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Crystals for EMF Protection

EMF Protection Crystals

Like it or not, by simply living in the modern world, you're exposed to all kinds of electromagnetic frequencies. 

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The good news is there are a number of ways to eliminate or reduce the EMFs around you – and though it’s impossible to eliminate all sources all the time, there are some incredibly effective steps you can take… More on that coming soon!

In the mean time, one of my favorite forms of EMF protection comes from crystals.

Crystals are wonderful for raising your vibrational energy and cleansing your body and home. Some crystals are particularly suited for neutralizing the effectives of EMFs, and you can now learn about them here.

Just wear them, carry them in your purse or pocket, place them on or near your computer… Or even create a crystal grid by placing stones in the corners of your home to tune into the electromagnetic protection power of crystals!

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9 Crystals for EMF Protection Some of My Favorite Crystals For EMF Protection 

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro is a relatively newly discovered mineral, and truly a phenomenal volcanic stone found in Madagascar. The thing that makes Indigo Gabbro so special in my opinion is that it has both the ability to absorb as well as transmute harmful electromagnetic frequencies (and really just about any detrimental energy). In addition to its protective and transmutation properties, it is also incredibly centering, while promoting higher spiritual connections and activations. While its sometimes hard to find locally, it is a stone I highly recommend.

You can purchase it online here. 

I recommend keeping at least a piece by your Wifi Router… But you may also want to sleep with it by your bedside in addition as I do.

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline, and especially black tourmaline is well known to be an incredibly protective stone. This includes psychic and physical protection, as well as protection from electromagnetic frequencies.

The great thing about black tourmaline (sometimes called Black Schrol) is that it repels negativity and harsh frequencies rather than absorbing them.. So it's not a big deal if you forget to cleanse the stone!

Arguably, black tourmaline is the best crystal to use against harmful electromagnetic fields.

It's a great stone to wear, to place near your wifi router, set on your computer, or even grid your house with… Really it's just a good stone to have around.

Learn more about Black Tourmaline here!


Shungite also offers incredibly powerful protection. It creates a sort of energetic shield and helps to clear out all negative frequencies. I actually read somewhere that in Russia, the military has lined the walls of hospitals with Shungite and had great success at helping soldiers heal from radiation exposure.

More generally speaking, shungite cleanses, neutralizes repels and eliminates negativity, and energies that are hazardous to living beings. Put a piece near your Wi-Fi router, carry it in your pocket, or put pieces in each corner of your home if you’re able to… I have my house gridded with Shungite, Selenite and Black Tourmaline.


While technically volcanic glass, obsidian is energetically very similar to quartz.

It also combines a strong Volcanic, Fire Energy… With its immensely absorbant capacity. This combination makes it highly effective for protecting not only against harmful electromagnetic frequencies, but all detrimental energies… Obsidian has the potential to act as a black hole for harmful and damaging frequencies, and is highly rpogrammable, making it an excellent choice for EMF protection. Just not that it is NOT self cleansing so you do need to regularly cleanse it of the detrimental energies it absorbs or its effectiveness will be significantly reduced.

EMF Protection Crystals Charoite

This powerful purple stone is great for reducing negative vibrations from other people, and from electromagnetic frequencies. It also protects against harmful frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum on the astral level. Charoite is also incredibly healing, so it's a great stone to keep on or near you. Consider carrying it on your person somehow during the day (crystal jewelry is a great option for this) and/or keep a stone by your bed at night.


Sodalite is renowned for its ability to cut through the haze of mental confusion so you can tune into a state of balance and peace in the present. This stone also has protective and grounding qualities. It’s great to keep near your bed at night or on your desk at work.


Yes, salt is a crystal! This includes Himalayan, Celtic, or sea salt. Any unrefined salt provides grounding protection. Use salts in your bath so that the trace minerals can permeate your skin. This creates a biochemically calming and therefore immune boosting effect. You can also place salt around your home (particularly windows and doors) to reduce negative energy in your home.


Place this stone near your Smart Meter or Wi-Fi router to buffer the EMFs being emitted.  You can also wear Hematite to help in the same way. If you choose to wear it, you’ll likely notice a nice boost in your energy.

Just as a quick note, there are lots of hematite fakes floating around out there. Any magnetic hematite is likely manmade and not effective.

Lodestone, Magnetite, Pyrite

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These stones, together with Hematite and others, are ferromagnetic, which means they contain iron. Iron is a powerful radiation absorber. Just be careful with these around your computer, because they can be highly magnetic. And if you don't already know… magnets can equal laptop death.


Amazonite's subtle vibrations not only protect against electromagnetic pollution, but also filter out stresses, traumas, and brings soothing energy into your space.


Fluorite creates an effective psychic shield around it's wearer (or carrier)… This includes protection from electromagnetic frequencies and other chaotic energies.  

And Many More!

Additional stones you can use for EMF protection include epidote, serpentine, pyrite, copper, malachite, unakite, azurite, jasper, lepidolite, turquoise and green aventurine.

“Did you know certain crystals can reduce the negative effects from EMF's?”

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So Many More Benefits!

What’s wonderful about using crystals to protect against EMF is that they all have so many other unbelievable benefits.

Almost all the ones I’ve recommended here have the effect of being very grounding. Each of these crystals have been used for centuries to enhance spiritual growth and cleanse the body.  Using them to protect again EMFs is a win/win!

Just be sure to energetically cleanse your crystals often, so they can stay charged up and keep effectively working for you.

To learn more about healing crystals, including how to cleanse and program them…

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Or learn more about EMF Protection here!

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler

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