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Grounding and Earthing for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

What “Earthing” Anyway?

grounding and earthingGrounding or Earthing is the process for reconnecting to the Earth. This connection to Earth balances your present moment awareness between body, mind, and spirit. Groundedness is the state of experiencing a harmonious connection with Earth energy, which is our natural state, but sometimes the physical body and our connection to Earth energies gets neglected.

In our fast paced, busy, and often chaotic lives today, just about everyone can benefit from taking the time to ground. With help from computers, cell phones, televisions, vehicles, always wearing shoes, and more… It's actually quite easy to get ungrounded and out of balance…

I am consistently finding myself needing to take a moment to regather my energy, breathe, relax, and ground to the beautiful healing light of the Earth.

In fact, this is something I do before every message from the angels I channel!

Learn a simple process to quickly ground and center your energy, reclaiming your light, and bringing all of your light and power into the present moment here:

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Simple Grounding and Centering Meditation


Why Stay Grounded?

Your connection to Earth is essential for the health and wellbeing of your physical body. The energies of the Earth replenish and nurture your physical, mental and emotional bodies. In addition, a strong grounded foundation (healthy root chakra) is essential for opening the higher chakra energy centers, and experiencing and working with higher vibrational frequencies.

To open your upper chakras, psychic senses, and to experience the angels and higher realms in a safe and effective manner, it is essential to first allow your energy to connect to the Earth, and the Earth energy to flow up through your root chakra. One of the best ways to do this is to breathe, and ground.

How do you know if you need grounding? The most common sign of being ungrounded is feeling a bit drained, unbalanced, or spacey.

Getting absorbed in the realm of thought, or getting caught up in drama, is almost always a sign you'd benefit from taking the time to ground.

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Being ungrounded can lead to feeling out of sorts, spaced out, overly sensitive, or out of touch with reality. In many cases ungroundedness is the root cause of anxiety, worry, fatigue, depression, and lethargy…

In these cases, simply taking the time to consciously ground or to complete a grounding activity, can restore a feeling of peace and calm by bringing your energy back into balance with the Earth.

While everyone can benefit from grounding it is absolutely essential for those on an ascension or spiritual path. Grounding is a powerful practice to implement after connecting with the higher realms, or doing energy work of any kind.

When working with the higher vibrations of spirit it is natural to become temporarily ungrounded as you float and fly up in consciousness and into the light. Afterwards, to receive the blessings from connecting with the spiritual realms, grounding and reestablishing your energetic connection with the Earth, is highly encouraged and recommended.

When meditating, channeling, doing yoga, or other types of psychic or healing work, you may feel great at first, but at some point (during of after) feel your energy drop off, to where you're not really present, centered and connected anymore.

This is a clear signal to take a moment to ground. And reconnect with the Earth.

When you are grounded your root or base chakra is is balanced and healthy.

At it's most basic level, your energy field operates by allowing Earth energy up through your root chakra, sacral, solar plexus and heart. Through your crown chakra, Universal or Divine energy is able to flow down from above.

When your energy flow is blocked (at your root, sacral, crown, or anywhere in between), you're unable to access the full beauty and power of the healing light available from the Earth, and from the higher realms.

After you complete spiritual work, or whenever you have the thought ‘I might be ungrounded', or you notice some of the signs and symptoms of ungroundedness, take a moment to do a simple grounding exercise.

Grounding Visualization

Here is a simple and effective meditation you can use time and time again to ground your energy and reconnect with the healing and rejuvenation of the Earth.

Breathe and feel your energy gathering in the center of your being. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself as a tree. Visualize roots of light extending down through the Earth all the way to the core.

Feel the light at the core of the Earth, feel your connection and oneness with Earth, and with all that is.

Once you've anchored your roots to the Earth in this way, imagine your energy flowing back up, bringing the light and healing energy of the Earth into your being, refreshing your mind, body and spirit. Bring your awareness into the present moment, allowing the past to be in the past and the future to be in the future.

Feel your connection to earth and to all that is.

earthingWhen you're spiritually grounded, you're calm, present, and aware of yourself, your surroundings, and the Earth.

You don't need to spend hours meditating to be grounded, in fact there are many activities you can integrate into your life to naturally keep you in a grounded and present state of being.

One of the best is simply walking on the Earth barefooted. Rubber or plastic soled shoes block the positive flow of Earth energy into your being, so kick of your shoes, and connect your feet directly to the Earth…

Scientific studies are proving that grounding allows a positive flow of electrons from the Earth, which reduces inflammation, improves sleep, balance, and brings benefit to the blood, reduces stress… and more!

In addition to walking on the Earth without your shoes, here are some other recommended activities to reconnect with the Earth energy, to ground, heal your root chakra, and balance your physical, mental and energetic being with the healing energies of Earth.

Earthing Activities

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  • Gardening
  • Work or play with soil or clay
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Spend time by the ocean
  • Sit outside and be aware of the beauty of the natural world
  • Just spend time in nature
  • Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen
  • Eat grounding foods
    (potatoes, carrots, ginger, grapes, mango, papaya, olives, sweet potatoes, berries, figs, coconut, green beans…)
  • Utilize grounding crystals (keep one in your pocket, or meditate with a crystal in your hand or on your person)
    (obsidian, smokey quartz, tourmaline, jasper, bloodstone, green aventurine, unakite, septarian, jet…)
  • Drink water
  • Complete a grounding meditation

By returning to a grounded, present and aware state of being, you help to keep your energy in balance. With balance in your mind, body, and spirit you're then able to reach up and connect with higher consciousness, your guides, and angels.

With love and gratitude, 
Melanie Beckler

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