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Archangel Michael Yoga? Exploring Michaelic or Cognitive Yoga!

Cognitive Yoga

Cognitive or Michaelic Yoga

I'm excited to share with you a powerful form of cognitive or conceptual yoga. This form of conceptual yoga was originally called Michaelic Yoga and was introduced by Rudolf Steiner in the 20th century within the Rosicrucian Mystery School of initiation.

It was called Michaelic Yoga because it was named after Archangel Michael, who is well known to be the highest of archangels, whose name literally means “he who is like God”.

“Michaelic”, within the Rosicrucian tradition also referred to the classification of spiritual beings who are of the middle or Christed Path.

In other words, beings of Christ Consciousness, or Michaelic Consciousness who are not fully polarized towards the spiritual or fully polarized towards the physical, but rather, are holding the middle path… Being both fully connected to the light of God, the light of Source… The Infinite Divine I Am and reaching down all the way into the physical world.

So Michaelic Yoga is a breathing exercise designed to support you in spiritualizing your thinking.

In another sense, it's used to help expand your consciousness and help you progress on your middle path of ascension, to anchor the highest light of your Divine spiritual essence into physical creation.

Here’s how to do Michaelic or Cognitive Yoga

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Begin by calming and quieting your mind, as you shift your awareness within. To quiet your mind, find the place of still, calm, peace between your thoughts.

Relax, and then as you take in a deep breath, consciously breathe in your perception of the entire world.

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The perception of creation. So as you consciously breathe in, be open to perceive, experience and just take in the physical worlds exactly as it is.

Then pause.

Next, as you exhale, allow yourself to breathe out the concept of God … Spirit … The Divine Source present in all of physical creation.

As you exhale, tune into the concept that the mind of God, the light of Source, the light of Infinite is forming all of creation, is flowing throughout all of creation, and is inside all matter and in the physical world.


Breathe in the cognitive awareness of all of Creation… Breathing awareness of the entire world, exactly as it is into your heart center, into your mind, and into your awareness…

Breathe in creation, and then as you exhale, conceptualize, see and experience the light of the Divine, the Spirit, and Source present within all.

Breathe in the physical world. Exhale to see the light of God inherent in everything.

So this is essentially Archangel Michael, Yoga… Michaelic, or Cognitive Yoga, which again has the result of spiritualizing your thinking … Empowering you to perceive the world around you exactly as it is, and then in that same breath, as you exhale, to see the light of Spirit, the Divinity present in all.

So another way of perceiving this is that you breathe in all of creation. And as you exhale, see the Divinity that's present in all of creation.

Give this a try. It's very powerful and yet it's something you can do at any time, and yet, you can continue to go deeper as you work with this practice consciously breathing in the perception and breathing out the concept.



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