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By Sheelagh Maria

Help with RelationshipsThe angels can help you in all manner of ways especially where relationships are concerned.

So if you are in the middle of a difficult time or you are experiencing mixed signals the angels ask you to stop and consider your ‘tone'…… Did you know that the Universe is like a waitress who hears our ‘order' from our feelings and our thoughts, and so if we are feeling unloved or frustrated by the lack of commitment or the lack of clarity this is precisely what Mrs. Universe goes to order more for us of?

So how do you get things back on an even keel? How can you encourage the one you love to want to be around you?

The angels suggest appreciating yourself, all that you are and all that you have to offer rather than looking at yourself as ‘not enough' or ‘at fault'.

The angels suggest to you that our outer reality is an extension of our inner reality and it is always the case that when we attend to the inner beings needs, and focus on growing our self esteem and our knowledge of our own worthiness to love and be loved – that we will just as a flower attracts a bee with its sweetness, attract towards us all manner of reasons to love and be loved.

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So if you have an errant partner, someone that is not ready for what you are, or perhaps someone who says one thing and does another it is time to be accountable not for Their actions but your own thought processes that have helped you attract this – they say that perhaps it is the underlying ‘signal' or ‘flavour' of ‘I’m going to get hurt' that opens the door for the other person to smell your doubt or to feel your fear and so unknowingly it brings out
Their fear from past failures and echoes this through your connection.

Gabriel in particular says when we attend the garden of our mind and nurture the soil of our soil with loving caring nurturing thoughts about ourselves we will undoubtedly reap the ripest most rewarding fruits from our labours. She reminds us that when someone leaves or doesn't want what we want it is our perception that it is ‘our fault' or something we ‘did wrong' she begs to differ, just as if you bought someone everything they wanted in terms of gifts but there was something that person wanted for themselves that they wanted to experience and wanted the experience of purchasing that item, so in relationships it is not always possible to fulfill every desire especially if this person doesn't know what it is they Do desire.

Remembering always that what is meant for us will not pass us by, and those people relationships and experiences that are right for us will stay with no force or resistance offered, it will just work itself out. Offering resistance if arguments are going on or offering resistance where someones free will is concerned will only push the desired person away from you, however gently if sadly allowing this person to do what it is they need to do and bringing your focus back onto how you feel about yourself can inevitably be all that is needed to draw their attention after you.

It is the angels tell me in showing someone how you expect it to be, grasping and holding on only serves to sever the links almost like someone clinging onto the side of a building to avoid falling, however walking on rather than standing back, setting your focus always on what you can do to nurture yourself, will heighten their desire to be part of that feeling, that often they are not experiencing in themselves at that moment.

‘Ask Us' says Gabriel to facilitate easier communication, a little like when we get lost and don't want to ask for directions, asking can be seen as a sign of weakness, asking the angels to facilitate honest communication so that you can understand why this other person feels this way, this is not the same as making them feel the way you want them to feel, however if you approach this with a centredness you will find that you can ease yourself out of what no longer works, and in doing so move forward to something that works far better for

Twin Flames v Soul Mates

We come from a club, a large loving tribe if you will, and we are all very aware of each other in that tribe in spirit. When we come down here we will have a ‘core group' that we interact with in each lifetime and now and then other members will come visit. A soul mate, is someone that you ‘agreed to learn from and with' for a period of time, friends, mothers and fathers and children are all types of soul mate. Lovers are soul mates, if you are learning from one another, however that is not to say that every soul mate is meant to be forever. Even some relationships where it feels negative and no longer nourishing were per-ordained for the soul growth they would allow.

We can ‘cling on' to something that is no longer working truly for us energetically because we don't know who we are without this person, this defeats the object – in human terms it is understandable why we would want to ‘stay' where it feels known, however it's a little like sitting in a swamp because you can't see the beautiful lush green meadow just beyond the bough of the trees. If you Know deep down, (and we all do Gabriel tells me) whether you are just experiencing hurdles or whether it is more than that, then there will always be another soul mate that is brought into join you if you so desire, however just as we must let go of the ladder to jump to solid ground, a true soul mate will appear when we have ‘let go' of what is holding us energetically in place at this moment.

relationship angelsThe desire to be loved is Universally felt and understood, however the misconception is that you need another soul to fulfill this role, you are loved because you Are. Because you incarnated, you are loved tremendously and always have the angels stepping in and standing by as the best family and friends you could hope for, just as you wouldn't feel unloved because someone lived away from you but kept in touch by phone or other means, just because the Angels frequency is higher and they don't ‘need' a body, it doesn't mean that they are not there and don't understand exactly why and how you feel and they will support you in your quest to love yourself, when this is achieved and felt and resonated, if desired this is when your Twin Flame is likely to enter in.

Runners & Chasers

There is also the conception that a Twin Flame relationship is easy is the ‘piece de resistance' and is the ultimate goal. The angels say that a twin flame yes is the other half of ‘you' sent out on separate missions to accumulate knowledge and growth, however just as if you came in from the outside with muddy boots there would be mess, the angels say that there can be lots of past life and even current life issues and pain that you will in fact after the ‘initial ecstasy' mirror in one another.

One twin is likely to run when this happens as even ‘minor' arguments with previous partners can turn into real wounding and hurtful rows, and the other who cannot be away from the twin will chase wanting to make up. The cycle completes when the Chaser stops running after the runner and they have to look themselves in each others eyes and learn to ‘sit with' and heal their pain both in each other and from other times. It is also often the case that other ‘characters' will accompany a Twin Flame Revival.

Other parties that either were involved with you in prior lifetimes and they can cause outward signs of drama wanting to replay their role in ‘their' twins life subconsciously. The message here is have faith in you, have faith in what your presence calls to the other one, feel worthy, and know that no other Energy or soul in the Universe can ever come between you if you stand firm in your love for them and also your love for yourself.

This is when the Raising up happens. Raising up is when either making love, or in times of closeness or need, you actually meld as one unit one soul and raise up together to higher states of consciousness, this is when you are able to heal other people by your union. This is where you are then United for every incarnation afterwards although many ‘Units' do decide at this moment that they do not wish to come back.

Whether you are in a lifetime Soul mate relationship, or Twin Flame relationship, one is not better than the other. It is entirely possible to have a lifetime soul mate who is not your twin flame this doesn't negate the love and commitment in any other way. Every soul has a twin flame. This incarnation may not be the one you are supposed to meet, they may be a child somewhere who doesn't make it to maturity or they may be a Old lady somewhere.

Your path was roughly pre written. So when you meet someone who feels familiar to you stop and minute and ground yourself and ask yourself ‘what kind of tribe member is this'.

We can have Soul friends that assist us that we feel affection for but not deep soul searing love, soul mates whom we love but never quite gel with, and then sometimes often and usually there will be one pre-dominant soul that calls to yours. This is your Lifetime Soul Partner – enjoy every moment says Gabriel.

Angels will help you in so many ways if you ask. They cannot go against any souls free will. However they can help smooth the way, and asking the angels of the other person to open their heart chakra is a wonderful way of encouraging honesty and less defensive measures, because this is working purely in love – no body can be harmed or manipulated by this. Also asking that your Guardian Angel works with Their Guardian Angel also helps to open communication channels and bring healing in.

So the angels tell me, help is always available. The big guys to call are Chamuel for soul mates twin flames and self love, Gabriel for communication and clarity and also Haniel for matters of sensitivity and passion.

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There is always a light in the darkness, and that is always you.

If there is a relationship question you have wanted to ask or want help to energetically move forward then please do contact me. Often cord cutting promotes healing and brings fresh energy into a relationship, and also helping you to ‘set your signal' to bring the other person forward can also be helpful making sure that what you 'emit' is receptive not defensive and this is something my work with the angels includes.

A channeled reading is an opportunity for you to get fresh insight into whatever is going on and the Angels will help you to smooth things out and change things for the better. To learn about channeled reading options with Sheelagh, Click Here!!

In love, always love, Sheelagh and Gabriel

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. My soulmate moved in with his gf but we are still in touch. We have been through so much together but i feel i overtook in the relationship and this put him off but he kept giving me chance after chance. Im scared i have blown it this time. Please help

  2. I need clarity if he is really my soul mate, there is Love we have for each other but at the same time there is alot of anger, confusion. We both try to move on but cannot and somehow get back but with no commitment. Please help me see the clarity of this relationship. why is it hard to be separate and even harder to be together, how can this be solved ?

    Thank you and be blessed

  3. Hi there, your essence is close – I can feel you.
    I wanted to mention something that is not often talked about. There are a good number of soul mates and / or twin flames who have been in multiple lives and have been multiple genders. Sometimes there is the meeting (as in my case), where we know that we each have met our twin flame, but my twin flame is having a hard time with the human gender issue. We are both women. But, I date women and she was married to a man. The problem is that she “knows” she is my twin flame, but is having a hard time (because of past beliefs) with the gender issue. Although we have unconditional love for one another, we will need time, and help from our Angels, to get past this point. We are joined and will never separate, but until she sees that the human gender doesn’t matter, it might be a small struggle.
    I guess my question is, do you see a lot of this human gender issue causing static with people and their flame connections? If so, are the Angels easily able to work through these issues to smooth the way for the twin flame with the fears?
    Thank you for your support and time…and answer, if you can give one on this forum.

  4. Hi, I really think I have found my twin flame but I’m dealing with soo much confusion and hurt. If you could please help me with some guidance and advice it would be soo highly appreciated!

  5. Hello!

    Please help, I believe I’m on the verge of getting my twin flame back. I’m not sure but I m hoping so. I’m not quite sure which stage we are in, but I truly need help in aiding this process . Or getting clarity from the angels. right now, i am receiving several synchronocities. This has been occurring for a while and I’m tired. i just want him back.


  6. Hey guys Ive always got time to help book a reading and id LOVE to assist you! yes Peace it is completely possible and the runner and chaser are well known phenomenon with twin flames been there myself! Remember though the happier you are the happier he or she will be! Lorna Byrnes is amazing read all her books thank you x

  7. I would like to recommend Lorna Byrnes to you if you don’t already know about her. Also the book angels in my hair by Lorna. Peace and love.

  8. I could really use your advice. I think I met my twin flame or soul mate. Please contact if you have time to help.

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