Developing Clairvoyance From Where You Are

Developing Clairvoyance From Where You Are

Developing Clairvoyance From Where You Are

By Sheelagh Maria

clairvoyance Archangel Gabriel asks us to, for a moment, look at where we are in our life. Does our external reality echo our inner reality?

Are you experiencing conflict or trauma in your now moment? Gabriel says don't worry these things are external and temporary, even if it doesn't feel good – this too will pass and other happier moments will come!

When we look at developing our gift spiritually and we are experiencing an outward show of disease, our inner energy body can ‘shut down' or go on ‘strike' just for a while, so it can feel as if at the very time you need guidance and intuition, it is not there!

We are Always here with you. Every request is heard and answered, whether this is about your daily life situation or whether this is about spiritual blocks in development, the eternal stream of well-being is always around you and it is only the level at which you allow or disallow (offer resistance too) which can affect ‘how you get' your guidance and how apparent it is in terms of your gift developing. It is not being withheld it is still there and you can carry on tapping into that guidance in a number of ways.

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So if you are wanting to develop spiritually, development can feel impinged by the amount of time that you have or by the amount of money that you have, or by the beliefs that it isn't happening fast enough, or not being able to note outwardly the differences in your
ability at this time. This is when you may feel thwarted, not good enough or not as talented as other people, all of these things come from the ‘file named fear’ and are your mind and ego tripping you into almost an ‘impostor' syndrome.

Feel like a fake?

So you feel like you're making it up? Gabriel says if you feel like a fake – then your information can be lower level from fear, you may try and ‘perform' or give people guidance that you feel they expect, you may feel that their expectations are the level to which you can judge your success, it is a little like comparing your wardrobe with someone of a completely different shape. You may not even suit the ‘expensive designer dress' even if you could afford one, it wouldn't be what you would choose, and so even your friends opinion that your wardrobe needs an overhaul, and you feel ‘less than satisfied' though you were satisfied before, can mean that you lose that feeling of abundance and connection that was growing quite beautifully!

So the angels say to you here, be aware that feeling fake can lower the level of the information that you give, it doesn't however lower the level of the information that you receive. Your Inner Sat Nav will always give you the right guidance at the right time, your perception of what that guidance is or how accurate that information is for the person with you or for yourself is the sticking point. Their expectations can cloud your ability to perceive the guidance that is truly right for them!

Forget the fake, stick to the guidance. Simply give what you get, give what you feel, don't worry whether it sounds a bit off, if it comes from a place of love, (and it will if you are aligned with love) if it comes from a place of acceptance and trust, the guidance will be just what you, or they really need to hear.

When The Information Isn't Clear

If the information isn't clear and you feel that you are just not sure what it is, put your hand on your heart centre. The Angels tell me that our heart centre connects us to a forever flowing pace of love and acceptance and any guidance in fact all guidance received in the mind either through Knowing, seeing, hearing or sensing will be generated First in the heart. So checking in with this whether it Feels Right to you, does it Feel loving, Feel supportive, does it feel illuminating rather than judgmental is your guide

Feeling Your Way

So when giving a reading to yourself, or anyone else, it is important to check in with how you feel about the Guidance you are giving. This is also about the type of guidance that you give, and this depends on the type of reader or intuitive that you are. If you are a evidence based medium, then you will ‘expect' a certain type of information, if you are an emotional clairvoyant, who guides through wanting to help someone move forward and have clarity, then your information will Feel very Right to you and you will have a NEED to pass it on with so much love. If you are a wonderful psychic who works with cards to predict a current trend, then the information may feel very direct and vivid to you, if you doubt it, and doubt yourself, it can weaken the ever present validity of what you are getting. So checking in with your heart centre can help reconnect you to Your guidance, which is the PC of the heart, and the webpage is the information coming in your mind.

Using No Tools

Do you want to offer information in a way that is not ‘there' yet?
Do you feel you wish to be an evidence based medium, or a wonderful way forecaster? Yet it feels hazy and just not there yet, and have you spent lots of time feeling perhaps you just can't do it?

Gabriel says work with what you have now. You will instinctively be drawn to a way of delivering information and in order to grow towards other paths, it is to get there through using what is right for you, Right Now.

There was a time I worked with Angel cards, there was another time I worked with spirit purely, and another when i tried tarot, all of those things had lessons for me and opened me up bit by bit more to more light, however my real love was always no cards and offering guidance directly from angels.

My real love has now led me to other abilities that I hadn't felt were my strengths, a bit like those Buy One Get One Free supermarket offers that you see. Working in a way where you Know you can get information, even if it isn't as clear as it would seem other people get it, is to actually co create the other talents as well.

Spirit and angel guides and loved ones with work with us all. They are opening new doors all of the time, all they wish to do is help you to perceive them, to put the light on. Gabriel says that clarity of where you are now, without judgement is the way to get clearer, and be clearer about what you are asking the Angels to help you develop.

Want To See Angels?

So if you desire your strong urge is to see angels, it is wise to understand that issuing them with demands, or loving pleadings to see them won't work, they need to ‘open your receptors' to what you are seeing NOW. So they would ask you acknowledge them through your heart, acknowledge angels through signs and synchronicity.

Acknowledge angels through songs on the radio or conversations you hear, the volume being turned up on, acknowledge and and see angels through the eyes of the child, the more you open your heart to the angelic Frequency of Love – that is enjoying right where you are now, what happens is your heart chakra gets Bigger more expectant in a joyful and hopeful way rather than disillusioned for feeling that the angels have ‘left you out ‘ of the present giving, and you will start to hear them start to see them!

I was a clairsentient medium for many years, I didn't make any promises about what I could do or how I could do it, I used cards on the line I worked on, and people were so happy they didn't ask whether I had. As a result I started seeing angelic energy, as a result of loving this, and thanking them, and feeling so so blessed, I began to realise my feelings were telling me and echoing the voice in my head, and although I didn't hear clear words, when i verbalized the feeling i got as a ‘speech' they gave me ‘the angels are telling me this' – their perception was that I was hearing, mine was that I was hearing THROUGH my feelings, and as such it became so normal that I started hearing clearly, my expectancy brought it through!

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So if you want to start seeing angels tell people you see them, accept it rejoice in it, seeing a child laugh and tuning into the joy, seeing a bird fly high and tuning into the freedom and exhilaration, seeing a mother tenderly nursing her child and tuning into the love are all ways of ‘seeing'. The more beauty you see, the more attuned to beauty you become, colours of flowers, the grass, the sunlight coming through the trees, are all ways of fine tuning your ability to See angels.

Before you know it you will start seeing flashes of angel energy.

You Are A Natural Intuitive and You do have the gift of Clairvoyance

Be clear that you already are doing it, and Gabriel will ‘echo that clarity' back at you. In other words she says with so much love, Fake it Till you make it!

With love and much happiness
Sheelagh Maria

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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