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Angels and AurasAngels, Auras, and Asking For Help!

Article by Angel Reader Sheelagh Maria

The Angels have been working with me recently to expand and upgrade my gifts, they have also been assisting many of my beautiful clients that are wanting to upgrade their daily lives.

The Angels understand we have perceived limits and they truly are ready to help us be all we came here to be and suggested I wrote an article about ‘how’ you can heal and request help on just about any area of your life!

Healing & Revealing

You don’t have to be someone who sees externally in order to see Auras. I for many years only saw auras internally, and the Angels I was working with would identify the blockages limiting beliefs or past life ties that were impeding growth. Simply asking for Raphael to be with you and asking him to show you on yourself, where there are any energy blockages or drains will begin the process. Its a beautiful thing to light a candle and ‘see’ white light surrounding you before you start, I also like to add in a simple prayer to seal the room and my energy in goodness and divine grace before beginning.

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Raphael will use your third eye, he will either use your feelings and allow you to see flashes of colour, or he will show you dark splodges, I also advocate imagining yourself standing in front of you, and ‘see’ in the 2nd person, as if you were doing this for a client or friend. Also ‘talk’ to the blockages and ask them what they are, remember this is not about medical diagnosis this is about energy clusters that are having an affect on what we can manifest or how much we can expand.

Past Life Healing

If you are wanting to get to the root cause of why you cannot manifest a happy relationship, successful business, or health wise, a past life may hold the answer. Very often we undertook vows of celibacy, of ‘waiting forever’ or perhaps even expected nothing for ourselves. Agreements not to use your gift, feeling persecuted in a past life, or even having a religious life where you were not ‘supposed’ to be powerful or individual also account for many blockages] being present, and asking Archangel Michael to work with Archangel Raphael is a powerful way to get into this.

As a past life healer, I will ask Michael what the agreement was, and how it is affecting my client now, I will also look at soul agreements, and see if these can be ended now. Very often the agreement has already been fulfilled, yet as humans habit is a powerful thing that we can keep repeating unnecessarily. Asking Michael to also go back and clear the timeline is a powerful game changer too.

Getting Clear

Archangel Gabriel is the angel to bring in if you are wanting to manifest something to do with business or communication, so asking her to open the heart chakra of the person you are working with or asking for the lines of communication to be opened is also a powerful way of establishing a forward momentum, she will also remove any blocked throat chakra energy or solar plexus energy that is preventing empowerment from being accepted.

Very often we have stagnant energy in our solar plexus which is to do with fear of being seen, getting it wrong, being accountable or intuiting that change is always bad, again this can be linked to past lives where good people struggled and work hard, and it was the bad that were successful.

Fun and Prosperity

Business is not supposed to be serious the angels tell me, so many would be business owners fall into the trap of starting a business for the money making potential rather than for the love of doing it. The Universe hears everything so if this is a detail that is playing out for you in your daily job, it is important to find something fun, contentment in some way, or a feeling of satisfaction or gratitude for the ‘dream job’ to materialise in the easiest and fastest way possible. The best piece of business advice i give my customers is ‘have fun ‘ pleasure and success are intricately linked, and sometimes when we just can’t find any way forward, going and playing in some way is exactly what is needed for things to get unstuck.

Archangel Ariel is the angel to bring in to your aura and body scan if you are wanting to increase the flow of clients, paying bodies, jobs that match your ‘dream’ or prosperrity to come to you in ways that are magical easy and limitless.

Ask Ariel to address any limiting beliefs about money ask her to actually highlight these to you so that once aware you can replace them with supportive ones. ‘I have to work hard to pay the bills’ or ‘Money slips through my hands’ are all examples of beliefs that keep us stuck.

Healing The Source

Very often it is the heart that hurts, and it is this place that needs love, gentleness and tenderness, understanding and yes time as well. This is the least results orientated chakra and the Angels want you to work with Chamuel for this one. He has a beautiful soft pink energy, and wants simply to help lift the hurt, disappointment, need to protect or ‘wait and see’ up and out of your heart chakra, he wants to replace it with self trust, love and acceptance for the being you are Today, and to help you continue to love and accept those around you for who they are but above all yourself so that true happiness and abundance can be long lasting and flowing in all ways.

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If you are experiencing blockages and can’t identify exactly what they are or how they are affecting you , yet you sense that your relationships, perhaps could do with some Tlc then ask Gabriel and Chamuel to work together and communicate to you what is needed to allow all heart centres to open into trust and to allow every ones needs to be met.

If you are new at this and would like to learn how to identify blocks to abundance, past life ties limiting beliefs about money and what is achievable then book a one hour Spiritual Development reading and myself and Raphael will teach you how to do this for yourself its a skill I personally would not be without.

Coupled with the special clearing tool I use, you really will see big changes begin to flow in beautiful magical ways. I have seen clients attract in new jobs, relationships and also see a big increase in clients signing with them, there is no need to struggle growth and joy are there for all of us its just learning to grow beyond our perceived limits.

That's all from me and the Archangels Today, if you have found this useful we’d love to hear from you, and remember that they are are for you all of the time, just ask the angels!

Sheelagh Maria


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  1. Thank you so much for this article on auras and healing. I have been connected to the Angels for a long time, but very often I neglect to hear their answers. Thank you again so much for your generous sharing.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for all the powerful stuff you are posting for us.

    Shall I request you to have these shared through an email so that I can store them separately n refer periodically till it becomes part of me.
    Sachin Samant

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