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Angelic Guidance Beyond the Words

And what to do if you forget…

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Have you ever had a dream about your angels, gotten a message from them, and woke up not really remembering what it was?

Or maybe you've listened to an Angel Session and received some pertinent insight… But then after the meditation, it was gone?

This is really more common than you might think.

Many members of The Angel Solution have reached out to me, wondering why they can't quite retain the details of the angel messages they're getting.

Maybe this has happened to you too?

So… you want to know why this is?

It's not because you're doing anything wrong… and it's not that you're just not meant to receive angelic guidance either.

Rather, it's because the incredible Truth of the angels happens beyond words.

Words are really quite limiting when it comes to describing the magnificent, high vibrational and radiant truth of the realms of spirit.

Words can never do justice to the incredible love, peace and illumination the angels are sharing with you.

So when connecting with angels…

Listen to their messages, because yes, they will communicate with words.

But don't worry if you cannot remember the specifics, and don't get too caught up on what they're saying…

Because the real power, love, and illumination from the angels comes through vibration.

Direct angelic guidance happens beyond the words. It happens through your vibrational connection.

Angelic guidance is often simply a frequency transmission that you feel, become aware of or just know is happening…

Even if you can't quite describe it, or even comprehend, you know your angels are there on an intuitive level.

Trust the direct insights you receive… The guidance that happens beyond words.

It's inaccurate to think that only what you can remember and express can be true.

Because really… the Truth is beyond all physical expression.

Listen to your inner intuitive knowing that reflects this.

And act on the subtle insights you receive from the Angels, and from Spirit, even if you can't remember the specifics.

Because one thing is certain.

You have angels with you!

And they're loving you, guiding you and uplifting you each step along your path…

Ask for help, invite in their presence, and tune into their powerfully uplifting frequency by going within.

With love,



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