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16 Ways To Heal A Soul Mate Relationship

Heal A Soul Mate Relationship with Help From Your Angels

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Guest post by Sheelagh Maria

The Archangels have shared with me that for many of us we are being asked to play for a final time the tunes that have kept us dancing to the same beat. For many people this means fear, frustration, worry and anxiety around soul mate relationships. But take heart as there are rewards and angelic help available for you when you ask.

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For some, the challenges within soul mate relationships will come out of the blue, for others long standing issues will raise their heads again and this time feel larger than life.

Keep in mind that when it comes to soul mate relationships, whilst you were brought together to love each other, you were also fundamentally brought to each other to highlight each others areas of growth, and expansion. There will be times when you feel truly delighted with your soul mate and at other times as if they were – a being from another planet.

The Archangels are advocating a sense of inner calm, and a foundation of awareness that everything is happening at the level it’s supposed to, even if your personality cannot understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ this can all be resolved.

The angels have asked me to do a top ten list to help you heal your soul mate relationship. This will help you have some handy tips at your fingertips to help you to kickstart the goodness that flows around you no matter what is going on for you in your relationship right now.

Here are 16 Ways To Heal A Soul Mate Relationship… From the Angels!

1.Tap Into Infinite Love From the Universe for Help!

You have a whole universe at your disposal, tap into this from the moment you get up.  It’s so easy to focus on the problems and the worries you have, but this does nothing, not even desperate praying brings you the help you need.

Start your day with a simple affirmation ‘All of love comes to me with ease and joy’ and affirm this as you think about your relationship no matter what’s going on, the common bond between humans is Love in a greater or lesser degree, and affirming that it’s easy and joyful allows your receptors to focus on this common bond.

2. Release Expectations.

Soul mates are like shoes, we have them for different reasons and seasons.  One of the common issues is that one Soul mate is convinced it is forever and the other just isn’t sure right now.  Rather than focusing on what Should and Must be, for we can never control another, it’s time to focus on what is.

Go back to the drawing board and focus upon all of the gifts that spending time with this person has given you, all of the good things you experienced when you first met, all of the love, friendship, laughter and yes intimacy that you enjoyed.

Very often what happens is that your expectations become greater than theirs, and when you sense that they are not on the same page you begin to get fearful, they pick this up in your aura and begin to step back.

So working with your expectations is not helpful, working with your feelings over time allows your focus to soften and grow more compassionate, of them and their choices and you  – we can’t guarantee this will make a lost love return, but it can allow them to review their choices and decide they want to give things another go, or it will attract the right people in for you as you keep focusing on what's been good, what’s been a gift and how grateful you are for all of it.  Remember to also focus upon Your good points as well so this doesn’t become about ‘is it happening yet’ immersing yourself in gratitude even for your breakfast is a great way to move forward.

3. Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Do Is Nothing At All.

When in doubt, go within.  When you do not know what to do, or who to pray for or what’s going to happen next.  when you are all talked out or cried out or cannot text any more, it’s time to do nothing, it’s time to get comfortable, and rest, it’s time to be gentle with yourself, it’s time to go within and simply ask ‘help me please’ do this in a way of surrender that allows the energies around you to work on your energy bodies and help you to realign with your highest path, this allows your vibration to equalize soften and become more receptive, from this place miracles can occur.

4. Energetically Cleanse the Lines of Communication

We have golden lines of communication running between us and everyone we love.  So it’s important like any wiring to make sure this is in tip top order so that should you feel it is the time to communicate you are able to send your love, your feelings of concern or your need to be appreciated down these lines.  For good old physical talking it also helps to have these established and shiny first.

Simply sit quietly and imagine your Soul Mate with you, ask Archangel Gabriel to be with you, and ask her to cleanse and repair any old lines of communication.  Ask her also to help you be aware of what it is you are transmitting and how this will be received.  Remember that people that are unaware of energy medicine can still ‘sense’ when guilt, or ‘need’ is being sent to then and usually like a fortress the gates will go up. Gabriel suggest you take a few moments to centre yourself and send your best wishes to them and your desire to communicate honestly and openly about your concerns without the emotional additions, being heard is absolutely crucial for understanding to take place so if their defenses are Up or their attention elsewhere it will not help you. Centre first.

5. Ask the Angels to Help You Understand Where Your Soul Mate Is On Their Path

Soul mates can have very different ideas about what is happening in the relationship or romance.  This is largely because we assume because there are feelings present that we must think or want the same, and even if initially this was the case, conditioning, background and personal circumstances all play more than their part that you personally may not be able to predict.  Understanding that just because they are a soul mate, or even a twinflame does not mean their job is to make choices that keep you happy.

We are Mates not each other, even twin flames have different soul paths, different soul Archetypes and different planets of origination, so understanding that you may not know parts of this persons priority list will help you to not jump to conclusions and to remain open to a different outcome which may be in your highest interests.  Asking the angels to help you understand where on their path they are, learning, avoiding, accountable or perhaps healing running away or just not committed helps you to ascertain how a best use of your energy is spent.  Doing this can help you step back from the situation and allow them to sense that you have relaxed, this alone can be enough to raise their curiosity.

6. Try to See Their Point of View

Remote viewing is a skill that I along with many psychics possess, however it is something that everyone can benefit from if you are in a calm and balanced place.  Always protect yourself with white light, and always make sure you are connected to the earth plane by breathing down ‘into’ your root chakra for a few moments.  Remote viewing is an emotional skill as well as a clairvoyant skill and there are many preconceptions regarding this.  Imagining your lover or soul mate in their day now, and asking Michael angel of illumination to show you how they feel about things IS remote viewing.  Asking Michael to help you to see their point of view without judgement, or to understand what it is that is bothering them is a really valuable tool to assess what’s good for you Make sure when you have finished that you ask Michael to protect you and cleanse you again.

7. Release Toxic Emotion

Need, and Lack and Fear are palatable and these emotions coupled with guilt or heartbreak are not going to bring your lover back however ‘hard’ you pray.  The angels want you to know that when you are low vibrations of emotion there is no clairvoyant that can Make the other person come back to you, however asking the angels to help you release these emotions from your aura and then helping you to look after You will actively transmit to the other person and it could be all the invitation that they need…

8. Tune Into Higher Self Healing

Higher self healing is a great tool ,asking your angels to connect you to the soul mates higher self and explaining to their higher self what you want them to know means that the relevant information will be transmitted to the soul mate that perhaps you cannot in earth terms communicate.  Their higher self will have the details of the contract between you, and if the contract is not over or can be negotiated it needs to come from a neutral non involved source, and believe it or not their higher self wants them to grow and expand it’s why they're here and if their contract with you allows them to experience more growth it can be a fantastic way of transmitting a new beginning without putting yourself in the line of fire  It comes from them to them and so it always honouring their free will.

9. Call In Your Soul Family

You and your soul mate come from a soul tribe and your soul family is like the most loving earth family plus a hundred, call in your soul family and ask them to help you in any way that is right for you both, they may bring you greater understanding they may bring you more avenues of love they may simply highlight that it is time to move on.

10.  Acceptance.

Sometimes no matter how much we demand or wish or hope that outcome is not meant for us this time – sometimes despite all the ‘signs’ and all the past experiences we are actually ‘done’ with this communion and something is better for us in the long run even though it hurts now, accepting what is even if you don’t like it may feel as though it goes against the grain however hard you try though you cannot effect a love relationship where it is wanted on the part of the other ,accepting and honouring what is allows what can be to transpire, and with this we wish you perspective love and compassion for you are loved immensely.

11. Repair the Lines of Communication.

We are all connected to each other by a golden matrix of light, and if these cords are old and stagnant it literally is like talking to a brick wall. Ask the Archangels to repair the golden lines of communication between you and your soul mate. This means that the ‘old’ lines will be replaced and it is likely your soul mate’s ability to hear what you really mean will increase. This doesn’t make them choose what you want them to, but it can open the door for authentic communication.

12. Send Love to the Area of Your Relationships.

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Visualize pink energy coming down through your crown chakra and into your heart. Take a moment to Feel loving, then picture the area of concern in your relationship and while feeling lovingly… ‘Send love’ to the situation so that it is surrounded with and covered in love. The more you do this, the more the energy of the situation will soften and relax, and from this place new understandings can be made.

13. Call on the Romance Angels

Ask for a group of romance angels to help you. Romance Angels are the angels of LOVE and they specialise in helping couples and singles find their significant other. They also help open the hearts of people that are defensive or frightened to consider new possibilities. Free will is always at play, however the Romance Angels can help allow the opportunity of light and the energy of love to enter into all interactions you have with this person.

14. Let The Person Go…

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply visualize loving them enough to let them choose what is right for them. The angels show me clearly that we each have a contract with our soul mate and the timing of the contract cannot be ‘made’ to last longer than it does with sheer will, however a new contract can be formed by both parties but only if this is chosen with free will. If you are holding onto someone and they are floating away from you energetically the holding on will strengthen their desire to move away, with lots of love let them go and let them decide for themselves if they want what you offer, if not it may be time to allow healing to take place and new love to come in.

15. Remember You Have Many Soul Mates.

Understand you can never run out of soul mates, if you get hooked on one scenario with one person, or have convinced yourself that they are your twin flame, it excludes other possibilities from coming in. Often twin flame relationships are not meant to be forever but rather serve to challenge us the most, in the end a soul mate that will stay by your side out of choice and love you for exactly who you are is often the best match. ‘Making’ something that isn’t meant to be ‘be’ for the sake of it cannot bring you the happiness you so readily deserve.

16. Look for Love in All Forms.

Feel loving towards yourself and notice love in the outside world around you. The more you notice the presence of love between couples, mothers and children, animals and their owners and feel it towards yourself just because you can, the more love the Universe will present you with. At the end of the day, love is all there is, there is actually nothing else.


Sheelagh and the angels

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