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Butterfly Meaning – The Powerful Symbolism Will Surprise You

Seeing butterflies in nature is always lovely. Butterflies have such a magical presence and quality as they gently dance on the air, fluttering from flower to flower. They're so graceful and beautiful, seeing a butterfly always seems to have a way of opening my heart and reconnecting me with the magic and wonder inherently present now!

The symbolism of a butterfly is also so rich. Their life journey and expression is so symbolic of our own awakening journey, and spiritual path.This may even make you wonder:

Is there even more to the meaning of seeing butterflies than it at first glace seems?

Are butterflies angels? Are they messengers from the realms of spirit?

What insights do butterflies seek to reveal to us?

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Butterfly Meaning – The Metaphor of the Butterfly

Seeing a butterfly is a beautiful sign of transformation. The life of butterflies is so symbolic of our own spiritual journey... Plus seeing their bright wings and light energy fluttering in nature has a way of bringing a smile and warming our spirit. Learn more about the meaning and symbolism now! The spiritual meaning of a butterfly has to do with spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, infinite potential, vibrant joy, change, and an ability to experience the wonder of life.

Observing the life cycle of the butterfly in and of itself holds rich symbolism and meaning.

Let's explore this:

Birthed from an egg the butterfly lives it's early life as a caterpillar.

It then retreats within the pupa or chrysalis where it undergoes a deep transformation.

Finally when it emerges from the chrysalis it is reborn as a beautiful winged being.

The magnificent life of the butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation... A reminder that we each have the ability to be reborn through going within. Learn more about the spiritual meaning of butterflies and what they mean for you. #signs #nature #beautiful

This magnificent transformation the butterfly journeys through in its life expression closely mirrors the path of spiritual transformation we each have the opportunity to choose to take. Being in a spiritual path is not required… But it it available, and for those who choose it, like the Butterfly we can be reborn, completely transformed, we can find our wings and learn to fly but only when we first are willing to retreat within.

By retreating from the busyness of the external world into our inner being, we are able to cultivate and dive into a rich Stillness, Peace and Presence that simply is Divine.

When we surrounds ourselves in cocoons of prayer, meditation, spiritual insights and reflections, we transform. When we are willing to face our own shadow self, greeting all the aspects of ourselves we've not wanted to face… Welcoming everything, all that we are with love and with compassion, we transform. Through this inner journey, we heal, grow and evolve… We become ready and willing to emerge.

To emerge like the butterfly, awakened and ready to fly! We're transformed and reborn into an entirely new way of being.

Butterfly Life Span

In addition to how they live their miraculous life, butterflies don't live long. They typically only live for a few weeks or months at the longest, which in and of itself offers more butterfly meaning guidance for us.

Guidance that life is short. Even for humanity, time moves quickly, and so the butterfly with its magnificent and yet short life, reminds us to enjoy the here and now.

I also like to think that the transformation of the butterfly, as well as each of our own spiritual transformations,  continue onward after death. With death, our souls retreat from the physical world in a whole new way, but in this journey too when we have rested, restored our soul and are ready we will once again be reborn into another dimension. Even after death our transformation continues and we get our wings, remember our full light, and remember how to fly.

Butterfly Symbolism

Have you been seeing lots of butterflies lately, either in your waking life or in your dreams?

If so, the butterfly may be appearing as a power animal for you.

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If you're not familiar with power animals, in many native earth-based cultures, each animal was considered to bring messages from spirit. By looking at the qualities of the animal, it's strengths, qualities, and tendencies, we're able to become aware of the message present for us through the power animal, from spirit.

As power animals, butterflies are magical and cherished. If you're seeing butterflies, you may want to ask yourself what changes you're needing to make to live more in alignment with your authentic truth.

What could you do to live with more joy and freedom? What could you do that would light up your soul and invoke a sense of joy and wonder?

Or perhaps you're already experiencing huge changes and transformations in your life, and the butterfly is simply appearing to remind you it's all going to be okay. Transformation is a normal part of life, trust in the process, and rest well knowing that the gentle medicine of butterfly is helping to guide you through.

Butterfly MeaningButterflies are a reminder of the Divine presence and magic in all of life, and a call to embrace and tune into it!

Butterflies And Angels

In addition to the spiritual guidance we can receive through the metaphor of the butterfly, and by looking at it's meaning as a power animal, when we see butterflies there is often even more than meets the eye.

Quite often angels and fairies use butterflies to remind us of their presence, and to send signals and validations to guide us through life.

Why Would Angels Communicate Through Butterflies?

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Butterflies have a way of capturing attention, and so the angels leverage these winged messengers of the physical realm to help get their messages from spirit through. And so… When you see a butterfly, pay attention! Quite your mind, and listen through your intuition, your subtle senses, thoughts, feelings, and inner vision that allows you to receive the message from angels that butterflies can help signal is present.

Butterfly Meaning and Signs From Deceased Loved Ones

One of the most common questions I get about butterflies comes from those who have recently lost loved ones.

And guess what? Yes, butterflies are an incredibly common sign from deceased loved ones!

The meaning of the butterfly is so spiritually symbolic and butterflies also are often signs of Heaven sent from our loved ones as a sign that their soul and spirit lives on beyond the physical.

Seeing butterflies shortly after losing a loved is a beautiful sign that the spirit of your loved one lives on.

Have you had a butterfly land on you, follow you, or catch your attention in another beyond the ordinary way?

Angels Sending Butterflies?

In the case of seeing butterflies in connection to deceased loved ones, sometimes angels will send butterflies to comfort and reassure you that the soul of your loved one lives on.

Other times your loved one may put some of their soul essence into a butterfly to actually connect with you physically once again.

So there you have it. Really, looking at butterflies from a number of angles, the answer appears.

These magical winged messengers really are delivering guidance and love from spirit. 

So next time you see a butterfly, in addition to marveling at its lightness and ability to float through the sky… Take a moment to quiet your mind, pay attention, and with your intuition, tune in.

Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of Different Colors of Butterflies

Meaning of Certain Colors of Butterflies At this point, we’ve looked at the butterfly meaning, explored their connection with angels, and seen how they are a clear symbol of spiritual transformation.

But what about different colored butterflies? Does each color have a slightly different meaning?

Yes and no.

No, because all butterflies carry a message and symbolism of rebirth, transformation, joy, and tapping into the miracle of life in the present moment. All butterflies represent the soul and can act as signs of Spirit.

Yes, because different colors vibrate with a different energy, and so different colors do have a slightly different butterfly meaning, symbolic significance, and spiritual representations.

Let’s look at some of the added meaning behind different colors of butterflies.

Keep in mind that while yes, some butterflies are mostly one color, more often they have multiple colors. Whatever the dominant color of the butterfly will be its main symbolic significance, and the accent colors will offer further detail and clarification as to the symbolic meaning.

Orange, Black and White Butterfly

For example, a beautiful Orange butterfly with Black outlined wings and small White spots primarily resonates with the color Orange, but also carries symbolism of Black and White to a lesser degree.

When it comes to identifying the deeper meaning of butterflies of a certain color. Pay attention to what that particular color means to you.

Orange Butterfly

To keep with this example, Orange Butterflies are often symbols of encouragement, excitement, and passion. Seeing an Orange Butterfly may be a call to stay positive, reconnect with joy and follow your inner bliss and excitement to positively transform your life experience. But Orange has many other associations too. Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra, and so an orange butterfly may carry symbolism of creativity, and connection with others for you as well.

Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterflies are symbols of joy, happiness and creativity. A reminder to have fun, to embrace creativity playfulness, and whatever it is that makes you happy. A Yellow Butterfly's meaning can also represent new life on its way, this may mean something fun and creative is aligning in your life, or more literally that someone new will soon be entering your experience.

White Butterfly

White Butterflies are symbols of spiritual change and personal transformation. White represents purity and innocence. Seeing a White Butterfly is often a sign that your angels and Spirit has a message for you, hence, it is a reminder to clear your mind, and open your heart to allow higher Divine guidance to reach you.

White Butterfly meaning also brings the reminder of your direct connection with Spirit, and the ability to recharge your energy with light and peace direct from Source rather than trying to “get energy” from others.

Black Butterfly

Black Butterflies are symbols of potent transformation. Seeing a completely Black Butterfly is often a sign that something in your life is up for review, and that you would benefit in letting it die and fade away.

This could mean letting go of a limiting belief, negative pattern or habit, or a way of relating to others and to the world. Remember that on the other side of death is rebirth… What do you need to let go of and “let die” in order for the transformative power of rebirth to emerge? Black Butterfly meanings can also represent the Divine Feminine, and entering into the void and unknown in order for new growth, life and transformation to be rebirthed.

Blue Butterfly

A blue butterfly is definitely a sight to behold. Blue butterflies can represent love, serenity, and inspiration.

Blue is sometimes a color associated with sadness, if this is what a blue butterfly brings up for you it likely does so to support your healing.

Black as An Accent Color in Butterflies

Many Butterflies have prominent black markings as an accent color. In this case, the prominent color points to the area of life in which you’re being asked to transform and change.

Monarch Butterfly Meaning

A Monarch Butterfly is mostly a deep Orange Color with Black vein-like markings, as well as a Black outline along the outer edge of each wing.

The meaning of orange encourages you to dig deep to reconnect with your courage and excitement to live in alignment with your passions and heart's desire.

The black color meaning as an accent reveals that you need to let something in our life die and fade away in order to embrace the positive change and transformation that is possible and in store.

What Does It Mean if A Butterfly Lands on You?

Having a butterfly land on you is such an incredible experience. When this happens, I believe the meaning and symbolism of the butterfly is even more significant for you. Pay attention! This could indicate the entrance into a new phase of life where you transform and begin to experience greater love, peace, harmony, and spiritual connection.

Alternately, in some cases when a butterfly lands on you, it is a sign from your loved one in Spirit. A validation that their soul lives on and they are loving, supporting and encouraging you to be happy and follow your heart to live in joy and love in your life now.

Have you ever had a magical encounter with a butterfly? Comment below and share your story!


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With gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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  1. Shortly after my beloved Father had passed away ,I was on a little vacation The sun was shining brightly and I was sitting enjoying it . Suddenly a butterfly landed on my lap and sat there for several minutes . Instantly I realized it was my Father sending me a loving message . I felt great calmness and also a warmth inside and I smiled ! It was a very beautiful experience and I have loved butterflies ever since ! 🦋

  2. I've had two encounters with butterflies this week. A few days ago there was a butterfly on the path directly in front of me. I shouted my son to come and look. As we looked something made me walk towards the road and pick something up. I gave it to my son, it was a tiny silver heart. He said the writing said daughter, it still didn't register until he looked at my neck and I realised it was the heart with my
    daughters ashes in. If it wasn't for the butterfly I definitely wouldn't have stopped and I'd have lost it. I lost my daughter 18 months ago. It made me realize that life, really is too short. I've recently helped heal 2 rifts in our family. One being a 20 year silence. That was 3 days ago. Yesterday I was on the park with my daughter's dog and my son who was there the first time it happened. There where two butterflies dancing around each other in front of us. Suddenly one of them landed on my head for a rest. They danced about for a minute then just disappeared. I just don't know what to think about it, it feels magical

  3. hello Melanie,
    I really like your page about butterflies and the spiritual meaning and color that I like the most are the orange and the monarch which reflects my life. I've seen few of these butterflies lately flying close to me as if looking for my attention but did not know the meaning. I lost my mother, father and a close aunty which brings lots of sadness within and emotional struggles. I am currently starting a consulting business whereby I will provide bookkeeping and administration services. I was battling with a suitable logo which best describe me and my drive to be a business lady….and saw this sentence from your page "The meaning of orange encourages you to dig deep to reconnect with your courage and excitement to live in alignment with your passions and heart's desire." I love butterflies and like to post quotes with them on it. Wish I could have a business which involves butterflies…its a passion…😊🦋Peace to you dear Melanie and God bless

  4. This article was amazing, On Wednesday July 14th 2021 heaven was granted an angel that will live in my life for forever. I lost my Mother. She was my best friend I am so lost. She love loved butterflies and yesterday I was sitting on my patio and to my amazement I saw a Monarch butterfly. It was dancing through the air like an angel. The butterfly flew around the corner of my house and I lost sight. In my mind my mother was telling me that it will be ok. I am with God and I will see you in heaven.

    1. God bless you Glenn Thompson. I, too, lost my mother on July 19th, 2021. She, too, was my best friend. She lived with me, as I took care of her for the last 5 years. I take 2 mile walks every day; and one day there was a white butterfly that was following me around during my entire walk. That’s NOT just coincidental. I knew, in my heart, it was my mother; telling me that she will always be near. I’m having a very, very, very, very hard time……(((((HUGS))))) to you!

  5. We came home from the hospital and was waiting for a prescription when a very large one landed on the back of my hand I watched it for a moment then ilet it walk from my hand to my wife’s then it stays for a few more moments then flew off it WAS VERY large and had a big spot on wings like eyes I gave not ever seen another like it Also a large swarm of monarchs flew around my dog when were walking Sheloves it jumping and playing and they seemed also

  6. Recently a butterfly showed up at our office. It’s unusual because it’s winter time plus the species doesn’t come this far north. It’s visiting at my office now.

  7. I am having such a strange encounter with a butterfly at the moment. Started on Sunday where I noticed butterfly on tge window at my bed. Monday night still there so I got it some orange peels and sugar and water. Tuesday eve it moved down beside radiator. Couldnt then see it going to bed so I thought it was gone.
    Today this morning it was back and started fluttering around my room. I was just out of shower and it followed me to shower room. Settled on window sill so I opened window slightly incase it wanted out.
    Was putting on my make up and my daughter came in and i told her and she thought it was dead as it was very still. She went to her room. But it wasnt. Next thing it fluttered ti my sink and sat looking at me. I spoke gently to it and nexr thing it fluttered ti window and out it went so i said right its away.

    Next thing Danielle came in not knowing it was gone and said there is a butterfly at my window. And right enough. Tgere it was again on her window. We opened window and in it came again and is now once again in my room near radiator beside my bed. So beautiful and so strange.

  8. Recently I moved and we are going through family court to grandson from his father on the day we had a covitt court appearance for a report to be written while we were speaking on the phone there were literally white with black spots on their wings everywhere there were do many and I have.never seen so many butterflies ever in my72 years of living as I walked from the car to the house there were 4 dancing a metre in front if me and another one joined so so beautiful I’m still seeing a lot but not like on that day

  9. Hi
    Actually i am from India…Their lived a great saint called Yogi Ram Surat Kumar in Tiruvannamalai south India…He use to say “I will appear as a butterfly to my devotee when they think of me ” . I had been to Tirupati…for suprabatham darshan..morning 3.
    30 am..i thought my yogi Ram should give me a darshan…and was continuously chanting his name..after suprabatham darshan we were sitting their for a while …then suddenly a butterfly arrived and was flying near us..i was very happy as my lord yogi Ram had given a darshan…but at that movement a thought striked in my mind.” If the butterfly is Yogi Ram it should sit on my hand..but again I thought it is wrong to think like that and should be happy for seeing the butterfly” BUT latter we came outside the temple…my husband went to buy ladoo…and i sat their waiting for him …again a butterfly arrived and sat on my hand…no words to explain my feeling….it is all Guru’s grace Yogi Ram Surat Kumar Jaya Guru Raya….

  10. I was about 7 years old. Spending weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. Outside with my Grandpa, helping him water his flowers. A butterfly landed on my right hand. My Grandpa said not to move, don’t be afraid and it won’t bite me. So I was very still. I was admiring it. I spoke to it and never touched it, even though I SO SO BADLY wanted to! He went to get his camera to take a picture of it. It was still there when he got back to take the picture. He was amazed it was still there. It was on my hand a good 5 minutes. I want to say it was a yellow butterfly, but it could have been white. I have never forgotten that experience. I am 60 years old now. It is one of my most fond memories of childhood I pray I never forget while on Earth. I see many Monarchs now, white ones, There are so few these days. I did feel as if it were there observing me as I was it. It flew away shortly after the picture. My Grandfather told me it also licked salt off my skin. He didn’t want to tell me that while I was his perch. Bless the Butterfly and their essence while on earth.

  11. My family had gathered at a bon fire to honor my sons passing.
    A Monarch butter was flying around and then landed on a family member that my son was particularly fond of.
    When the butterfly would not leave he was passed from family member to family member.
    He flapped his wings slowly but never tried to fly away.
    He was finally handed back to Mom and stayed with her for quite a while.
    Towards the end of the night my wife looked down and he was gone.
    He was with us for an hour and a half.

  12. On today I had the pleasure of a black and orange butterfly circle around me sitting on my patio this afternoon; very beautiful experience! I’ve always love butterflies, just never understand their meaning! EdnaDHair

  13. My ex and I decided to spend time together, about a year after a tough. break up, and nine months after my mom passed. We were laying close to the shore in the sea, mostly enjoying the moment, and we both looked up at the same time to see two butterflies, flying over us and the sea. I thought how odd two butterflies together while we are here together and flying above us. We have a special bond and I believe in syronchosity and angels…another special moment that I’m grateful for.

  14. Hi Melanie. I am so happy to come across your website on butterflies. I have been trying to sell a very stressful business for the last year. I finally have a couple of buyers interested but they seem to be dragging their feet. Positive change is just on the horizon. This i am thankful for. It has been a long process though which is effecting my spirit, my body, my relationships, and my soul. For the last couple of months I have noticed butterflies practically fly into my face, probably to wake me up, then fly ahead for just a moment, as if guiding me. Of course I am on my way to the office, thinking about how to get through one more day without losing it, so barely questioning the existence of the butterfly. A couple of days ago a large orange butterfly flew in my face, then just ahead so I could see it, and then out of sight. I finally wondered….what does this mean? I should look up the significance of the butterfly. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something. Your explanation to trust in the process brought tears to my eyes. Love seeing the butterflies and i will be pausing a lot longer next time I see one.

  15. I lost my grandmother a few years ago and noticed yellow butterfly after her passing and just recently My best friends Father recently passed and the day I went to visit her to give my regards a beautiful yellow butterfly flew right around us, and on the day of his burial another yellow butterfly flew around us gathered at his casket .?

  16. I have had a butterfly come into my house for the past few days. Yesterday morning I got up for work and it was in my bedroom. The butterfly was a bright orange/ red colour with black and white markings. Is there any significance in this?

  17. Hello Melanie,
    I was just outside today an a lovely orange, black an white butterfly landed on my arm. I also see white feathers regularily in my path and the strangest places.I have had some very tough years and love to see the feathers, but just wondering about the butterfly.
    Kind Regards.

  18. In these chaotic times of our world right now, my husband and I love to sit on our back patio, watch the birds, butterflies, squirrels, bees play in our yard. We have lots of colorful flowers, plants, trees, water around for them. So, today this small grayish butterfly landed on my leg, around the knee area, walked around for quite a while, then left. It was flying around like crazy! Came and went several times. Landed in my hair for a bit, left. Then landed on the side of my right hand…was there probably 10 min, sort of walking down mid way of my thumb. I could feel him moving his proboscis all
    around, leaving it in one spot
    then moving on. And, just like that, he about his journey. I have never seen nor have had this happen before. Was amazing. We have several loved ones who have gone on…our eldest child, our son, Ryon, has been gone a little over 9 years…I always think of him when there are butterflies, dragonflies and cardinals…🦋

  19. Twice in the last 4 months, a Monarch came to me near death and ultimately did die. I buried them and prayed continuously as they transitioned. But I’m troubled because I don’t understand why they came to me.
    Can anyone help? Thank you!

  20. Have had a big yellow with black spots trying to land on me for 3days, yet this a.m. a Beautiful Vibrant Blue with black spots landed on my right foot. It walked all around the top of my foot, stayed for 10 minutes. It tickles when it’s there, Awesome!!! It keeps coming back & lands on different parts of my chair. Then the big yellow butterfly has come back around. All this has happened on Thankful Thursday.

  21. This was very Awesome and in great detail with knowledge. i appreciate the insight you have given to me by Reading this. Recently my Mother passed on July 4, 2020 and since then i never took attention to butterfly’s but amazingly they have been mainly Orange, Yellow and whit butterfly’s coming around me or flying over me or near me. Just today doing food delivery the same color orange and black butterfly flew right in front of my window like slow enough to get my attention while i was driving Amazing. i did not understand why they kept coming by from time to time and even very often and then for the last few weeks it is starting again. i had a Cooper’s hawk come to me, Catbird never knew what a catbird was, northern cardinals, blue-jays i thank God for everything and finding the insight that you have provided.

  22. On July 6, 2018 my father, who had suffered from vascular dementia passed away at home with our pastor and family and hospice nurses all around his bed. The pastor said that the veil between heaven and earth had been lifted and we were standing on holy ground. I’m still not sure if it was the words he used or the feeling in the room, but I sat down on the ottoman behind me. For several months after that day, a black and blue butterfly followed me everywhere. I took many pictures of it and they all have the same pattern. Not sure if that is common, but it seemed more than a coincidence to me. I ended up getting a small tattoo on my ankle of the butterfly. It was such a sign of comfort for me.

  23. A few minutes ago I woke up to seeing blue/green butterflies in my head. They just flashed before me and I wasn’t even thinking about butterflies. I was sure it was a vision because if wasn’t a dream which prompted me to go rob google. But the strange thing was that in the vision they were plastic decorative butterflies and I was then prompted to decorate with them. I just started a jewelry (bracelet) business and it came to me to decorate my craft shelf with these butterflies. As soon as I got up I googled butterflies and it brought me to this site as I was looking for a spiritual meaning for them. My father passed in May and we were so close.

  24. 1 day after the funeral of a nephew. I had a large black zebra butterfly land on me in the back yard. Multiple witnesses. It wouldn’t leave me. I got in my pool and it frantically flew around till I got. back out. It landed on my head. Finger. Side. Back …. the strange part? I live in Kansas City MO.. the zebra butterfly lives in Florida. That’s where my nephew died and lived. I paid for his headstone… I think he was thanking me 💕 I have multiple pictures of it on me. Lasted 25 minutes…

  25. A day before my wife’s 3rd chemo session we were sitting in our yard and noticed 2 Monarch butterflies hovering around near and far from us.
    The following day I dropped my wife off at the chemo hospital and as I parked our car in the parking lot I stepped out of my car and a Monarch was at my feet.
    I picked it up and it stayed with me a few minutes.
    Now without looking for them they are out and about in our yard.
    The month of August last year and previous years has seen a lot of life losses with parents and close friends.
    So this is a reminder of better times and things ahead.

  26. My daughter passed away May 28th. The day after I got the call about my daughter, a butterfly flew into my truck window and flew around my face. Then the next day one flew around me in a convenience store parking lot. Then while my boys were here one flew into our firepit and stayed and flew over us for a good long while. ❤❤❤🙏❤
    The first one was yellow as was the second. The third one with my boys was a monarch.

  27. Just a few minutes ago, I was outside picking wild blackberries around my house. Before going in, an orange and black (not a monarch) butterfly landed right on my leg, so I stopped for a minute to let it rest. It just stayed there, so I did too. Eventually, I got tired and sat down, and it still sat just above my knee. I decided to crush up a couple blackberries and it started drinking some of the juice. Just me and my butterfly friend munching on some blackberries. When the wind kicked up, I’d shield him so he could keep eating. We were there for about ten minutes, and occasionally I was able to gently stroke his wings and he didn’t mind me at all. Eventually, he took flight but landed on my shirt. I don’t know what it was but my little butterfly friend didn’t wanna leave me. I tried getting my dad to take a picture of us, but *just* before he took the picture, the butterfly flew away 🙁

  28. Every since the passing of my father who I had a very close relationship with and loved dearly after I had came back home from my dads funeral and this is from another state I started to see this white butterfly and it seemed to be trying to get my attention and as I watched the butterfly I felt calm and peace as if it was comforting me and automatically I thought and said daddy I love you..The butterfly ended up peacefully drifting away so i continue on with what i was doing but now i see this butterfly come back every so often and year after year and it always seems to get my attention and make sure i see it and so i started pointing it out to my daughter and she started seeing it and its really refreshing how much peace and tranquility and comfort I get from watching it as I am talking to my dad in my head and I honestly feel like it represents my father in some way…I just know it does and me being native american my spirituality brings me to believe this to be true…

  29. About a month and a half ago I found a caterpillar in the grass while I was sitting. I picked it up and showed the kids. We put in a insect terrarium so they could watch it. The next day it had already form a cocoon on the top! We waited for about a week and a half and it actually became a beautiful butterfly!! (I didn’t m ow if it would survive or not). When we left it out of the terrarium he didn’t even fly away right away. It sat on the arm of the chair and just pushed the wings up and down, getting used to it’s new transformation. At that moment, inside of me I felt that this was my sign for great things to come, as I am on my journey to awakening!

  30. Hi. I was standing in my garden on a warm sunny day when a butterfly landed on my right shoulder. I thought it was lovely and unusual but I didn’t think much of it. A couple of days later I was in the garden again admiring the beautiful blue sky when I thought to myself “ I wonder if the butterfly will land on me again?” I heard a flutter and looked down on my right shoulder, there he was. This time it felt different, kind of magical. I looked at him and I said a few words then he fluttered off. The day was Easter Sunday.

    1. Hi there, I just lost my cat less then 2 weeks ago and then this orange and black butterfly appeared and flew in circles right over my head that I got startled and out my head down at first. Then the next day I was outside in my backyard just like I usually am everyday and the butterfly appeared again right in front of me so I called out my cats name and said come here mama (my cats name) and the butterfly flew around for a minute then flew straight to me and almost touched me straight on. My Gardner witnessed it as well. It was like calling a dog and it responded.. I have never had an encounter in my life life like this. The cat I lost was my child. I’m so heartbroken I can barely push myself to eat. So today the butterfly came again and she fluttered around my head again and stuck around me then proceeded to leave once one of my family members came outside and ruined the moment. I have lost all hope, but I really do think now this may be a sign of her… it felt so powerful having this beautiful butterfly come so close to me and hear what I was saying. Rip Mama I love U so much.

      1. My love passed away unexpectedly. The morning after I was standing on his patio and an orange and black butterfly landed by my hand and then allowed me to pick it up. I took photos..I stayed there for several minutes. A day or two later I was at home on the patio and several dragonflies were swarming right in front of me for no apparent reason. I immediately made the connection as my love owned helicopters and a plane. He loved aviation. After reading your story I am convinced it was his spirit reaching out and comforting me.

  31. I was gardening and wearing gloves, hat, sunglasses–the whole protection thing. And DH and I were waiting for a cat to come home, fearing he had gone too far.

    As we sat in the grass and talked, an orange Monarch landed on my gloved hand and stayed there for certainly more than 10 seconds. Can’t get any closer than that in time. I was delighted and “studied” it.

    That day, another of our cats came to lead me to the cat come home who was injured and hiding in a perennial bed.

    The cat must have drug himself across the golf course after being hit by a car and required a long recuperation period. (This is unusual in itself–such will.)

    Strange day with cats and the butterfly coinciding. Was it a deceased cat? Nothing special? etc.

  32. Thank you so much for this!

    I was asleep and heard a really fast tapping, got up to discover that it was a black butterfly with orange rings on the wings. The strange part is there were no windows or doors open at all and haven’t been opened for a while, so no way this little beauty could get it!

    This is the second time it has happened, I dismissed the first but thought surely a second time it cannot be a coincidence. So I decided to do a little research and came across your page.

    I now understand why I’ve seen the butterfly and the one previous to this experience, I’ve got to let go of some habits and behaviours, what is no longer serving me and to have faith and trust it’s for the best!

    Thank you so much!
    Many blessings!

  33. There I was in Fiji at a religious ceremony outside and we were in a gazebo and this butterfly came in came right towards me and flew over my head!

    Then my last day in Fiji this beautiful black butterfly with accents of white and purple hung out with Me! I was burning incense in a coral I brought from the beach and it landed and kind of danced on the coral. Next thing you know it landed on me 3 times. It would land on the coral and kept coming back to my hand. I was so excited I started crying. I had been praying and then here comes this butterfly. It stayed with me til I got up to go shower then it flew away. This was the highlight of my trip.

    1. Hi there just today while I was on the roof top a butterfly landed on my shoulder. Its color has black on the edges and has a yellow color also. I amnot familiar with types of butterfly.Just a seconds and it fly.

  34. I want a name my airb&b with a butterfly name. Can you assist me please?
    I went through a divorse jan 2019 and converted my home to a 3 room air b&b. I am almost finished.
    Cracteristics: hope, courage, strenght, place of safety. For women who hurt to come and recover

    1. Hi, strange request is there any chance of the name of the B&B of Esme, I too and going through the same thing (divorce) and would love to visit a place where I can find hope, courage and the strength to move on?

  35. It’s Nov 1,2019 i was sitting at mt Kitchen table talking with my Roommate in a Yellow butterfly can across my Window as it caught my eyes and i looked it’s up in it gave me Great meaning until i began to cry i didn’t no Butterflies was so Spiritual until i look it up and it’s gave me Hope, in trust in the things going to happen in my Life but so much that is going on in it Thank God for letting me see my Message of Angel threw My Beautiful Yellow Butterfly

  36. My son passed away August 24th 2019 from an overdose shortly after I was in my kitchen and the dining room was dark and I saw out of the corner of my eye which look like a transparent butterfly this wasn’t a butterfly from outside it was see-through just wondering if there’s any thoughts on this

    1. Yes I had an amazing experience with a mainly white butterfly not long ago which it just crawled on my hand from where it was and stayed with me nearly an hour! It was most beautiful I called it Beau I brought it very close to my face took pictures walked around a little it just sat there like a pet I felt truly blessed xx
      Su ~ 🦋🌈🙏

    2. I’ve always loved & had a certain amount of energy towards butterflies from a young age. From the age of 9 yrs old completing science fair project on the monarch butterfly. But when my fraternal grandmother passed I received such a joyful gift…upon entering the home a white butterfly entered flew around my head & landed on my shoulder & the proceeded to fly back outside the door it was awesome & unbelievable still get a nice feeling inside just writing this note. I cherish butterflies🦋

  37. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and the day before going into hospital for surgery a swarm of yellow butterflies followed me along a country pathway and back again. I was surrounded by them. Is there a meaning to this?

  38. My youngest son passed away 10-18-18.
    His birthday was 9-19-1987.
    This year his oldest daughter and i were making a cake for his memorial gathering on his birthday. The cake became a disastrous lumpy swamp llama ( far from the envisioned 3d deer cake). We laughed and jimed and laughed until the sound just fed itself further. Finally when we took a break to sit on my front porch, we saw about 6 bright orange and black butterflies ‘dancing’ around us.
    My sons favorite colors were orange and black.
    I told my granddaughter that her daddy felt love and heard laughter all the way in heaven and sent them to let us know he was here on his birthday to share it with us.

  39. Last night when I was going to bed I had a vision I was walking along a grass paved path. The path was beautifully manicured and the grass eas almost candy like. The green was like nothi g I’ve seen before. There was a waist high bush that went the length of the path. As I walked I touched the bush and it was as if many of the leaves popped to life and turned into butterflies. They were of many different vibrant colors and there was hundreds of them that flew up. It was amazing. I wasn’t dreaming. I was laying in bed when this clear vision came in. What does it mean?

  40. My mother passed away 12 weeks ago. I was her carer and went through so much with her, over several years. She passed away unexpectedly and I miss her terribly, thinking of her every day and reliving the last two days of her life…

    Since her passing, I have seen several white butterflies on a daily basis. Recently, on two separate occasions a butterfly struggled to fly out of our greenhouse and I went to help it out. The first time this happened, the butterfly sat on my left index finger for several minutes before flying off. The second time, I tried coaxing the butterfly outside by raising my hand and on four occasions it alighted momentarily on my hand before flying out of the greenhouse.

    A few days ago I saw a butterfly resting on my garden path, in the shade, with its wings closed. I gently picked it up, placed it on my open palm and walked into the sunshine. The butterfly then opened its wings and rested on my palm for several glorious minutes, allowing me to bring it up close to my face and study its magnificence. It was a Peacock.

    Since then, white butterflies and dragonflies are visiting me daily. Today was a dull, cool day and still one solitary white butterfly appeared in my mother’s garden whilst I was there.
    Yesterday, at her graveside, white butterflies fluttered close by, including one which crossed in front of me, close by. I am hoping these butterflies are my mother’s spirit telling me she is fine and at peace. Every time I see a butterfly now, I become emotional. I just worry that with autumn approaching and butterflies not being around, I don’t know how my mother’s spirit will now manifest itself to me.

    What are your thoughts on this please?

  41. A butterfly with the markings similar to that of the Monarch fell on the windscreen area of my car as I was reverse parking at home. I thought it was dead because of the way it looked, then it flew away. The entire encounter lasted less than five seconds.

    1. I was behind a counter serving customers in a small store when a blue monarch butterfly flew in & hovered for a moment in front of me, customers were admiring it, I out my arm straight out in front of me & it landed & sat on my arm for a couple of minutes, then it flew back out the door leaving all of us incredulous & emotional, any deeper meanings you can see with my encounter ?

  42. butterfly lie on my heart means down to the neck really i am very happy is a great experience and is for few seconds iwalk for 4 steps my friend touches it then it went away from me what does it mean

  43. I had an experience with a butterfly in the middle of the city where you rarely see. It flew by me and sat on a truck for a few minutes fluttering I was just inches away. The randomly it flew on me for a few seconds then it was gone. Not sure what the meaning of that was. It was black accent with yellow and pink.

  44. I have had to different butterfly’s at different times come into my home and let me save them to set free outside . They let me cup them in my hand and then both times they like suctioned to my finger and wouldn’t fly away. They stayed long enough for me to grab my cell phone and record a video both times. They would just sit calmly on my finger not wanting to fly away. This last time just the other day had him on my finger and I videoed the butterfly and I was surprised to see after watching it that there looks like a little person’s face a tiny person rideing it’s back almost like it looks as if it has wings. On the top part of the wings there looks to me like words. It’s beautiful and I am going see if I can get snap shots of my video and see what this beautiful butterfly’s message is. I’m blown away by what I saw and keep seeing in this video . it has opened my mind and I now truly believe I have angles looking over me. Fastinateing . Wish I could share my video with u. It’s so beautiful

  45. We have a black with blue strip on the top of his wings and orange strip a crossed the bottom of his wings. He or she has taken up my front step. So beautiful they can stay as long as they want.
    What does this mean?

  46. Yesterday afternoon while taking nature selfies, a butterfly came right up to me and fluttered in my face and then around to my ear where it fluttered for several seconds…it was quite magical and was clearly bringing me a message…I had made a decision to remove myself from a position of helping others with mental illness that was clearly too intense for me at this time. I instead decided to follow my heart to follow a different path, a way to help others on a much lighter and more impactful way. I can’t help but believe this was a sign that I made the right decision for myself!

  47. I saw a black butterfly with white spots late afternoon. Its on my aunties front gate and it flies around and stay not far away from me. Its a beautiful butterfly I ever seen from a long time. I was sad back then because early in the morning, my father founds out that one of our neighborhood friendly, playful and innocent orange cat died from vehicle accident. My father said before Bobby died, he saw him mweowing to him at the rooftop and that time my father is walking at the sidewalk so he assumed that Bobby jump at the side of the road to follow him, not knowing that Bobby got into an accident. I was so sad, we are sad. All the neighbor hood that he became friends with and his owner which is my auntie was so sad. You know gguys, I always saw his image all over our place although he is not actually there, those are just the memories that makes me so emotional. Back from school, I went first to my aunties’ house, hoping that Bobby is there and will play with me because I really missed him that fast. And then, the first thing I saw in front of my Aunties’ gate is a black butterfly with a white spot that so beautiful. He flies around the front yard and stay near to that place. I immediately murmured Bobby’s name. That’s him! The sadness I felt became happiness and assurance that Bobby is really at peace, worry no more, he is really in the kingdom of God now or maybe he will rebirth again and will meet us someday. Rest in peace, orange cat, Bobby. <3 (Ps. Sorry for my english grammar, not my first language but I tried to share my wonderful experience to all.)

  48. My daughters were swimming in our pool and a butterfly landed on my daughters head. Sat there for a while. Then flew off her and landed on my other daughters head. Sat there for a bit. This went on for at least an hour that this butterfly went back and forth sitting on both my daughters landing on their head, shoulders, and float they were in. It was an amazing experience!!! I have never seen anything like it. My daughters were in their glory! I am still in shock that this happened!

  49. I was wondering what it meant when a butterfly lands a little in front of you and remains for longer than usual, then flies but still appears flying for a moment. Can a butterfly be telling me something BEFORE my beloved dog passed. It was Orange with black outline. Cant remember if there was any other markings. I just knew it was telling me something but didnt know what. I heard of butterflies coming after death as spiritual but what about before.

  50. I was driving my motorcycle on the highway at 100km/h the other day when a butterfly landed on my right mirror and just stood there as still as could be for about five minutes and then flew away. To me this was mind-blowing!

  51. While working a night job in upstate New York at about 4am a monarch still alive landed on me when I was getting into our work truck. I put it on my finger tip and blocked it from the wind of the passing tractor trailers and brought it to the edge of the woods and placed it in the flowers. Shocked at that hour Of the morning to experience this.

  52. I lost my 25 year old son 3 years ago 7/17/16. 3 years ago today at his celebration of life, just as people were beginning to talk about him, a yellow/black butterfly (Oregon swallowtail?) was flying around just over them. Later, my niece caught a close-up photo.

    About a week ago, I got the mail out of the mailbox and as I was walking towards the house, a butterfly landed on the mail. I slowly got my phone out of my pocket and fiddled with it slowly enough that I was able to take a photo of him. He was right next to the name and address of two of the then strangers that helped us on the trail and stayed with us, caring for us, for 5 or 6 hours while we waited for help and they searched for my son. (Ryan was swept down river after being swept over a 132′ waterfall.
    1. He landed
    2. On the mail from T & T
    3. Didn’t fly off, stayed allowing me to take the time to be able to get his picture.

    This summer, I haven’t seen my yellow butterfly son very much. I have seen alot of a white butterfly. Why?? Is he telling me something different?
    Or, is it my mom (passes 12/27/18) or my step-mom (passed 9/1/18).

    Whatever the reason, they are welcomed always.

  53. My Grandpa recently passed away. Yesterday a black butterfly landed on me. He hung around for a couple of hours. Drank some of my coffee (which my Grandpa loved) He let us (my children and I) hold him, we even passed him back and forth and he even let me give him kisses!!! I believe! So amazing!!!! So heart warming! So so so incredibly beautiful!!!!

  54. I had an outlined black butterfly with orange and white fly through my window passed me around and out the other window in kitchen just after I got kicked off a site for asking for help after electricals did some funny things days before any ideas?

  55. This is my second Butterfly story. My friend Ken died about a year ago. We finally were able to put together a benefit concert in his honor. All proceeds were going the local animal shelter in his name. As we were setting up, a man that was walking through the park asked us what the event was for. As we were talking to this total stranger, a Brown or Grayish Butterfly landed on his leg and just sat there. We all were very silent for a second and luckily my friend actually took a picture of it. We all felt that it was acknowledgement that our dear friend Ken was there with us.

  56. I was at Flynn’s (Fire Island, NY) the other day and outside the restaurant several people including me and a friend were smoking on the sidewalk next to Flynn’s. An Orange and Black Butterfly was on the sidewalk, clearly struggling. Afraid that it would be stepped on, I reached out and let it climb onto my hand. He was a big guy with a black body. Once he was safely on my hand, I quickly moved it over to the grassy area nearby. I got a round of applause too, lol. Symbolic of change I’m guessing…..

  57. When I woke up this morning a french butterfly was on the side of my bedcover? What does this mean? I let it out of the window.

  58. Hi over a periord of 7 days ive had a brown butterflle in my bedroom a different one as my husband keeps putting them outside i find this very strange as i write this there is one on the corner of my bedroom wall its always my bedroom am i going to be very lucky or is someone trying to get a message to me.

  59. Just yesterday I was out with my mom this beautiful exotic butterfly brown-black w red, orange, white and blue spotting landed on my mom’s hand flew away came back landed on her again then flew over landed on me. This has happened to me recently in the past month several times. I have always had an affinity for butterflies not sure what it means but I see it as a positive sign.

  60. three days in a row butterflies landed on me, the first day two black butterflies were flying around me and then landed on my backpack, the next day as I was swimming a black butterfly flew around me and kept landing on the wet deck in front of me and would jump when I tried to pick it up but wouldn’t fly away then it followed me to the change rooms, then yesterday while at the beach a monarch butterfly landed on my butt, I cant really seem to find a definitive answer as to why? I don’t have any family who’s passed away and would want to contact me

  61. Today 25-7-2019
    I saw a butterfly struggling in the rain and she was not able to fly, so I put her on my shoulder and took her to my room and she stayed with me the whole night and the next day I released him.

  62. Yesterday a butterfly followed me around at the beach. It stayed with us while we walked home.
    It was on my coverup . I am a widow and love the beach, my husband knew it was my tranquil place.
    Today when I went to get my coverup a butterfly was on it . I believe in angels and I do talk to my husband and mother.

  63. Four days ago my father-in-law passed away. To night my husband was out mowing the lawn and went to his car and there was a butterfly just sitting in is car. As my husband sat down the butterfly sat on his finger. My husband put the butterfly down and went back to mowing and when he was done the butterfly was still there. My husband went inside the and got ready to go over to his fathers house and the butterfly went with. As my husband was getting out of his car the butterfly climbed on to his finger and were inside with. As soon as he got into the house the butterfly went over to his fathers favorite chair and just sat there. My husband called me to let me know what he was experiencing and I said maybe it can’t fly as soon as I said that it started fly and land on the floor. My husband picked it up and put it back on the chair and there it stayed. Every time my husband would talk to it as if it was his father it would flap its wings. My husband has just received the most amazing gift from his father.

  64. I had a most beautiful butterfly land on my wrist (had a pink pearl bracelet on) today at a multicultural music festival today in Victoria park, Kitchener, On. the music was so amazing….everybody had to dance…this butterfly had some orange some lime green on its body and a different wing structure…it stayed on my wrist for over a minute..I showed it to children, adults. Did not get a picture…..doesn’t matter…I know what I saw and I feel blessed

  65. On Thursday(I think), July 11th, sometime after lunch my 17yr old daughter and I got out of my car and were walking towards the door to our home and when I walked up the doorstep to unlock the door a beautiful monarch butterfly (orange black n white) landed on my left shoulder and my daughter was surprised to see that when I tried to shoo it off it didn’t budge so I gently picked it up and it clung to my finger as I got it to fly away and immediately after that my daughter laughed and said mama it’s on your back now. I reached around to get it and my daughter told me to be careful not to hurt it’s wings and it flew away and landed close by. We were both amazed at what had just happened. It made me feel happy!! I had gotten dumped by my ex-boyfriend on 6/21/19 and I was laid off of a job of 8 yrs earlier on March 12th of this year. So, this was oddly refreshing for me. And another thing happened an hour ago, I was texting a friend about the butterfly moment and as soon as I finished the conversation, I was watching a movie on Netflix called the lady in the water and the guy on there was talking about butterflies and was saying how they are attracted to healers. I don’t understand this but it sent tears rushing down my face. I feel as if something is about to happen…I don’t know how but I just know. I’m just not sure what to make of all this. Just wanted to share my experience. 🥰🦋

  66. on the eve of my dads passing a wjite butterfly flew into my conservatory. fluttered a few seconds in my view then flew away .I beleive it was a message from my dad to let me know he was safe and free from gave me a great feeling of comfort .😍

  67. As I was coming from doing some personal errands, I went to the local Bed Bath and Beyond. I went there to see if they had those vacuum storage bags, so I could condense things on some boxes that I am intending to use when my special friend comes to get me and my daughter and move in with him. When I was done and approaching the place where we reside, I felt to go and check the mailbox, which is not attached to the cottage. We reside in a semi-rural area and the mailboxes are own the path on the main road. I was listening to a song that had the word “Travelin'” in it. As I was getting out of the car, all of a sudden, out of no where, a(n) orange and black butterfly came flying around me and landed on the ground near me. I believe that it was a monarch. I took videos and photos of it. It came right near me but didn’t land next or on me. I was like.. “OMG!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Thank you! Thank you!” My daughter and I are SOOOO READY for our move to be with my special friend across the country!!! We’ve been waiting for so long!!!!
    Oh, by the way, before my mom passed away, she told me “God’s gonna bless you!”. And I said to her that my daughter and my then husband were my blessings. She said, ” my daughters’ name, yes, “But Robert…NO!!!” (I want to keep my daughters name private). “Grandpa and I will send you the right one!” Like I said, we’ve been waiting for so long! And I haven’t seen any butterflies around this place in YEARS!!!

  68. After traveling to Alabama to put my 86 year old mother to rest, I arrived at a relatives home and after visiting with family inside I went out on the front porch and while I was sitting on an open porch a beautiful blue butterfly landed on a bush next to me. One of my relatives made a comment that that was my Mom , I held my hand out and the butterfly climbed onto my hand and sat there for at least 5 minutes spreading her wings but staying in the palm of my hand while I sat there trying to convey to her, ( through tears and sobs), how much I loved and missed her already. After that every time I went to that house in the four days I stayed in Alabama that same beautiful butterfly would flutter around me and land on my shoulder or hand. It wasn’t until then that someone told me about the spiritual legend of the butterfly.

  69. I took a trip to the beach while pregnant and When I got there a black and orange butterfly flew around me then landed on my stomach. Such a beautiful sight & made me think of my mom who is no longer alive.

  70. My son Jonathan was killed in an auto accident Dec 28th 2017. We celebrated his 35th birthday this past Saturday with his family all around including his 4 year old daughter and 1 1/2 year old little boy. It was outside on the deck about 5pm when as we all gathered to say a prayer, the most beautiful butterfly appeared on the picnic table and would not leave, it also stepped onto the finger of his grandmother for awhile. It was an odd occurrence. After a while it disappeared. I feel for certain that my son was joining us at his birthday celebration and wanted us to know he is fine and his spirit lives on.

  71. Day of moms funeral at the cemetery one white butterfly separated itself from a bunch of all white butterflies and circled over and over around my dads gravestone as moms headstone was put up!

  72. I loved this and wanted to share just one of my butterfly stories:
    June 2016-My pregnancy had been fine and my water broke and when I went to the hospital there was no heartbeat 💔 and my blood pressure was so high, my life was in danger. My daughter Celia was stillborn 😢💜👼🏼

    I don’t remember the exact date, but it was over a year ago and after she passed, during the summer. I was walking to the beach and stopped at the Brooklyn aquarium bc they have lots of beautiful flowers planted there. I love flowers 🌸 And I saw a butterfly 🦋 on a flower and went to take a picture. Next thing I know I’m surrounded by butterflies and see 20, 30, I don’t know-landing on the flowers. Soooo many butterflies all in one place. I knew it must be my Celia 💜

  73. Can I ask what are the meaning if you dream a big giant butterfly landing on your head?
    The color looks like brown one 🙂

  74. We lost our 10 dog, next morning I saw in the window black butterfly flying away, in my head I start thinking how it’s possible it’s winter it’s so cold outside, it’s disappeared within a Cason’s, but I knew Marshall sad me his last goodbye.

  75. I used to see all the time big white beautiful butterflies when I was a little girl…! But then I stop seeing them and somehow I am always drawing them and painting them with flowers …! All the time I didn’t noticed this until my husband asked me why you always draw butterflies? Does anybody have any information about it? Why unconsciously I tend to always draw butterflies?

  76. I want to share an extraordinary behaviour happened on the day of my which a butterfly was there with me all the sat on my right soon as the groom came for performing the ritual of my marriage,it disappeared..all were amazed and said haven’t seen this kinda action in anybody’s marriage…all were saying its a good sign..and many of them were saying its my granny’s spirit shower her whom i lost few years back..plz let me know..can it be true…even when after marriage,when first i went my mother’s home..i again saw butterfly coming my way..i invite all the opinions and views from all..i am havinf the pucture too..

  77. The other day as my son and I were walking out the door a butterfly flew straight to his chest. Then gently flew away. It felt magical and surreal. Feels like maybe his dad trying to reach out. He passed away 2 years ago.

  78. This morning I was alone sitting and notice a bright yellow butterfly 🦋 got my attention and flies around me.Once I got up to work a same butterfly came by…

  79. When I was in love and seeking signs I used to receive everything from naked
    Numbers to feathers but one special
    Moment was when I was in my back yard on a sunny afternoon and asked
    My angels to send me a sign about the woman I loved and a moment later a butterfly flew towards me and landed on my arm and sat there ..
    I was both overawed and joyous beyond words not wanting it to leave it then flew away …
    It was amazing when your open to receiving they do happen quite often ..

    Believe trust me , it’s a wonderful universe we live in that wants to know you ..

  80. A butterfly appeared after the undertaker had left. My mum saw it coming out of the beam. It’s December.l! U don’t get butterflies in December. It had attitude. It was keiran. Hello I said. He’s come to see us to make sure were alright
    Good might sleep tight x

  81. Hi there. On Monday afternoon midday. I was walking home and a hello and black butterfly landed on my head. Stayed there for a couple of seconds, then flew off, but not even 10seconds later it returned and landed on the same spot on my head. After a few seconds later it flew away. But when i looked behind me it was following me. Then flew away. When i got home about blocks up, i sat outside and saw this butterfly again flying towards me. Then turned around and then just disappeared into the trees. Note that there was no other butterflies in the area. What does this mean????

  82. Yes. I do see much butterflies and it’ s all began with my spiritual awakening. They appear often and I do believe they cary a messages for me😊

  83. One of my best friends passed away in 2013 on a hiking trip we were on. A year or two later I brought his mother, father, cousin, and several other friends to the location. When we arrived at the spot it was very emotional….and a butterfly fluttered down and landed on his mothers head. I have also had dreams with him visiting me and ensuring me that he is “just fine where he is now”. I also received a phone call on my cell phone from his number with silence on the other end when I picked it up.

  84. One day my Adult Daughter and me were sitting in my garden relaxing & chatting when this Bied g multicoloured Butterfly sat on my leg for a long time then it flew away I look down at it and felt such a peacful blessed feeling my Lovely Dad had passed away a few years before I did feel this was a blessing that this Butterfly sat there not scared of me?

  85. Last night I had a horrible encounter with a very rude person, Who had thrown some things up about my mother. When I was 17 years old I lost my mother, and it hit me deep in the heart.
    It was about 30 mins later, I stepped out on my patio around 9:30 pm and I look over and sitting on the railing was a Monarch Butterfly,.
    I didn’t think they came around at night so I researched and found this.
    I know with the pain I was feeling that it could have been my mother letting me know that she still exist in spirit and everything will be ok.

    Thank you Melanie for touching my heart.

    Gratitudes – Gaje

  86. I lost my aunt whom I was very close to just a month ago, the first week these two butterflies were flying around my yard constantly. My aunt & grandma both loved butterflies, and are both now sadly gone. I just know in my heart it was them, to let me know they were together and okay.

  87. Hello, I have been seeing the same butterfly for weeks, I even seen it on a cold day as I’m in upstate Ny. I;m not sure how to take it but it is very interesting reading your site

  88. My mother passed in 2012 of cancer . Every since one bad thing after another just kept happening . so I never really got the chance to really grieve. I have always resembled butterflys with her death. We went out to the woods today and when we were about to leave butterflies a whole bunch of them kept swirling around me several landing on me four periods of 2 to 5 minutes at a time.. one particular butterfly who was the one who landed on me and stayed several times. I knew it was a message from my mother. It put a big smile on my face and warmed my heart . I have missed her so badly since she passed !! It was such a blessing to get confirmation in such a beautiful way !!

  89. I have a butterfly that has chosen to live in my bedroom. It sleeps at night and plays with my daughter in the day. She is 6 and it’s like it plays chase with her.
    There is also another butterfly that plays in my front garden and when I open the door it comes and sits in my hand and I walk around my house with it. Then I put it back outside and it comes back a few days later.
    I have never had this before. Why so many?

  90. I have been seeing monarch butterflies the past few months, today one few around me in circles, I believe they are telling me that big, good, change, is coming to my life.

    Get article, it was a pleasure to read it.

  91. Thank you Melanie! I often tune into your YouTube videos and find them so inspiring as most of what you talk about relates so much to my own life! It’s like your tunes into me! I’m in my spiritual awakening process currently and find so many divine messages from Spirit. Today, I was faced with a rather difficult situation (I won’t get into it here) but I went outside for air. I look to my right and there, dancing in the grass was a spectacular white butterfly. It was gorgeous! I snapped a picture to remind me when I have future difficult times. Your article here, as always resonates with me and I must thank you for all that you do! Much Love, Karen 💗

  92. Friday I had a dream I was in a garage with dimmed lighting and on a post there was a pretty monarch butterfly but colors were not bright. I looked at it with fear it would jump on me. My boyfriend said “don’t worry, see I passed and nothing happened.” Then I passed by the beam and the butterfly right away landed on my neck and it was painful to take off because the feet attached and half of it turned like a leech but I was able to yank off. Well then Saturday my now ex boyfriend said he wanted to break up. The butterfly dream was prophetic that a change in our relation would change. I’m a bit didapointed with his decision but maybe in the long run I hope it’s a good change for me.

  93. This is a great article. I am newly pregnant with my first baby. As most first time moms fear the worst, I have been very anxious recently for my next ultrasound. I know everything is ok but still worry. This morning I looked above and asked for a sign to let me know everything with my baby is ok. Then late this morning at exactly 11:11 a butterfly landed and sat next to me for several minutes. My mom who passed away 2 years ago knew my love for butterflies and I am certain that this was her stopping by to let me know everything is ok 🙂

  94. Last night i woke up from a negative spiritual encounter in my dream to see a monarch butterfly flying across my bedroom ceiling. It went from the corner of the room to above my bed and stayed there for a minute before disappearing. I know it was a message. I encounter many things regularly and I have Been thinking a lot about everything and what my purpose is. I know i have certain gifts but I’m not sure where to go or what to do.

  95. Yesterday ,we laid my last living grandparent to rest. It was a beautiful service on a chilly, rainy day. After we left the cemetery, I was getting out of the car to go to the repast. As I opened my car door, a black butterfly flew in, out and over my car to the other side. I just sat there in awe, because I could not remember the last time I had encountered a butterfly, especially during a cold rain shower. A feeling of joy and peace came over me. I smiled, because I knew it was sent by my beloved Grandma! Thank you for this article.

  96. I have been seeing quite a few butterflies lately, sometimes just from the corner of my eye. Your article gave me peace. All’s well

  97. ts a very big question to me , when i was born my mama told me the moment i was born suddenly dozens of butterfly came in into our house ,it stay there for 3 days , different color and sizes , When i become 18 years old i was away from home , but my father told me a butterfly visit our house at night and was flying were i was born ,

  98. Today, as i was walking, i saw multiple white butterflies and 3 of them are in a group. Then i saw a yellow butterfly being chased by a white butterfly. Also, a monarch butterfly passed over my head and perched on a nearby flower. As i was nearing home, now i saw 2 monarch butterflies sipping nectar from flower to flower. I’m in a new neighborhood and i feel like someone’s trying to tell me something. I saw the butterflies today and the second day before. I only just started trying to dance at school and i feel isolated and anxious. Reply pls

  99. I loss my cousin on 2-6-18 and have been getting what I believe to be messages assuring me that he’s still with us. The most rare 2 things were an angeled shaped rainbow with a penny on heads in front of my door after it rained and tonight a white butterfly flew across my car and I immediately thought it was my cousin since it was at night and had never seen a butterfly at night before. I also felt him death coming on. It was like God was preparing me for it because the the thought just kept coming to me at first out of the blue and another time when he sent me a picture of him and at the bottom of his lip was a bright light shaped exactly like angel wings and it came to me again when I found out his twin sister was pregnant. I even felt he would be shot and even at the age he was when it happened (19) and on top of all that I had a dream of his murderer, who is his older sister ex boyfriend, and in the dream he was on the ground crying and kept saying I’m sorry to me in the dream and since we never really knew him at all I was confused as to why I dreamt of him until after he killed keshawn which was over absolutely nothing. I feel for some reason it was designed to happen this way for lots of reasons but I truly miss him and think about him all the time and would love some confirmation on my experiences. Thanks for your article. It was helpful. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Butterflies don’t fly at night, you probably just confused it with the common white moth. they’re attracted to light which is why it flew across your car.

  100. On June 188, 2018 at about 2am in the morning I had a spiritual experience. I was trying get back to sleep because my wife was snooping loudly and I had moved to the couch in the 2 room and a bathroom in a 3 story condo and we were in the middle section in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas. I could hear the refrigerator motor running and I could hear the ceiling fan running. When out of nowhere I smelled the strongest, sweetest smelling rose smell that I have ever smelled. It lasted about 30-45 seconds and then disappeared. On July 5, 2018 I was packing the truck up to go back home and was going in and out of the house in Little Rock when I would go out to the truck 2 butterflies would land on me and I would shake them off and go get another load and the same thing happened about 5-6 times. When I was ready to leave I shook them off and jumped into the truck and they just stayed by the window wanting to go with us. The next day in Shreveport Louisiana I was just about finished when a big blue dragonfly landed on the shafts while it was running, so I turd it off and walked to my garage with it just looking at me, shook it off and it landed about 2 feet from me. Now whenever I go outside I either have a dragonfly or butterfly flying around just to be by me. I go other places and see them flying around. My wife is starting to notice them also. August 30th when I got home from a lecture about 12:30pm I got out of the car and a big black monarch butterfly leaves the Mexican petunia and head right at me and I held my right hand out and it brushed my hand. Have taken numerous pictures of dragonflies. I may be crazy but this is happening daily now since my experience in Hot Springs.

    1. UH, I hate to break it to ya, but Monarchs aren’t Black, they’re black and orange. It had to be a Black Butterfly with blue on the bottom of it’s wings.

  101. Hi Melanie
    I’ve been dealing with a lot of uncertainty recently I quit my job to try to get something else in my field I went to school for I have anxiety cause of the unknown my mom passed away 18 yrs ago but I know she’s around she is my angel sends me signs all the time I saw a monarch butterfly almost hit me then landed on a flower right behind me waiting I observed and talked to it thank you mom ,found feathers all the time along my way. Is that butterfly telling me a way of saying things are going to be ok ? You will get your answer to your prayers soon? 😇

  102. After separating from a abusive marriage, I’ve been drawn to butterfly’s. My new bedroom is decorated just for butterfly’s. I have two messages through a medium and they both mentioned butterfly’s and a lady out the blue gave me a dairy with butterfly’s on it to jot my thoughts. I think it’s a deffinate sign that I’ve changes and the angels are guiding me down my new path

  103. My bother passed away just over a year ago. It’s been a hard year, his death was unexpected and lately I have been missing him so much. These last few days I’ve been seeing butterflies everywhere. Today was especially special. I was at the playground with my daughter and there’s a little path you can walk off the playground. This playground is rundown and we were the only ones there. We took the short walk through the path, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of butterflies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many in my life. One zipped by head and landed on the tree by me. I sat and watched it for a good ten minutes. It didn’t move. It might sound crazy, but I took the opportunity to talk to it like it was my brother, when the time came I said goodbye to the butterfly. It flapped it’s wings twice! This was the only movement it made the whole time I sat there and talked to it. When I got in my car and drove away from the park, a butterfly flew in front of my car and across the street. One of the most amazing things to ever happen to me!

  104. I was in the drive thru this afternoon with my daughter and my grandson who turned 1 today. As we were waiting a beautiful butterfly flew into my window fluttered in my face and then flew back out. I left me feeling overjoyed that something like that happened. I also had the feeling that my nan was there because it was my grandsons birthday. I was such a wonderful experience. If I hadn’t been so excited I would have liked to have quieted my mind to hear any messages.

  105. Throughout my life, when I’ve been having a hard time I have continually had little white butterflies appear. I had the coolest encounter with a butterfly the other day. I was on a walk with my children, and a Butterfly landed on my sons scooter and it let me pick it up and pet it. Then it didn’t fly away! It stayed on my hand the entire walk until we got home. I started to wonder if it was injured. As soon as I was about to let my son hold it, it flew off. Now we keep seeing it outside of our home like it is guarding our home.

  106. I’m going through a time of some uncertainty as well as some fear associated with that. Today, a white butterfly flew next to my driver’s side window and then in front of the windshield. I felt it might be my recently deceased brother telling me that things will be o.k. I hope I am right about that.

  107. I had a butterfly land on my shoulder just mine there were 3 other people next to me it wouldn’t move I picked it up and let it fly and it flew right back on me 3 times I did that finally it flew and landed on my window and sat the there for hours

  108. During a bus tour in Aruba July 21, 2018, we visited a butterfly farm. As we listened to one of the guides regarding the life and history of butterflies, a beautiful brown butterfly landed on my shirt (shoulder) and did not move for about 1.5 minutes undisturbed as others watched in amazement. Today, August 26, 2018, a brown butterfly landed on my dress and remained calm and still until I began to walk towards my church for 10 am service. I found it fascinating and exciting that I have encountered this experience twice. I am always in awe of how angels or God uses his creations to get our attention in such a subtle and gentle way.

  109. I had just gotten off work and me and a co-worker was talking out by my car and this pretty butterfly (orange and black) landed on my left hand on my leg on my shirt (middle I’ll say around the heart) inside and outside of the car basically all over me I just let it have its way !!!! I don’t know what was going on but….. Its All Good 💪🙏🙏 🙏 Everything happens for a reason 🤔

  110. About 20 yrs ago I was sitting outside enjoying the sun when five monarch butterflies flew around me then they all landed on me. They stayed about three minutes then flew off. It was a very special moment. I’m not sure why but butterflies are attracted to me . I love every moment.

  111. Hi i was on a fb page tonight listening to a beautiful lady who reads cards, i was getting butterflies her talking to people on her page that wanted a reading, i ask why i was getting them?? she answered back to my question and said i was in transformation and to look up a web about why? i come on here and thought what a awesome read…i have not seen butterflys but last night looked up on website to get some maori butterfly tattoos on my arm 5 were all different colors that represented each of my children i was also thinking of getting white butterflys done as well my Father passed 2 and half months ago im feeling..even tho i didn’t see real ones is it still valued me searching to get tamoko butterflys on my arm?? i love to learn more i have also been having dreams of my Dad for the last 2 weeks of him passing in all different ways?? i feel thats like a sign him trying to tell me something??any thoughts please.

  112. My lovely Dad passed away just over 4yrs ago now. He passed away early one morning just as the sun was rising on a new day. When I kissed him goodbye I whispered to him to come and visit me sometime , then I opened the window to set his spirit free. That very afternoon, it was glorious sunshine, my mother and I had a walk up to my dads allotment, where he spent a lot of his retirement time. As we were standing there talking, a beautiful red admiral butterfly began to hover and fly around us both, then it began fluttering on and off my mothers hair. My breath was taken away as I immediately knew it was a sign. It bobbed around us so close and made contact, then it rested on a piece of wood by us. As it rested I whispered into the air , “dad”. Then it took flight again and came directly over to me and sat on my shoulder for a while. We were just about to take a photo of it , as it flew away. The fact being was that my dad never liked having his photo taken due to a portwine mark on the side of his face. I knew in my heart that was my dad sending me a sign that he was free from pain and he was ok. I will treasure that moment forever. ❤️

  113. My stepfather passed last night. I left my desk for lunch today, which I rarely do, to go outside. I was just going to sit in my car and work on a crossword. While I was sitting there, I noticed that we have milkweed on the edge of our parking lot. The further I looked I saw many of God’s creatures buzzing and creeping about. Then the most beautiful Monarch caught my eye. As it flitted from flower to flower, drinking nectar, holding on as the wind blew it around. It filled me with such peace. Thank you for this article.

  114. i’m not a spiritual person but my mum was my mum passed away on 10th April 2018 and iv’e been looking for a sign and asking for a sign when she thinks i’m ready. and today i seen a red admiral flying around my living room around me for over an hour. I like to think it’s my mum telling me she is ok and to see a butterfly nearly 5 months of mum passing was very emotional


  116. I was at work today and a Monarch Butterfly flew on my boot. It crawled all over me and stayed for over 8 hours! It flew away twice and came back to me. I left work with the butterfly on my shoulder, I took it home and it was just hanging out. I took a shower and changed my clothes and met my wife and kids at Kohl’s with the butterfly still on me. It has been over twelve hours and she is still with me, she has now flown to my oldest daughter and is hanging out with her now. My grandmother passed away a few months ago and I feel like maybe she was reaching out to us. I grew up in NYC and never had a butterfly come to me before and stay for this long. Nature is a beautiful thing, God is Great. I am blessed!

  117. My boyfriend and I were out fishing on Lake arris and this monarch butterfly was following our boat all day! Finally, she was coming up close then landing on the boat. After a while she started landing on my boyfriend ‘s hand and stayed there more than once! He says it was his mom since she had stated she was going to come back as a butterfly. She passed away I think around 2003

  118. My mom past away a year and 5 months ago. My mom loved butterflies and humming birds and dragon flies. I stay in our moms house which is on a farm. There are so many dragon flies and butter flies every were and humming birds. It makes you feel like our mom is around every day. Today sitting on the porch resting after cutting grass I noticed a pretty black and orange butterfly flying around the porch going in and around the post and all of a sudden landed on my chest just flapping it’s wings it was like trimmed in black with orange dots under it’s wings it sat there for the longest time and then flew off. It just floated around the front porch. My hand was in my lap and it came and landed on my hand flapping it’s wings. It’s colors on top were black and blue and under black and orange. What was weird was it was patting me with it’s feeler or tounge for a long time. Like someone taking their hand and patting you on the back. Then it flew off. It still out there flying around the porch. I guess it’s mom’s way saying everything is going to be fine. There’s a lot going on in out family I guess mom is watching.

  119. I want to share my experience with a butterfly. My mom passed away from liver cancer on June 29,2018. I was distraught from my mom’s death until a day after she passed, I went outside to talk to some family members and to get some air. All of a sudden this brown butterfly appears out of no where and lands right on the roof of my car. It really didn’t look like a butterfly cause it was brown resembling a beat up leaf. It was like it was trying to get my attention. It would fly fro my car to my nephew’s car witch a little bit away from my car. Then it would come back to my car and then it landed on my mom’s car on the rearview mirror and then back to the roof of my car. I took pictures of it. It looked like a beat up leaf on the outside but when it opened up its wings it was beautiful. It was like a burned on kind of reddish color. I knew it was my mom, cause she knew I was scared and confused. But it eased my pain for the moment. I’m still having trouble getting g through this. But I keep om praying that things will get better for me.. I hope this helps so done as well. Thanks!!

  120. Today as I sat outside enjoying the weather, a monarch butterfly came flying around me and sat right on my nose for awhile.

  121. for 3 yrs, 3 yellow and black butterflies are in my yard…..they’re so comfortable now, the biggest one doesn’t move. I could walk right up to’em and it doesn’t fly away. I’ve been wondering the meaning, is it my mom, the big one….is something awesome about to happen to me, for me…the comes daily

  122. My question is more so regarding what the meaning of a dead butterfly is…

    One month ago on July 4th, we were outside playing yard games and a tiger swallowtail (beautiful yellow butterfly) dropped dead right out of the sky into the area where we were standing. I took the dead butterfly inside because I wanted to preserve its gorgeous body… Exactly one month later (yesterday on August 4th) I found the SAME species of butterfly lying in the SAME spot the other had died in a month prior. This one wasn’t fully dead but was definitely dying, I tried to let her go but she couldn’t fly. I have never had this experience before.

    Side note — butterflies have always been my favorite “animal” and I am aware of their inherent spiritual meaning and connection to the spiritual realm.

    Does anyone know what this might mean? Should I be worried? A Google search told me that the dead butterfly symbolizes sudden change in life, possibly my own death or someone close to me. I’d be happy to hear any experiences or advice…

  123. My best friend passed with cervical cancer and i used to talk to her thru a red butterfly, this year ive been really sad and lost and i didnt bother as knew what she would say that im not doing, i found a dead butterfly yesterday and now really upset about it xx

    1. Hey Joanne, How can you re-frame the dead butterfly meaning? Maybe your friend is trying to deliver a strong and direct message that there’s something you need to let die/ let go of?

  124. I kept seeing a black butterfly outside my window, it keeps sitting on my furniture and then flutters away after like 5 minutes and then comes back again a few minutes later. What does it mean???

  125. I had a orange and black butterfly land on my shoulder today i got a bit freaked out lol and it would not fly away i tried to shake my top an blow on it and it still stayed for about 3minutes then flew off into the sky my friends first year anniversary is coming up in 6 days i wonder if it was him letting me know hes around me i was amazed as iv never had that happen to me before

  126. Yesterday my daughter married to the love of her life. Sadly she lost her dad almost 9 years ago and he never got to meet her now husband.. While having pictures taken after the wedding a beautiful Monarch butterfly gently landed on her husband’s arm. It remained on his arm and when the photographer prepared to snap the photo the butterfly opened it’s beautiful wings stayed there for several.minutes. We immediately realized that was a sign from her and our family that.he was with us. The fact.that he landed on her husband’s arm symbolized, to us at least, that he approved and welcome her husband into our family.

    Instead of tears that he was missing her very special day, we were comforted knowing he was with all of us which brought us peace and smiles.

    I tried to send a picture but was unsuccessful.

    Mother of the bride,
    Marianne Whitmer

  127. Hi
    Could you please tell me the meaning of a butterfly entering my kitchen
    The butterfly was so beautiful …l couldn’t stop staring at it
    It was a beautiful light pink !!!! Never seen a pink one before
    Does the colour mean anything
    Kind regards

  128. I was working in the house and a quick illusion of a butterfly entered and left quickly.could you please tell me the meaning of that.

  129. I’m going through difficulties problems and today is my brother birthday 7/24 he pass away 29 year ago.. so I was sitting outside backyards.. and this beautiful butterfly flying in front of me , I say so beautiful… I thought a butterfly have a meaning.. I think it say is ok you be fine…

  130. Hello Melanie,
    I’m actually in Nepal and today I found on the flour of the street a wonderful and very big black and white butterfly .. wonderful but dead .. I took it, He’s actually in my book. I’m asking myself what is the symbol of a dead butterfly, first instinct was a gift from the nature, wanted to put it back to the earth, finally I keep it until to feel if I should take that like an real gift, a protection ? Or just a sign who have to come back to the divine. Can you tell me about your analyse ?

  131. Today my fiance mother passed away. As we were outside a beautiful monarch flew between us. I knew it was her. Because I always see monarchs when WhEn someone I love Passes Away

  132. I had an orange butterfly fly out from the drapes inside a church, while I was writing my memoir – I discussed my Father, who transformed 25 years ago – back then, he came to me as a dove when I went for a lonely swim, my thoughts awash with my Father… He gave me Matthew 3:16 as his gift of Love for me… Tonight, I honestly geeked blessed that he presented the Painted Lady on my left hand… :/

  133. Out of nowhere I got up to walk to my window just to look out and lo and behold there was a very large beautiful butterfly and a baby butterfly with it I knew instantly was us a message to me from God

  134. I have a medium butterfly that is landing all over me. When I move it doesn’t fly away.
    I have much stress in my life currently. I actually feel a better after the butterfly landed on me.

  135. Hi my father passed away nearly 7 weeks ago with cancer right through his body was told in hospital after being there only for 3weeks and came to my home for me to look after passed away a week and a day since then seen white butterflles nearly everyday near my patio windows

  136. I lost 2 of my nephew’s in 2009, my dad in 2014 and my brother Nov 2017. Every morning since I lost my brother I go out side and have a cup of coffee an I see the same looking butterfly everytime. It looks like it’s brown and black. I say to myself every time I believe it’s my brother 😥 we were SOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!! I miss his

  137. My Mom passed away last Thursday. While she has sent several signs she is fine, 2 involved butterflies. My youngest sister a few days ago prayed to see a butterfly, then went to her yard and saw one which she videoed for a long time. Today, as we left the end of the funeral viewing, my other sister, kneeling by my mother asked her to send butterflies from time to time for reassurance. When we left, we saw a butterfly. It flew away just as my father, her husband, came outside. I asked prayerfully that the butterfly return so he could see, which it did. This time, it landed on a flower slowly waving its wings like “look at me”, then it flew away. It then came back a third time. This time, my youngest sister approached and was able to touch it with her finger. I believe it came there and back 3 times as given permission by the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God The Holy Spirit. God is AWESOME! Also, butterflies were important to my Mom because she was an opera singer, and one of her favorite operas was Madama Butterfly. She even sang in it many times!

  138. I normally am never on these sites however I thought this article regarding the butterfly was very interesting …. about six years ago I was out in the country driving on a beautiful road that I love in a little quaint town called Chandlerville and there is this huge three-story brick home out in the country that was for sale at the time and I pulled up into the driveway and my window was down and the butterfly came in and landed right on my left arm and was looking at me and then it would fly over to my right arm where I had my hand on the steering well and land there and look at me and I tried to get it out the window and it wouldn’t believe me it was very strange had never had this happen before ever it’s simply was not afraid of me it came right directly into my window and landed on both arms and hung out with me about for 10 minutes and I thought well OK I’ve got to let this butterfly go back out into the yard the atmosphere here so I tried to shoot out the window and every time I did it the butterfly kept coming back in the car and it wouldn’t leave me so I hurried up and I got it out the window put the window up and I know no one would ever believe this of course but I pulled out of that driveway and I went down the road going about 31st and do you know when I looked into the rearview mirror this butterfly was frantically trying to catch up with me as I drove away I’ve never had that it happened to me to this day I don’t know what it means but it happened where I was out in the country and I was pulled up in the driveway of this three-story old house with a lot of history that was for sale and this butterfly appeared I never have really ever been able to make any sense of it why at that particular moment did the butterfly come and land on my arm sometimes I’ll drive down the road in Chandlerville where it has beautiful sunsets and a lot of hills and I’ll look to see if that house is ever come up for sale again and it hasn’t but one thing that always sticks in my mind is that that butterfly tried hard to catch up with me as I was leaving that part is unforgettable strange I know ……lol

  139. I really love your article. It gave me some sense to know that my love ones are still with me. I had a great encounter with 2 butterflies today. I have seen them regularly for a Over a year now. But the 2 today were just so peaceful watching them sit on the rock beside me. I know I say by these 2 beautiful butterflies for over 30mins. I had other things going on around me and those butterflies just kept my attention. It’s wonderful to know that my stepfather and friend I both lost recently are still with me in sprirt. I wish I could share the pic it’s just breathtaking. Thanks once again for your article. Much love from East TN.

  140. I had lost touch with my very favorite person form childhood from the age of 24-58 years of age when we were reunited. I dorve for 2 hours to the city to meet him. I parked my car and went into a coffee shop. when we returned to my card only minutes later, we got into the car and out of nowhere a butterfly was inside of the car with us. it was a beautiful one. It had not been inside with me for the 2 hour ride there. it appeared suddenly and we both were stunned. I opened my car door and aster a minute it flew out. it seemed very symbolic to me. My friend and I felt it had meaning…

  141. These past two weeks have been tough. My boyfriend of 11 months recently just left me (literally) I was working a 16 hr shift he sent me a very negative toned text, it upset me, I responded, he threatened to leave… I refuse to comfort anyone who will threathen to leave. If it’s that serious leave. Needless to say, I love him and I love deeply. So long strong short, I was sitting outside the barbershop in my car waiting for my son turn to get his hair cut. I didn’t feel like being around a lot of men so I waited outside. My sons 11 with ice cream sundae in his hands at the shop so he was prettt happy. While outside just in my car out of nowhere a big beautiful bright yellow butterfly flew right above my open car window, it flew almost in slow motion so I couldn’t help but notice it. It was just beautiful. The very next day I was out n about n saw another bright yellow butterfly n it got my attention because I thought it was special seeing one the day b4 but to see another one the very next day has me really looking around to see if I was the only person in aw and I was.. okay so today is Friday July the 13th and guess what? I was pumping gas and felt something grace me on my shoulder. I didn’t know at first what it was and I had no idea that when I looked on the ground it was a yellow and brown butterfly.. shocked isn’t even the word to describe how I felt. I just stood their pumping gas staring at it n I kind of waved my hand over it to see if it would move n it didn’t. I hope it didn’t glaze my shoulder then fall to its death but yeah idk. Moral of my story three beautiful yellow butterflies back to back three days in a row.. lead me to this site looking for answers. Thanks everyone for sharing its very helpful!!! Stay strong and be well.

  142. I have been seeing a white butterflies in my room over a month now, please what should i do?
    Is it a sign of good luck, better days and successful feature

  143. I searched this today because I’ve been having a very deep connection to butterflies and dragonflies recently I have noticed that dragon flies will follow me around and more often than not will have their mate with them, bumping into each other a bunch, which I can only assume is mating lol. I have been going through many changes and a very violent upbrubt fight happened between me and now and ex boyfriend this mronkng. Feeling completely lost, drained, and beaten mentally and physically, I decided to go outside. Where I saw a butterfly immediately, she was struggling though I noticed after a minute of looking at her. One of her feet was stuck in between a flower pedal. I carefully picked the flower off and was pulling pedal after pedal trying to help her without hurting her, no luck, decided to give her a little shake and she flew off. I know now for sure that the butterfly in general and myself are very connected.

  144. Many people may not believe this but shortly after my dad died. I was laying in bed and suddenly felt his presence and saw a green butterfly fly away. No it was not a real butterfly. But I KNEW it was from him. So I looked up the meaning and found that green tends to mean freedom, and I KNEW that my dad was now free from all his pain and suffering.

  145. there are a lot of unsettled problems in my life right now that I’ve been having sleepless nights thinking about everything. Last night was the worst night, I was saying my prayers over and over again because I couldn’t sleep and I was prepared for God to take me. My jeep was towed in for repairs that they couldn’t find the problem but they did use the opportunity to repair the 3 or 4 outstanding warranty recall issues that I never took care of. So while waiting for the service guy to drive my jeep up a big beautiful butterfly landed on my pants leg as if to get out of the hot sun and he is still hanging on right now while i’m at home typing this comment. This gorgeous butterfly is still sleeping on my leg and I’ve got all this work I need to get done today, what do I do? He is in my house on my pants leg just hanging out.

  146. I recently had a mental breakdown. Im a thirty year old man who changed my path from pursuing music to pursue a career in nursing. My physiology class and relationships in my life have become overwhelming as I have Aspergers on top of actual sensor overload in my life. I just want to share that my breakdown was so bad I had thought about suicide. I have a deal with my mom that if I ever think about that I need to talk to her before anything bad happens. I visited her home and spoke with her for hours. Upon leaving, and feeling a bit refreshed I came upon a black abd yellow butterfly who was having a wing issue. When I reached out he hopped onto my hand without hesitation and would not leave me. It cheered me up so much. I came to look for answers. And as there is no sure definition of why this happened , it surely did brighten my night a bit.

    1. That is a lovely story of you seeing the butterfly. I lost my very dearest dog very recently, she was my best ever friend and I have been feeling so tragically sad. I’m sitting here crying now thinking about her but your story about how the butterfly brightened your night, has shed a bit of light into mine. thank you for sharing

      1. I too just had to have my dog put down. He had cancer. Been crying since. When we got home, my husband & I were in the garage, in came the most beautiful butterfly. The butterfly was black & blue, just beautiful like our dog we had to have put down. Our dog was very good looking. I said to my husband, when someone or animal dies and you see a butterfly that has a meaning. So here I am looking it up. This butterfly stayed in our garage for a few mins. with us, my husband even notice the butterfly. It makes me few a little better seeing the butterfly but I still cry all the time and will off & on thinking of him. He was the best dog & we all loved him & he just wanted to be loved too. Treat all things as you would want to be treated.

  147. I was talking to my Mum on the phone and crying about my life and feeling worthless. She spoke of my Dad who passed away 10 years ago saying that we need to appreciate our life and be happy as Dad would live to be here. During our conversation a beautiful orange butterfly flew in my window an d settled for a while. Could this be a message from my Dad? I miss him so much

  148. Very interesting article… Is there a Butterfly following me? I was at home getting ready to go out, and as I opened the screen slider door and there was a butterfly that wanted to come in. I pushed it out, but it was hesitant to enter my home. I then went over to my sisters house and again the butterfly was flying around in her yard. Today I sit at work on a gray rainy day and the butterfly is outside my office window. Is there a butterfly following me?

  149. I just lost one of the greatest people ever,my go to ,my friend and brother in a car crash few minutes after talking to him, plus he was coming to see I went to the incident spot,got down on one knee flooding with tear’s and emotions by my wife..she says Casey don’t move there’s an orange,red, purple butterfly on your right shoulder,it moved maybe a sec and landed back on my back then she said maybe you’ll see it and then it landed on my left shoulder so I could see,then landed on my wife’s leg for a sec . From there about 1foot away to the grass for a sec and flew away.the butterfly was a little bigger than a quarter.

  150. For the last five or so years i have been experiencing the same butterfly comming to sit on me in the same place in my garden at the same time of year, reading this made my hairs sick up on end

  151. I was at the beach today with my son. I was sitting in the sun watching my son play in the water. Suddenly this little brown, gold and blue colored butterfly came fluttering about all around me. It rested on my hand. Then on my arm, then back on my hand, then to my hip, then to my leg and feet. It just kept fluttering around my face and entire body as I pleasantly sat on the beach in the sun….a kinda odd place for a butterfly too. He seemed to play with me when I tried to swoosh him away…..He was awesome!!! What a pleasant and blessed experience. Thank you God, gurus and my spirit angels.

  152. On the 13th June 2018 I had my 18 week scan all was well when we arrived and we were so excited me, my fiancé and mommy to find out the sex. We were told we were having a beautiful baby boy and an hour later we got told that he had encephalocele (brain growing out side of the skull, to sum this up he was not going to be compatible with life,he wouldn’t know how to love move or engage as you can imagine this was heartbreaking. Exactly 1 week later we had decided with several consultants that the only option was to give birth now so 4 hours later I was in induced labour, I was in labour for 4 days in a specialist baby ward and on 23rd June my beautiful baby boy Marvin Lloyd junior was born. He survived for 6 hours, 5 hours 58 mins longer than they excepted he was a a born fighter.

    It’s been mentally draining but we love him more than anything we held him for 3 days

    Now it is 3rd July and every day I have seen a white buttery cross my path and yesterday 2nd July I saw 4 white butterflies crossing me as we had lunch and again this morning and again 2 more this afternoon
    Reading this article has touched me in so many ways more so than any medical advice on how to more on and we are a very spiritual family and knowing that this sign is showing me he is here is so heart warming
    Thank you xoxo
    Shanice and Marvin snr

  153. I would like to share my story as it’s been the most amazing experience. We got some caterpillars that we got few weeks ago and they lived in the habitant in our house until they became butterflies. We released them yesterday in our garden and they flew away. Suddenly I saw one butterfly flying very close to me and it wasn’t one of ours. I stretched my hand and it seemed like it was trying to land but wasn’t brave enough. I was patiently waiting and following it around the garden and after about 10 minutes it landed on the palm of my hand and since than been coming back to me and landing on my palm every time I stretch my hand. My kids were near me with their hands stretched but it wouldn’t go near them. I tried to carefully transfer the butterfly to my son’s hand but it would back off and fly away. Today I went to my garden again and guess what the butterfly was still there and flew straight to me and landed on me again:)) I fed it with a bit of peach and it’s just following me and landing on my shoulder and hand but wouldn’t go to anyone else. What an amazing experience! Will look for it tomorrow again. Have few videos and pictures if it’s possible to post here

  154. Today a big red patterned butterfly came through my front bedroom window and went out the back bedroom window.. 🙃

  155. Last night I was going down the stair well of the parking garage at the children’s hospital my newborn son is in and I briefly saw a butterfly flying by. It was shortly after dusk so it was dark. It wasn’t like a normal moth. It caught my attention for sure. I have been getting number signs from my angels for months. My son is in the NICU and getting better. What could this sign be? Also my grandmother passed a month ago.

  156. I got home yesterday around midnight when I realised I had left my bedroom window open. Then I saw a butterfly flying around my bedroom and I closed the window to watch it properly. Afterwards I felt like I have admired it enough, so I opened the window again. It’s been over a day now and it’s still in my room. I haven’t closed the window since then and it appears the butterfly has no intention to leave. I’m starting to think I should give it a name and feed her some flowers or something… it’s been the weirdest experience because I’ve been followed by butterflies for over two years. I’m pretty sure it’s my power animal and I keep learning many things from them.

  157. Every time i go outside to my yard i always see a beautiful monarch butterfly and that’s every time i go outside can it be a loved one that came to visit me

  158. 2 days ago, the most beautiful blue butterfly started flying around me, darting close to me and then sitting on the chair next to me. When it was on the chair, it would spread its wings and act like it couldn’t fly. I know that sounds strange, but it did this several times. I thought at first it was hurt but then it would start flying again-no signs at all of being unhealthy. Then yesterday, I was sitting by the pool and a blue dragonfly kept coming and sitting on my toe. It sat there for a long time, several different times. It even stayed when my 6 year old tried to shoo it away. It’s strange to me that they were both blue.

  159. I truly believe that a butterfly miraculously healed my suffering dog. My young dog hurt her back from a fall, she would start to get better and then relapse again and again. I thought she was going to be permanently paralyzed, me and my sister and boyfriend prayed very hard all day. When I took her out to go to the bathroom a beautiful yellow Butterfly landed on her back several times and was flying around her head. I was so distraught and crying prior to this happening, I suddenly felt like it was there to help. I felt I couldn’t take care of my dog anymore and prayed for help to heal her. The next morning she was a totally different dog, she could actually walk on her own! Within 2 weeks she was almost back to normal. It’s been 5 weeks now and she’s totally healed! I truly believe that a miracle happened after that Butterfly landed in her. My life has changed after this experience.

  160. I was with my partner of only 4 weeks. But we are both very much in love. We were sitting on his sofa, the patio door was open and in flew this beautiful butterfly. It landed on a small piece of the sofa right between us. I put my hand out and it walked into the palm of my hand. It was there for a few minutes then flew back out. It was truly amazing.

  161. i had a butterfly land on my finger 2 separate times different days same butterfly exactly,while i was boating, when i had to get up it went to the side of the boat and rode the rest of the way there staying right next to me, same thing same butterfly but weirdest thing, it was a lobed beak butterfly .(thought those were only in india)

  162. So I have been having some interesting experiences with butterflies and moths lately. Last Monday, a giant brown moth came into my work place (I work second shift in a medical lab). Several of my coworkers were in awe as it was floating around the fluorescent lights and such. Eventually it landed in the light above to my left side of my station. I was convinced that it was dead. Next afternoon I come into work and put my labcoat on, and the moth is on the ground, meaning it must’ve been on my labcoat for who knows how long. I picked it up and put it on my station as I was setting up everything. The poor thing let me stroke it several times which gave it a little more energy the first time I did it. I started to walk with it in my hand going towards the door to let it outside and stroked it again. It flew some more but still landed on the ground. I picked it up and was stroking it again and it flew around the lab. I’m not sure where it went but I would like to think that I gave it a little more life.

    Just today on Father’s Day, my now ex (broke up with him a few weeks ago) who is also my son’s dad decided to help me out with my car’s oil change. A butterfly danced around us both. It landed on my right leg and stayed there for close to 10 minutes. I put my finger in front of it and my ex took a picture of me with the butterfly on my finger. After that I put it on my shoulder. Eventually I got to work under the car and put it on another car where it stayed for a good few minutes. It landed on my ex’s leg while we were both working on my car’s oil change and stayed there for a while. Of course, it did fly away eventually towards the sky. Very interesting experience as well to say the least.

    I recently broke up with my twin flame who happens to be the father of our child a few weeks ago, and I tell you what this transition has been pretty difficult! Does this signify the changes we’re going through and eventually getting back together or does this simply mean we’re going through some changes and need to get rid of old habits, or what’s going on here? I’m the one that left him so I’m not exactly looking to reunite but he is. An outsider’s opinion would be so helpful!

  163. Hi I’ve had a butterfly on my screen of my gazebo for the past 2 days, this year in February and April I lost my mom and dad 2 months appart to the date, if you reply to my e mail I can send you the picture of this butterfly

  164. My son passed a few days ago. My best friend went to the location of his death and spoke with him for a while. She had a large blue butterfly suddenly appear. Today, I went to the same location, there were a couple white butterflies that are commonly in bushes, across the street and a little ways down from where we were. I said out loud that I wish I would see a blue butterfly. Immediately after, my husband looked down and found his knife that he always carried with him that somehow must have been overlooked by law enforcement. I called my friend and heard barking and turned to find about 4 feet away from me a nice looking dog with a collar just barking. As we were intending on leaving, we got in the car and the dog was standing in front of our car so we had to back away to turn around to leave. The dog barked at us the entire time. Not a mean bark, but a hey, what bring you to my neighborhood bark. I never approach dogs I don’t know but now regret leaving that quickly. Also because we have family visiting, I am sleeping in my sons room. the first night I slept there, I woke up freezing. I am typically cold but reached to the end of the bed and had to grab a third blanket. Are all these just coincidences?

  165. June 12 2018. My husband, myself and 4 & 7 year old boys were outside today. The boys were taking turns spraying each other with the hose. All of the sudden a bright yellow with black butterfly starts flying right above and around the 7 year old, almost landing on him. Then is just flew away. This is about the 3rd time I’ve seen this yellow butterfly in the last couple of weeks. I’ve never seen a yellow butterfly ever before this.

  166. It was on a Wednesday morning, not all too long ago, I was sitting out in my backyard where I have a lavender tree situated and as I sat there with my dog enjoying his company and the fresh air, two black and white butterflies happened to appear in front of me and I thought it was so beautiful. But then as I watched them, they started to circle each other and continued doing so for quite sometime. I was getting a little suspicious as to what they were doing, were they fighting or were they trying to tell me something? As I watched them, they drifted off as they circled one another, then after a while, they reappeared and had gone their separate ways. So I went back inside my house and took a walk to my local convenience store around the road, I hadn’t been gone for long, but when I came back, my father told me to put my things inside and go sit outside with him as he had something he needed to tell me. It was then I was getting a little concerned, my neighbour had come across at that point and as I sat waiting for what my father had to tell me, my heart was racing. It was nothing but bad news, my father told me he got a call from my mother and said that my stepfather had passed away. It was so heartbreaking. I was shattered. But all I could think of was those two butterflies circling each other. They were trying to tell me something bad was happening. My stepfather and I were so close to one another and I was hurting so bad, not just for his loss, but for my mother also who was left shattered and alone where they lived. I just hope I never see another two black and white butterflies circle each other again as my family has had nothing but bad luck all through the year of 2018.

  167. Shortly after the funeral service for my father my brother (by another father), and I were going out to eat. As I approached the car I saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly on the grass near my car door. I bent over and picked it up and held it in my hand. It did not fly away or attempt to leave me. I got into the car and sat it on my leg and started the car. My brother asked me what I was going to do with it. I said take it with me. I thought for sure it was a connection between that butterfly and my father.

    The butterfly sat on my lap while I was driving all the way to the restaurant. I stopped the car and put the butterfly near where you would attach a pendant. It stayed. Again my brother asked me what I was doing, looking at me as if I was crazy.

    We walked into this terribly busy restaurant with people, loud music and a lot of action. The butterfly stayed in position. The hostess came to give us our buzzer to alert us when our table would be ready.
    She then noticed the butterfly and asked if it was real? I said of course. She was amazed! People were noticing it and gathered around to look. (my brother was embarrassed). It didn’t flinch from me.

    We ate and drove home and the butterfly was still in place.

    After we arrive we went inside and I put the butterfly on a plant by the window above my kitchen sink with the other plants. The butterfly stayed there for at least 1 week. Everyday I would sprinkle water on it to make and make sure it was still alive. I started feeling sorry for it and decided it needed to go. I really didn’t know how long it could live. So, I took it out side and talked to it as I did everyday calling it, Dad. I raised by hand and gave it a push off and it flew away.

    Since this was my summer home it was time for me to leave shortly after.

    My sister from the same father who passed away, was having a celebration of life for our father. She had a canopy sat up outside at her home. During this celebration she had to call me and tell me that Monarch’s were flying around the canopy in swarms. We were so excited and still talk about this from time to time.

    A few years later my mother died. This time the butterflies were yellow and I saw them frequently. But I never had an experience like the beautiful Monarch.

    That’s my story about butterflies.

  168. My mom passed about 5 years ago and my Aunt whom I was really close to passed last year. About two months after she pasted I often wondered if her and my mom have reconnected. I was out cutting the lawn and two butterflies (one yellow and black and I have always associated my mom with that particular color and one blue and black) were fluttering around so I stopped and watched they seemed to play with one another for about 15 seconds and then they flew off. I believe now that they have reconnected and are having a great time together. It is very comforting to be able to recognize these signs. I miss them both very much.

  169. I was sitting with an older gentlemen when a large beautiful monarch butterfly appeared on the inside of a large outdoor piece of window glass he was telling me that was his wife’s soul as she loved them and one was engraved on her tombstone . As he was showing me the picture of the tombstone on his phone I looked up and gasped surprisingly as a crow or raven flew in ,grabbed the butterfly with its beak and flew away. What does this mean

  170. Hi, a month or two after someone I loved died, one night a butterfly came out of nowhere (I was already in bed), flew straight to me, lingered a few moments a few centimeters from my face and then flew away and disappeared. I did not know what it meant and whether it was him trying to communicate with me.

  171. It’s been nearly 10 months since the passing of my fiance and I have not only had butterflies but hummingbirds as well visit while I am outside sitting down where my fiance and I use to hang out and listen to oldies. Little signs like these have helped me so much, thankful for the love we shared.

  172. About a week ago I had one circle around me and then it did it also to my daughter she was scared but I told her it’s only letting us know we about to blossom into a beautiful butterfly outta our old bodies until a new one see I just got me and my kids back in church and we all love it we’re in a new town and it’s nice here everything new for us everything we had in the past with our old house we put behind us and it’s things my family went through but we got past it and it’s a new life and a blossom time for us

  173. This is the story of our dog Lucky, who passed away at the age of 14 1/2 on May 2nd:

    Our lives revolved around him. My girlfriend works but I am retired and partially disabled and don’t get out as much as I used to, so he was pretty much my constant companion. My little Lucky was a tough Papillon. He went through a lot in his life, from skin cancer to a tumor on his adrenal gland to malignant melanoma in his mouth, but what took him away from us was congenital heart failure which caused his lungs to fill with fluids. The ER tried to save him but eventually we had to let him go. I had to experience my best friend die in front of my eyes. I am having a terrible time of it.
    Let me preface what I will be writing about next by saying that I have a scientific background and, although I grew up a Catholic, I am not the most spiritual. My girlfriend Leila is Asian and apparently her culture believes in things like butterflies representing the spirits of the dead coming back to see you. Whenever we see a butterfly in the backyard or the front, she always says it is her mom coming back to say hello. Her mom actually got Lucky as a puppy (she had a good day at the Black Jack tables, hence his name…) and we took him when she passed away in 2012.
    We have a couple of plants called Buddleia, but they are also called Butterfly Bushes as they attract them. We usually get a ton of Monarch butterflies, very pretty orange and black. However, on Thursday May 3rd, the day after Lucky passed, I saw a couple of different colored ones flying around the bushes. I pulled out my phone and took some pictures. When I showed them to Leila, she said “OMG, it has the same coloring as Lucky”. Indeed, it was white, brown and black, just like Lucky. And there was one picture where it had flapped its wings and there appeared to be a little ragged edge on his left wing, like he had lost part of it. Lucky had surgery on his mouth for the cancer and I have pictures of him post-op where his left jaw looked similar. And also, Lucky was a Papillon and the word “Papillon” is French for butterfly. Getting a little spooky, but this is only the beginning. The pet cemetery where he was going to be cremated were supposed to pick up his body some time after the Wednesday he passed away. I called them Monday the 7th and inquired how we were doing and when I could pick up his ashes. In the course of the conversation, I asked them when they picked him up and they told me it was around 10:30 AM on Thursday the 3rd. When I went to check the timestamp on the photo of the butterfly with the wing, it was Thursday the 3rd at 10:17 AM. Coincidence? Maybe, but the story continues.
    So I waited to hear from the pet cemetery about when to pick up his ashes. I had initially been told that it would probably be about 3-5 days before they would contact me. Meanwhile, on Thursday the 10th, I again saw another of the different butterflies. This time, he circled me, landed on one of the bushes, but then flew to our front door and landed on the wall just above it, facing down so, as I approached, it was kinda looking right down at me. This time, I chose to take video. It just stayed there as I taped it and I started speaking to it. Initially it had its wings up high next to each other, as they usually do when they land. I said “hey baby, is that you? Lucky, flap your wings!”. He hesitated but then opened and closed his wings 8 times, paused, and then twice more. I stopped recording and he left a little later. I thought to myself, could it be? Are they cremating him now or are they getting ready to? I waited to hear from the cemetery that day but nothing. Friday again nothing so I thought, oh well, that would have been nice but at least I have it recorded.
    I then called on Saturday to see what the holdup was. I was told that he had already been cremated but, since we special ordered a dog house with engraving, it would still be a few days. So I asked if, by any chance she knew when he was cremated. She put me on hold and then came back and told me it was Thursday morning. I nearly dropped the phone but I caught myself and asked if she knew the time. She told me it was registered as Thursday May 10th at 11:13 AM. I went to check the timestamp on the video and it was Thursday May 10th at 11:36 AM. I am freaking. This makes it tough to call it coincidence.
    5/14/18 – And now there is an epilogue to the epilogue! I have taken to going out every morning to the front where we have our 2 new Buddleia bushes and looking for butterflies. And nearly every day I see a number of Monarch butterflies but only on the 3rd and the 10th have I seen the other kind with the markings similar to Lucky. I am writing this on Monday May 14th and at 10:45 AM I got an email from the Pet Cemetery telling me that Lucky’s ashes were ready to come home. I had gone out earlier and saw a Monarch but only one. So my very first inclination was to go outside with my phone. And to my shock and amazement, there were 2 of the ones with the markings similar to Lucky! That makes 3 “coincidences” which makes it hard to believe they are coincidences.
    It is hard to explain the feelings in my heart right at this moment. It is still broken, but there is also a feeling of warmth telling me that somebody or something is trying to tell me that he is OK

    1. Thank you. Very beautiful story thanks for sharing. My.mother passed a few monthes ago and since I have set up a meeting place for us to talk with a big rock that her and my dad carved a cross into. And since butterfly’s have been landing close to the rock. I just know it is her.

  174. Today, I was at my crossfit gym where it’s like a garage with an open door. I was closer to the door and I saw an old butterfly land on the concrete. She perched there for a while and her wings started to wilt and drop. First one wing was down and then the other went down slowly. I witnessed it’s death. It was a natural death nonetheless. But it chose to land there. In front of me. I wanted to take it home and save it, but with the speed of the workout I forgot. What does it mean to witness a butterfly due? What message could I be given through seeing it pass?

  175. Hello, I live in Northern Canada. Spring is actually here early this year. So I went jogging in my trails. Smashed 9km and had to rest. Had butterflies follow me evrywhere to first starting to resting on a bench near my end. I had butterflie flying on and at me, all of them more staring at me then normal. I had several of them circling all around me. Especially landing on me, into me and right next to me looking up.

  176. Yesterday May 4th, 2018. I was at my grandmothers house and as I stepped outside with a plate of food prepared by my lovely grandmother. A butterfly landed on my the edge of the plate and stayed for about 30 seconds. Long enough for me to see its entire body and as to tell my grandmother for her to look over and see. It brought a great sense of joy over me and I felt in empowerment that I hadn’t had in such a long time. The 4th is a special day because my daughter was born on that numeric day but in March. So, most will know that it can be a seriously rough time dealing with a loss and their special day. Not to mention their day of passing. But yesterday was such a beautiful reminder that life is here one day and gone the next. So enjoy it no matter what. I thank God for sending an angel down to remind me to just live. I truly needed that in my current state in life.

  177. I see butterflies often. Last year I had breast cancer and went through 3 surgeries. I saw butterflies then . I just changed jobs after 12 years and it’s been difficult. I have seen butterflies a lot lately. However I found a dead butterfly today what does that mean? (In my backyard)

  178. My aunt passed away back in June; about a week before my cousins (her daughters) baby shower. Since it was a sunny day, they had tents set up in their backyard. Once a majority of the people arrived and the party was underway, a beautiful Monarch flew into the tents and circled around all of the tables. We all like to think it was my aunt paying us a visit to see who showed up to the shower.

  179. After my dad died I was so upset. One day I was walking up to my front door and I couldn’t believe I saw so many butterflies it must’ve felt like 100 of them it made me feel so happy! Then after that I just kept seeing butterflies everywhere I looked but not as many as the first time Every time I would see a butterfly it just would make me smile. It’s been two years now since my dads death I don’t really see the butterflies like I did in the early days but whenever I do it brings a smile to my face

  180. On my way coming back from a church service and when I got to a bustop to enter a car June I was told that the transport fair has changed so I paid and entered half way to walking the remaining journey back home,as I can down from the car walking pass a kings place and sometimes when I pass that route my eyes are always faster in that building and now I was passing g there that a butterfly flew passed me and entered this kings place and I was so shocked at the way it flew passed me so I watched it enter the palace and I was watching it entered and I saw another one coming out from the main gate oft be palace making it two u saw on a spot so I was curious to know what it means and at this time I wanted a huge change to happen to me then came this experiences today 7/1/2018

  181. Hi, Melanie! I am so excited to tell you about my butterfly experience because if I tell anyone else, they’ll think I’m crazy. A year ago I started my spiritual awakening and I’ve never felt better. It’s an amazing experience that I’m so grateful I have found. Just this last fall (2017) I was 10 months into my new spiritual life and I had for 10 days straight, experienced an abundance of butterflies. Every time I looked out the window for any reason, there was a white butterfly in my yard. Not in my neighbors yard, but my yard. However, if I purposely looked outside to see a butterfly, I wouldn’t. So I figured I had to let go of the moment to see one. So I only saw one if I wasn’t looking for one. I would sit outside on my deck and meditate and every time I opened my eyes, a white butterfly would be flying around me. This happened about 6 times. A few times it startled me and I swatted at it like a fly.

    Also, one time I was admiring the white butterflies in my yard through my backdoor window and all of a sudden comes flying from the left a monarch butterfly. Once I noticed it flying it made a 90 degree turn and started flying right towards me standing at my back door. It was heading right for me to a point where I actually started backing up thinking it was going to hit me in the face! And then once I realized, it can’t hit me in the face I have the door between us, I started to think, turn…turn!! It’s going to smack into the door and hurt itself! It got that close to my face! I mean, this butterfly was practically looking at me in the eyes and flying right for me. Then later that very same day, I walked outside with my 2 kids to get in the car and there were 4 monarchs flying directly above my head! Four!! Even my 2 year old daughter stopped and looked up and said, “wow, Mom look!”

    I couldn’t believe it. I used your site to learn the meanings and everything made sense.

    Keep doing what you’re doing! Love your site!
    Philadelphia, PA

  182. When I was in my late teens, my mother passed; the night before she did, I “saved” a Monarch Butterfly from drowning in our pool. It stayed on me for several hours as I sat watching t.v. I put it on a plant on our back porch before going to bed, where it greated me the next day and climbed onto me again. We went inside and sat watching more t.v. while I chatted to it. I placed it back on the plant where it stayed all that day. That night, at some point it was gone and my mother passed that day. I like to think Oleo (I called the butterfly that ) was a way the Universe was helping me be aware of my Mothers impending “transformation”. It’s been almost 33 years now and the memory of Oleo has recently been in the front of my mind. I was hoping that perhaps you could help shed some light on this – and help me in some way, to realize I am not “loosing it” and to understand the message the Universe is trying to send me now. Thank you for any help/insight.

  183. My central heating woke a hibernating butterfly in my house I spent half hour to catch him he is now in a box hopefully going back to sleep till spring its kinda weird because I came home last week to find a little starling bird in my living room I feel I’m be watched over hopefully it’s a good sign as just moved in here

  184. Last Sunday I was doing some cleaning in my backyard and a monarch butterfly landed on the grass. I started talking to her, offer my hand, she accepted the offer and climbed on. I was so ecstatic that I grabbed my huge phone with the left hand, started recording, and as I was trying to take a picture, (while recording), another monarch came flying to my hand. My reaction was full of emotions. The picture came out perfect. If only I could post it here. Send me an email and I’ll be glad to provide a copy. Now I have validation that my mother and grandmother are still around, and I am so grateful for the experience. Thank you.

  185. Today December 4th 2017 in Edmonton Alberta, I arrived at work this morning to find a butterfly in the shop, no idea how it lived into December with our cold weather but its here now flying around the shop

  186. It was the most beautiful thing and I know it was very spiritual!! I had taken care of a lady named Jones sparks that I cleaned her house for 8 years when she was became more frail I decided that she should come home with me and my children only months after that but died very peaceful but what she brought along with her was her husband’s ashes in a little marble vase I kept it for a good 5 months after she died but I just felt like he needed to be released well I live in Florida there’s lots of bodies of water so me and the kids took him over the bridge where people fish it didn’t feel right my kids said keep driving we went to another place it was tons of people around and it just didn’t feel right then we drove up by the Library there was a duck and I know she’d love to read so we set him free at the library

    and we dumped all he’s ashes in there I said by Sparky and by Joan I love you it was rainy that evening and it was already dark but out of nowhere a monarch butterfly flew down on myy son’s thumb right next to me in the it was beautiful and I knew that’s releasing him into the ocean was definitely what we should have done no question❤ xox the divine

  187. I have received an offer for a new job recently. I’m hesitatant to join it.
    I have been seeing lot of butterfly recently. Just too many of them.. Specially white, black, orange n yellow ones.

    What can this mean? Please guide me. I’m very confused and I’m looking forward to guidance from angelic realm.

  188. Hello. Your posts are interesting but don’t answer my query and wonder if you can assist. My sister has, on occasions, seen hundreds of pink butterflies in her bedroom. She is not asleep when she sees them and has once called me in but I cannot see what she is seeing. Can you advise us on the meaning?

  189. I had two amazing experiences over two days . I was taking a walk after gym and realized that I was all of a sodden surrounded by butterflies. They where flying around me but was so magical was that they were flying so so close to me I would say not even 5 cm . The next day I was sitting I a nature and the next moment I see all this butterflies and I thought let me sit down and see what happens. Magical as I sat down they started coming one by one towards me . I had properly 6-8 butterflies flying around me . I love the way the universe works and send signals.

  190. When I visited my sister’s grave in Canada she passed over in an accident in 1971 I sang one of her favourite songs to her and after I finished the biggest butterfly I had ever seen landed beside me that’s when I knew there was an after life x

  191. Ive met a friend from Netherland and he visit me in my country. We had a time visiting a butterfly sanctuary in our place. Before we enter in the butterfly dome, we were talking aboit our departed love ones, my mom and my two brothers and about his mom. I relate to him an experience through dreams that whenever i have a crisis of my life the three of them appeared to me in a dream saying comforting words. In the last big butterfly dome I’ve experiemced three butterflies rounding above my head then to my shoulder area and finally landed on my arms then to the back of my left palm, they stayed there for about 10 to 15 minutes. I swayed my arms to let them flew away but it didn’t, i touched them and even kissed them and still they remain. I called up my friemd and we sat on a bench i tried to bring his arm nearer to mine hoping that the butterfly would transfer to him and one did but after few seconds it flew back to mine and join the remaining two in my left arm I was so amazed then I had goosebumps and felt spiritually incomprehensible feeling, even when I kissed them and my friend took pictires on them they still remain. I just shake off my arms so they flew away and made an exit from the dome ,they follow me but i put on the screen door so as not to let them came out from the dome.
    Now what does it mean?.. Thank you.

  192. After my grandma passed I started seen white butterfly’s, I told my mother this and after her passing I see yellow ones. Still today I see them almost everyday.

  193. I went with my boyfriend to visit his grandparents where they were buried and when we were getting ready to leave out of nowhere two white butterflies came and was flying around both of our feet but mostly mine. All I could say was that’s them. It was so crazy I couldn’t hold my emotions together.

  194. I lost my Mom last month. Keep seeing butterflies on my deck. My daughter and I think of her when we see them. Today I googled it, cause it’s incredible how often the butterfly has come around me. Thank you so much for the Article. So very comforting to know, it’s her and she is ok.

  195. My father passed almost 2 years ago and for the longest time I sensed nothing. I so badly wanted him to tell me he was okay or that he was with me, but nothing. Then about a year ago, I saw this huge monarch on some flowers in my front garden. It wasn’t at all afraid of me and I took a remarkable picture. Something in the way it let me approach it- made me feel it was my dad giving me the sign I had been looking for.
    As we approach the anniversary of his death, I find myself seeing really big and beautiful monarchs nearly everywhere. I watch with wonder and amazement and it always makes me think of him. Though, in recent days I’ve seen two large black butterfies (not solid – but almost) and I can’t help but wonder if something is heading my way?

  196. “So there you have it. Really, looking at butterflies from a number of angels, the answer appears.”

    I’m a proofreader. The above should say: “… from a number of ANGLES,” not angels. “)

  197. I have seen almost 100 monarch butterflies in the past three weeks . Its amazing timing because I am recently completing and book
    And EP. As well as planning some events that the lord has placed in my heart since I was a young child.

  198. Thank you for the information. Within the last 2 days, I have seen at least 2 glorious Monarchs and caterpillars stop me in my tracks and ponder the higher meaning. FYI, the week previously, I asked my guides/angels for comfort and hope as I am pursuing a dramatically, different second career (after 30 years) and the doubts sometimes creep in. While it is a leap of faith, I see/feel the universes’ guidance. To add, I am also going through a lonely, wrenching ‘dark night of the soul’ experience. I thank my guides/angels for answering my prayer and the message of ‘transformation,’ comfort and confirmation on my new life path. A magical, beautiful, personally delivered message through majestic Monarch butterflies (& caterpillars). TY…TY

  199. The day I took my son home from the hospital, a huge monarch butterfly landed on him and sat for several seconds. This, in the middle of a cement parking lot. Wow.

  200. My childhood friend of 40 yrs just passed on a few weeks ago. She had lost her legs and parts of her hand. I was in my driveway and saw a butterfly and noticed it was struggling. I picked it up and sat in the sunshine with it. I noticed it was missing a leg and 1 antenna. I did not put the 2 together. Which is odd for me because I am VERY spiritually in tune and an empath. I’ve been sick the last few months and just off my normal vibe. Wasn’t until my boyfriend put it together and then I found this site. I’ve had this crippled butterfly for almost 3 days. I feed it and it sits on my shoulder all day at work. I can’t stop crying over the connection. I haven’t been able to morn my friends passing until just now.

    I loved you Christine and I still do. I miss you and I am sorry I wasn’t a better friend. I know you are at peace now. BFFE.

  201. Been lit over 2yrs Dad passed away miss him Dearly…today as i was going to wait for daughter at school. I said I miss you Dad. As I sat waiting in my vehicle a butterfly came to pay me a visit…i didnt know what to think just took pics & video…then I looked up the meaning bc I knew it had to be Divine…❤ miss u Dad…😢

  202. I was watering my garden at 6:45 am this morning and a butterfly entered my house then I caught it and it sat on my thumb for a moment and didn’t move it was like it was looking at me but then flew away..

  203. I just looked all over the web but couldn’t find the meaning for what I just saw it was a fake blue butterfly lieing right in the middle of my bathroom doorway and it wasn’t there when I want in but I turned and it was there what does it mean?? Can anyone tell me??

  204. Today a butterfly was flying around my best friend while laying by by the pool for at least an hour. It only wanted her. Sat on her several times and sat on her chair numerous times for long periods. When we left, he briefly sat on my keys hanging by around my neck. I think he was saying my friend is so close to her finally phase of transformation, which make sure absolute sense given her situation and then showed me that perhaps I have the key to transformation myself. We were in owe. It was incredible!

  205. I googled about black and yellow butterflies and their meaning I was always aware of butterflies having to do with the death of our loved ones but never before seen a black and yellow butterfly my dad passed in 2015 and seen nothing but white butterflies and thought o.k my dad is at peace so this yr 2017 my mom passed and about a week or two before she died it was like this black butterfly followed us to a picnic gathering that we all did as I was a child my daughter kept chasing the butterfly and it actually let her touch its wings about two weeks later my mom passed and again now all white butterflies but never seen the black and yellow again after that day.

  206. I have recently lost a beloved cat and last night heard a friend passed away a year ago. For 4 weeks a red admiral has been visiting my yard and landing on the same t-shirt I wore when my cat passed away. It even seems happy to sit on my hand. What does this mean?

  207. My boyfriend at the time, David. It was at night and said a big butterfly landed on my face. He shoo it off so I didn’t see. I would think it’s a moth cause butterflies I don’t think come out at night. But he said it was a butterfly

  208. Had a monarch butterfly land in the palm of my hand five times telling it to land in my hand.Not making it up wife and daughter was there and took pictures very unusual

  209. I live in Florida and after Hurricane Irma last week and all its power of mother nature it damaged my pool lanai which is now open to all flying creatures and the occasional squirrel. Butterflies of all colors visit daily, odd however, is their weak flight is seeking a final resting spot. By morning they are on the ground where I retrieve them from the hard concrete and gently place them on the leaves of a favorite plant. And as I write, yet another butterfly is making its final transition.

    I recently turned to meditation to strengthen my spiritual energies and better understand recent actions. Without thorough due diligence and against my better judgement, I left an executive corporate America banking career suddenly to do something that is more aligned with my spiritual true self. As I wait for clarity these past two months I kept my mind busy by designing a development program to help women and young adults at risk for a better life. I know the why– but did not know the what, how, or even if I would move forward with the project, but my logo was a butterfly for transformation. As I meditate each day, I ask for a sign and strength not to let fear of the unknown vs known pull me back into the corporate world.

    Today, I stumbled across your site and if what you say about each butterfly being a soul is true, I sit in front of the plant of souls and must believe this is ‘the sign’ I seek and each butterfly is a lost women or young adult. I now have clarity to move forward and trust the why is enough and the rest will come into place.

  210. I keep seeing a butterfly in my yard when I mow the lawn. Seems to be the same one every time now for several weeks. When my father passed, two years ago, I saw white feathers on the lawn many times. Last year my mother passed and I believe the butterfly is a sign from her.

  211. I had a baby 12 days ago. Wasn’t the smoothest of starts as he had a few days stay in NICU. The moment we were coming home there was a black butterfly flying into the window over and over again like it wanted to get my attention. Then as soon as we got home there was another black butterfly doing the same thing to my living room window. Then a couple of times when we’ve been out with the baby I’ve spotted a black butterfly nearby. I can’t stop thinking of It, would love to know why? Thanks.

    1. I asked the universe for a sign of whether I should stop training for a half marathon due to constant injuries. Literally 5 seconds later, as I walked past a big window, a black and yellow butterfly flew into the window twice, then fluttered away. I’d love to know how to interpret my encounter, too!

      1. Butterflies call for transformation…

        Where is your soul calling for you to change and transform into something more authentic?

        Follow the path of joy and love… If this is training for a marathon that lights you up and brings you joy… Great! What else could be transformed into greater joy, love, and harmony?

        ..Your thinking?