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How to Invite Help From Your Angels

Asking For Your Angels Help

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Have you noticed the angels that are with you and around you? Even as you read this, you have angels above, below, beside and behind you.

At all times and in all places, your angels are near you, and they are ready and willing to assist you in your life.

Don’t let this scare you though… Angels are spiritual beings. They don’t judge you, or even see you in you in your physical form like you might expect, so it’s not like you have to worry about them seeing you naked. LOL.

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Angels are pure energy and they see you as energy. They can also work from within this realm of energy to help you transform your life in a powerful and positive way.

Your angels want to help you, and so they will start showing you signs and signals to alert you to their presence. These signs sometimes offer guidance, and validation that you’re on the right path through signs. But perhaps more often than not, especially for those new to connecting with angels, the signs are the angels way of letting you know they are with you, they’re a form of an invitation to begin working with the angels now.

Why work with angels?

Well there really are tons of reasons like manifesting blessings, healing, overcoming obstacles, developing spiritually, and more.  At the core of all the reasons for working with angels is the simple truth that your angels want to help you to become fully aware of your inner brilliance and ability to create positive change, so you can make a difference in your life, and in the world.

Your angels want to help you discover the truth of the incredible light, spiritual power, and divine love you carry within.

Ready to get started?

The first step to begin working with the angels is to ask for their help. As you may or may not know, angels are always willing to serve, but they honor your free will to choose your path, even if it means heading in the opposite direction of your souls calling and authentic truth.

So to get your angels to help guide you in the right direction, to align blessings and synchronicities on your path, and to help you uncover your inner awesomeness… Ask for their help!

There is nothing specific you need to do to ask your angels to help so do not worry about asking in the wrong way, or doing it wrong. There is no formal ritual or process required, as the most important here is your pure intention to make the connection.

That being said if you’re distracted, busy, or multi-tasking when you ask your angels for help… They will help you, but you probably won’t notice their presence, or get very far in working with them to really uncover your inner brilliance and authentic truth.

So make some time to work with your angels!

Set the mood, put on some relaxing meditative music, light a candle, or just turn off your TV, phone, and computer.

Find a comfortable place to sit and relax.

Focus on your breathing and visualize Divine white light all around you.

Place your hands over your heart and breathe deeply into the area of your heart for a few moments to center your energy. Your heart is the portal by which you are able to connect with your angels, so focusing on it, breathing into it, and allowing it to open will help you to feel, see, know, hear, and experience the presence of your angels.

When you’re feeling relaxed, centered, and ready, invoke the presence of your angels using the simple prayer below… Or rewriting it into your own words.

Your words aren’t as important as your intention. So it doesn’t matter exactly what you say, or whether you call in your angels aloud or mentally with your inner voice.

What matters is that you sincerely and honestly ask your angels to connect with you and work with you now.

Think or Speak an Angelic Invocation:

“Dear angels. Please come in and connect with me now. Help me to open my heart and mind so that I may feel, and experience your presence.

Thank you for being with me and supporting me in my life. Help me to let go of any barriers of thought, or belief that are holding me back from my authentic truth and soul purpose.

Help me to release any filters blocking me from experiencing a direct connection with God, and with the light, love, and presence of angels my life.

I ask that you support me in aligning with my authentic truth, and the highest and best possible purpose for my life. Guide me, and show me my very next step towards living with increased joy, love, and fulfillment.

Thank you for supporting me on my path. Help me to keep my heart open, and to clearly experience your love and guidance.

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Please bring me clear signs that you’re with me… Help me keep my energy cleansed, protected, and uplifted, and help me to stay in alignment with love each step of the way.

Help me to experience your light, love and presence right now.

Thank you”

Breathe, relax, and open your heart.

Enjoy the increased vibration you have called in. Pay attention to your subtle senses, a shift in how you feel, a charge in the air, a feeling of immense love, an inspired idea, or vision…

These are all signs of the presence of your angels.

Take a moment to honor yourself for taking this time to connect with your angels… And give thanks for whatever you may have received.

Write about your experience in your journal… Then focus to stay present and aware in the moment, to notice the signs from your angels as they appear.

When you are present, aware, and when your heart is open, you’re in a place where you are able to receive angelic love.

Return to this space one moment at a time… And keep looking for the signs, guidance, and incredible love of your angels.

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