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The Spiritual Meaning of Bluebird

A Little Bluebird Told Me To Tell You…

I've always loved seeing wild birds in nature, and bluebirds particularly have a special and gentle energy that the heart and spirit tend to recognize.

Just yesterday, I was hiking to one of the lesser known, and yet still incredibly powerful vortex sites in Sedona Arizona.

As I carefully stepped along the red earth trail, a little bluebird swooped down from above and landed in a tree just across from where I was standing.

My heart fluttered with joy when I realized the bluebird had a message..

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The message from the little bluebird.

It's a good one for us all…

Bluebird brings the reminder that happiness and fulfillment are well within reach.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the details of day-to-day life…

Where things like stress, and obligations keep us busily darting from one to-do to the next.

But the little bluebird?

It always finds the time to gently dance through the sky, patiently making its way through life, and sweetly singing the song of it's own truth.

The bluebirds song is filled with joy and playfulness.

It gently reminds us lighten up, let go, to stop taking life so seriously and start taking the time to simply enjoy.

Bluebird Meaning Bluebirds express themselves freely too. There's no judgement or doubt.

They actually go out of their way to avoid confrontation, though they are scrappy and will confidently defend themselves when it's needed. I like that.

But perhaps the sweetest thing of all.

Bluebirds carry the same peaceful, gentle, and loving energy of the angels…

Their presence gently soothes our souls, and brings the message of hope and the energy and lightness needed to lift our spirits and rekindle our inner spark.

Are bluebirds angels?

They very well may be angels in another form…

And they definitely are their sweet companions.

Each chip of the precious song of the bluebird is the magical reminder of just how special, beautiful, and loved you really are.

The symbolism of bluebird?

It's a symbol of the angelic realm…  It's meaning one of happiness grace and delight.

And seeing bluebirds?

A reminder to sing your unique song… To stay present in the moment, count your blessings, look for the silver linings in your life and tune into the many blessings of life that are all around you.

With love, light, and happiness,

Melanie Beckler

(and our little bluebird friend)

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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Sister Melanie, Thank you for the message of the bluebird. I recently shared with a friend my vision during my dire sickness battling the Covid 19 virus. In the vision Jesus, my personal Lord and Savior appeared to me. His long white robe looked like an accordion with folds in it. There appeared a blue bird fluttering about the robe with such joy and happiness on its face. The spirit of the Lord spoke to me, daughter, get in the fold and when I did, the remainder of HIS robe gently lowered down on top me, covering me. The blue bird was dancing and chirping. The spirit said, “I’m going to carry you through this.”
    Jesus did just that. It has now been 10 months and I’m doing very well. But thank you for the spiritual explanation of the bluebird. I thank my girlfriend, Beverly for sending me the article.

  2. I miscarried my beautiful baby girl, this past November. Her name is Zoey Grace. Over and over I feel the gentle calling of blue birds. While reading your story it became very clear that this is a letter from my sweet baby girl to her momma that loves her so much even though I never got to hold her. I know my grandparents, loved ones, and Jesus above all are taking such wonderful care of her. I’ve been so upset, sad, angry, confused since she left me. Only in the past few days have I been willing to let God begin to somehow heal my heart. I don’t even know how it’s possible but, I know somewhere deep down he will at least bring some sort of peace. I don’t know when and I don’t know how. I just have to believe he will. I don’t know how to let her go. I know my relationship with my daughter Ashlyn has always been a strained one. She’s 12 and hasn’t told me she loves me in years. I feel like God took Zoey because I can’t even be a good mom to Ashlyn so why bless me with another sweet soul. I know that’s the enemy talking his lies. I don’t know where to begin or where to start. I want to be the best loving mother I can be I just don’t know how. Please pray for me.

  3. I was happy when I saw the bluebird in my backyard while sitting in the dining area. This bluebird visited my 3 or 4 times since Feb 17, 2020.

  4. Yesterday I was hiking in nature trying to connect with myself and nature.
    And for some reason the singing of the birds caught my attention. When I turned my head I saw a little bluebird passing by.
    Bluebirds are very rare in this region. So I googled the spiritual meaning of seeing a bluebird. I never felt this ‘oneness’ of the universe so strong before.

    Thank you for this post! <3

  5. ive been having hard times, i was looking at this picture of my grandfather and i love him so much. I went outside to clear my mind and listen to music. When i saw a blue bird fly by and i immediately thought it was a sign , found many websites about being a sign about an angel and that you will have happiness and all that , while i was reading this i just looked around and the bird was looking at me , this had me crying , thank you means a lot!

  6. I was having an anxiety attack again and I started praying whilst crying. Halfway through my prayers, a thought came into my head. It felt like a bird and I know the colour is blue. It was such an odd feeling. I didn’t hear it. I didn’t see the image in my head but somehow my intuition was saying “bluebird”. I just HAD to look it up. Thank you for writing this. It means a lot.

  7. I have a female blue bird who is going from window to window in my home. I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advise. Thank You Mary Lou

  8. I just had a vivid dream last night of a bluebird of happiness. I was so thrilled to see it during the dream and I told my brother in the dream that it was very auspicious to see one. Anyway just thought I’d share that. Thanks!

  9. I was touched this New Year’s 2016 in Mount Vernon, Ga by an Blue Jay Bird right on the top of my head. That i wore White,Blue, & Yellow with jewelry. May anyone know this meaning..?

  10. I received a bluebird tea set from my sister for Christmas. The little bird is looking over its shoulder, the little black eyes glittering with spiritual significance. After having read this post, I have decided to follow the bluebird and take on your advice, something I desperately need to learn! To just let go, enjoy and not to take life so seriously but to live it.

    So thank you for this blog post! Be aware that you’ve changed one person’s life for the better by relaying this important spiritual message.

    Thank you and have a great new year!

  11. Seeing the bluebird with the red rock countryside of Sedona, AZ as a background reveals to me a feeling of peace and tranquility and awe; that yes we all need to be in nature to experience this from the Divine….

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