Healing Power of Trees

The Healing Power of Trees

Healing Trees
The Spiritual and Healing Properties of Trees

I have always loved trees. I love walking through the forest, and sitting under trees to meditate and connect with their energy.

I love the way trees leaves and pine needles catch the light, rustle in the wind, and I love the incredible wisdom and healing that trees have to give.

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Trees really are magical. They are Divine wisdom keepers on Earth.

Like all living things, trees carry a specific energy frequency, or vibration. The vibration of trees is much slower, deeper, and more patient than most living creatures. Trees ground Divine light into the physical, are vessels of sacred earth energy, and they have a long history of inclusion in spirituality, healing, and sacred ceremonies for humanity.

The vibration of trees resonates with a feeling of security, stability, and safety. Because trees are so firmly anchored to the Earth, they’re wonderful teachers of grounding. Just walking under them, or placing your hands upon them will work wonders to help you ground and center your energy.
By just looking at a tree you can start to notice there is something special about them.

THealing Power of Treesrees stand tall and remain present despite whatever turbulence is happening around them. With their limbs and their leaves they reach up towards the light while simultaneously with their roots they reach deep down into the Earth. The trunk of the tree is a clear channel for Divine frequency to flow.

Trees are clear channels of the sacred, positive energy of the earth, and of the Divine light of the Heavens above. Trees are patient and willing teachers who will help you learn to remain centered and grounded, while reaching up towards the Heavens and allowing Divine light to flow through.

For this reason, spending time with trees, (whether you choose to hug them or not) will help you to receive healing, balancing, and grounding just by being in their presence. When you are in the presence of a tree your energy can actually merge with that of the tree for a moment, which will have an incredibly positive effect on your energy.

When I first opened to experience the angelic realm, it was while sitting under a tree, meditating. I have also received energy healing, blessings, and guidance from the trees on many occasions.

Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts, I can usually quickly shift back into a positive vibration with a walk through the forest, a quick meditation under a tree, or as I’ve learned recently, by enjoying an essential oil like sacred frankincense, cedar wood, or blue Idaho spruce, all derived from trees.

You too can tune into the grounding, shielding and clearing help from the trees.

Healing With The Trees

Tap Into The Healing Power of the Trees

To tap into the healing energy of the trees, the easiest way is to get outside in the presence of trees, and ask the trees to help you. When you ask for healing, guidance, or grounding, pay attention to your intuition to determine the tree which is calling out to you.

Sit under the tree that calls out to you. Place your back against it if you can… You can also stand in front and place your palms on the trunk. Close your eyes and breathe.

Be patient and listen, as the guidance from trees sometimes comes slowly, but when it does it is incredibly helpful and profound. You may hear guidance from the tree, or receive mental images, which is a common way for trees to communicate.

The Healing Power of TreesOpen your heart to receive healing from the tree and be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.

Tree healings are powerful, gentle, and incredibly loving. Just as trees transmute carbon dioxide into clean fresh air, trees can gently release pain and density from you, and release it into the light.

As you sit under a tree, visualize any scattered or negative energy you’ve been carrying traveling down the trees roots and dissolving into the light at the core of the earth, or traveling up the trunk into the branches, reaching up and releasing into the light of the Divine.

In addition to asking for help and healing from the trees, ask what you can do for them.

One time in response to this question, a tree asked me to move a log beneath it… Another time I was inspired to create a small mandala beneath the tree and on another occasion, the tree just asked me to come back and visit.

If you do Reiki or Angel Energy Healing, offer it to the trees. You can also say a little prayer, offer a blessing, or set a positive intention for you and the tree both.
Trees are all unique, and so the healing, guidance, and wisdom you receive will depend on the tree. A tree first guided me on how to connect with the angelic realm; and since, I’ve received tree reiki, gained insight, and received profound guidance, and healing from trees on many occasions.

Next time you walk under a tree, remember, and honor the healing and spiritual power of the trees. And when you do notice a certain tree seems to be calling out to you, quiet your mind, pay attention, and listen for any insight, healing, or blessings it may be sending your way.

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With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




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Linda says February 23, 2019

This post was wonder! It really touched my heart and soul. I use to make a point of touching a tree or paying my respects when I saw one. I think they are truly magical and magnificent. You have made me realize the beauty of these gifts and that they can truly help me on this journey that I’m on. Now I know where to find the wisdom and loving energy that I need. Thank you

Ash says February 15, 2019

I didn’t realise how connected I was to the trees until the one nearest to me had one trunk cut down by a neighbor. When I walked past the tree before that I had felt a warm pain in my leg and I think the tree was trying to tell me. I think they have the intuition to see the future from the energy of people. Unfortunately I am the person that got this signal but didn’t realise what it was. Now I get knee pain in the same leg and this is since the tree trunk was fell.

Chris says September 21, 2018

As a Druid, I can see and feel the energy of the earth that flows through everything around. It is a humbling experience especially with a tree. There is a local park nearby that I go to once in a while and I can feel certain trees that have been damaged by people or animals (beavers), I am fortunate enough to be able to share healing energy with those trees. These trees reciprocate it by every time I pass by they send me powerful signals of love. It makes me happy to have such a beautiful relationship with nature. Blessed be to all who give and receive help with nature.

Subash Krish says June 9, 2018

I too connect with trees and get lots of happy loving energies ❤️🌱

Michele says May 14, 2018

I’m so excited to be in the trees and do this. As a child I climbed the trees around my house. I was an only child and felt that the three trees I climbed were my brothers and sisters. I was so comforted while sitting or laying in the limbs…..I felt cradled and so safe. I’m 67 now, and where I live there were these twin trees….so beautiful, but one was cut down to expand a garden area. Thinking about it now and after reading your piece, I understand how full of sorrow the remaining tree feels. Tomorrow I will go to the one twin left and give my love and apologies to her. I will comfort and support her. I’m so happy to read your article….it has made me realize I have a very intimate and compassionate connection to trees. Thank you.

Meebee says April 14, 2018

Dear All,

I have loved trees since I was a little girl. i have empathic synesthesia. It means that sometimes i can feel the energy and emotion of trees. It is an amazing feeling when they choose to communicate. I haven’t really felt it with young trees only older ones. However this isn’t about that. I live in the UK and the local council in their infinite wisdom (sarcasm) decided to cut down some beautiful ancient trees near my house and I could feel them reaching out to me and I could feel them screaming in pain. It was horrific and so heartbreaking. I will never forget it. I wish I had had the power to stop them. I wish they could have known what I knew that those old trees felt pain. Not all trees do sometimes the tree the wood is still there but the spirit energy has left the tree. But other trees they feel the pain in the same we would if we had been chopped in two.

With kind regards to you all


Kathy says October 26, 2017

I have been drawn to trees since I was a small child. i climbed them, played around them and in them. I always made my secret special places among them. I felt safe and protected. Trees have always been a part of my life. I am much older now but always feel connected, protected and at peace walking, gazing or sitting among my dear friends. I am so very happy there are others with this special connection.

Jimmy Childs says October 18, 2017

Don’t know if it works for you but I place my hands on a tree and focus on bringing energy from the earth, up through my left leg and through my body cleansing on the way and push the energy up through my right arm and through the tree and out into the EVERYTHING. Then, I reverse and pull from the Everything, through the tree and down my left arm. It cleanses me as it travels down my right leg and into the earth. Sometimes, I also breath in with the pulling and out with the pushings. Give it a try and see what you think.

Patrice says October 6, 2017

My grandson, 2, has been going up to trees in the park and putting his hands on them, then on himself. I wish I had a way to share the pictures and video I have of him doing this.

    Melanie Beckler says October 6, 2017

    That’s so amazing Patrice! What a wise one he is…

Jeanette says February 26, 2017

I love trees Monkey Pod trees, banyan, willow, pine and aspen are a few of my favorites!

Mary B. says September 5, 2016

I am so happy I found your article. Recently I have started truly noticing trees and how beautiful they are. I will put my palm on the bark of different trees and noticing how each tree has their own unique bark pattern. After doing that for a couple days I started to test out sending the tree love and when I did I received so much love in return it made me feel fuzzy and warm and energized. It was such a wonderful experience.

Later on my walk something else happened. While putting my hands on one tree I felt a deep sadness that almost brought me to tears. And it makes me wonder, can trees be sad? Should I ask the tree about it? Like another user said before it sounds weird to put these things into words but I feel that I am not mistaken about this tree being very sad.

Leonora says June 15, 2016

Absolutely AWESOME, Thank you, today was one awesome day, we have a huge tree at work in a courtyard, from my first day here going outside I could feel here vibrations and showed our MD that she was indeed a twin, he was stunned never noticed whilst working 25 years on the grounds, he usually laughed when he caught me hugging “My Tree”. A while back her branches were cut and was torn, my heart was broken and I showed our MD that she cried and next time to call me when she needs trimming. Today he asked the guys to call me first as she needs a bit of trimming, I was super happy that he actually acknowledged my love for the tree, Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information, we sent the link to him to read and gain better understanding why I feel and experience when I am next to her. Blessings to you Angel friend and THANK YOU for all your teachings, I learn each day and gather so much inspiration from your guidance. Thank you for being part of my spiritual path <3

Echo says August 31, 2015

Trees have always given me a peaceful feeling. When I was young I always loved this beautiful crab apple tree that would give the gift of brigbt pink blossoms and I felt awe in its beauty. Therewas a gorgeous maple tree that stood on a hill in a big ceild with all of its stength and beauty looking over the hill. I visited that tree and it nourished me with a calm and it gave me stength. Thank you forthis article I couldn’t bave said it better.



MarlisPotgieter says March 18, 2015

Trees have the most wonderful enery. I have felt this many a time I have also found that trees and plants have a knowledge of what is true and what is not even though it sounds crazy in normal language.

Temple McKinney says March 17, 2015

I love this article! It answers so many questions I have had for years. I have always been drawn to a tree on the hill above my house. I have felt like it wanted me to come visit it and I have found sitting beneath it is a wonderful place for meditating. The connection with this tree is so strong and I often felt foolish for feeling so connected to this tree. I always hug it. Now I am looking forward to embracing this relationship and continuing to learn more about my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wealth of information !

Andria says February 25, 2015

I have nine huge Live White Oak trees that surround my house on all four corners. The largest Oak tree stands tall in our front year. I think of him as the Grandfather Oak. He is about five foot around at his base. I always ask his permission to touch him. One night when I stretched my arms out wide to hug him, I had the feeling that I should place my forehead against the tree bark. There was a knot on the tree, where a limb had been removed years earlier. When I rested my head against the knot, and relaxed, I started to feel myself melt into the tree. It was amazing!! I know that these beautiful trees are guardians of our home and keep undue harm away from our property, our home, and guard against strangers, as we rarely have in welcomed guests. Goodlife. Blessings of Divine Love & Light, Andria

susan says February 25, 2015

I have hugged a tree! And I sometimes talk to the trees out side of 9ur house! I have a lot of respect for treesx

Gail Lynch says February 24, 2015

I love dead trees as well. They remind me that there ghost like figures are still present and can offer so much peace and wisdom.

Gail says February 24, 2015

One day during extreme stress at work (I work near a forest) I decided to go deep into the forest to release my stress in a loud scream. A Ravin screamed back at me for disturbing his peace and I immediately broke out into laughter and all the stress was gone. This Ravin continued to watch over me for several weeks, several times a day. I feel truly blessed. 🙂

Manisha A. Mehrotra says February 24, 2015

Awsome info ..didnt knew about this before..now I know why every time I love going back to one particular place which has huge pipal tree.i find lot of calmness and get de -stressed but didnt knew all this detail.Thankyou ..

Francis Lindsay Beveridge says February 24, 2015

Also connecting with others in a circle, holding hands around a Tree is also quite Powerful and Healing!

michelle palmer says February 24, 2015

I love nature trees flowers peace calmness ease and relaxation.

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