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Insight Into Healing Reality with Archangel Haniel

by Sheelagh Maria

The Angels are working right now with everyone and helping them to move through whatever old energy or old situations are going on and coming up. They are helping you step over the hard bits, the mucky bits and through this process grow more in understanding, spiritual ability and to raise your vibration over all.

On a personal note I recently had a huge energy clearing, I found out that my relationships with my son and father were parts of an agreement for me to personally honour myself and to walk away from situations that no longer supported me.

How Does This Help You?

Do you have money problems? Do you feel like it doesn't matter what you do it just stays the same? Perhaps your romantic life just doesn't get any brighter and happier or maybe your health is a constant roundabout of limitation.

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The Angel Haniel told me that during the retrograde lots of life times worth of energy was brought up for releasement, yet through this we had to re experience stuff that we thought we had buried or healed.

I'm told that we are not being punished, that these circumstances have all been created through our focus, either in this life or other lives
The great news is you are in a prime position to move away from this now and into true happiness, health and abundance more than at any other

So Cut To The Chase – How?

Haniel says our energy affects everything. Even how our daily routine runs and the glitches that pop up are all about the energy that is felt inside our hearts and solar plexus. Sometimes we are so busy trying to deal with ‘what is' we simply don't have the energy to be positive, act thankful, focus on our blessings. Haniel has given me a very quick pick me up that works to bring in divine energy in just a few moments without hours of meditating or contemplating.

The Universe is at our disposal, the sun and moon and stars are all connected to us, and we are surrounded by a constant flow of goodness.
When I was feeling really depleted yesterday after hours of helping beautiful people activate their magic, I turned my face to the sun and sky and ‘saw' my gaze go out into the stars, and I breathed in pure starlight and sunlight into my heart chakra.

I imagined this beautiful invigorating energy soaking into my heart and solar plexus and I filled myself up with this.

Was I sitting in a lotus position in a beautiful sanctuary? No I was loading my kids into the car after getting off the bus. I felt loved and supported
and very very grateful for this beautiful energetic kick. Haniel told me that we only need a few seconds to draw in beautiful divine frequency and it will lift your energy right there and right then, it will also help you to look at situations more clearly and enable you to be focusing on gratitude and your blessings.

Change The Tone

The Angels Have told me they don't actually see our physical bodies, they see us as swirling blocks or vortexes of colour and energy, and sometimes
that energy is grey and dull – a little old and stagnant, they are there always there when we ask, however if we are having real time challenges we don't always feel their presence or hear their guidance because of this old stagnant energy. This Tone that we emit, like a silent dog whistle, is what rearranges the atoms and sub atomic particles around us and it filters out into the ether and brings us more back with evidence.

The Tone is the ‘way' that we focus on our reality. Its the way we expect situations to come about (often based on how it has been) and its the way we feel about the way those situations are most likely to play out. So our Tone is the reason why we have those round about moments in our lives.

Haniel has told me too that the easiest way to alter our Tone is to take action and then to turn our attention to re writing our perspective of the way it has been. So listening to beautiful music when you realise you are feeling blue to ‘lift' you, or going and sitting in the sunshine, or having a beautiful soak in a hot bath and choosing to feel soothed even for a brief time, anything that allows you to feel nurtured right there right then, although a quick fix will really allow you to get some perspective – then what you do is you look at the way it has been, and you choose another view.

You have to keep working at this view so you come to believe it and realise that truth is just someone's perspective. So someone who has had relationship challenges or perhaps is still in the middle of these and has had the view that all partners are going to treat them in the same way, (and so this is the evidence that comes in) maybe rewrites this to show what a survivor they are, how they now have lots of clarity about what they don't want and how exciting that they can now get on with drawing towards them what they do want, or they may simply say to themselves, ‘Clearly Mr or Mrs right is still out there for me to find, I'm grateful for that'.

It may feel initially like pulling teeth yet Haniel's promise to you is that this change in perspective will change the tone you are sending out and it will it has too if done and felt positively enough for long enough change the evidence and the out comes that you experience.

How to heal past lives and this life

So we all had past lives… We've all had hundreds in fact – there is no doubt in my mind we all have some issues that we bring over that may be affecting us now. We also do have limiting beliefs at play that affect our ability to even believe that things can be different for us, yet by simply living in the current moment and trusting that it will unfold – we will not be hampered by those beliefs and our focus on what is right this moment is going to ensure that we don't slip into outdated belief systems and draw more of the ‘same old' towards us.

Some pesky energies can carry on affecting us making us feel well and truly stuck. if you are feeling stuck an energy cleanse and clear is well worth the investment. I had one done for my husband who was in the throes of starting a new business and was feeling overwhelmed, as a result of this he got motivated, drew in more work and got offered two new jobs at the same time, it means that we are able to get moving and going and truly you will feel the possibilities that previously seemed untenable at that time.

An energy clearing looks at all areas

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We look at agreements made in past lives that are hindering your ability to manifest change in this one. Vows of poverty affect us lifetimes later
Vows of abstinence affect our ability to allow love to come in and even agreements never to use your gift (and therefore protect yourself from persecution) absolutely affect your ability to develop hearing angels and guides.

Cleansing timelines means taking away any attachments, or cords that may be preventing your business from blooming, I inherited a karmic cord of ‘Struggle' once this had been cleared, business boomed. I also was scared to ‘see' and ‘hear' during a past life as a young boy where I had seen something I shouldn't and was chased from my village because of this, once cleared clairvoyance came in.

Third eye blockages can prevent us from seeing our own Spiritual team, blockages to receiving can affect the Universe being able to bring us abundance and yes even lottery wins.

Luckily help is at hand, with our Magical Manifestation reading or clearing I will look at all blockages, agreements and vows also all cords and lifetimes that need to be cleansed and put you well on the road to success and happiness..

Haniel's final message is one of hope, she says that if you would like this but are struggling with the funds, ask us to assist you she says, ‘we will bring you the means to help your self and these gifts can come in the most magical and unexpected of ways'

its such a magical time, never have there been more routes to get what you want to experience connection and upliftment from the angels and guides that after all were created to help us heal our reality.


Sheelagh Maria

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About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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