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Angel Number 444 – 12 Powerful Meanings And Messages

Angel Number 444Are you seeing the angel number 444?

When you see the number 444, whether you've looked at the clock right at 4:44, or you simply notice 444 on a sign, on a license plate, as the number of likes on a facebook post, or in any other place…

It's not just a coincidence…

The angel number 444 carries a powerful meaning from the angels.

The Deeper Meaning of 444


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What Is The 444 Meaning?

Quite simply as an angel number, 444 brings the message and validation that you have angels with you. It’s a sign that there are angels around you in that moment, and that they’re reaching out to you with love, guidance, and validation for you on your path.

444 is a sign that your angels are with you and its a call to pay attention and to become aware of the many signs and signals illustrating that there are indeed angels in your presence.

The angel number 444 is a powerful sign to receive from the angels. It not only means you're in the presence of angels, but that the angelic realms are supporting you, guiding you and assisting you with unconditional love and frequency.

It's like a validation that you are so loved, and supported by angels… And they're encouraging you and guiding you to step into more fully embodying your highest truth. !

You Are Positively Progressing

444 meaning is a reminder that this is a period in your life for personal growth. Seeing the 444 means your angels are cheering you on and supporting you! When in doubt, make a list of all the progress, however big or small that you have made this year. Give yourself credit for the new levels of growth, and be proud of yourself!

The angels want you to achieve the goals that you are working towards, and dream big. Remember your magic, and don't be afraid to ask your angels for more divine guidance and support assisting you whenever you are afraid or are struggling with challenging emotions.

444 also brings a reminder to listen to your intuition and to listen for the guidance from your angels, as they're definitely with you and your connection to the angelic realm is quite strong.

Your angels are always on hand to offer you support, guidance, healing, and positive energy, but you have to ask, listen, and tune into that guidance for it to make a difference in your life!

Here's a way to ask for help. Open you heart, clear your mind, and set this intention:

“I call upon my Angels and ask for you to connect with me now. Share with me the guidance and wisdom I need at the moment so that I may have the courage to move with more purpose, clarity, connection and dedication. Fill my mind, body, and spirit with your unconditional love and peace so that I may see my inner light, and authentically shine.”

By asking for help, and working hand in hand with your angels, you can assure you are positively progressing on your path.

The Angel Number 444

The Angel Number 444 is a sign of the presence of angels in your life! When you see 444, or really any angel number sequences, pay attention! This is one of the very common signs of angels, and seeing it brings the validation of the love and guidance of angels in your life. Check out my post to learn more about the deeper meaning! #444 #angelnumber #numerology

But honestly, this meaning of 444 is surface level and there is an ever deeper meaning. This deeper meaning is that you too are becoming more angelic.

It’s not that you're becoming an angel yourself. You're opening to the truth of your angelic nature and the truth of you as a Divine Human Being.

Along these lines 444 is a call to bring your full angelic self, the full presence of your higher self… Your full light, full power, and your full Divine Presence into the physical.

When you connect with your Higher Self, the full light of your being, you shine your brilliance like no other. You are you, but with the awareness and connection to your soul consciousness, the aspect of you that rests in unconditional light and love.

Moving from that perspective, you are able to live with more purpose, more connection and more love.

Every day is met with a fresh perspective where you live from the heart, and stay grounded in the present moment, receiving the blessings of each moment. Know that you are aligning more with your Divine Truth, and discovering your multidimensional being that is in full presence of your Higher Self.

So yes, 444 is a sign and symbol bringing the message that you have angels all around you.

But more, it brings the validation that your angels are with you and assisting you in bringing more of the truth of your higher spiritual light and more of the infinite love and power and Divinity that you are able to embody in this lifetime now forward.

And so when you see 444 next time, rather than looking it up on Google for a refresher as to “what it means”… Or rather than just saying… “thanks angels” …

Take 444 as a reminder and opportunity to tune in!

When the angels show you 444, they want your attention. While you can look up what 444 means, know that when you connect to the present moment, and tune in to your heartspace, the space between thoughts and knowing, you may receive intuitive nudges and guidance that are relevant for your personal path.

It is up to you to open yourself to receiving messages in every possible way, the love and guidance from spirit, and the inner light you carry without restriction.


444 offers you the opportunity to tune in, to learn and to make conscious choices that raise your vibration, feel divine love and know the divine truth that is yours to share.

So seeing 444 is yes a reminder that you are so supported, loved and guided by the angels. Open your heart, turn up your light, raise your vibration and become a vibrational match for the awakening codes and for the divine blueprint of your full authentic truth. Because the truth is, you are a divine being in physical form and the opportunity is here and now for you to embody this.

To be a vibrational match for the awakening codes, there is a level of surrender, receptivity, and trust that you need to have. Simply recognize that you desire to receive the divine blueprint of your full authentic truth.

Not judging, not analyzing, but simply, finding stillness and peace with every breath. Witness with nonjudgement, as you quiet your mind and practice dropping into your heart center. The heart center which is the doorway to lightness, peace, and presence of the inner planes where waves of light stream in.

But its also that you are being called to step into your light work, to step into your power, to take action through both being and shining light and then through tuning into your intuition… Acting on that intuitive guidance so you can start making positive changes in your life to live in greater alignment with the truth of you.

The truth of you as a Divine Human being, the radiant, vibrant spiritual being in physical form that you authentically are.

When I notice 444 it's usually on a clock, when I just happen to look up at the clock, or glance at my phone right at 4:44, or even wake up and head into the kitchen to grab some water, right at 4:44 in the morning.

But this angel number could also appear to you

  • On a mile-marker sign
  • On someone's license plate
  • As the amount of change you get back
  • or any other number of places.

There are several ways angels surprise us and bring us a little magic in our day with an angel number. This is because they your spirit companions, and they love and support you so much!

The signs from the angels are their way of flowing blessings and love into your life. Are you willing to receive it and allow higher love to anchor in through you? Ask your angels to receive the angelic guidance you need, and stay open to seeing the miracles and messages they desire to show you. Encouraging you, loving you, and supporting you from behind the scenes.

Meanings, Messages and Signs from Angels

Angels use many different signs and symbols to get our attention so they can bypass the filters of our ego minds and communicate their messages.

Angel numbers are just one of the most commonly used ways angels deliver messages, because numbers are so common in our world.

Really, any number sequence you consistently see may very well contain angelic insight and guidance.

So How Can You Decipher What Angel Numbers Mean?

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When you do see an angel number (recurring number sequence) pay attention. What you were thinking about, or doing when you saw the number? This will contain clues into it's hidden meaning.

What was your last thought and how did it make you feel? Catch yourself and ask yourself what is being mirrored and illuminated for you? It takes a level of awareness, intuitive seeing, and body listening. Connecting with your senses is a way for you to receive messages from your angels.

  • It could show up in symbol
  • Be heard in a song
  • Smelt in a fragrance that brings you to a moment of inner knowing.

To begin the cycle of living from living in vibrational alignment with your authentic self.

444 has many hidden meanings, but to know the meaning that is for you and your time is to tune in to this very present moment as 444 was revealed to you.

Angel Number 444- What's The Meaning?

In addition, learning the vibrational meanings of the different numbers can help you to understand the messages your angels are sending when you do see 4:44, or other recurring number sequences.

Click here to learn more about deciphering angel numbers for yourself.

The angel number 444 reminds you that all is well. Your angels are supporting you from behind the scenes, protecting you and urging you to choose yourself, and take steps to make your dreams a reality.

While it may feel surreal that you can make your dreams a reality, know that you are raising your vibration to realize your dream and live it! Bring your awareness to your heart center, and stay positively focused on your true intentions, know its yours to receive.

Your angels want to remind you that you are on the edge of liberation, but you must actively be open to receiving the blessings of each moment, and also  take the inspired steps that are within your divine will to make your dreams a reality.

When you see 444, know that you're loved supported, and assisted by your angels. Release any doubt and fear, and trust that indeed your angels are with you, and by attuning yourself to their vibration by staying in a state of love, all things are possible.

Remember to ask for help from the angels, and also support yourself with positive thoughts, habits, and by remaining aware in the present moment.

Numerology and the Vibrational Meaning of Numbers

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Learn about additional angel numbers below!

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Angel Numbers Guide

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  1. I was going through some messages I received yesterday and 1 of them I sent at 4:44am and I jumped on the meaning of it! I now am going to meditate even more and I’m going to work on positive thoughts even more because seeing this is lifting my mood up…

    Thank you Melanie xx

  2. Thank you for your beautiful and profound work-it’s very helpful-stay blessed you and your beloved ones and the blessing you are🎩👍🏼😇🍀

  3. Hello Thank you Melanie for your work and sharing. I use to see 111 a lot, looking back I realize I was realigning my thoughts from letting go of negative and inviting positive and the angels into my life. I became a Reiki practitioner in the process and now volunteer, I now see 444 more often and sometimes as a reminder that the angels are with me.
    Much love and blessings

  4. Thanks so much for this page! The number summaries have been super helpful. I’ve bookmarked this site. I’ve been seeing 444 continuously for the past 2 months. This past week I’ve been trying to see it on purpose…waiting at 430 and I always get distracted. Which makes seeing it so often much more amazing! I can’t make it happen even if I tried.

  5. this past august one of my close friends passed away and it absolutely tore apart our friend group, his family and honestly our entire town. he had just turned 18. I was with him the night he died, I hung out with him and our friends all night and I left before he did. and I woke up to a call about him. in about September I began seeing 4:44 on the clock every day. I started to notice when it was literally day after day. over time I started seeing every hour at :44. every hour of every day I will either pick up my phone or look at a clock to see the time with :44 after it. I thought it was something but I never questioned what and I always thought it was just coincidental. but after I started seeing it every hour, I looked it up and I read about what it meant. I immediately thought of my friend who died and thought of it as him reaching out to me. I only told a couple of my close friends just because it was still weird how many times a day I would see 44 or 444 on the clock. but it got weirder after I started seeing it everywhere. not exaggerating, everywhere. at the gas pump, my gas is $44.38 or $22.44 after I pump it and turn it off without looking, as the total for my order at a drive through, or my total at a gas station for 2 packs of some type of cigar. I see it as 44% on my phone at least once a day, I see 44 likes on an instagram picture or 44 retweets on twitter. I see it in license plates I randomly pass on i85 or when Im walking in a parking lot and happen to glance over at a car. I see it on billboards in Atlanta that literally just read: 444 on a black background?? What does that even mean?
    Once I started seeing it everywhere I also started believing more and more that it was my guardian angel, Austin. After I read this, I realize he’s there when I don’t even know and he’s always by my side. he protects me like he protects our friends and his mom and his brothers and grandmother. I believe I see it because he wants me to know he’s here with me and everyone and that he’s okay. (Side Note: as I am typing this it is 2:44 in the morning… just wanna throw that out there)
    Ive felt him with me during an anxiety attack in the middle of a restaurant with my mom and little brother last week. I couldn’t eat because I felt anxious and my mom was discussing it. when we got our bill the total was $27.44. there is no doubt in my mind that that was Austin there telling me to calm down and let me know he was there and it was okay.
    I don’t know if anyone else thinks of it this way but its just a thought. even if it isn’t Austin, it’s comforting to me to believe so. but at the same time there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it is Austin with me and letting me know lol

  6. During this Aries Harvest Moon, I’ve had a deep emotional release of anger, pain, sadness. So many things going on. Red Cardinal bird appearing as I sat in the rain, centering myself. I usually never write on sites but I just felt the urge to do so. When I left from inside the rain I seen 4:44 right after asking for guidance and help from the source. The description for this is right on time, to say the least.

  7. Thank you so much, got up and logged online at 4.44am today, felt like knowing more on 4.44, got onto your webpage and after reading what you have said, just reinforced my belief, particularly after seeing a burst of light before falling asleep previous night. Thank you so much again.

  8. Woke up in early hours of morning, glanced at alarm clock then turned over. As I was about to nod off again I then got the urge to use bathroom, as I looked at alarm clock again it said 4:44. Strange, then as I was passing kitchen to use bathroom noticed cooker clock reading 4:44 . This is not the first time as also saw 444 on energy smart meter in living room earlier in week repeatedly. Seen it twice more today since noticing it in early hours. Also been seeing other number sequences like 111, 333 (3:33) and also 555. I get the feeling that angels are certainly communicating with me and it is such a nice/pleasant feeling. Also do meditation with quartz crystals in which I also get very positive vibes.

  9. Melanie, I have been reading on your website everyday now for months. Ive been doing the angel meditations all the time because I am new to meditation and this is quite helpful. I see a series of numbers all the time. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 911, 1111, 1212. Of these 444 and 1111, is the most common. And it is always by chance. I don’t search for it. My life has always been serving and taking care of others, I give all I have (mentally, emotionally, physically and financially), even when I don’t have anything left to give. Quite frankly, I’m tired. And only lately, the thought keeps running through my head to start telling people that they have to start taking care of themselves so I can take care of me because I’m important too. But my heart always says keep giving, as it seems to be engraved in the fiber of my being to do so. I’ve also spoke with a medium, who says I have gifts, my whole family does. Empaths, and such. I’ve been trying hard to tune in to the messages but I struggle, I think this is because I have too much on my plate, in my mind. Spirits used to contact me more easily in ways, through showing themselves or moving something, manipulating energy. But as for hearing them, I can only get frequencies and sometimes mumbling. Most of the time now I can only sense their presence. Lol, I’m not sure entirely what I’m trying to say, but I think I need guidance from someone who knows and that would be you.

  10. I absolutely love the messages that you send relative to the numerology that you share. This is the first time that I have seen/read you and your words.

  11. It happened a lot when I was making a job switch decision. At some point I asked someone why I had to find it on the clock, I couldn’t miss any 4.44 pm at my laptop, even when I was driving. I should have known the meaning, all fear would have been dismissed

  12. Nossa! Li o post, tenho fé que seja verdade! Uma situação meu desagradável me deixava inseguro, com um pouco de medo, mas agora sei que meus anjos mandaram um sinal, e vai dar tudo certo. Mandaram o mesmo sinal duas vezes na semana, após ler essa postagem estou ficando mais confiante!

  13. Hi Melanie .. I continue to see 444 44 4444 daily; it’s on clocks, my phone, licence plates,; literally wherever I look !! I meditate every day; proper seated on cushion, closed eyes and breath focussed meditation, for at least 10-20 min twice per day. Since my father passed away just over a year ago; I believe this may be a sign from him.

    D being the 4th letter

    D4 D4 D4

    Makes some semblance of sense to me 🙂

    Anyway; thought I’d send this to you.

    Warm regards.


  14. I see a lot of sequenced numbers..444, 1111, 1212, 1234….all day everyday! It’s been this way for a few years now since my divorce (14 years married) I’m just trying to figure out why and what it means

  15. It’s the number of the house I live in, and I see the number often when I look at the clock on my laptop computer. And I do feel the angels are likely looking after me because my spirituality feels stronger now than it ever was, and I’m a much stronger person now than in the past.

  16. My favorite aunt always had a significant connection to the number 444. Her first born child was born at 4:44 am, and every birthday of his at exactly 4:44 am she called him and wished him a happy birthday. When she died suddenly 2 years ago, we were all up in her room waiting for the ambulance to arrive her son came in to say see her and suddenly the TV turned off then on again. We looked at the the cable box and it was blinking 4:44…every since then we always see 444. Whether it’s on a license plate, we just happen to look at the clock, or if it’s on a billboard somewhere. Where ever we are, if we see those numbers we always stop in our minds to acknowledge her presence. I miss her like crazy…my spirit animal, my birthday twin. I love you.

  17. I received this number during a very bad time in my life and was praying for god to intervene and help me
    I was told to pay special attention to the number 444 appearing on my clock.
    Thank you so very much for explaining its meaning. much love….God Bless You

  18. Does it have the same meaning if you hear four four’s in a dream? I heard in a dream someone say, “What does 4444 mean?” I instinctively said, “It’s an angel number.” Is that correct? Is it still an angel number?

      1. I have been seeing angel numbers for quite some time, but today I saw a striking image of the face of jesus christ with his eyes and nose somewhat joint to make a cross. From what i have read on your articles i know i should tune in for the answers but anything else i need to know, any term for this.

  19. I have the most crazy story of how I came to this website to become aware of angel numbers

    I went to bed one night and woke up feeling really disturbed. I felt like I was in the presence of something very powerful (something that has happened many times before), not very good feeling and normally I try to stop it, because it’s scary when it happens.

    This time instead of fighting it, I decided to try and listen. I was fully awake and kept seeing the hate of Mickey Mouse in my mind, but the hat was elongated and wrong. I picked up my phone and typed in The Hat Is Wrong, this brought me to a biblical post about women not being allowed to pray while wearing head covering, but it being ok for men. In a prior experience I had seen images of studio flash lights. My wife and I have been wedding photographers for years and because of our invested time my wife would not want to give up in favor of studio photography. I knew the message was telling me to take the lead and open a photography studio.

    The biblical post was number one on the search list, and being skeptical that this was the result of a disturbing sleep I would have just ignored it. I went back to bed and as I was closing my eyes I could be the clock and could feel the numbers 444 burn into my mind. I didn’t know anything about angel numbers and was going to just ignore it, but as I tried to sleep I felt like I was being shouted at, so I got back up and typed 4:44 into a google search on my phone. I came across this site as the first result on the search.

    For angels to communicate with me directly I would think there is something wrong with my mental state. I find I can always dismiss all this using logic, I am a very skeptical person, so to do what I am doing now and putting my families future on faith is quite scary. I haven’t told my wife anything about this, I don’t know how to. Just a year ago I was atheist, but god wouldn’t let that be the end of it.

    Again I tried to just dismiss the message, but then had a dream the same night of a church falling down, it made my head hurt. I punched in the search church falling down and came across a post about people falling down with the presence of Jesus.

    I’m angel numbers all the time, I watched your video just 30 minutes ago, and when I closed the web page the time was 8:44 very interesting that the sequence of 4s continued even at that moment.

    Just wanted to share this with you

  20. Just minutes ago I prayed about something and asked to see a white feather as a sign. Right after I finished praying I look at the tv and see “444”. Angel numbers have always been a good sign of mine, but I don’t always look up the meaning of the number. Feeling curious, I took action and decided to look up the meaning of the number which directed me to here. I noticed a purple feather on the top of the page, I scroll down to see what the number means, and guess what I see on the image? WHITE FEATHERS! My prayer was answered within MINUTES and it’s put me in a really good mood knowing I’m going to be okay. The meaning of the number 444 was perfect to read. It perfectly defines everything.

  21. For over at least the past year if not more I have been seeing the number sequence 444 either glancing at the clock, my phone, even parking structures outside a hotel window… literally everywhere. I have inquired about this to many I know and trust in the spiritual realm but had only received vague explanations for it. Thank you Melanie so much from the bottom of my heart for your insight and affirmation of it’s significance. I knew intuitively there had to be a much deeper reason for constantly seeing it. I am now REALLY paying attention! Again, thank you so much!

    1. Wow Tristan your story and mine are identical except I have been seeing 444 for at least a decade. Knew it meant something, too frequent for coincidence..Decided to research it and here we are and I am in a much better space because of it.

  22. All I can say is WOW! 444 has very special meaning to me as the number 4 is all 3 of my children’s’ favorite number and now as adults they have had it tattooed on their wrist as a symbol of their “family love”. After going through a very difficult divorce, I bought my first home on my own and the number of that healing house was “444”. I knew the moment I pulled into the driveway it was a sign and I never looked at another house. the numbers 4, 44, and 444 have had special meaning my whole life and now I know why thanks to you! I pray to my angels every morning as part of my morning prayer ritual but I never knew they were connected to a number, much less 444! WOW this has really impacted me today, touched my heart, and was very much needed….thank you

  23. I see 444, 222, 777 and 111 all the time now. These numbers so resonate with me now and the things happening in my life. Thank you Angels.

  24. Hello…just last night my mother and i woke up and were in the kitchen at the same time and i looked at the clock and it read 4:44and i made a comment saying how weird that is look its 444 now i get an email on exactly that the number 444 thankyou for the email. ..

  25. Thank you so much Melanie this afternoon I looked at the clock and it was exactly 444 and tonight you send me this message wow I am so blessed

  26. Hello! I randomly see these little quick sparkles. My mom past away 3 weeks ago so this time I truly believe it was in reference to my mom when I saw it in looked at the clock it was 4:44 that time also appeared as I was saying goodbye….I miss her so much.

  27. I see ‘444’ ALL THE TIME. I finally wrote it on a piece of paper and ‘444’ is ‘666’ upside down. So does this make me a devil?

  28. Hello, I have a testimony about the number 444. So entertain me for a minute and set up a number sequence associated with the alphabet. Assign 6 to the letter A and add 6 to each of the following letters. B=12,C=18, etc. If you take the word computer and assign the letter values to each letter and add them the result is 666. If you take the name Jesus, Lucifer, and the word messiah, assign their corresponding values, their sums total 444. Something that was revealed to me by my angels. Their is more to the story and if you would like to hear it feel free to email me.

  29. So for a while now 1:11 , 2:22, 3:33, and 4:44 have been a frequent occurrence and every time I felt the love and connection from them, but I just didn’t understand why. This really helps..I really need to dive deep into numerology.

  30. Thank you! My husband and I constantly see 11:11. We have both been on our spiritual journey for about 3 years now and have had so many wonderful things enter our lives. It is an absolute for us when we hear that the angels are with us. I have no doubt! Thanks again <3 Love, Light and Blessings to all <3 Namaste~

    1. I am constantly seeing 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and 11:11. I’ll just look at the clock randomly during the day, or wake up in the middle of sleep and look at the clock, and lo and behold! One of these numbers is visible on the clock. Also, many times my wife has texted me…. I’ll look at the time and it was sent at 11:11, either day or night. It happens way too much to be a coincidence. I hope this is a positive occurrence for me…


  31. Hello, this is strange for me and last almost 2 years and started suddenly. I am a sw eng and this is for me very strange. Very often a see 1111 and 444. Yesterday 23.05.2016 – 3333. OK the last week 17.05.2016 I wake up suddenly and it is 4:44 in the night. My clock is not accurate!. 18.05.2016 I wake up suddenly in the night and again look at the clock. It is 4:45. 18.05.2016 I wake up in the night suddenly and it is again 4:44. I really REALLY do not know what is this. and Very often see 1111 and 111. And this is when I turn my head to clock , license plates etc. This last for almost 2 years. And yes I am believer and pray every night however do not go to the church regularly. Could you please write me WHY is like that. I do not want it. Best regards – Adam

  32. 444 has been special numbers to me for many years now. For me it is a code from a departed love one, we both read a book together, “Messengers” It was called and it told of spiritual messages and how their clocks would always stop at 4:44, and several other 444 happenings. So when those numbers show up for me I always know it is him helping me, telling me all is okay with my decisions as I question myself so much. And now I see they are special angel numbers too. This adds so much more to the meaning from him now. Having to remain in the earth realm while those I love have passed over I think is the hardest thing we must endure here here on earth. 444

    1. I have been seeing this number ever since I could remember but didn’t know what it meant, honestly speaking I thought it was something negative…but now I know that I have had angels by my side all of my life. It is very comforting really

  33. I have been noticing 444 since November 12 2001. I woke up at 4:44 I think I was doing some reading about it. The odd thing is that was the day of the plane crash in NYC. I didn’t like that coincidence. But the 444 has followed me around ever since. I moved to Germany in 2010 and the car next to me in the apartment garage had 444 on his license plate. I’ve had receipts, internet order numbers with 444 in it but mainly license plates. I was going to work early one morning and my thoughts were drifting about the universe and a truck passes me slowly with a 444 on the license plate.

  34. Hi
    I have been seeing the number 4, or 44 a lot! 4:44 sometimes. Probably for about 8 months now. I have also been feeling a lot of touching my face and legs. But that has faded away for a while. Last night my phone got stuck on 4:44, time. Before I fell in sleep I felt something stroking my cheek. And the clock in my son’s room was stuck on 4:44 to, a couple of nights ago. With the second’s pointer still making sound but stuck on 44 min. Analogue clock.
    It makes me nervous, even though I do understand that number 4 is an angel number. Could it be a message, personally to me? When I felt the touching on my face and legs a while ago, it felt like a warning. Like, something is coming.. ppff I don’t know.


  35. what does it mean when you see 4444, I just saw it, I was asking my angels for guidance and i turn and picked an item up and there it was 4444, can you help me with this please, it is very important to me as I have some thing going on right at this moment in my life, and I do need guidance. Thanks

  36. Hello!! I see 411 a lot for a few years now and I was wondering what that means? An unpleasant man I used to know who was evil said his lucky number was 411 and on his licence plate has 411….why am I seeing it??

  37. Hi just wanted to say thank you.. I often see Angel numbers but this past week or so the number 4 or 44 or 444 seems to just pop out at me. And what’s odd is how I’ve just seen your post. But I haven’t been paying much attention as i shoukd have. I’ve been in a difficult time (still am infact) and asked the Angels for their help for the first time…. Seeingbyoyr post has now comforted me and can see that light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you and thank you to the Angels. Lots of love Shaz xxxx

  38. I’m Estifanos from Ethiopia. And I’m beliver of Orthodox these are among Eastern and oldest christianity. Thus, we strongly belives in God trinity. And we belive and worship as “three name, parts but one God in their divinity, governing…” thus, before I read this post, I belive these numbers in my phone and another media. I sence/feel not angel my creature Almighty God “Holly Trinity” is with me. Therfore, my religion and mz inate astral emotion already awared me about angel numbers. Thanks for the post. Peace and stabilitz for our planete intil his son comes. Being Blessed time upon us.

  39. I have seen 444 lots lately also 11:11 i feel my angels are close and trying to guide me every minute in ways most wouldnt think of

  40. I’m in aww at the information I just learned. Thank you this helped me understand that seeing consecutive number sequences more often than not is perhaps a sign ite message. Being in the state of mine that I was, during my father being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I didn’t pursue the answers on the number sequences. I am intuitive naturally however I didn’t act o.k. things as I should have.I saw not only 444 but 333 11:11 1:11 555 numerous different number sequences for about 3 months prior to finding out the news about my dad. I was happening so often that I mentioned it to my sister’s and friends everytime it happened. Then away the very moment my dad took his last breath my sister looked say the clock behind me and it read 4:44. There has to be some sort of message here.Right?

  41. i see all sorts of numbers…1234, 1010, 777. yesterday i saw 333 i have been seeing these numbers regularly for a few years now. i saw 333 on my clock but the one that grabbed my attention mostly was when i was leaving a store and the vehicle that pulled out in front of me was 4444 and then i see your message about 444. thank you!!

  42. I see 444 most mornings, I believe my soulmate died at 444 pm I found her 3 days after she passed a process of elimination shopping receipts etc and I’m convinced it was around the 444. I do believe also I see 11 11 which was my dads birthday amazing xx I enjoyed your article thankyou

  43. Recently my bank balance was exactly at 444.04. Does this mean anything? I have been seeing recurring numbers a lot lately, although not the same combination of them…
    Can someone please explain this to me? I understand what I read, but I was wondering how it was specific to me?

  44. We have lived in our little bungalow for 8 years now …. and found spirituality and Melanie around 4 years ago … our angels and guides are ever present protecting and encouraging … our haven is full of love and gratitude .. It wasn’t until I was researching Angel numbers and particularly multiples of 4 … as our postcode has three 4s and house number 4 …. everything has fallen into place…. Melanie … thank you x

  45. I have seen the numbers 444 for about the last 8 years. I have seen that number sequence so much that I know that it’s not just a coincidence. I can feel Devine intervention when I see them. Sometimes I go a few days maybe even a week or two without seeing them and when I realize that I haven’t seen the numbers in a while I get flooded with 444. I look up at the clock right as its on 444. I wake up many nights to see the clock at 444. I see 444 everywhere I go and in everything I do and I always seem to see the number when Iam deep in thought or caught off guard. When I face a tough decision I ask ” Ok guys where are my numbers, need a little sign to let me know Iam on the right path” because I have seen 444 so much over the years I actually feel the need to see the numbers to make me feel Iam heading in the right direction. My mother passed away when I was a young teenager and sometimes I just feel inside like it’s her guiding me. When I see the numbers I try to pay attention to what I was thinking or what decisions I have recently made. And when I don’t see the numbers for a little while I think about if my path has changed and if maybe I need to correct it. Things were very tough for me when I suddenly started seeing the numbers . But as I started to realize that I noticed the numbers crazily too much to be a coincidence. I felt I began to get the strength to overcome obstacles in my life. Over the years I have become successful and and my finances seem to double every year. But there has also been difficult times too like my divorce. Somehow when I need guidance the most the numbers are always there. Some people would say it’s a natural accurance that at my age that’s what your finances are supposed to do as you become more experienced and move up the ladder. I know there is something Devine sitting beside me influencing my every decision. Even through the tougher times. People may say well why don’t angels just talk to you themselves. But they do not have too, they have found the way to make me pay attention to what’s going on in my life and they let me make my on decisions.

  46. Thank you…I ask for help dear divine light angels.please let the deep pure love energy flow happen between us.Omh gratitude

  47. So yesterday, i had a really powerful run around the neighborhood. Felt good, and had a beautiful sunset. When i finished, I looked at the Nike+ running app, and it was exactly 4.44 miles! at first i thought it was odd, because it could have been 4.3 or 4.6, etc. Anyways I paused and pondered about it, but then let it go. I did think about i have a 4 yr old son, who was born on the 4th of feb, but I left it at that. However, today I was sharing a music selection, that really really hit home, “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE. Simply amazing song. Anyways, I just happened to think about the run yesterday, and glanced at the views, and at that moment it was at 444 views!! I thought to myself. 2 times is not a coincidence. That’s when I looked it up and found your excellent article on the subject. Thanks! After reading the article I realized other coincidences that happened today. Well at lunch (after listening to “Brother” in the car), i come home to see a CAT trying to catch a squirrel, and some sort of standoff in a tree. Well i felt bad for the squirrel, so I scared the cat away. Perhaps I saved a life, who knows. And then on my door was a praying mantis, that I gently tried to pickup/place on the bushes near by. Lots of connections, and tied to 444 i presume. Thanks again! I will continue on my journey through life with the archangels support, and keep my eyes open for my signs.

  48. I am affraid of all this.

    Since my childhood, i saw many thing but when i talked about ,i was asking to shut my mouth.
    @ 25 years, i begun seeing number either on clock,vehicules,ending phones serial numbers and any others support;the number was 2124, i never understand what it is

    Nowadays all turns into 444 serial, my phone shot code, my own vehicule….

    Help me in understanding please

  49. Hello, 444 has always been my favorite numbers, there the only numbers that I play on the lotto games, here in GA, anywhere that I am, i,ll always notice my numbers 444, when I read your reason why I see these 444, it,S giving me strength to move forward knowing I have my angels and there powers, to guide and protect, and to keep me safe, this has really ment alot to me, I will go forward now with angel conffdence, thank you so much, this means so much more then you will ever know, everything happens for a reason, thank god and his angels, Mrs tracy

  50. My association with this number is a little different than most people because it shows up to me during troubling or stressful times for me. I usually see the number 44 in different places or objects, but when I see the number 444, I know that the situation is about to turn a little more challenging for me, is like a warning sign letting me know that things are not going to be the way I want and that the difficulties are not over yet. In my personal life the number 4 is very significant since I was born on the 4th day of the 4th month of the year. Additionally, when I add up all the letters of my first name the number that I get is a 4 as well. So, when I see this number, it worries me a little bit because I’m well aware that this number makes it most appearances during the lower periods of my life.

  51. I cannot tell you how justified I feel right now. I have been seeing 444 for years now. My sister’s address, my son’s account # and the list goes on. I always knew my heart that it meant something. Thank you Lord for this revelation.

  52. For the last four or five months have seen the number 444 almost as a daily occurrence. Just an example of the places I have seen it when just glancing at the clock or looking up, I have seen it on the clock, the number of episode I was watching on tv, the amount of kilometres I had left in my car, being the 444th like on a Facebook post, and sooo many more. I just decided months of this happening with there being an infinite amount of number combinations out there, it cannot be a coincidence so I decided to google it today and came across this. It’s nice I know it’s a positive thing to have happen to me, but I’m not sure exactly what the angels are trying to tell me. I never pay attention to what I’m doing or thinking when I see the number because it catches me off guard everytime! I will definitely pay closer attention now.

  53. I’ve seen this number everywhere since around 2005. It seems to be re occurring in my life too.

    I tend to see it, then nod at it as if I’m acknowledging someone or something bigger than me.

    I rented out a small studio space with my friends so we can do our recordings there and sure enough the place that fit us best cost wise was addressed with ‘444’. Not only that… it is in huge numbering on the side of the building.

    I write short stories and wrote one with the building as my cover art… I reside in Phoenix, AZ and the building shown is downtown Phoenix.

    I’ve had some weird moments in this building. I’ll definitely miss the place when our lease is up at the end of April.

  54. I have had so many 444 experiences to the point that I feel the angels are “shouting” their love on a daily basis. It serves as a constant reminder to stay on path.

  55. Thank you for your insights on 444. I woke up at 444 this morning and I knew it had a special meaning. All of your advice was on point and is confirming my beliefs and it means a lot to have validation. The advice to “stay in the moment was what I told myself I would do the day before! Wow-you are truely gifted and thank you!

  56. I have been checking the clocks since I was a young kid and I always see 4:44 now I’m 41 years old and it happens so much I looked to see if there was a meaningful reason. Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  57. I’ve been seeing a lot of numbers recetly: 444, 555,123,111 and things like 909,707,101,505 also 1123. Idk why but I see at least one of these every day.

  58. My eyes come on this article and shared It on my page accidently thats why I thought maybe there’s message from above in this number for me

  59. Hello! Yes, I just saw 444 today, Saturday, January 24, 2014. When I got a text message at 4:44pm from my friend regarding our meeting up by the poolside because, I got a surprise for her…a gold Angel Brooch with a color violet birthstone. I can’t understand this…but it’s amazing! Thank you.

  60. I see 444 in the middle of the nite when I let my dog’s out and every afternoon when I call my husband. This makes me feel good knowing 444 is something positive and I can’t wait till I see or again

  61. I have started to see 444 for about a year now, I struggled through really bad anxiety and depression until one day I decided to start new, I started to get more active and find meaning to my life again. After my college graduation I found an old love, we had a rough history but Ive been in love with him for a long time. That was the day I started to see 444, I saw it on clocks, randomly woke to nothing in the night to find 444 am, prices on food, road signs, on my treadmill at the gym (cals and time running), even 1 800 numbers on tv…except it was call 444-4444……….signs in stores, when he called my house it was after party’s at 444 am or even at night 444, I even randomly walked into a record store with him one day and looked through the j section stumbling upon a record that read 444. There was another time we were driving that he said this is the song I’m going to play at my wedding. as he played it I flipped it over and read the back, it was number 4 on the record and the songs title was angel. I bought a lottery ticket the other day, (btw I would never buy a lottery ticket) just because I looked up and saw the sign and had a funny feeling. I got my ticket and my numbers were all fourties including 04 and 44, I won 10 bucks and a new ticket for next weeks draw because no one won the actually 50 million…….that is a big friggen deal….I never win anything…but the point of this is that this relationship has been rocky, ups and downs and to be honest other girls and feelings hurt, but my head is one place and my hearts in another, I guess I’m just asking for some clarity, I’m not sure what there telling me

  62. I have been seeing the number frequently lately. I mostly see it on my phone both in the morning and in the afternoon. Today, two other sightings were different. In bed this morning the tv was on and it went black as if the signal was lot. I asked my wife what happened to the signal. When I looked at the tv the numbers 444 typed in for a second or two and then the standard number 74 for our cable. My wife thinks my toddler had the remote control. But 444 randomly? Later today, we were looking at model homes and the first home’s price was $444K. Last night I found a new skin for my android and was drawn to it because it was a drawing of a large angel with a blue light being held. The angel was black with giant wings with other angels in the background flying. Strange? I’m not sure what to make of all this but seems to coincide with some dramatic changes coming in my life.

  63. Today I saw no 444 on a vehicle’s no plate on the way to a temple and on 19 th December I felt a nice scent with me during evening walk
    Dear Melanie
    will you please tell me in detail …

  64. I have been seeing the sequence “444” for at least 10 yrs now. Usually it is via a clock either in the car or when I look @ my phone. I have always thought it meant something because I see it frequently & consistantly for at least the last 10 yrs. I remember thinking it must be a clue to my end or something a bit more negative, then last year I opened up a Womens magazine that had an article about “444”. That article too talked about seeing this number in random places and also said it is the Angels watching over us. So Thankful they are watching out for me. I know there were Angels watching out for me earlier this spring when a big gust of wind blew my car under a semi-trailer on the freeway which drug me down the freeway about 500 feet before miraculously spitting my car out and I was able to come to a stop on the opposite side of the freeway with a totaled car including a front axel that was completely broken. There was glass & metal everywhere on the passenger seat next to me. If someone had been sitting there they’d be dead! I walked away with only a slight bump on my head.

  65. I woke up during night to go to the loo, came back and it was 4:44 on my watch! Angel’s message, watch out! Going back to bed i found my partner under my cover waiting for me. We got into action… and we went on for nearly 100 minutes with our action. The most surprising sensation was to realize that She was actually in Buenos Aires when I was in Berlin. We had wonderful encounters during our sexual initiations in that night with each other on spiritual level … and on physical level the hunger is enormous for our next rendezvous!

  66. Driving back from work after a rough day, stopping at the light, and continuing. Car clock showing 4:44, driving faster with a vehicle besides me… 30 seconds later traffic police officer appeared from nowhere and pulled both of us over. First speeding ticket 🙁

    444 – Pay Immediate Attention on what you are doing!!! Angels are warning you.

  67. I have had 444 in both my phone number and my bank account number for more than 25 years… Way before I started following, believing and trusting in Angel Numbers…

  68. My Dad died on 13.04.2011. About 6 months after this I awoke suddenly in the early hours with the realisation/message that this date reduced down to 444. The message preceded the arithmetic 🙂 Now when I see this number I feel he’s looking out for me, and I do see it a lot. On my route to work it’s painted onto a wall 🙂

  69. In 2012, the occurrence of 444 everywhere has woken me up to a whole new life and realization of the light of God. So keep exploring all synchronicity…..there is magic there.


  71. this article was so reassuring for me ,i have been going through a very stressful time dealing with a very difficult member of my family ,I try to connect to the angels every day for help and support through angel cards and angels book I have ,the messages I have been getting are so spot on .i have also been seeing little twinkles of light out of the corners of my eyes .Last night was not the first night I have woke to the numbers 444 on my clock ,I am very grateful for the messages the angels are sending me and for your page at explaining the messages ,thank you so much x

  72. I was really curious as to what happened last night. I randomly woke up, without any nightmare whatsoever. My eyes just opened on its own, and when I looked to my left at the clock, it displayed “4:44” I was just blown away. I knew that it had to mean something, but I just didn’t know what. After reading this article, I was even more blown away. Yesterday was a really hard day for me; my mother was pressuring me about school and I was having trouble breathing. I had prayed to God right before I went to sleep about how I am confused about what the right path is for me. I was confused, but every since I woke up, I feel great and confident. This was before I searched what “444” meant. It’s really amazing how I felt like a burden has been lifted, and then to find out that it’s the work of angels. Thanks! 😀

  73. 444, my angel is near! I feel it and have been guided by her positive,inspirational messages. Sometimes fun and always profound!

  74. I got back home last night from the gym. I sat on the couch to watch some tv while also exchanging texts, for some reason I suddenly got thirsty so I got up to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water. After drinking my half full of water I turned to look at the stove, the digits read 11:11. This has happened to me before and although I didn’t just automatically shrugged it off, it stayed in the back of my mind and I thought to myself, how peculiar, the numbers are back. I went to sleep around 1am and I was having a dream, nothing bad or scary when all of a sudden I opened my eyes. Something in my mind told me to look at the clock, my alarm clock displayed the time, 4:44. What can this mean? Surely this can’t just be coincidence.

  75. I’ve been seeing 444 for a long time during the Iran hostage crisis in the late 70s I saw it it meant 444 days till freedom and that was true but it kept surrounding me always 444 is true angels. Thank u

  76. Dear Melanie :Thank u for the explanation.I see the numbers 444 multiple times daily. I enjoy your posts and your Archangel card interpretations.Thank u for sharing your gift.Love ,Liz

  77. I have been seeing 444, 333 for quite some time now, but more frequently of late, I asked a numerologist about this but your post showed up when I needed it and gave me resounding clarity – Thank you <3

  78. I’ve seen 444 last week when we went for grand opening of the office in Sacramento. It’s in the billboard message as a phone number

    This past 3 days i’ve seen 333 in the fb when someone made a comment then end with 333.

  79. Hi Melanie thank you so much for the message beautiful way to start my day and now I know why my husband and me get so exited when We see 444 every single day..

  80. I always see these numbers…11:11..2:22..3:33…4:44…5:55…666…777…8888…always wondered what they meant….thank you!!!!…see them in my dreams too

  81. Since the death of my son Tyler. Every time I look at a clock, it is 1111 222 333 444 and 555 both am and pm too.
    I know it’s him, wish I understood more.
    Thanks Jo-Ann

  82. The 444 number appears often during any 24 hrs. I often wandered what it meant. Since I’m a believer in angels, I thought of checking here. I’m glad I did.

  83. I see 111, 666 my life number , 222, as I drive all day for living for VNA I notice my thoughts or what I am listening to on Hayhouse!

  84. I see 444 all the time .. All the time.
    I become very happy and excited.
    I read a book many years back, that spoke of this.
    My favorite is when I wake up during the night, I look at the clock
    4:44.. Thank you so much for confirming this . <3

  85. Today I was having a real bad day. My feeling were alover the place and I just asked my angels for on Facebook and at 444 I seen the time then I see u posted this about 444 wow they just answered me. This is awsome thank you.

  86. I thought the angel number was 111. I am just starting to reach out to the angels. I had a medium reading and they said I have angels all around me. Any information that you share would be most helpful.

  87. Wow my ten year old was born on the 5th month of the 4th month of the 4th year at four.She was my parents 4th grandchild,the 4th child between her dad and me,her sister graduated on the 4th and her dad passed away on the 4th.

  88. I have always loved the number 4! Thank you so much for sharing this. Not only is my birthday on the 4th of September, but I was born at 4:44pm.

    When I was born, I wasn’t expected to live longer than a few days. I am 37 now. I know that the angels were with me during the time of my birth and even now as I patiently await the arrival of my new baby.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the angels and for reminding us that they exist and are here to help!!

    God bless you!!

  89. I love this! I see 444 often, as well as many other numbers.. I’ve been seeing them for about a year now.. I love it.. One of the best feelings ever. I wish, and can’t wait until I’m more in tuned with my angels. I feel I could be more right now..

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