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23 Facts – Solfeggio Frequencies and 528hz Love Frequency – A Guide

Have You Experienced the 528 HZ Love Frequency?

528 Hz The Love Frequency I’ve mentioned before that everything in the universe has an energy vibration. Everything is made up of energy, and energy vibrates.

And yet, not all vibrations have a positive impact on us and some sound vibrations can stress us out and weigh us down…

Others, like 528 Hz, can invoke healing, connection with the Divine, and the beautiful experience of love.

Introducing the 528 HZ Love Frequency

It was Dr. Leonard Horowitz who first introduced the concept that 528Hz is the frequency at the core of the “musical mathematical matrix of creation”.  A powerful statement indeed!

He called 528 Hz the love frequency because, more than any other frequency or sound, 528Hz can be found in the heart of everything. The love frequency connections everything from your heart to others hearts, your spiritual essence to a higher power, and all the cosmic forces that move the universe.

528 HZ is also said to be one of the Solfeggio Frequencies which you can learn more about here! 

The Power of 528Hz


The love frequency is so strong that it is believed to be able to restore damage done to DNA and even foster equilibrium to the environment. It’s the literal definition of good vibrations!

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Nineteenth-century physicist Nikola Tesla conducted research into the nature of energy frequencies and concluded that by eliminating particular frequencies that disrupted the natural functioning of our bodies we would be able to significantly decrease the possibility of disease.

It’s just a good idea to pay attention to which frequencies stimulate healing and which lowers your mood and ability to heal.

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The Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio Frequencies The 528 Hz Love Frequency is only one of the six tone scale known as the Solfeggio Frequencies.

The Solfeggio Frequencies scale is believed to have incredibly ancient roots but was formally organized in the tenth century by a Benedictine monk. These particular tones, when sung in harmony, have the potential to increase the energy of people and objects around them.

Each solfeggio tone resonates at a frequency that is required by your body to maintain balance. These six tones keep you in harmony. The primary tones include:

936Hz – will reconnect you to the highest energy and light of the universe

852Hz – helps you to see truth and develop intuition

741Hz – acts as a powerful energetic cleanser, can also aid in self-expression and problem solving

528Hz – attracts love, repairs DNA, and has the potential to bring about miracles

417Hz – improves your ability to deal with changes, eliminates old habits and patterns

396Hz – removes guilt and fear in order to help you achieve all your goals

Access Scientific Proof

Since their discovery in ancient times, researchers have confirmed that the love frequency is indeed the miracle note of the Solfeggio scale.

In 2010 a study was conducted in Vancouver in which 528Hz was used to purify water from the Gulf of Mexico after the massive BP oil spill!

The love frequency, along with other healing frequencies were successfully used to reduce the grease and oil pollution in the water samples. They went on to discover that they could clear a radius of roughly one mile with just one 24 hour session.

Though the scientists that study these frequencies will admit that our understanding of ‘why’ is not clear, what is clear is that 528Hz has a positive and healing effect on the physical world.

Click here to access 528 Hz and Solfeggio Frequency music! 

Other Important Frequencies to Know About

444Hz is not part of the ancient Solfeggio Scale but is still a powerful healer. It will induce a meditative state and simultaneously stimulate the heart chakra. When you listen to music at this frequency calmness and happiness increase.

444Hz helps to create order and is strongly connected to geometry.

62-68Hz is the ideal vibration for your physical body. Anything lower than this and you will be more susceptible to a weakened immune system. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have long understood that sickness begins first on an energetic level and then moves to the physical.

58Hz is the frequency most likely to produce a common cold.

42Hz is often when cancer will first appear.

You can also try vibrational medicine. Rose oil is considered to be the most potent essential oil by frequency. It has been measured at 320Hz. Lavender is next at 118Hz.

Learn more about raising your vibration with essential oils here.

Fresh, whole, organic food has high vibrations – ranging from 20-27Hz. If that doesn’t seem particularly high, consider that much of the GMO and processed foods have a 0Hz vibration.

I’ve talked before about using crystals and gems for healing work. That’s because they vibrate at levels that will raise your own frequency quickly. You do need to choose crystals with high clarity that have minimal processing, but this is an excellent way to keep your own vibration elevated on a consistent basis.

High-frequency healing crystals include diamonds, quartz, danburite, kunzite, Herkimer diamonds or Payson diamonds, tanzanite, sapphire, celestite, kyanite, moldavite and more.

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In addition, consider adding meditation, deep breathing or pranayama, and chanting to your daily or weekly schedule. The famous mantra of ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ is an ideal way to increase your vibration and bring about a sense of calmness to your day.

In addition, time in nature will always enhance your vibration, so make sure you spend time outdoors as much as you are able. If you feel comfortable, take your shoes off and let your feet connect with Mother Earth.

How Can You Use the Love Frequency?

You can listen to any of these frequencies through specifically toned music, gongs, tuning forks, or Tibetan singing bowls. Expereince Solfeggio Frequencies for yourself here:

However you use the love frequency, remember that tapping into this miracle vibration not only helps you, it allows your good vibration to be felt by others.

You’re literally creating ripples of energy that will positively impact countless others. Make it your intention to resonate in harmony with the planet and the rest of humanity – it won’t be long before you see just how beautiful that is.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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