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What Is Subtle Energy & How to Connect

Subtle EnergyHow Connect With Subtle Energy

Becoming more aware of your spirit guides and angels, the Divine guidance and insight which is available, and your psychic ability and intuitive insight, requires you to tune into Subtle Energy.

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What Is Subtle Energy?

Subtle Energy is a concept which is present throughout many different cultures, religions, and traditions. Just to give you a quick idea of what I mean… Subtle Energy has been called prana, energy, the force, life force energy, chi, the Holy Spirit, qi, ether, the energy of consciousness, cosmic energy, spiritual energy, vibrational energy,… and more!

By becoming aware of the subtle energy which is flowing throughout everything, interconnecting all of life, and present between time and space in the void, you’re one step closer to being able to translate this pure energy into clear answers, knowing and insight you can understand.

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To receive guidance and clear answers from the field of subtle energy which interconnects All, which includes you, your angels, the earth, and All That Is, you will need to learn how to tune into the subtle vibrations of life first.

Increasing your sensitivity to the natural energies around you is an essential step in understanding subtle energy and tuning into the guidance of the angels and the Divine. Like any skill, perceiving subtle energy can be developed and improved upon. To get better at sensing, seeing and feeling it, you need to first begin,  so let's get started!

Subtle Energy Meditation Script

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To complete the following subtle energy meditation start by sitting in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes, breathe and let go of any stress or tension. Allow yourself to become really relaxed. When you’re ready… Countdown from 3 to 1, and then imagine you’re outside, sitting in the sunlight, in a beautiful natural location. Somewhere you feel safe, and surrounded with the beauty of the earth.

With your awareness and imagination, notice the beauty of nature all around you. Paint the mental picture and notice the trees, grasses and flowers, the sun brightly shining down upon you, and imagine that you are surrounded in a beautiful orb of rainbow light. Visualize the rainbow orb shimmering around you, protecting your energy, and representing your subtle energy field.

Keeping your eyes closed and from this inward focused place, become aware of your surroundings, notice how the trees, plants, grasses, stones, the very ground you’re sitting on all emanate a gentle energy and light.

Become aware of this light in your mind’s eye. It’s almost as if you’re imagining it or remembering it from a long time ago. Just observe and notice the gentle light radiating off of everything around you from all the natural world.

what is subtle energy Notice a cluster of trees which are close together. Observe their lights gently blending and dancing together, and then notice a tree which is standing alone. Its energy lighting up the entire area around it in a beautiful, powerful, and yet gentle light orb.

Notice the element of water in this countryside scene. A luminescent light floating just above the surface of the water.

Take another moment now just to breathe and soak in all the healing and rejuvenating blessings of the natural world around you.

Relax and then in your mental vision, in your imagination, imagine that you’re standing up and beginning to walk around this peaceful location in the countryside. As you do, notice your rainbow light orb, the energy around you as it interacts with the subtle energy of the natural world.

Imagine that you’re now standing under a tree and witness as your light field merges with the larger light field of the tree for just a moment. Observe your energies dancing together, merging in the present moment, and then as you step away, your energy goes with you, the tree resumes its orb, and you have each received blessing and rejuvenation from the interaction from your connection.

Now imagine you’re walking past a field of flowers and as you do, notice the delicate light energy fields of the flowers dancing out towards you in a wave as you walk by. Gently touching your energy with their healing, subtle energy.

Reach out towards a flower and feel for a moment your light field merging and interacting with the gentle light energy of the flower. In the present moment where your energies meet, you each receive a blessing from the interaction.

Now walk towards the water in this beautiful, tranquil scene, in your inner realm, and reach out towards the water not touching the water, but bathing in the iridescent light field above the water.

As you reach out, your subtle energy reaches out, merging with the subtle energy of the water.

Let yourself marvel and enjoy the beauty and light that subtly vibrates from all of existence, from all of the natural world. You are experiencing subtle energy, life force energy that you are a part of, that you are one with.

Imagine that you’re now finding a grassy hillside and sitting down. As you sit, notice that you are met with a gentle, subtle, white energy from the ground which interacts with your energetic field as you take a seat. As you are grounded, receiving benefit from the subtle energy of the ground, take another moment now just to breathe and observe the beauty of the natural world that is around you, of the physical trees, plants, flowers, water and their magnificent, gentle, energetic field of subtle energy which surrounds them.

As you breathe, let yourself receive healing and rejuvenating benefits from the natural world. For with every interaction, with nature, you are blessed and uplifted. The healing of the natural world impressed upon you. At this time, returning awareness to your physical body notice how you feel, noticing if there are any places of feeling stuck, anywhere you notice stagnant energy, and breathe the light of nature into these places letting go of any tension or stuck energy, receiving the rejuvenating and healing benefits of the divine light which is all around which is interwoven into all of existence. Receive the healing benefit from your subtle energy interacting with the subtle energy of the natural world.

And now as you complete this exercise, make a mental note to repeat this process from a fully conscious place, going out into nature, quieting your mind, activating your imagination and your intuition to tuning into your subtle energy field. Then imagine, notice and become aware of the subtle energy of the trees, the earth, plants, flowers, water, rocks, stones, crystals, and interact.

Take This Process Out Into Nature For Further Subtle Energy Fun and Learning

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Notice how your subtle energy merges with the subtle energy of the natural world when you are outside, and in close proximity to a tree, the Ocean or a Lake, for you are not separate. You are one and with awareness, the blessings of the subtle energy which is present can be realized, experienced, understood, and from in this realm of All That Is, infinite healing, rejuvenation, blessings, and well-being are able to be accessed by you, tuned into, embraced, and shared for the highest and greatest good.

Enjoy connecting with the beautiful subtle energy of the natural world, which will help to increase your awareness of energy, making the realms of angels, and the guidance of the Divine even more enjoyable. Once you are easily perceiving and tuning into subtle energy, by then working with opening your chakras, releasing blockages, and allowing your energy to flow you can translate the messages contained within subtle energy into specific guidance, insight, and even energy healing.

For now, simply connect and enjoy.

Did you try this meditation? Are you already perceiving the energy of trees, crystals, flowers and water? Leave me a comment below or on facebook!

With love, light, and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler

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