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Orion | What is Light?

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Channeled Message on Light with Orion

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Indeed, I am here. It is I, Orion, and it is my honor to connect with you now. I am always present, though I exist on a realm above the realm of your physical reality. Now it is not far away. It is right here. It is a breath away and so I invite you to take a deep breath, and as you do, focus inward and on your heart, allowing your heart to open and allowing yourself to feel. For as you do this, you will feel my frequency and my presence and you will feel your energy raise as you connect.

Dear one, I understand you have a question for me at this time.

Miles: I do. There currently is much discussion on our Earth about the presence of light. There are light workers and many people are talking about an increase in light that is reaching Earth. Can you please explain what this light is?

Yes, light is an energy. It exists of waves and particles and it flows throughout your world, and throughout your body. Light has always been present on Earth, and light does have a counterpart which is darkness. This is because you exist in a world of duality. Your Earth is a planet of learning, and you as a soul have chosen to come here to experience this light-dark paradigm. When you choose to experience joy, when you feel the vibrations of happiness, of bliss, of peace, and of love, you are experiencing the vibration of light. Now, when you experience sadness, or anger, doubt, depression, or loneliness, you are experiencing emotions tied to darkness. This is the emotional context of that which you know as light and dark. But it does not end here, for you see, just as you are a multi-dimensional human being, light and darkness also exist on a multi-dimensional level. Light is consciousness, and consciousness penetrates and permeates your world.

When the light that we speak of now enters into the being of a human, and this can happen in many ways. One way is through a positive emotion. This naturally draws light in. Another way is by consciously inviting – for light is consciousness “ consciously inviting light into one's being. This raises vibration. This expands your frequency, and expands your consciousness, assisting you in tapping into and remembering the true state of being. Your true state of consciousness, and that is that of a divine being.

Well what does a divine being mean? This essentially means that just as before you were born onto Earth, you existed in spirit. You existed in the frequency and energy of light. This is something that still exists in the higher realms. It is not the absence of darkness but rather, it is simply the full connection of spirit and source energy. So as you invite light into your body, your own frequency raises, and in essence, you experience the higher realms. You experience pure light. This assists you in many ways. Blockages, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, darkness can not exist in the same space as light. So when you invite a great deal of light into your being, these other emotions, this dark energy comes up.

Now, this may cause turmoil. This may cause grief. It may cause you to experience this darkness that has been suppressed within you for some time. But know that all you must do is consciously choose to release these emotions, to release your limiting beliefs, to release darkness, into the light, replacing it with love and you become more light-filled, more love-filled, and your frequency raises. As you continue to do this, you truly gain a luminescent glow. You become a light being as your energy takes on the qualities of light. The joyful, loving, peace-filled qualities of light that are your true nature, are the true nature of you as a spiritual being. And this is essentially what you are here on Earth to accomplish or shall I say to remember. You are returning to a state of wholeness, to a state of spirit and to a state of light being. Your body, your physical body can hold more light, will become more crystalline. Your emotional body can hold more light, can assist you in experiencing the emotions of light, of joy, of love, of bliss, of compassion. Your auric body can absorb more light, allowing you to be protected in shield and experiencing all that is love, and light. And this continues to expand and unfold as you open yourself to more light. Light is essentially the beginning of your process as an evolving human. You are becoming a light being, and it starts with your simply choosing to experience emotions that you desire, that are light-filled. This is a choice, and you can train your thoughts, train your ego to be quiet and to be replaced with thoughts that you want, that are light-filled, that are love-filled. Light and love in many aspects are one in the same. For light is pure love. Does this answer your question?

Miles: It does. May I ask another?


Miles: Can everyone on Earth open to this light?

Yes, this light is accessible by all on your planet. This was not always the case on Earth, but it is now, for there has been a veil separating your Earth from the higher dimensions, the light-filled dimensions. This veil is as thin now as it has ever been in history. It is thinner than it has ever been, and what this means is that light consciousness, light frequency, the energy of the higher realms, is more accessible than it has ever been and yes, all on the planet at this time are able to open to this light, to allow this light into their experience and to receive the great benefits, the great growth present when light is invited into beings.

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Now, I want to point out that light is not something that all of you may see. It is rather, the impression. It is a feeling. So when you ask to be surrounded by light, which I invite you to experience with me now. We call on light consciousness to surround you. Now take a deep breath, allowing your focus to remain inward and on your heart. And feel the light surrounding you. Its like a hug. Its like a wash of energy over your being. Your frequency is raising. You are surrounded by light, and it is a feeling that allows you to know this and to experience this. So feel this light surrounding you and as you do, as you are consciously aware of it, your energy lifts. Your energy is cleansed. Your light body begins to form. Spiritual energy, love energy. This is what light is. And indeed light surrounds you now. And is present with you whenever you consciously choose to experience it. You may call in light as we did now. Light surround me now, lift my vibration.

But in order to truly experience it, you must look aside. You must look away from your ego. Look inward and allow yourself to feel. Feeling is how you experience this light. And as you begin to feel it, as you begin to experience it, it will become more known to you that you indeed are connected with light consciousness. It may begin gradually at first. You may simply feel a tingling around you, and then as you practice with this, calling light into your being, surrounding yourself with light, you will feel your energy lift and expand and your consciousness will open and will remember the truth – your true nature. For you see, your soul is a light being. A spiritual being. And each person on Earth is able to reconnect with this light essence by simply beginning to connect with light and by choosing to focus on light-filled thoughts, on happiness, on love, on positive vibrations. Thank you for this opportunity to connect in truth and light.

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