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An Unexpected Visitor In Old Caro Egpyt

Spiritual Encounter Inside the Church of Abu Serga in Old Cairo Egypt

I recently went on an epic journey. A 9 day tour of sacred sites of Ancient Egypt. On my first day in Egypt, before the official tour began, synchronicity brought me to an ancient church in the center of the Coptic district of Old Cairo.

It's called the Church of Abu Serga, and with a small group, I was guided right to it, through alley ways surrounding the church that felt like a labyrinth.

The Church of Abu Serga is said to have been a place where the Holy Family: Joseph, Mother Mary and baby Jesus hid in an underground tomb beneath the church in order to hide Jesus from the massacre of innocents ordered by King Herod.

The Church was beautiful, and we got to go down into the underground cave where they are said to have lived, and wow! The energy down there is vibrant, alive and filled with so much light.

There's a little sanctuary in the underground cave beneath the church that has a little altar created there now.

abu serga church

After spending a bit of time there tuning in, and basking in the lovely energy, I walked back up the stairs into the main sanctuary.

There were lots of people around at this point, and feeling so much, I felt drawn to just stand in the corner close to the stairs to continue lingering in the lovely energies rather than exploring the rest of the church with the group.

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Standing there in the corner, something started happening.

It was like suddenly my energy body received this HUGE transmission of light. I get chills remembering this now haha.

My central pillar of light lit up, and my energy field pulsated with waves and waves of light.

I closed my eyes, and consciously dropped into the energies deeper, feeling the light pulsing in each of my chakras, and  in my whole energy field.

Honestly, it was a bit intense.

My heart started pounding … I was receiving so much!

Archangel Michael in abu serga church Such a huge transmission of love, and light, and grace, seemingly out of no where. A much stronger energy than down in the tomb where its well known to have a very high frequency.

A thought flashed across my awareness, was I standing on some kind of portal?

I turned around to face the wall.

Lo and behold, I was standing right in front of a painting, and the shrine of Archangel Michael.

Recognition of the very real presence of Archangel Michael illuminated there with me.

His name resounded in my mind like a mantra – ” Miiiii – Kaaaai – Elllll”, ” Miiiii – Kaaaai – Elllll ” …

My awareness dropped deeper into my heart, and I was transported into the world of light.

Such a beautiful moment, and not at all who I expected to connect with in Egypt! But also so fun and the perfect initiation into this trip.

After I “came back” … Miles and I made eye contact from across the room, and I waved him over to take this picture of me!

Can you feel the energy of Archangel Michael in it?

You certainly don't have to travel to Egypt to have this sort of powerful experience with Archangel Michael …

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With love and bright blessings,


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