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Why Nature Is My Spiritual Practice…

Nature Is My Spiritual Practice I'm Grateful to Have Nature As My Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice is something that you do on a daily or at least a very regular basis that connects you to your inner light, connects you to spirit, to a greater sense of oneness and your interconnection with everything.

A spiritual practice nurtures your personal spiritual growth and development, and helps you to more easily access insight and downloads and guidance from the spiritual realms.

For me, my core spiritual practice is connecting with nature.

Yes, I also meditate, use essential oils, practice gratitude, mindfulness, and returning to love, and you can learn more about practical spiritual practices here.

But without a doubt, for me, time in nature is the thing that helps me to stay the most spiritually connected.

And the great thing about it is it merges so easily with meditation, yoga, gratitude… and more!

Why Is Nature My Spiritual Practice?


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When I’m out walking in nature, my heart naturally opens wide. My mental chatter slows and becomes still and it becomes effortless for me to experience my oneness with the trees, birds, the fresh air and the sunshine, the flowers, plants and even rocks.

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Time in nature doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, a long hike deep into the wilderness of from a certain trail-head in an immaculate natural setting.

Sometimes my nature practice just takes the form of a walk around my neighborhood, sometimes it’s a quick walk to the park, and other times, it is out on a hike in the wilderness, deep in the heart of nature, which is my favorite.

If there’s a crazy storm or something going on outside and I can’t get out and hike, and walk around, I’ll just peek out on my patio, or out the window to breathe in the fresh air, and then cozy up on the couch to meditate with a crystal.

Whatever shape, color, size and form it takes… Nature time reminds me of my connection with spirit, with the earth and with everything.

Some of my best insights and intuitions and inspirations come when I’m in the middle of my daily nature practice, so I return to nature all the time.

Every day, and sometimes multiple times a day I retreat into nature to open my heart and reconnect.

It doesn't have to be for a long time, in fact by combining time in nature with the power of gratitude you can very quickly shift your vibration each time you step outside!

Here's How to Quickly Raise Your Vibration In Nature

One of the fastest ways to quickly shift your vibration and raise your energy up, and one of my favorites, is to just get outside in nature and do what I like to call a “nature gratitude walk.”

Essentially, you just walk in gratitude, outside in nature. This could be heading out from a trail head, or just walking around your office building or around your neighborhood, just anywhere outside.

As you walk, tune into gratitude for everything you see. Tune into gratitude for the earth below your feet, for the fresh air, for the clouds, trees, birds, rocks, water, for everything.

You can even repeat the simple mantra: “Thank you, thank you, thank you” with each step you take.

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As you walk, embrace the natural world around you, celebrate it with gratitude, and I guarantee, your vibration is going to raise, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to feel more positive, and you’re going to be more positively magnetized to manifest blessings in your life because that’s exactly what gratitude does.

Nature and gratitude together are an incredible combination that balances out your energy, so get outside, go for a walk, tune into gratitude. Let’s go!

Seeing how simple a daily spiritual practice can be?

Whatever your heart is calling for you to implement as your spiritual practice is, whether its time in nature, a yoga practice or daily chanting or Qi gong, it honestly doesn’t matter.

It’s just about listening to your inner voice of guidance and truth, and doing what works for you to stay connected, to access your insight, and to keep shining brighter, because your light is so needed in the world!

What’s important is that you create a spiritual practice, a daily ritual that helps you stay connected and do what you need to do to nurture your spirit and let your light shine.

What's your spiritual practice?

With love,

Melanie Beckler



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