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43 Traits of Crystal Children. Who Are The Crystal Children?

Crystal Children

Meet the Crystal Children Soul Group

Star children, also known as crystal, indigo, and rainbow kids, are souls who have incarnated at this time to help Mother Earth and all of humanity to transcend duality and ascend to higher levels of light and love.

These soul groups arrive here able to maintain a higher vibration during this life thanks to the increased vibration of the rest of humanity.  You can recognize them by how closely they embody their true and divine selves and by their strong sense of purpose.

They have come to spread light and love, increase the planetary vibration, and help us to move away from the delusion of duality.

Who Are the Crystal Children?

As a soul group, Crystal Children started incarnating in the late 1980's and 1990’s, though some were born earlier.

Crystal children are often quiet, empathic, and have heightened telepathic and psychic gifts.

As a group of souls, one of their main defining characteristics is the gift of psychic healing at either the physical, mental, emotional or on every level. They're often powerful and generous spiritual teachers as well.

Crystal children also have a deep connection with nature and are often incredibly clear about their purpose for being here.

When clear and connected, they have an innate trust in following their hearts, confident that this is the highest and best way to help.

They can, however, become disconnected. Things like processed food, environmental toxins, and chemicals have a strong and negative impact on this group of sensitive souls. In addition, they often get grumpy or feel out of sync when they're not getting enough outside and nature time.

These children (and adults) are generally laid-back, though highly sensitive to the emotions of others.  These and other sensitivities are meant to show the rest of the world what to pay attention to and ultimately change (like sensitivities to pollutants, chemicals, and such).

Many people are unnerved when crystal children look directly into their eyes.  Their large and deep eyes are penetrating and others are left with the sense that their soul has been seen and read, which it has. Crystal children can easily tell if someone is being truthful, and living with their heart open.

If you encounter a crystal child (or star seed adult) and you’re left feeling unsettled or uncomfortable, this is a prime opportunity to look within and assess where these feelings come from.  It can be a sign that you're cut off from the light of your heart, or that you are out of alignment with your purpose or true self.

Crystal children and adults are perhaps the most forgiving generation. They don't see the point of blame, and deeply yearn for peace, and restoring peace on the planet is on of the huge overarching goals of this soul group.

They're also quite fearless, and seem to see past the limitations of the physical realm… Seeing and believing at a deep level from early childhood, that who they are as a physical being is a small portion of their full truth and vibrant soul power and light.

The next generation after Indigo children, Crystals function more with a group consciousness, as opposed to individual consciousness. From a young age they seem to embody the understanding that we are all One. They have an authoritative air about them and often seem more like sages or teachers than young people.  Love emanates from every word and action.  They are evidence that humanity is evolving and role models for a life lived with the higher self as center, and not the ego.

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Traits of the Crystal Children

Why Are They Here?

Crystal children are loving and powerful old souls who have come here now to answer humanities collective desire to evolve.

They have come to spread light and love, increase the planetary vibration, and help humanity as a whole to ascend, access the higher dimensions and to move away from the delusion of duality.

Their mission is no less than to save the world.

If you know a crystal child, be sure to encourage them in exploring their own nature and feel free to use them as role models for raising your own vibration and joy.

And if you are a crystal child, or star seed adult… I invite you to take reading this post as an open invitation to step into your light… And start taking steps towards accomplishing your unique soul purpose of raising the vibration of the planet, restoring peace, love and making a difference one moment and one step at a time.

With love,



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