveyard spirits and there are a lot of evil spirits assigned to you and my son is starting to have seizures because of these demons trying to take over his being and he is breaking out in a stress rash all over his face and he cannot learn anymore because he’s so unfocused.

  4. Thank you. You have shown me another point of view of lifes experiences. You have shone a light in a dark corner and I am very very thankful. I now know what to do.
    Much Appreciated
    …. PETER…..

  5. Yes, it is true that people can curse others with their words. The mind gets tired of fighting with others and general starts to believe it. We go more inward to avoid the pain than face the attackers of those that we love. What I want to know? how to release this anger out of your spirit in a way that is safe for you and others. Built up anger does go away but tends to make us feel that we don’t know are ourselves or a lost kind of feeling in the mind. Healing comes from what ? knowing that the lie wasn’t true at all. If the little voice inside my head states to me ” don’t get mad or upset” then I must have anger inside to feel this way to feel in control of my emotions. Then the question becomes ” why am I mad or anger?” When my mind is tying hard to block out the hurtful past. It seems like I need to go through the roadblock then around it? What do you think?

  6. Please do more research on Vodou and not the Hollywood demonized version, “voodoo”, that you’re associating with cursing people. Vodou is a religion that teaches practioners to be balanced and to be in harmony with nature. We are healers who, despite what you think, are most often the ones helping to REMOVE said curses.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Alexandra. I actually just updated my post and removed the “voodoo reference” … It was an attempt to use mainstream thinking around what calling in a curse could look like, but you helped me to see my error there so I updated it. Many blessings and keep shining your light in the world.

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