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Love Frequency Reset – Archangel Michael Meditation

Reset Into The Frequency of Love

Experience the incredible power of resetting into love frequency in this new Angel Meditation with Archangel Michael channeled by Melanie Beckler.

13:41 Minutes Set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus

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The Love Frequency Reset with Archangel Michael is available for you transcribed here:

Love Frequency Transmission with Archangel Michael

Love Frequency Reset with Archangel Michael Greetings from Archangel Michael and the Legion of light. Indeed, we connect with you in this moment now. We greet you in this moment now only with words, but with love frequency that is all around you.

Cleansing and uplifting your energy, reuniting you in this present moment now with the light of love, the light of peace, the underlying truth and knowing that all is well… And reconnecting you with the Peace and blessings of the infinite, of Source, of the Divine available to you here.

And now begin by focusing your attention in the center of your mind, where you tune into a golden spark of light. And this gold and Christ light, this angelic energy expands outward expands around your mind, in a goals and, or of light, purifying your thought, purifying your mental body, reconnecting you in this moment now with the peace, clarity, tranquility, stillness, love that connects all that is accessible for you to tap into in any moment, but the busyness of mind separates you from.

And so in the space between your thoughts, you are now able to tune into the still peace and calm.

And as this golden light fills your mind it aligns you with clarity, with blessings, with the logical knowing and perception that all is well. All will be, all has been… All is well.

Now imagine this golden orb of light is traveling down from your mind, down through your throat, cleansing and pure fine down into your heart center.

Allowing you to through your heart, through your feeling, through resonance, allowing you to feel and to experience the love that is all around you. That has always been here. And yet through your presence, your stillness and willingness you are able to tune into now.

And now as your heart light expands, a rose gold light within your heart glowing brilliantly all around you…

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It cleanses your energy and brings you into harmony with the love vibration present in all of creation.

So the love within you is mirrored around you. So you're able to recognize the love present in every moment. Even if it is hidden far beneath the surface, you through your open heart are able to feel experience and perceive that this light of love from the center of your chest expands around you. The light of love flowing all around your physical body, cleansing your physical form, cleansing your emotions, your mind and releasing anything that no longer needed to be carried.

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Let go and release.

And now the angels of Christ did light, the Legion of light step forward, all around you. So in every direction – above, below, north, south, east, west, around…

Points of Light, sparks of the divine, beings of love, compassion, healing, light, frequency, step forward now.

Sending blessing,

Sending, healing,

Sending color, frequency, and sound.

Aligning you in this moment now with the love that will most serve to bring you back into alignment with your divine authentic truth, with your soul, light and Divine I Am Presence.

Light fills your spine, a column of light beginning to open up and brilliantly glow within you, uniting all of your chakras as one…

Flowing throughout all of your meridians, flowing into every organ, every system of your physical body, every cell.

And the light within, and all around you, blesses you, with the love that you are a part of. There's no separation.

You are loved.

And in this moment now, through your willingness, you are able to return to this to embody your love vibration now.

To feel the love within your heart that flows down, down through the bottom of your feet in a crystalline column of light, anchoring you and reconnecting you to the last of the crystalline core of the Earth.

Allowing that light of Earth of crystalline consciousness to flow up.

To cleanse and purify your being, a column of light flowing up and in through the bottom of your feet, up along your legs, into your knees and hips, your abdomen, your chest, your neck, your shoulders, your back your head, and up out the top of your head…

Channeled Love Frequency Transmission with Archangel Michael This crystalline column of light reaching up way up into the light, above the light, into direct presence with Source…

Allow yourself to feel and experience your oneness with Source, receiving the blessings of love, cleansing and rejuvenation and now feel this light shining down upon you…

A waterfall light cleansing your being.

Illuminating more of the truth and brilliance of who you really are, of what is really true, of why you are really here…

To be, love.

To embody love, to anchor love.

Tune into this love vibration, flowing within and all around you, resetting you now, back into your authentic state of wellbeing, harmony and peace.

And now from the infinite, from the heavens. Direct from the Divine….

Sound vibration is transmitted.

A tone of love, peace and healing, which harmonizes perfectly with your authentic soul tone.

And this primordial sound, this source of vibration, this tone of love reaches into your being, soothes balances, harmonizes, heals and uplifts…

Restores in this moment, the truth of the love vibration you are, and that you can now through allowing your heart open, allowing your mind to remain clear, embody, awaken, and blossom into now.

Shining with more of the truth of the divine love being you are.

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We in the angelic realm, all around you, send you our love, blessing, guidance, to assist you now in restoring your divine innate truth.

The peace and harmony and divine perfection of your authentic brilliance that you have always carried, but which you are now allowing to shine forth, to blossom, to harmonize to embody through you now.

Once again, feel your energy in this crystalline column of light flowing down, anchoring you to the crystalline core of the awakened earth. Bringing you fully present into this moment here and now, this moment in which you, through your open heart, are able to access the love of the infinite, the blessings of the angels and direct from Source…

Available to you to fill you up, to recharge your energy, to cleanse and release all that no longer serves, so that you can brightly shine your authentic light of love, to shine, to embody, to enjoy, and to overflow.

We love you.

We bless you,

We love you

And so it is.

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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