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Message About The Current Ascension Process

2011 ascension update| The Council of 12You and your planet are both currently undergoing an ascension process whether you realize it or not!  The ascension energies continue to increase here on Earth and you are able to hold more light now than ever before.

Taking time to open your heart, to go into the void and connect with your angels is the fastest way for you to utilize the full potential of these ascension energies. This channeled message with The Council Of 12 looks deeper into the current ascension process that is under way, now.

This message is available as an .MP3 or in written form below. Channeled 04/25/2011


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Indeed we are here, we are the Council of 12. Indeed, we oversee the ascension for your planet and we say to you all is well and going according to plan. It is true that humanity is undergoing an evolution, a change, a movement out of time and into unity. You see, the dualistic world in which you live urges you to choose love and compassion. This is the reason for your life's challenges, for the decay of the physical body and for the aging process you witness. These all serve, to draw you closer to your soul and to spirit. To reach out towards one another with love, with kindness and with compassion. Through these choices you experience your own evolution, your returning to the light, to well being, to love… for you see love and compassion are truly the energies that unite you all.

As the ascension continues to unfold, it will become more and more clear that love and unity are mandatory to proceed. Should you choose to remain on this planet you must choose to evolve… to ascend.

Before you worry about doing this wrong, know that all you really must do to complete the ascension on your end is to let go, to open your heart and to allow the ascension energies to radiate through your being. Calm your mind, open your heart, and connect to the unity and the love that is present therein.

From your open heart you can sense and perceive your connection to everything. Seeing that you are a divine being, and your neighbor is a divine being, and the trees and the animals and your planet are all one and all worthy of divine love.

This is the first step. Recognizing the unity between all. This will lead to compassion, the end of war and the beginning of recognizing and accepting and living in accordance with divine love. This love will truly escalate you to a new level of being. Connected to your spirit, connected to your power and to your light. You see, Christ who walked before you displayed an example of this. Displayed that you can respond to evildoers, naysayers, and even prostitutes… with love, with compassion and through these choices, the wisdom of your soul… the grace the knowledge and well being will become available to you.

Through this knowing you will see that you can make a difference in the world. You are making a difference in every moment when you respond with love. When you reach your hand out and console another. When you pray, when you have hope, you are in the process of returning to your unity and your power.

You are the only one who can create this change on earth. You are the only one who can create the change in your body. It is a process that you are going though, many of you experience symptoms and challenges to again encourage you to unite… to choose love, to see yourself not as separate but as one with your neighbor, as one with your enemy, by simply choosing this unity. By allowing it to be your primary experience you can eliminate many of the challenges you currently experience.

By living in love you open yourself up to the divine love of the universe. To manifest well being, health and vitality in your physical expression. If you are finding yourself to be in a place of extreme challenge now; mentally, physically, emotionally… the answer is to love yourself through it. Through this love new opportunities for growth, new connections, new spiritual light is able to come into your being as your body and your spirit literally take on a new form… light. Building all around you, elevating you in vibration in your experience. Allowing you to see through the illusion of limitation. To see through the illusion of pain and war and suffering. Yes these have been real in your life, but when they come up and when you choose respond to their presence with love, to be love, to allow the love of your heart to glide you though any difficulty… it will become easier and easier to navigate through life's experiences and challenges.

Beloved one, the ascension is going according to plan. You are in this process and this is what is causing much of the shakeup and the turmoil in your life. The solution is to let go. Let go and let God, let the Universe provide for you. Release trying to make it all work and go with the flow. Opportunities will be presented before you, blessings will manifest in your experience.

You must choose love, but other than that, let the universe align your mission. Align the things that will continue to propel you along your path. Remember to return time and time again to compassion. When someone is in need, reach out. When your neighbor is sad or confused, reach out, and when you are experiencing challenges… look within but also reach out for it is through your connections with each other that you can make it through any scenario and any challenge. This is clearly seen when there are natural disasters in your world. These events cause humanity to bond. To form together an alliance that allows you to navigate the destruction and the challenge.

The answer and the paradigm shift is that by aligning with each other now you can avoid many of the disasters that other parts of your world and country have experienced. Bond together in unity. Join together in group for celebration and for love.

Open your heart to allow new codes and frequencies of the ascension to flow through. Know that letting go, that opening, that releasing, turning away from your mind and entering into your heart is your path to fully ascend… to become an ascended master on earth. Living love, living truth, living in your authentic self. This is what ascension is all about . You claiming your power. Power to consciously create blessings in your life and in the world.

And so now, breathe in.

And as you breathe out feel yourself enter into the realm of your heart, the realm of your spirit, the realm of your soul. Connect to this light and stay in this place.

Choose to stay in love, in peace, have hope!

Your thoughts may spiral, and illusion may tighten its grip

But remember, there is always a way.

There is always hope.

Ultimately you are a divine being in the process of reuniting with truth. One step at a time, one moment at a time you can choose to let go of the illusion and to enter into the knowing of love, and of well being.

This is your path as a way shower and as an initiate of the ascension here on earth. Let go of conscious thought, and tune in to well being. Tune into love, to the connection within your heart.

Beloved one you are surrounded with light and you are surrounded with love, and as you allow this to flow through you, it is able to become your primary experience.

Wherever you are simply begin. Connect with love and allow it to become your main experience in life.

Love for yourself, love for each other, love for your planet and for all beings.

Love will allow you to see the connection. The interconnectedness and will truly accelerate your development, your growth, and will bring you into alignment with what you chose for this life.


Love will make all things possible.

All dreams able to manifest.

Open your heart, feel the divine.

And yet know, that you are not separate from this light.

You are one with it.

Open to it.

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Allow it to become your primary experience and return to peace and calm time and time again.

When you find sadness, anger, or pain in your experience ask yourself how can love respond. How would love respond, and choose this reaction.

Love has power that you as humanity are just beginning to realize. Embrace love, let it flow though you. Let it be your identity, let it be your light. Let love guide your path and when you do, you are moving in the direction of ascension. Moving in the direction of claiming your seat at the throne of ascended masters for your earth.

Begin in this now, by loving you, loving on another, loving this very moment. Love is the key to this ascension. Compassion the key to navigating any challenge.

We are always with you and supporting you in this mission. Love will be your strength. Choose it wisely in every now and blessings will come to pass in your life.

As you continue upon your path of remembering your divine nature, we embrace you with our love and with our blessings.

We are the Council of 12.

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