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Angels and Auras How To Infuse Your Aura with Blessings from the Angels…

Guest Post by Sheelagh Maria 

The Aura is a wonderful piece of equipment, it’s a energy ‘suit’ that contains all of your thoughts, emotions, and viewpoints and also all of the assistance you need.  Did you know that when we are asking Angels and Guides to be with us that they enter ‘through’ the Soul Star chakra, a chakra just above the crown, they flow into the aura and sit behind our body or shoulders and communicate with us ‘through’ our clairvoyant senses?

Did you also know that they ‘pump’ their energy ‘through’ your chakras, just like water is pumped through a pipe before it flows into your bath, your energy is blended with theirs, which is why many people feel that the guidance is coming from them, it is yet it is coming ‘through’ you rather than ‘from ‘ you.

The Aura is a beautiful way to infuse yourself with new energy that will manifest into abundance in your life, knowing how to do this is simple and can assist you in so many ways.

Here are ways you can work with the angels to manifest blessings through the aura.

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1. Angels and Auras. It’s important when you begin to work with the Angels and Your Aura that your energy systems are healthy and bright, so that you are adding positive new energy rather than topping up on anything that is old, taking some time to meditate and cleanse your aura once a week before using these tips is well advised, using essential oils is also a great way to cleanse, lift and heal any tears, cords or energy build up.

2. The Archangel Michael is the first archangel that wants to step forward, and he tells you that he will lighten and brighten your ability to Feel the presence of heavenly beings, asking Michael to illuminate your ability to Feel and sense and then breathing purple energy ‘through’ the crown is an immediate way to give your clairsentience a boost, you are likely to feel very grounded, safe and calm as his energy flows in.

3. Archangel Gabriel steps forward to give you the ability to communicate with the Angels and also your own team of guides, she tells you that calling her to you and asking her to clear your channels of communication and breathing white or gold is a sure fire way to open and free any blockages to how your gift works, she adds that you will know she’s with you because you will often feel a tingle around your crown, or ‘know’ that she is there , her aim is to help you clearly tune into what heaven is bringing you so that you can benefit from their loving guidance.

4. Archangel Uriel comes forward to bring you messages of practicality, he says that when you call him into your aura and breathe his colour of ruby red, not only will you be grounded and connected to the physical realm, you will benefit from his guidance also. A wonderful way to work with Uriel is call him to be with you, hold a red crystal, or flower, and breathe ‘into’ your stomach and root chakra. Uriel will allow you to ‘know’ how to proceed on matters of finance, housing and communication with authorities he wants to help you utilise the resources that are there, and be able to allow new resources to reach you without the fear blocking you ability to see what’s needed now, he is a practical and reassuring angel to work with.

5. Archangel Ariel comes in and she helps to get things ‘done’ The universal technician her role is really best sought when you are at your wits end with ‘how’ to get a task done. If you’re having problems with your bank, technology or finding the right people to advise you then breathing pink in through your stomach and in through your crown will alert her that you are requesting her – a simple request such as ‘Ariel help with my tax return please’ is all that’s needed, and suddenly a lightening of the energy will allow you to know that you Do know what to do and sometimes taking a break and then coming back is what she will impress upon you so the answer flows in.

6. Archangel Zadkiel is brilliant if you are feeling burdened or put upon with the demands of others, he helps you to see what is yours, and what is projected at you, he is also the angel of abundance and helps you to transform beliefs that are preventing you from being abundant to beliefs that support it. Breathing in his silver purple and white colour and asking Zadkiel please help me to ‘hear’ what to do (he’s also the angel of clair-audiance) he will whisper guidance in your mind voice guiding you on how, what why and when.

7. Archangel Chamuel the angel of love is on hand to help you release and heal any part of your life that does not feel loving. This does not just mean romantic relationships, it means relationships with family members, children, parents even work colleagues. he helps you to release the pressure that often comes with loyalty and he asks you to request that he take from you anything that is not yours to learn or deal with. Chamuel can also heal the golden lines of communication between you and a loved one, simply request his help in opening the lines (yes they exist) of communication and then ‘sense’ when the right time is to broach that subject he will assist with reactions coming your way as well. Open your palms face up and ask Chamuel to open every part of you to his healing.

8. Archangel Jasmine is a ‘new’ archangel and she is on hand to bring groups of people together she is wonderful for new projects, communities and business ideas. She is the angel of acceptance and will perform a ‘radical acceptance’ healing on you so that once you have accepted what ‘is’ you can move on to attract what ‘can be’ a beautiful angel to work with and one i personally work a lot with – breathing her pink and yellow colours into your aura will bring her energy to you and you are likely to feel a soft loving presence and even an urge to laugh.

9. The business angels are also on hand to help so requesting your own band of business angels means that you need to prepare for the guidance they’ll give you, set aside 10 mins once a week with a notepad and pen and be aware of any new projects they give you or any assignments they ask you to complete in a timely manner, with launching a new business idea or project your energy has to be in the right place too so tune into them and act on what they give you. To summon the business or career angels breathe SILVER light into your aura and ask for your own council of help. They’ll even introduce themselves to you, my business angels are called ‘the Collective’.

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10. The Prosperity angels are also available when you need them and they love to play with you. Ask for your own abundance angels and they will come and surround you with reasons to feel good about where you are right now, they will also allow you to feel comfortable with what is so that you can begin to build your confidence levels up so you ask for more, breathing Gold energy into your crown and immersing your whole body in it allows the blessings of prosperity to flow easily.

With love and magic,

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. Thank You so much Sheelagh Maria for the wonderful article. I am Blessed to have the help of ArchAngels and a Divine team A little Who’s Who list so to speak. Love and Light Patty

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