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Free Yourself From This HUGE Collective Consciousness Trap

I was just prompted by my team of guides and angels to share this little message about how you are connected – at the level of mind – to the entire collective consciousness.

What Is The Collective Consciousness?

The term collective consciousness is a sociological concept that and refers to the ideas, beliefs, knowledge, understanding, and even behaviors that are shared among a society at large, and that influence behavior, identity and attitudes of individuals.

From a metaphysical perspective, the collective consciousness can refer to the mental body of humanity as one consciousness.

Our minds are all connected through the collective consciousness, and as a result we're all influenced by other humans at some level.

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The Collective Consciousness Trap of the Present

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There are several challenges in this.

Right now on the planet, in different countries around the globe, there are a large number of people who are extremely challenged at the level of the mind.

Due to this, there is an immense amount of fear, frustration, uncertainty, sorrow, and anger that is spiraling through the collective consciousness.

The natural tenancy is to get wrapped up in this energy…

But know that you do not have to just spiral with it!


The Power of Cultivating Presence

When you cultivate presence, you're able to tap into your inner state of joy, your inner truth of love, peace, and bliss as the primary state that influences your mental body…

Rather than allowing the influence of the collective consciousness to be the primary influence.

When you're in a state of presence, you can be unaffected by the spiraling of the lower ego mind that is happening in the collective consciousness.

It's easy to spiral into these lower patterns though!

For example: When you begin to worry about something, your vibration drops and your mental practice of mindfulness slips. This causes your mental body to become scattered. As a result, you get in a pattern of worry, of anxiety, of uncertainty, of fear, which threatens to engulf you.

Those vibrational wavelengths already present and spiraling around in the collective, along with that lower vibrational energy, can literally unfurl on you … like a wave crashing onto the shore of your mental body.

It can be incredibly overwhelming.

The angels want you to be aware of this … and to be aware that fear, uncertainty, worry, and anxiety are not your true self. They are constructs of the lower ego mind.

Yes, they feel very real at times, but realize that even when you are in the midst of these cycles, when you catch a little breath and pause and center, you are able to step back into the perspective of the observer.

Break Your Resonance With The Lower Vibrational Energies of the Collective

Free Yourself from the Collective Consciousness trap You can break your resonance with the lower vibrational energy of the collective consciousness.

This is the power in returning to center, in practicing mindfulness and meditation: to be able to lovingly parent your mind, to catch yourself quickly when you begin to slip.

When you begin to worry, recognize that worrying about something is flowing energy towards what you don't actually want.

Step back from that into presence, into the mode of observation, into neutrality.

Instead of flowing energy toward fear and anxiety, hold the fields of love and peace, and contribute that energy.

Rather than absorbing fear, uncertainty, and chaotic energy from the collective, choose to stay grounded moment to moment.

Stay centered. Tune into the love and peace within you and seed the collective consciousness with that energy, with peace, with presence, with the truth that all will be well.

Remember Your Power!

Remember the power you have to make this shift, to pause the spiral of thought, to step back into resonance.

Remember the love within you.

Let that love overflow beyond you to bless and benefit all.

Rather than worrying and fearing and riding that downward spiral of energy to where you're resonant with the chaotic energy of the collective that can overwhelm you, step back.



Breathe deeply into your abdomen, focus on your breath, and let your awareness become fully present in this moment now.

Focus on the truth that is in this moment – not worrying about what's going to happen in the future, not tuning into anything that's happened in the past.

In this moment – right here and now in this moment – drop into the truth that all is well.

Tune into the “now” moment where infinite possibility resides.

When you tune into love, when you cultivate bliss and joy and peace and presence in this moment, now that is the vibrational resonance.

You begin to write blessings into the script of your life and to call forth positive blessings and benefits for your life in the highest interest of all.

Choose love … because when you're in the state of love, you attract love right back to you.

When you're in a state of worry, that can build up and overwhelm you. Stepping back into love and presence will help to transform you and the energy around you.

Why is there so much crazy energy in the collective? Why is there so much fear, energy, and worry rising up on the shores of the collective consciousness?

It's an opportunity to release us – as humanity, and as individuals.

So don't judge yourself or get down about yourself if you are having these lower vibrational patterns, emotions of fear, or negative energies rising to the surface of your consciousness.

Just acknowledge them for what they are; they're lower vibrational energies and patterns that are now coming up for renewal.

One of the ways that you can release is to allow yourself to feel what you're feeling.

Don't try to push it down. Don’t judge yourself for whatever you're feeling.

Just feel it.


And the force of surrendering the energy over to the divine in the present moment allows light and life force to circulate through.

This enables you to let go of that emotion, mental pattern, habit, or addiction – to let it go, release it over to the angels and into the light.

And on the other side of release, there's an incredible light. This golden light energy can be ignited within your heart center.

And this golden energy is magic.

This golden energy has the template of Christ light contained within it. It has the ability to not only transmute and cleanse, to support you in releasing lower fears, but the golden light actually supports you in transforming lower energies into a higher state, into a state of awakened love.

Infuse the Collective Consciouness with Golden Light

A few powerful practices are to:

  • Become fully present
  • Call forth love and golden light into your heart center
  • Let your heart be illuminated
  • Breathe in and breathe out through your heart center
  • Let in the golden light and be ignited

The angels want you to know that when you choose love one moment at a time, when you choose joy, when you choose to resonate with your inner core of peace and bliss than with what's happening in the external, your energetic field changes.

As a result, your vibration rises and what you are emitting – the energy you're sending out – changes.

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You begin to emit love, to contribute blessing, and to literally rewrite the possibilities for your life, for humanity, in the highest interest of all.

So cultivate your interconnection with truth, with light, with bliss, and with peace.

Return to that.

Step back, observe what arises, allow energy to circulate, but keep returning to your inner truth.

Keep returning to the knowing, deep down, that all is well.

In this moment you are directly united with love and you can choose to allow that love, force, and vibration to lead.

Right now, I invite you to take a moment to recognize this power.

Place your hands on your heart and let us now together call in and forth a divine golden light transmission from the higher angelic realms.

The golden light shines down upon us – a waterfall of golden light flowing in, streaming in directly from divine Source, from our team of guides and angels.

Golden light flows in and all around to cleanse and dissolve, to release and clear out lower patterns, thoughts, and insecurities … to create a space, an opening, for us to embody.

Experience the higher levels of love and the new energies of light, peace, and bliss that are simultaneously available here and now.

Tune into the golden light streaming all around you.

And now, within your heart – at your very core, notice that there's an underlying energy of peace, truth, and blessedness.

Tune into this.

Breathe into this.

Let this rise to the surface and shine forth from within you right here and now.

And so, it is…

I love, honor, and appreciate you.

Melanie Beckler



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