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The Ascension Process – Humanity is Rising! Metatron Channeling

The Ascension Process: Humanity Is Rising!

Humanity is undergoing an accelerated phase of the ascension process… In this new channeled message, Archangel Metatron connects with frequency and guidance to support you in navigating your spiritual awakening journey now.

Part of this accelerated journey process means facing and healing from wounds that caused disconnection; it means facing fears, accepting, and rising up to find freedom in greater sensitivity and re-connection to the higher spiritual forces.

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Metatron Channeling

Greetings from Metatron.

Know that, indeed, the ascension process of humanity is progressing at the collective level.

Know that, indeed, the ascension process has been progressing for many centuries throughout the course of time.

Understand that this evolution, the ascension of humanity is ever unfolding.

So, too, are the beings in the Angelic hierarchies continuing to level up, ascend, and progress into a deeper connection with the Godhood, with Divinity, with Source.

So, too, is humanity on this ascension evolutionary journey, and at a particularly interesting point now.

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There have, in the scope of many epochs, been periods of relative connection flowing with synchronicity and source for humanity — periods of awakening, joy, abundance, and vitality.

There have also been periods of restriction. It is not an ever-progressing linear path upward. It is a spiral path, and of course this is a simplification.

But what we wish for you to know is that, indeed, humanity is still rising up out of a period of constriction, contraction, movement away from Spirit, movement away from a connection with inner Source, inner light, inner truth. With the outer manifestations of Spirit, of Source, of support, so too is humanity rising into a time of awakening.

Moving out of a phase of constriction means that you are moving through a phase of expansion. Part of this expansion involves facing and healing the deep wounds from your present lifetime, and perhaps from many lifetimes past that were caused by a separation from Source, the All, which had caused a feeling of aloneness, smallness, disconnection, and powerlessness.

Some chose to respond to these feelings by seeking power, seeking control, seeking manipulation … others by backing down, getting small, getting quiet, fading away.

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Transformation Unfolding

But now on both ends of the spectrum, there is a realignment, a transformation unfolding for humanity, and the choice is let go, or be forced.

We say this jokingly and yet lovingly, for the frequency climate of the inner plane is shifting to an extent that your inner world of emotion, of internal thought, of memory, of belief, is being flooded with light, with frequency, with a pulse from Divine Source energetically speaking, “Let go. Break free. Let the old fall away. Let the disconnection end. Let a reconnection period begin.”

And, indeed, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, you can be reborn by facing the wounds, fears, and shadows, by accepting they had a role to play, resolving what can be resolved and changed, and through this, integrating the lessons, the learning, the knowledge.

And through the wisdom gained, you will rise up and be set free … free to come into a new level of truth, free to activate and turn on new senses of subtle psychic perception, free to experience the world around you in an entirely new way.

Through this experience, you will be free to empower the world around you to change.

You, yourself, will begin to relate to past events in a new way rather than being driven in a reactionary way by past fears and traumas and wounds, which caused you to say no to new experiences because of that time you were hurt, because of that time you were afraid and chose to back away instead of going after what your Spirit was calling for, yearning for.

So many decisions were made because of fear, because of how you related to what is stored in the Akashic field, in the records of space and time.

But when you relate to all of this in a new way, in the face of challenge, no longer will you feel that – “In the past, I have failed, so surely I will fail again even if I try to improve my situation, make a change, live with more love, shine more of my light, be of service to others.”

Instead, you will discover a willingness, an emergence through relating in a new way, and find that you are able to speak these words:

“Because I failed in the past, because I have experienced so much hardship and suffering in the past, I have learned and grown. I have become wise. I have become centered. I love all that has been, for it has brought me to this place now, where I am now able to respond in a new way. I am now able to choose. I now know that — because of all those past challenges, heaviness, densities — I can now choose the other side of the spectrum, the choice of love, of empowerment, of awakening.”

And this, indeed, is occurring. Many individuals have made this shift.

It is, of course, not a “once and forever done” change. It is a continuance of choosing the path of love, of presence, of choosing to become reconnected with Source, with Spirit, anchoring the higher forces of Spirit into the physical.

Understand … there was an epoch when the forces of Spirit were more readily manifest, more readily perceptible, visible even, coexisting with the physical world around you.

Spiritual beings, beings of the angelic hierarchy, indeed appeared in a tangible, physical sense for many. And for many of you now, there is a yearning deep down to return to this, for you remember.

Know that through the ascension journey, this too has changed, but it is for a reason. The pulling up of spiritual forces into higher dimensional planes has given humanity an opportunity to develop forces of cognition and mental clarity.

Yes, these are qualities which are beneficial and essential to cultivate clarity of mind, clarity of body, clarity in your will.

With this clarity, now you are able to enter into the inner world, the world of your thought, of your emotion, the inner world of peace and calm and stillness within. You are able to cultivate a sacred space of inner peace and calm, from within which angelic forces are able to reach you, to help you lift.

But you are also required to allow your energy to rise, for there is the conscious free will. It is your choice as to whether you stay in a materiality-focused world only, and there are beings who wish to sway your choice in this direction.

But we, as beings of the middle path, of the angelic hierarchy, of the Michaelic Stream of Christed light, we wish for you to reconnect with your legacy, your birthright to experience deep and profound union with Spirit as a fully grounded, integrated, vibrant physical being, living in the physical world, thriving in the physical world yet knowing that you are not of the physical world.

You are of the realms of Spirit. You are a being of incredible Spiritual light.

Tune Into The Light Within

By tuning into the light within you, by connecting with the divine forces that shine within you, the tri-fold flame of your open heart, your central ascension pillar column of light, you are able to rise up into your upper chakra centers, mind’s eye, crown, into the centers above your head.

These upper centers have been called trans-personal chakras. Yes, they have been given names. Yes, they are gateways to direct perception and experience of higher Spiritual realities.

When you become centered in these higher spheres, able to integrate the lessons they contain, you are able to embody a higher extent of your divine light and being. You are able to shine more radiantly, receive the downloads and love and wisdom of Source, of Spirit, of angels available to you in every moment.

But you have to choose it. You have to choose to lift up, to meet it, to embrace it, and this is the ascension journey.

And when you lift up to embrace it, you are then able to bring the light of Spirit back with you, to fill your entire body with this golden Christ light which changes your perception, which unlocks the divine intelligence and divine knowingness.

Then, while navigating the physical reality, you begin to notice that this Source light, Christ light, God spark is, indeed, inherently present in nature, in others, in open hearts, in clear minds.

It is, indeed, all around you, and always has been, but you have closed the gap, you have dissolved the veil of your separation.

And the growth it took to get to this place, the wisdom you gained along the journey, the subtle organ of your psychic senses you have developed … all that is yours to keep.

And now, the blessings of life, of nature, of Spirit anchoring in the physical, begin to blossom for you. They begin to open up for you, uniting the material realm and Spiritual planes through your forces of clarity, centeredness, and love.

Oh yes … love: the infinitely powerful force that has forever, and perhaps ever will be, a powerful beacon, an accurate guide … love in its truest sense.

Deep down, deep knowing, deep awakening of the love within you opens up the love possibilities around.

The Ascension Process Continues

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And, so, with this understanding, yes, the ascension process for humanity continues.

In this present time, there is an accelerated journey for much of the shadow and trauma from the past stage of restriction and contraction has waned.

Indeed, we say that that stage is passed, for you have stepped into a new dawn, a new era, a new stage.

You are already living in the new earth and the new paradigm.

It is simply that many are still manifesting the old struggles and challenges because of how they are responding to that field, to that Akashic record of what happened in the past.

When you change how you respond, the world around you changes. You are awakened to the truth of the beauty, the magic, the possibility, the divine blueprint template that is held for a thriving and awakening humanity to coexist and thrive on an awakened crystalline earth.

This template exists for a crystalline coherence between humanity and earth. It is yours to collectively choose, and there is much support for you on this ascension path of choosing it through love, through perspective, through practice, through awareness, through recognition of when you are in lower mind and dropping out of ego to return to an inner sense of divine intelligence.

You are always in direct communion with the all, with source, with God, with all that is.

So, when you’re willing to peel away the old patterns and fears and insecurities, to drop them like old garments, to rise up, to stand in your truth, to be luminous in your nature, as a result you will find yourself lifting more support, more gifts, more light codes, more downloads, more epiphanies and flashes of divine knowing, knowledge, and inspiration.

These all become available to you, and you will be ready to receive them, for you have the wisdom gained on the journey there.

We are here to serve and support.

We love you. We bless you.

And so, it is…

Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler



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