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“At this time, I ask that we be surrounded with divine white light, with 100,000 angels and with each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels of healing love and light, come in.

Enter into this present time and space, wrap us in wings of love, assist us in becoming present, quieting our minds, opening our hearts and entering inward to tune in to the knowledge, wisdom and healing which will most serve now. And I ask that the highest and best possible channeling guides who can most serve now, please come in, connect and channel through me now” 

Indeed, we are here. We are the guides, angels and ascended masters who serve humanity here and now in walking the path of light and love, and returning to the union with Source, God, One.

We serve, according to divine will, to help you align with what is rightfully yours, which always has been, but which has been hidden from your knowing and your experience through layers of illusion and energies of fear and density.

This veil of illusion, which has been swept before your eyes, physically and metaphysically speaking is being pulled back to reveal what has always been, that which when focused upon, increases in potential. That which is your oneness with God, with Source, with the energy of love, light and compassion which is interwoven throughout all, that you are not separate from, that which you are made of.

And so, while there is the belief of your soul, your unique soul journey purpose and mission, it is important to note that this soul mission manifests uniquely only at the levels of the personality self.

And so becoming aware of your oneness with all is becoming aware of the true nature of your soul which is not separate. The truth of your soul is not confined by the dimensions of physical form and is not limited by time, space, and individual expression.

Your soul is the soul of Earth, Gaia, and the soul of your neighbor.

The nature of your soul is oneness, one Divine Soul, one Divine Seed, one spark of the Divine manifest here and now, in physical experience as individuals who, indeed, have unique personalities, purposes, skills, gifts and abilities.

But when you look past this manifestation within the realm of duality and you look for the underlying truth, that you are able to see that your soul is the Divine Soul, the same soul light, divine light, essence, oneness which is present in all.

And so, the phrase you have used or heard “Namaste”- which means I see the divine soul in you. I vow to the divine in you. The divine light in you is reflected by the divine light in me. We are one- can be experienced in its deepest meaning through this lens of perspective that God, Divine, Universal Source, Energy, light, love, and compassion are one, and are the underlying soul force present in all living beings.

And so yes, when you judge the path of another, you judge your own soul. And when you judge yourself, indeedchanneled message, you judge another. All are interconnected and this is the power in the return to the knowing and the appreciation and awareness of oneness. Your personal healing and growth and service are able to ripple out far beyond you to benefit all, all souls who are united as one. And indeed, your service towards others benefits you in return, for you are one.

In this day and age there is no short supply when it comes to those who are acting in service of self. And so, to bring the physical realm here and now back into balance, serve others with love, practice serving others with compassion, with presence, by listening, by loving, and treating those whom you encounter as they authentically are- your same soul light. This service manifests in the physical, beneath the veil of illusion showing that you are separate and different, and so you are reaching out in a way which will benefit others. But ultimately, pull back the curtains to witness and experience, and know you are one.

And so at this time, imagine you are seated in a vast circle, a vast circle where you are connected with all the many beings who will listen to these words, all the many personalities and people, in different places around the globe all connecting together now in a circle of light.

And within this grand circle, feel, this ring of sentient beings connecting around the globe, recognize, notice, honor and experience at the soul level, your oneness with each and every one.

Yes there are differences at the level of personality and location. Yes there are differences in belief and thought and habit. Yes, there are differences at the level of choice, and the physical, tangible manifestations… But look deeper, look within yourself and look within this circle and realize that within each, there is light, there is a Divine Soul which is not separate, which is one with the same Divine Light, Divine Source, and Divine Oneness which makes up everything.

Let yourself feel, see, know and experience your interconnection with all who sit in this circle, with all who exist, with all who will be, and with all who have been across the lines of time, across past and present, parallel and future dimensions and realities of experience, witness, know, feel and be one with this greater field of All That Is.

Now notice, as you tune in at this soul level, your vibration immediately lifts. As you tune in at this level, the gifts of the Divine, of Light, of Oneness are bestowed upon you.

As you become aware at this soul level, there is no knowledge, ability, insight or opportunity which is beyond your grasp. When you let go of the limits of ego and duality, when you pull back the curtain of illusion, when you take off the limiting shades, you reveal the underlying truth of oneness and interconnection within All. Divine, Oneness, God, Light are present within and connect all.

And now as you are connected to this infinite oneness, and aware of this infinite light and healing and power, imagine with all of this energy, that you are sending a blessing, a oneness blessing of love, of compassion, of light to all that is, adding in your contribution as a unique being within the confines of the physical, but aware of the power through your infinite oneness with all.

And in the same way, send your love and gratitude to the earth- which you are one with and a part of- and send your love, gratitude, and blessing to humanity. Send love, compassion, blessings, and gratitude to all that is, all that was and all that will be.

The infinite supply of blessings which you have accessed in this now is always available. And indeed, as you have sent it out, it now returns to you multiplied.

In this way your service of others energetically, your willingness to love, to help, and to honor the soul light of others aligns you dear one, with the infinite blessing of all.

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Are you able to feel this healing energy, this infinite supply of light? Allow your angels and guides who you are one with, at the soul level, to step forward and to assist you in peeling back the veil, releasing the blocks, releasing anything present in your energetic being which is not light and love, which does not serve you in realizing this oneness and honoring your authentic truth as a powerful, beautiful, radiant spiritual being- one, with the Divine one, with all, one with love.

All that is not love and light is lifted up out of this space here and now and released from mind, body, spirit, making way, allowing the space for you to perceive and experience and enjoy your connection, your oneness, your light which is found by going within, by opening your heart, by entering inward, but can be noticed, appreciated, honored and observed externally for the same soul light in you is present in all.

And so, build up this light by going within, by quieting your mind, by letting your light shine and by looking for it without- look for the light beyond your personality self- look for it's presence in all.

You are supported as you work and progress towards integrating more and more of the authentic light that you are. In becoming aware at a profoundly deep soul level, becoming aware of your oneness, and becoming aware of the power, gift and opportunity for positive change, for ascension, for Divine co-creation, for it is vast.

Nurture your light within and look for it outside of you in others, and in yourself as well. Know that you are supported by many guides, angels and ascended masters, wise ones, star beings, fairies and elementals, loved ones, and we, together as one, you included, offer a final surge of love, of gratitude, of compassion, and blessing. Receive and send. Allow this oneness to be.

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