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Collective Dark Night of the Soul?

Hey there and welcome to April of 2020!

Have you noticed?

That collectively we're being called inward now?

For literally Billions of people around the planet, this means blindly sailing into new and uncharted waters.

With many of the normal distractions and busyness of day-to-day life abruptly stripped away…

Combined with the surge of fear and uncertainty around health…

This is triggering a collective dark night of the soul.

2020 - Collective Dark Night of the Soul This sounds like a bad thing… And it certainly is a challenging time.

But if you've been through a dark night of the soul yourself, then you likely already know that while incredibly difficult…

The dark night of the soul directly precedes awakening.

The dark night of the soul is a wake up call and a key mile-marker on the souls journey into living in greater, light, peace and connection.

What's Happening Now?

By collectively facing our own mortality, and all that's been hidden in the shadows, and buried beneath the surface of the conscious mind…

We begin to question the deeper meaning of life… And why we're really here…

These sort of questions typically only come up for individuals in the face of personal crisis, and in times of “awakening”…

But since this is collectively happening now…

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This is mass awakening in action.

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The dark night of the soul is one of the most challenging times on the path, but it can also be essential…

It strips away all that no longer serves… And with this happening on a global level?

Well… This collective dark night of the soul precedes a rebirth and new beginning for humanity.

Which of course, doesn't mean that these are by any means “easy” waters to navigate through…

And so, I wanted to remind you of this greater spiritual unfolding today, as we step into the new month…

And I also want to remind you that for most of humanity, they have no idea the deeper spiritual significance of what they're going through.

And so you and I have an opportunity now to be of service.

To step up and into service now in the way that is right for you.

Whether that simply means holding the field of love through meditation

Blogging or creating uplifting content to share on your social media…

Being there for friends and family…

Doing your lightwork in the way you're called and inspired…

Or simply stepping up your own self-love and care to start, taking care of you so you can shine brighter now and soon begin to overflow!


Remember that you're guided and supported! Ask your team in spirit to support you in navigating through.

With so much love,

Melanie Beckler



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