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Perception is reality

perception is reality

Channeling with the Guides and Angels of the Light- Part 7

This is the seventh post in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here!

Understand that our goal to help you align with love and happiness is not simply for our well-being. Indeed, there is a unique advantage that you gain in your ability to manifest the physical world to your liking.

When you are in the vibration, the emotion, the feeling of love, of joy, of being happy, it is important for you to consider the fact that your love and your happiness are your choice. Many of you seem to feel that happiness is something outside of you, that love is something outside of you, that these emotions will be felt and experienced when you align with the right job or the right partner, the right series of physical events, then you will be able to stay happy and stay in love. And we say to you, it is the other way around.

When you are able to be happy and be in love right now and in every now, regardless of your outside circumstances, regardless of the world around you, you are in a position of power. When you are happy and you are in love, your vibration is a positive place. And your point of attraction is focused towards bringing you more of what you innately want, more to make you happy, more to bring love and well-being into your life.

If you are not currently happy with many things about your reality, you may see this as a great challenge—being happy when you are simply not. Understand, however, that by working with these methods we have shared with you, by changing your beliefs about yourself and your reality, by practicing radical self-love, encouraging, honoring and nurturing yourself, you can find love and happiness in your now, regardless of what is going on around you.

A healthy mind and heart and body are yours for the taking, and these things more effortlessly flow into your life when you are happy and when you are vibrating with the emotion of love.

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It has been scientifically proven now that there is a tangible advantage when you are happy in your life. Your business ventures will become more prosperous, and you will more easily attain the level you desire. Your health will remain more balanced, and you can claim the vital well-being that is your birthright. Your body is able to fight disease, maintain well-being, and flow with vitality, when love and happiness are the thoughts powering your being at a cellular level.

When your emotions drop, when your vibration drops, when your thoughts and beliefs spiral downward into blame, victimhood, doubt and fear, your immune system is weakened. And so, being happy is the best immunity booster you can nurture.

Being in love is the best way for you to take your abundance to the next level, for your finances to reach the state you truly desire. Love and happiness are the foundation for you to create anything you want in life. A partner, the right job, a business opportunity, well-being, vitality and health are all strengthened, all helped by feelings of love, feelings of happiness and feelings of well-being.

There’s not one time of day, one specific day of the year, or one moment in your day when you must be in love and be happy to draw to you what you want. But you see, in your process of gaining awareness and your process of awakening, you are being asked, or rather, you are being empowered to choose love and happiness in your now. For in your now, in every now moment, you are actively creating, actively manifesting and actively drawing to you, your future experiences in life. In this now, this is happening. In this now, the thoughts and beliefs of every member of humanity mix and weave together in an intricate web of creativity by design to create your physical realm.

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As you begin to shine, to project a more positive vision of tomorrow, releasing fear, focusing on and manifesting love, well-being and happiness in your life, the collective experience slowly begins to change. And this change accelerates as more and more individuals become empowered and step into their roles, claiming power, claiming light, living in love and happiness and joy, and through this, drawing to you more, to be happy and to love.

It is not always easy to love in your realm or to be happy, we understand. But by taking the view that your challenges, hard experiences in life, and difficult people, those who push your buttons, tests, ways for you to alter your course even more, when you have a default reaction of anger, of judgment, of pain. This creates a great opportunity for growth. The default reaction comes from your core beliefs. It comes from the conditioning from the time you were born.

But this, of course, can be changed right now. In your now, observe. How are you perceiving your world? Are you falling into the trap of victimhood, or are you able to confidently love your path, love your life and radiate happiness in your now moment?

When you do this, you are at a positive point of attraction. When you are responding with love, you are drawing what you ultimately desire to you. Love is the state of allowing, love is the power by which all in the universe are connected. By using love, using happiness, get intimately familiar with these emotions and choose to respond with them, even in situations in life where these are not your default reactions.

Replace that anger with love. Replace the frustration you normally feel with feelings of acceptance, happiness and understanding. And when you do, you release a great weight from your shoulders, and you are able to stay in a positive vibration.

And remember, when you are in a positive vibration, when you are in your now moment, consciously allowing more and more of your higher self, more and more divine love, life force energy into your life, through feeling happy, feeling well, feeling loved, you are accelerating your evolution, you are drawing to you the things you want. You are living in love and happiness. And from our perspective, these emotions are the large majority of why you are here. You are here on earth to transmute and transcend fear and negativity, to replace these with love, well-being and happiness.

When all humans choose to let love and light and peace be the foundation for creating reality, much of the complex turbulence and chaos in your world will cease to exist. This change does not happen overnight, but it happens one being at a time, one now moment at a time, and one conscious choice to express love in the midst of challenge, happiness in the midst of struggle, and to view life as a blessed and wonderful adventure that you are lucky to be a part of.

Giving thanks in your reality brings more for you to give thanks for. Loving others attracts more for you to love. This is the path of least resistance and, as you flow around the river of love and happiness, you become positive change on autopilot in your world. Let love and happiness be your default reactions. Let love and happiness be the emotions you experience in your now.

There may be growth required from where you are now to fully align with living this way, living in the light. But do not fret or worry. Remember, this is what you are overcoming. When you feel these things, allow yourself to feel them, don’t bury them. They will come up again if you do.

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Feel whatever you are feeling, identify the source of this blockage, the belief behind it, and then release it into the light. When you have released the denser vibrations within you, the blockages, the challenges and the struggles, there is nothing holding you back from accelerating your vibration even more.

And so once you release something that no longer serves you, clear your mind, open your heart and lift. Allow light to flow into you, radiating light and well-being. And when you do, happiness, love and the intentions and desires you are focused on can easily flow into your reality.

You are the creator of your reality. Through releasing the thoughts of being a victim, through releasing thoughts that reality happens to you, you can change the course of your experience forever. Perceive reality in a happy, loving and fun way, and you will manifest more of this in your experience. Be happy, choose love. Even in the greatest of struggles, you can learn to let these be your response. When you do, every time you share happiness or love with another, you cannot help but attract more happiness and love back into your life.

The human web is intricately connected through the matrix of divine love. Accepting love, choosing love, allowing love to be the predominant emotion and force that you experience in life creates a fundamental shift in the web of reality, as you are no longer projecting limiting beliefs and fears and doubts into the subconscious mind, into the collective consciousness. Instead you are creating positive change.

With love and happiness, you help everyone else to make this change as well. You are all connected. And so, when you, beloved one, reach a new level of vibration, a new level of awareness and empowerment and ability to radiate love in every now, you help others to awaken initially or to begin to shift the balance of fear and love in their life, allowing more well-being and more light.

There is an unlimited source of goodness in this world. It is an abundant universe. With your thoughts and beliefs, you create your reality and draw to you the experience of your design, the experience you truly desire. Get rid of any limiting thoughts, let love be your foundation, let happiness rule your life. And with this, you will perceive reality in a fun and enjoyable way, and you will create a lasting and significant contribution in these changing times.

So much change is needed in the world. Violence, chaos and turbulence are on their way out as one conscious being at a time makes the choice to be empowered in the now moment, choosing love over violence, choosing happiness over fear, sadness and doubt. This is your choice in this now and in every now. Choose wisely and choose happiness and love, and the rest of your path will flow into view.

You are unlimited with the power of light, love, and joy on your side. Let these things determine what you do and how you experience your world. You are a leader for an earth in crisis and earth in times of change. Be this leader by boldly and confidently stepping in and choosing love, being happy, being compassionate.

With this, great change on a global scale will begin to take form. It already is. And as the majority of humanity reaches the ability to choose love in the now, your paradigm will be transformed.

We eagerly await this moment, living in this now with love until this love becomes the predominant force of your realm, and it will. Trust and move in the direction of your goals, feeling emotions of love, happiness and well-being for where you are, and believe that what you want will come to be.

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