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Heart Breathing – A Simple Technique to Raise Your Vibration

Heart Breathing

Expand the Radiance of Your Heart Center with the “Heart Breathing”

Heart-focused breathing is a powerful way to quickly awaken your heart center, raise your vibration, increase your radiance and access your heart intelligence. Breathing with awareness into the heart center naturally draws more light into your heart center, so your heart area increases in vibration and the light of your heart expands out around you.

The concept of heart-focused breathing was popularized by the Heart Math Institute. Heart Math has conducted years of research into how our heart rhythm patterns directly reflect our internal state.

In other words… many people find that heart breathing brings them into a state of quick coherence with an incredible benefit of transforming stress, elevating mood, improving health, raising energy levels and more!

Heart Math shares a “quick coherence technique” that essentially consists of breathing into your heart with awareness to cultivate a positive energetic state of presence, and optimism.

The heart breathing practice I am sharing with you today is my own version, that I've slightly adapted from HeartMath's Quick Coherence Technique based on my inner guidance.

The coherence technique can also be used to enter into beautiful mystical states of awareness, and the heart center is also a powerful center for manifestation and accessing the higher realms of spirit.

The heart breathing technique you're able to learn empowers you with a process for quick coherence, or in other words, quickly syncing with the coherent energy of All That is Now.

Heart-focused breathing empowers you to bring light into your every cell, to bring healing and blessings to your physical body, to your mental body through transforming stress. Breathing into the heart with awareness also allows incredible light of love and the light of the awakened heart center to flow out far beyond you.

The heart-focused breathing process I’m about to share with you is wonderful to do outside and in close connection to nature, but you can also do it anywhere.


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Getting Started with Heart Breathing

To begin, find a comfortable standing position, or a sitting position where your spine is straight and upright. You don’t want to be leaning in any direction, or laying down, to have the best results with this technique.

Find a place where you can be still, centered, balanced and present.

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Begin by calling in Divine Light to surround and uplift you. You can also call in the presence of your team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. These Guides can support you in increasing the radiance of your heart center, tuning into your vibrant heart light, and expanding this heart vibration out far around. Ask them to help you bring benefit to all beings, bring increased vitality, and raise your vibration.

Once you’ve called in light all around you, and you’re in the presence of Angels… Now just focus you awareness on your heart center, the energetic heart area, in the center of your chest (not your actual heart organ).

Breathe in to the area of your heart, and then exhale as you deeply relax, and let go.

Breathe light into your heart from all directions

Heart Focused Breathing Technique

Let Your Heart Glow with Golden Crystalline Light

Loosely focus on your heart center as you continue to breathe. Imagine your heart center is beginning to glow brighter and become more radiant with every inhale.

Really feel the light, feel your heart growing more vibrant, and then as you exhale allow the light to expand around you.

I recommend using your hands at first to guide the energy flow and to support you in feeling and becoming aware of it. But once you get this process down… Then just breathe in and let light fill your heart, exhaling as light flows into every cell. Allow light to fill your aura and light body, as it ripples out far beyond you.

As you breathe, let your heart center glow with the crystalline divine consciousness. As you exhale, bring this divine light of awakening into every cell, filling you with light and letting light ripple out far and wide beyond you.

Give this a try expanding your heart with brilliant golden light as you breathe in and then let it expand out all around.

Many people who normally struggle with meditation, have powerful experiences with this simple heart focused breathing technique.

There is even a heart-rate monitoring device called the emWave Pro that can help facilitate bringing your heart, mind, and emotions into coherence and sync.

The emWave Pro is of course not required to come into a state of heart-coherence, I've actually never tried it… And with awareness you can definitively feel and experience the shift into coherence as it happens.

But if you are struggling with the process, the emWave Pro may help!

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